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Big Bang Staging Flash 'Crossover'?

Are Leonard and Sheldon about to meet the fastest man alive?

Brandon Jones, who recurred as Andrew on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, is poised to appear in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory in what sounds like a truly super guest spot.

“He’s sweet, he’s southern and he feels comfortable in latex,” Bialik said in an Instagram post. “Brandon Jones, we had fun having you guest star this week!”

This, of course, wouldn’t be Big Bang‘s first Flash “crossover.” Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj all dressed up as the Scarlet Speedster in Season 1’s Halloween episode, “The Middle-Earth Paradigm.” What’s more, Sheldon can frequently be seen wearing t-shirts with the superhero’s iconic emblem.

Jones is the latest casting in a long line of new and returning guest stars set to appear at the start of Big Bang Season 10. As previously announced, the CBS sitcom is welcoming back Madam Secretary‘s Keith Carradine as Penny’s dad for its Sept. 19 premiere, which will also feature Kaley Cuoco’s 8 Simple Rules co-star Katey Sagal and 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer as her never-before-seen mother and brotherBreaking Bad alum Dean Norris will also recur as an Air Force representative who’s interested in the boys’ quantum gyroscope for military applications.

Have at it, folks: Does Jones have what it takes to assume the role of The Flash? Disappointed this isn’t a full-fledged crossover with The CW’s hit drama? Sound off below.

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  1. steven says:

    I thought the article meant that the guys would be on The Flash. That would be a real crossover.

  2. Thefifthdoctor says:

    Click and bait.
    You’re better than this, TVLine.

  3. Emily says:

    does tvline know what a crossover is? casting an actor to play the Flash to guest star on a show is not a crossover.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Yeah, bad, wrong and evil on the title of the article, but it’s fun to see that they’re adding more population to the BBT universe.

  5. Agreed, I normally dont have a problem with TV Line, but when I saw the Headline, I first thought, that some of the cast from the CW show, would be guesting…. disappointed that I fell for this click and bait and disappointed for TVLine misleading me that way…

  6. Michael Ausiello says:

    Message received re: the click-bait flak. ‘Crossover’ was intended to be cheeky but we shoulda put quotes around the word to drive that home. The quotes are now there. –MA

    • chiguy79 says:

      Props to owning up to and clarifying the errant title. This is why your’s is one of the better entertainment news sites. Keep up the great work.

    • Mark Daspit says:

      The quotes still don’t work and it’s a lame attempt to correct the situation.

      Shame on you.

      If Grant Gustin were to appear, that would satisfy the definition of “Crossover”.

      You know the old phrase, you can put a lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Well, you can put quotes around “Crossover”, but it’s still not a crossover. And it’s not cheeky either.

      • E. D. Boddy says:

        Perhaps, but the quotation marks do mean that it’s a figure of speech, and not meant literally.

        • Mark Daspit says:

          Wow! That’s an interesting interpretation of the use of quotation marks. Their explanation only makes sense if everyone else adheres to the publishers notion that “it was intended to be cheeky, but we shoulda put quotes around the word to drive that home”. (See what I did there?)

          When I see quotes around the word, I expect that they are either going to use the word as it was properly meant, or actually *redefine* the word to suit their needs. They did neither.

          Either it was ignorance of grammar or purely intended as click-bait, no matter what you did with the word. I know I wouldn’t have read the article if the title was honest and said that they were going to have an episode where a random actor played Flash.

    • Michael says:

      Yeah, the quotes don’t fix anything. If it’s not a crossover, DO NOT USE THE WORD CROSSOVER. It’s the simple. Quotes or not, it’s still a lie.

  7. Lyn says:

    Sounds like stunt casting. Does TBBT need that?

  8. DT says:

    This is silly. It’s not The Flash unless Grant Gustin, John Wesley Shipp, or Ezra Miller were guest starring. Hiring Brandon Jones to play the scarlet speedster might as well be comic con cosplay.

  9. This outrage about the misleading headline is super silly. I just wonder how many of the offended readers would have avoided clicking if the headline said something like “TBBT will do a Flash episode”?

  10. Jen says:

    Man, I was so excited for a minute, because I thought this meant Grant Gustin was going to be on the show! Then I was like… what does this guy have to do with The Flash? OH well, I still love you guys despite my disappointment.

  11. Kitty Kore says:

    He plays the flash in Sheldon’s dream. No crossover!

  12. Lawrence says:

    That was wack, it would have been much better as a true cross-over. This doesn’t interest me in the least

  13. Bozo says:

    How is this trash still on????????????????

  14. Luis says:

    I’m generally of the opinion that stuff like this is unimportant, but this seems like it trends more toward “clickbait” than normal TVLine articles. I doubt anyone would have had a problem but for the misleading nature of the headline. I had to go to IMDB to check Brandon Jones resume before I understood the article.

  15. Azerty says:

    That would be really fun to have a proper crossover between the Flash and Big bang but if you think about it that would make no sense at all. There is a BBT episode in which Sheldon wonders if he should watch “the Flash” on the CW, which means the show does exist in BBT universe. One this other side, Cisco has been seen with a lot of Sheldon catchphrases t-shirts: I recall a “that’s my spot” t-shirt and another one with rock paper scissors lizard spock rules, so that means in the Flash the show “Big bang theory” exists…so how does it works, Sheldon recognize Grant Gustin as Barry Allen or as himself and Grant/Barry recognize Sheldon or Jim Parsons? I guess the Speedforce must be involved!!! I would definitly want to see that but my brain would probably hurt more than a time travel episodes^^

  16. Patricia Groves says:

    Grant Gustin is the only Flash!

  17. Sara says:

    So Fun!! Love Brandon Jones

  18. The most Barry Allen looking Barry Allen ever. Barry is blond

    • beastbox says:

      Indeed. I’ve been waiting for years to see the real Barry Allen portrayed as the real Flash, and these guys did it, in an outrageously daring way. They risked the ridicule by being so campy, and they conquered the challenge, with B Jones perfectly delivering the sleek and athletic but muscular fifure of the hero– not to mention the incredible look of the suit.

  19. Cyn says:

    I suggested this to @FlashWritersRoom. It would be an excellent cross over if nothing else for them to meet Grant Gustin at a Comic Con.