Ryan Lochte Rio Robbery

Ryan Lochte to Discuss Rio 'Robbery' Lie With Matt Lauer in Primetime

Ryan Lochte’s Redemption Tour has officially begun.

Just days after the Olympic swimmer was found to have lied about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, he will sit down with Today’s Matt Lauer to discuss the incident for the first time.

Today took to Twitter to announce the Q&A, which will air on tonight’s NBC Nightly News and during primetime Olympics coverage.

The imbroglio began last Sunday, when Lochte claimed (to Today’s Billy Bush) that he and three fellow U.S. swimmers were robbed by bandits posing as Brazilian police officers, one of whom pressed a gun to Lochte’s forehead and took his wallet.

Days later, it was discovered that the swimmers had not been robbed, but had vandalized a Rio gas station and, during a confrontation with a security guard holding a gun, were asked to pay for the damage.

Lochte issued an apology on Instagram Friday, noting that he should have been “more careful and candid” in how he described the events. Meanwhile, Rio Olympics spokesman Mario Andrada has said that Lochte and his teammates do not need to apologize for the incident: “We have to understand that these kids came here to have fun. Let’s give these kids a break. Sometimes you make decisions that you later regret. They had fun, they made a mistake, life goes on.”

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  1. Mike says:

    Is a 32 years old man considering to be a “kid”? They are grown ass men they should not do these childish actions! Smh..at least admit your mistakes and take responsibility

    • Josh says:

      Hmmm that’s awesome that u haven’t done anything dumb since u were an adult what’s ur secret? Vegan? Lol smh at you comment and your life.

  2. Eli says:

    Great. The two of them can compare notes.

  3. BryanMNL says:

    I kinda understand. I mean, yes he is 32 years old, but in his 32 years, how much has he actually lived. These Olympians have been training almost all their lives for the Olympics. Also, with the language barrier, things will really get confusing

    • BrittBrat says:

      Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. Many Olympics haven’t really lived, but they still know right from wrong. Nobody else was going around making false reports, so why should these swimmers get a free pass?

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I’d like to hear what they all have to say. Who’s idea was it to fabricate this story? Also it seems to me that only one of them has had to pay a penalty to the tune of $11,000.

  5. Jamie says:

    Seriously, just stop. He’s a liar. Quit enabling him.

  6. Millie says:

    Stupid NBC – you are giving this lying moronic narcissist exactly what he wants. Stop giving him attention.

  7. Ray says:

    No surprises here. If it walks like a douche and talks like a douche…

  8. Tennisnsun says:

    In the first place if Lochte had kept his mouth shut we wouldn’t have had this international incident. Secondly his Ugly Ameican attitude of trashing another country physically and literally disgusts me. He is not a child to be given a slap on the wrist. He is a 32 year old man who is representing the United States in another country. He’s really lucky he and his friends didn’t mysteriously “disappear” during this fiasco. I personally hope he loses all of his sponsors and receives some sort of discipline from the IOC but time will tell if that happens.

  9. Victor says:

    Ok, Rio is a violent city, but using that as excuse for their bad behaviour, that was a bad move from these American athletes. What a shame!!! Liars Liars! These “athletes” should be banned from any sports event! The people of Rio deserve, at the very least, a nice apology. I love my country, I love the marvellous city of Rio, I admit we have our problems, but don’t use that as excuse to vandalize my country and make liars of my people, who always treat the tourists with open arms and hearts, as the most receptive people in the world. I think for a third world country Rio Olympic 2016 was amazing! I’m very angry at these Americans

  10. peterwdawson says:

    He should smile more.

  11. Lee says:

    Let me get this straight…frat boy Billy Bush gets the lie from Lochte…now Matt Lauer gets the cover up! Way to roll NBC!

    • hesatthecurb says:

      Actually Lauer got the first lies from Lochte. Then in a following interview, Bush got more lies and back tracking.

  12. Brian Lantz says:

    If he (honerably) returns his gold medal, then (possibly) he should be listened to. His actions, so far, has disgraced the US

  13. Britt says:

    I just can’t believe The Soup got cancelled last year. With stories like these and 2016 so far, the show would have written itself.

  14. Grae Leigh says:

    I don’t know what is wort: those shameful lies or the statement from the Rio Olympics spokesman … they are not kids, they are grown up men who should take responsability for their injustifiable acts. They should be kicked off the olympic team because their behavior is against any part of the olympic, and life in general, oath.
    As for the spokesman, he’d feel ashamed for even thinking of saying such things.

    It’s a total disrespect of the bresilian. Shame on all these!

  15. David says:

    Kids??!??! Please , the se are no kids

  16. Ange says:

    My mom always said in never pays to lie because you have to tell 10 lies to keep 1 lie going and by the 10th lie, you will have forgotten the original one. He proves her theory.

  17. Marc says:

    I just saw Lochte interview on Globo.com. I have the impression they are a lying about the guns? He talks about guns (plural) and them about a gun (one gun). The other swimmer Gunnar Bentz says “Guns were lowered” — after payment . It is too much like a western movie description. How many guns were pointed at them one, two, three? Pay attention to their description. The translator says the swimmers offered money for damages because they did not want to wait for the police to arrive. So the translator asked the manager how much would cost to fix the door. The swimmers still seem not be totally honest. It appears they deserve suspension.

  18. tardisrepairman says:

    I would’ve liked this better if Brian Williams had been the one with the interview.

  19. badgamer 1967 says:

    Another airborne toxic event spewing from the king of jock douchebags. I know what Ryan should do…just shut the F up.

  20. Terri says:

    Could someone please tell Matt Lauer that the “no-socks with dress shoe” look doesn’t work for a 58 year old man. Dress for your profession and your age!