Castle Deleted Scene: Beckett Solves BFF Lanie's 'Deathly' Problem

Kate Beckett feels out a foe and and then problem-solves for a friend in a deleted scene from the eighth and final season of ABC’s Castle.

In the episode “Dead Again,” Jonathan Silverman winningly guest-starred as a mild-mannered city safety inspector who repeatedly is declared dead… only to rejoin the living. In the clip above, Beckett (played by Stana Katic) trades pleasantries with public defender Caleb Brown (Kristofer Polaha) — all while secretly suspecting he has ties to LokSat — before the matter of Lanie’s (Tamala Jones) premature declaration problem arises.

Press play above to watch Kate help her beleaguered BFF make things right, in one of the deleted scenes included on Castle: The Complete Eighth Season (out Tuesday, Aug. 23).

In addition to all 22 episodes from what would be the show’s final season, the DVD set also features two audio commentaries (Nathan Fillion and guest star Adam Baldwin talk “Cool Boys,” while Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever and writer Barry O’Brien revisit “Heartbreaker”), bloopers and a featurette in which the cast’s detective skills are tested by a puzzle room a la Season 8’s “The Blame Game.”

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  1. Kate says:

    I’ll always miss what this show once was. I was glad it was cancelled after all that went down, but it does seem very strange not to be looking forward to new episodes in the fall. Thanks for sharing the scene.

  2. CAYE WYLER says:


    • Big Mike says:

      As an elder? What relevance does that have to your comment? Is that why you’re shouting? Also, 8 seasons is a tremendous run on television. Be glad you got what you did, instead of lamenting that it didn’t limp on like CSI.

      • Jonathan Rybka says:

        I think he means as someone who is older (or skews older… ) the demographic that TV usually turns it’s back on. (At least that is what i got from it)

  3. g.j.holterman says:

    why is this show going off the air??? It is a great show watch by me aND many friends.

  4. Alice says:

    Not surprised at all that a delete scene featured Beckett. She was barely on season 8 and now I wonder how many more scenes with Beckett were cut out.

  5. …. Looking back, post CASTLE…. certainly have the memories but will miss KATE
    BECKETT/STANA the most !!! The reason why I watched the SHOW till the END….

  6. SO says:

    A lot more went on than people know about now. It will come out eventually in time. It is & was the best procedural of it’s kind. They should make more of these instead of those “fake” reality shows & too many of the so called comedy shows

  7. Ethel says:

    I finally brought myself to watch the final episode……yuk! Sad to say but I am sorry the show was cancelled as this past season was a hot mess. Moving on to new shows for this season.

  8. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I almost wish I hadn’t clicked on this. It isn’t helping me get over the show.

  9. Bill Basett says:

    I have seasons 1 thru 7 DVDs. Debating whether to get season 8. We too watched Castle for the Caskett story. When they minimized Kates and Ricks time together on screen, it was like a death blow to the show. Fans kept expecting (hoping) that each next episode would end their separation (and faux separation ). But it dragged on far far far too long. Without them solving the crimes together (which was the heart and soul of this wonderful series) the whole dynamic and essential element we loved, was gone. I think that “separation” story arc, which pretty much absorbed the whole season, was a giant mistake by the Show Runners. The redirection to Ricks PI business was a failed experiment. Without Beckett sharing their time on screen, you don’t have the same show. Letting Stana go was the last straw.

    • georgee says:

      The last straw for me was episode 2 of season 8, at that point I know the show runners wanted to do away with Kate. I wrote Paul Lee no less than three times, Richard Mayfield once head of HR dept about the sexist comment that Alexi Hawley made on 11/24/2015 about a pregnant Kate. I wrote the new president twice after Lee was fired, to see if she would look into the real reasons for the ratings falling so fast and big. For me it was all about the poor running of the show and the story line, even Fillion and Katic figured that out in the comments they made in Tv Guide Nov-9-22. I shipped all the letters UPS next day air so I know they were all received and signed for, but never answered. Yes Matt Webb Mitovich I can understand your fascination, 10 million Castle fans are just as fascinated. Matt you never say a lot about the still fascinated fire fly fans, the show ended 10 years ago. The new president explained why Stana was not invited back, she said a lot but never really answered the question, must be taking lessons from the politicians to talked a lot and never answered the question. Something about two tracks, the show was just put on the wrong one. I wish she would not have invited (fired) Alexi Hawley as the show runner and not have fired Katic as the lead actress , so much for gender equality. For us 10 million viewers we lost the best show ABC had.

  10. Teri says:

    Oh, seeing scenes from my all time favorite show warms my heart. Still crushed it will not be gracing my screen this fall.

  11. Bianca says:

    I miss Castle so much. With the wonderful relationship between the two leads . BOTH were important. But after all this time I miss Kate Beckett so much more

  12. I don’t blame them for cutting this scene as it really did nothing for the episode and all it really did was have the charactor of Caleb Brown and his connection to, the stupid, LokSat plot.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I gently disagree; we can always use Kate/Lanie moments, plus Beckett got to make a funny.

      • Alice says:

        I agree. The show needed more Beckett and Lanie moments.

        • Just one thing says:

          If memory serves, the only Lanie-heavy episode in two seasons was pretty much devoid of Beckett. Too bad they deleted a scene that highlighted their friendship outside of Lanie’s Casket advice.
          But I’m sure it’s all merely a coincidence.

  13. Jill Smill says:

    Not interested. Thank you

  14. Juju says:

    They should have killed Castle off and then had a time jump, keeping Kate, Espo, Ryan and Lanie. Castle was an arrogant man child, and it was most probably Filliion’s faults that the 2 leads did not get on, leading to the hot mess and cancellation

    • ndixit says:

      Again same old nonsense. Everyone else got along fine with Fillion and even signed on for a new season with him. So there is zero proof that there is any fault of Fillion’s if there was an issue between the leads. And no, the show would have flopped even further than it was without Castle. It’s an amusing delusion to think the show would have lasted without the title character.

      • Alice says:

        The show flopped with the title character featured prominently in the last season ;D

        • ndixit says:

          The show flopped because the writing became crap. That’s all there is to it. If the characters were switched around, it still would have flopped.

          • KLS says:

            This, I agree with. I think everyone complimented each other so well that when the writing focused on one character (and I am including the Ryan & Esposito episodes), they weren’t as enjoyable.
            The show ran it’s course and is done. Yes, one season too long, maybe, but the episodes were mostly enjoyable for seven years. It will be missed.

          • Alice says:

            “I think everyone complimented each other so well that when the writing focused on one character they weren’t as enjoyable”

            IMO that’s they main reason why season 8 flopped. The show focused entirely on one of the two main characters to the detriment of the other.

      • kath says:

        I didn’t see Fillion fighting that the show was always about Castle and Beckett and without her it wasn’t going to work. Which was true, as soon as Beckett got sidelined and it became about Castle PI, the quality of the show tanked.

        • ndixit says:

          And that’s supposed to be evidence of what? That’s gossip column level proof. Still does nothing to show if Fillion was responsible for anything.

  15. Michael says:

    I just saw the Season 7 finale “Hollander’s Woods) for the fourth time.
    The writers failed to have Castle credit his father for getting him hooked on being a writer due to his gift to Richard Alexander Rogers (Castle’s given name) of Casino Royale.
    Worst of all the series would have been more suitably concluded at the Writer’s Guild banquet when all the characters (including the non-speaking LT, but minus any reference to Roy Montgomery) were all at the table at the conclusion of the meal.
    Season 8 was a waste of viewers time and any willing suspension of disbelief – LokSat indeed.

    • Tina says:

      I 100% agree. The finale of season 7 would have been the perfect ending to a fantastic show. I would’ve been sad to see it go. Season 8 ruined it for me. What a disaster. By mid-season I was hoping they would just put a bullet in it already!

  16. Me says:

    They killed Beckett, fired Stana and now they’re promoting they DVD with her?!?. Hypocrites!!!

  17. kath says:

    It’s a nice try but I’m still not going to buy the DVDs, especially since the audio commentaries are dude bros talking about how they see things.
    If the characters of Kate and Lanie had actually been valued on the show itself, ratings might not have dropped so much. Instead the show turned into a spotlight on Fillion’s mugging of Castle.
    Or as Lao Tzu said, if as much care were taken at the end as at the beginning, there would be no end.

  18. Gloria Sinks says:

    Please bring back castle.

  19. Pat says:

    I always loved, the characters of Kate and Lanie and to think that if there had been another season, they were not included.

  20. queenkatyrose says:

    It’s taken me 4 months to move past all the hoopla that went on when ABC finally gave in to the fans desire to cancel the show (I was one of them). They ruined it when they started cutting Beckett out of screen time with Castle, and they know it. It was dead at the end of Season 7 and had a decent burial. The fans hounded the cast (Stana included) to come back. Don’t know how much the cast knew about the storyline direction but clearly they screwed it up from the beginning of S8. Broke my heart to watch every episode, but I did. Then when they fired Stana and Tamala I was outraged but then realized they had planned it from the beginning. why? Only the actors know. I can no longer tax my emotions to speculate, it’s not worth it. I’ve put it behind me. I watch my DVDs when I miss them. (almost daily) but not any of the S8 episodes on my DVR. I’ll buy the S8 DVD but it will never be opened. Only the last 30 seconds are worth a crap and even those looked forced. If they’d have just done a short S8 with a solid ending, everyone would have been pleased. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, oh well.

    • KLS says:

      Why torture yourself. Don’t buy S8 and watch the last 30 seconds on YouTube.

    • Novoi says:

      It was not ABC, it was Katic. She even had her own table for table reads. Everything went south due to Ktic, not ABC.

      • Alice says:

        Come again? It’s a well known fact that Castle never did table reads.

      • AJ says:

        Castle did not do table reads.

      • georgee says:

        I disagree with you a little, in February when Paul Lee former president was replaced in part for ABC’s low ratings that the new president would look into why one of ABC,s best shows, Castle ratings dropped so fast and so far. And if she would have done just that, she would have either Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter change the show line or fired both of them. She did not do that her mistake, and the 10 million viewers that love to watch Castle for so any seasons left. So if we want to point the finger at someone point it at the two show runners. As the new president said the show had two tracks to go down, they just picked the wrong one and the train fell off. And we all lost.

  21. J says:

    With Nathan being the lead on Castle he has to take some responsibility for the mess that happened on the show. Just look at what Katie Couric did to keep her crew together, she took a pay cut. That’s how you work together to keep the show going. Just looking out for yourself see were it got you.

  22. Kathy Womack says:

    It’s sad when life is so bad and you look forward to that show that makes your day or week then one of the leads leaves the show. Next the show is cancelled. All of your loyal fans will miss you…😢

  23. Apt says:

    Damn, there was never enough Lanie and Lanie/Kate scenes :(