Britney Spears Does Carpool Karaoke — Watch & Grade Her Performance!

There’s nothing particularly toxic about this Carpool Karaoke session.

Britney Spears joined James Corden for the Late Late Show‘s signature segment on Thursday in support of her new album Glory. The 10-minute drive featured many of the Princess of Pop’s greatest hits — including “…Baby One More Time,” “Toxic” and “Make Me” — though it was admittedly hard to hear her softer vocals over Corden’s booming performance.

In addition to Carpool Karaoke, Spears is scheduled to perform at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Meanwhile, Lifetime has announced that it is developing a biopic entitled Britney to debut in 2017.

Hit PLAY on the clip above, then let us know where Spears’ Karaoke session ranks for you among Corden’s various Carpools.


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  1. c-mo says:

    This one has been my least favorite of all the CK’s he’s done. JC knew the songs better than Brit. Lame.

  2. Jb says:

    Who would have thought that she would lip sync in the car just like she does on stage.

  3. Temperance says:

    SHe just proved herself a great deal smarter than most of the stars in Hollywood: “I’m not going to get married again, I don’t believe in marriage anymore.” It’s the smart thing for someone that famous to say. It just creates drama and a gigantic legal and financial mess when the marriage quickly fizzles (as they nearly all do). They don’t have a life that’s conducive to marriage, and it’s good that she knows it.

  4. James says:

    As someone who was (sometimes still is) a fan of Britney, I always get the impression that if it were her choice, she wouldn’t be on the entertainment industry anymore. She seems so guarded all the time, but to be honest, it’s very understandable.

  5. Jon says:

    Would it have hurt her to take the damn glasses off? The only acceptable excuse for keeping them on would be if they were showing her the lyrics to her songs.

  6. Big Cheddar says:

    Damn… you guys are brutal! I’m in no way a big Brtiney fan, but I know she has a pretty thin voice and wouldn’t magically expect her to become Christina Aguilera here. She seems pretty relaxed and seems like she had a great time, so I give her props for doing this.

    • Preacher Book says:

      Let me say, yes. Britiney does her thing and it’s entertaining. She needs to learn how to project, probably a lack developed through singing only thru a mike. I am glad she seems to have moved past the possible alcoholism.

      • Maxx5 says:

        She can’t sing live. She doesn’t have the pipes. Once heard her on Mike on the Today show without the track and it was painful. Guess I’m old school but I want my singers to sing

  7. Jamie says:

    She’s more awkward to watch than Kristen Stewart. Just retire already go hunt alligators Brit Brit

  8. MMD says:

    I wonder how long they drove for her to get comfortable to sing like that without all her tech stuff? She seemed to be genuinely having fun at the end. She seems like a really shy person in real life so probably took a lot of guts to do this because she probably just goes into her well honed “persona” when on stage.

    Wasn’t my favourite but I give her kudos for trying.

  9. ABG. says:

    Nice try. I liked her a lot until a few years ago, and want to like her again, but she feels like she’d rather be anywhere else but the spotlight.

    James Corden could do this sketch with a sack of potatoes and still be entertaining.

  10. Mary says:

    Well not my favorite but okay. Props to her for giving it a shot knowing she really is not the best singer without auto tune.

  11. I feel bad for her. She’s obviously so uncomfortable doing any press whatsoever, even with someone as easy as James Corden.
    I still enjoy her music and performances but I hope she finds what really makes her happy in life.

  12. Alichat says:

    This was my least favorite as well. Her body language throughout most of it said she didn’t really want to be there. She barely sang……sometimes it was because she was giggling…..sometimes because she didn’t seem to know the lyrics…..when she did sing, it was debatable if she was singing. It was just lacking. Also, has she always had that helium-esque speaking voice??

  13. Kevin K says:

    It was good Carpool Karaoke if you “trolls” don’t believe it. Hope they better book Rihanna or Bruno Mars for their considerations.

  14. Dani says:

    What the heck happened to her lips? Looks like she had a run-in with an angry bee!

  15. sarah t says:

    I thought this was pretty good overall. Did she seem a little shy? yes, but honestly she’s always come across that way to me (even the early years). I think her guard might be up more now with everything she’s been through but overall, I thought it was pretty good.

  16. Max says:

    So now we know Britney lip syncs in a car as well as she does on stage. And she looked as uncomfortable and nervous as usual. I feel sorry for the manufactured pop star

  17. DmC says:

    Anyone who thought this was awesome must not have seen past carpool karaoke’s. No other artist lip synced their parts. Watch Adele, Carrie Underwood, Elton John. What a huge disappointment!!

    • Big Cheddar says:

      Those artists have amazing voices – Brit’s voice is nowhere near on par with them. She might have been better off doing his rap battle.

  18. My least fave CK. She BARELY sings. James is singing his heart out and she’s mouthing along. She’s sweet and seems nice, but for a CK clip, this was the weakest

  19. Belle says:

    Sadly this was awful, painful even at some moments. Mr Clooney did a millions times better with his backseat cameo episode…sorry Brit-Brit :/

  20. HAP says:

    I’m actually happy for her. With all the crap she’s been through in her life, she seems healthy, well-adjusted and happy.

  21. flutiefan says:

    dang you people are judgmental jerks. the girl was singing, not lip-syncing. it’s not her fault JC is so loud.
    i haven’t listened to Britney in years but this was quite enjoyable and fun!

  22. Jerri Catalanotti says:

    Britney you’re awesome! You are a special person, especially when you met with my daughter with Make a Wish! So happy you’re doing well! Also your one son is on has the same bday as her

  23. Fluffy says:

    Brit rocks