Mr. Robot Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free — How Surprised Were You?

This week on USA Network’s Mr. Robot, Angela pursued her “evil, secret agenda,” though perhaps a bit too aggressively, while the true nature of Elliot’s dilemma at long last came to light.

Picking up where we left off with Angela’s story, she had questions to answer from the hovering FBI Agent DiPerro — namely, why was she seen on the feds’ restricted floor? Angela told a version of the truth, that she was there making lunch plans with the flirty agent she bumped into after starting the hack for Darlene, but Dom wasn’t buying it. Rather, Dom says she is truly fascinated by Angela’s story, conveniently changing jobs as she did, from AllSafe to E Corp, right at the time of the Five/Nine hack.

Having dodged that bullet (for now), Angela dove into her next project: letting her father know that E Corp will settle the Washington Township class action suit if the plaintiffs drop the independent inspection clause. Dad balks, but it turns out Angela’s visit was more of an “FYI,” seeing as enough of the other plaintiffs have signed off on the change.

Angela reports this news to Price, who — though he never asked her to massage the class action claimants — nonetheless values the lost headache. Angela calls in her chip, asking to be transferred to the risk management division. There, she makes perhaps one too many waves too soon, getting herself invited to a director-level meeting only to ham-handedly pitch a project that would give her access to the Washington Township case files. Angela’s new boss calls her out on her conspicuous rise up and across the ranks, making clear that Price has imbued him with the power to treat his new staffer however he wants.

But perhaps none of that is what you came here to discuss?

Having been lobbed into a cellar (the hole?) by Ray’s goons after the beatdown, Elliot used the private time to beseech Mr. Robot to once and for all disclose what he has kept hidden about Tyrell Wellick’s fate. Mr. Robot gives in and explains that after the hacking script was launched that night at the arcade, and after Tyrell made that little speech about them being “gods,” Mr. Robot suspected they would be the next target of Sharon Knowles’ off-kilter killer, so he reached for the gun Darlene kept hidden in the popcorn, and shot the Swede.

After that long-awaited download, Elliot was brought back to Ray’s office, where he was firmly instructed to stay seated until the website — a trading post for massively illegal goods/services — was up and purring. Once it was, Elliot lured Ray into a game of chess (“for old time’s sake”), during which his opponent shared the story of how he and his wife originally launched the site to just make some extra scratch, turning a blind eye to what was being bartered. But when the Bitcoin started rolling in, Ray admits, it was the kind of money that makes a person question right vs. wrong.

As their chess match winds down, Ray plainly asks Elliot how much time he has left — surmising, correctly, that during his session at the computer, Elliot alerted the police to the illegal site and its home base. Sure enough, as Elliot departs, the cops are storming the place. The abrupt closing of the marketplace leaves a gang of white supremacists irked with Elliot, seeing as their Bitcoin wallets were shut down with money still in them. They later drag Elliot into a skirmish (rape?), but it is almost immediately interrupted by the sound of bloody slashes, as Leon brutally dispatches with the men.

“You’re going to get a letter on Tuesday. Do what it says,” Leon tells a relieved Elliot, before asking that he be sure to put in a good word for him when he next sees Whiterose. So, Seinfeld-loving Leon had been watching out for Elliot on behalf of the Dark Army.

Elliot indeed gets a letter — “good news” (of his imminent release?) that he has mixed feelings about — which he shares with Krista. When he refers to living with his mom, the shrink carefully broaches the topic: “Elliot, where do you think you are right now?” And with a quick cut, doctor and patient are not sitting across each other in a furnished room, but in the visiting area of a prison. Because yes, as speculated by some since the season premiere, Elliot (now clad in an orange jump suit) has been behind bars this whole time, but Mr. Robot created the artifice of an outside world to “cloak harsh reality with escapist comfort.”

As the hour comes to a close, Elliot walks back to his “room”/cell, revealing how each part of the world we have seen across seven episodes in fact is part of a prison, from the yard to the mess hall to the dreary room where the prayer group meets, capped by a female guard that looks a bit like dear old Mom.

What did you think of the reveal, and where will the show go from here, with Ray out of the mix and five episodes left?


VIDEO: The Mr. Robot Cast Reacts to the Season 2 Fan Theories

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  1. DanVit says:

    Was any of the Ray stuff real? I’m so confused.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Totally. I reckon he was a head guard or administrator of some sort who had an office.

      • Nick says:

        Makes sense, then what was he in jail for then? Sleeping in a truck after the hack?

        • Ivan says:

          If they told you, there wouldn’t be 7 episodes. Imo they dragged this season out for the sake of television, the storytelling just screams ad revenue and moneymaking. Still a good show, but not as great as everyone says it out to be, and certainly not as great as season 1.

        • Kyle Broderick says:

          I’m pretty sure he is in jail for stealing the dog and destroying his therapist’s exboyfriend’s life at the end of season 1.

          • SixDegrees says:

            Possible. Although it’s only been a little over a month since 5/9 – that’s a really short time to earn a conviction of any kind. He could be awaiting trial, but jail seems a bit harsh for the crimes in question.

            I’m wondering if he wasn’t there as a plant, with the purpose of revealing Ray and his website?

            Or for something else altogether.

      • Dawne says:

        That makes sense.

    • Nick says:

      That’s what I want to know! I get how all the other stuff works together with him being in jail but what about the Ray stuff and how did he get access to computers to message his sister for the FBI hack!!

  2. LM says:

    why would you put that spoiler in your article title? so rude.

  3. Joe Swanson says:

    This was just lazy writing and story telling.

  4. Bobby Rickey says:

    maybe change the title? it has a huge spoiler in it…

  5. N says:

    As soon as I heard the theory after the premier about Elliot actually being in Prison/ a Psych Ward, I have believed since then that he has been really locked up this whole time, especially the way in which his visits by Darlene, Angela, and Gideon were set up. My Question is just what is in prison for exactly, because if its for the 5/9 hack, I don’t believe his would be granted any kind of release. Thus what exactly do we think hes in jail for and should we assume he turned himself in for whatever it is.

    • Nick says:

      The only thing I can think of is for being in Tyrell’s car i.e. stealing it and sleeping in that lot.

    • Shaun says:

      murder of tyrell is my guess,maybe released because new evidence appeared.

      • Jeff says:

        But we know Tyrell is still alive. He called Elliot (or vice versa) and has been sending mail to his wife.

        • H.H. says:

          Do we? Or was that also an illusion?

          • Dawne says:

            I’ve also wondered if the call from Tyrell was real. It came at a time that Elliot was functioning in much more resistance to reality and full-fledged into the coping fantasies.
            If he had difficulty accepting that he shot Tyrell… would he also make up a call in his own mind?
            Time will tell…
            Personally, I hope that Tyrell is really alive (it appears more likely that he is)… His character and what he contributes to the show is stellar.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. So surprised about the twist at the end. Glad Elliot is getting along with Mr.Robot and wants to his help to finish the mission he started in season 1. Glad Angela got to compete the hack. Her plan to get in with her new boss didn’t work out well for her. Can’t wait for next episode!

  7. Steve says:

    I’m gonna guess then that the Knocking on Elliot’s door we heard in last seasons finale was the police, arresting him for whatever crime he has been locked up for. I would love a flashback episode that filled in all these gaps. Elliot’s imminent release that he was granted at the end , which means it wasn’t to serious of a crime hes in there for, was due to him turning in Ray, who was likely an authority figure inside the prison, thus why Elliot wasn’t arrested alongside Ray in the police raid. The question becomes what was he sentenced for and just how long has Elliot been locked up, it cant be for the 5/9 hack or else the FBI and Agent DiPerro would be constantly visiting him. Again, a flashback episode filling in all these gaps would be great.

  8. Mr Angry says:

    It wasn’t a surprise to me because the title of this article was “Elliot is actually in prison”.. thanks dick

  9. Mad says:

    Not Surprised at all thanks to this idiot writer. Great title to your article genius.

  10. Max says:

    Finally, now we can get to some real storytelling. I was starting to Fast Forward through the Elliot scenes as they were the least interesting.

  11. Greg says:

    Episode ruined for me. I am so mad!! What kind of person writes this article title? They should lose their job.

  12. T says:

    The title of this article completely ruined the episode for me before I could even watch it. Im crushed.

  13. Shane says:

    This show is officially built around BS now.

    It’s hard to take anything seriously when the show keeps giving itself license to alter reality.

    Depending on how the rest of the season plays out, I may be moving on.

  14. What a joke. You couldnt come up with a better title than posting a spoiler in it? Pathetic. You should be ashamed to be called a writer.

  15. thank you very little says:

    Spoiler headline! Ruined the twist ending. Pathetic.

    • Mike says:

      To all whom are upset about the title, why the f*ck would you read about the episode when you haven’t even watched it already? Are you stupid or what?

  16. Mel says:

    Now they just need to reveal that Elliot is in the same jail as Mike from Suits. :)

  17. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Holy sh*t that was a CRAZY episode!!!! But what the hell why is Elliott in jail for?! Killing Tyrell? I’m a bit confuesed. Was the whole Ray thing real?
    Anyways I LOVED Joeybadass’ part slicing and shanking those A-holes saving El dude pulled off a Michonne frm TWD lol. Overall that ending was a surprise!

  18. dweav20 says:

    I have to say, this show is usually so well written and directed and this one wasn’t.. it seems like it was a two hour episode that got crammed into an hour. The fact Eliot was in prison is not a surprise, I assume Ray was a guard or the “warden” but it all seemed rushed. For the first time ever in this series, a subpar episode

    • Dawne says:

      I would think Ray was the warden. And his “enforcer” was a guard. Ray seemed to have the authority to order beatings, throw Elliot in the hole, and had an office with unchecked computer access. Thinking he was the warden. Which makes Elliot’s dismantling of Ray’s insidious online “business” empire and the subsequent FBI take down all the more balsy and compelling.

  19. Preacher Book says:

    Surprised because I watch the show (Love it) but don’t think that much about it. I have enough reality family drama to occupy my time. Still, once I read some speculation and the clue cited, good catch I thought.

    • Botch Cameron says:

      Heres the plot? All of eliots real life is fantasy of living as a grown up in 2016 by a boy elliot who really is on a vacation road trip with dear old dad and smokie mom…esmail will pull a fast one by making elliot a real tv show at shows end and show how he helps fbi catch real hackers under his ruse?

  20. Les Vogt says:

    The show has been very entertaining but the whole… “It was all just a dream” scenario bugs me.
    I still don’t know why or when he went to prison. Am I missing something or should I still be in the dark?

  21. W0NK042 says:

    As the other inmates are coming after him, I imagine Ray was the prisons Kingpin. (Don’t see the warden sitting in the yard, to chat to him, like Ray did. Muscle was probably the head guard on his take (think Abruzzi/Bellick or Fisk/Entire prison).

    As to the surprise: Not really. Had strong suspicions since episode 2, when I started noticing the “bars” on all the windows. After that the basketball/yard & lunch/mess hall stood out for what they were.

    ** Possible Spoiler follows, as I suggest a theory **
    I’m still waiting to see if Tyrell was another persona (We have still to see the baby),
    & if Darlene/Angela are one & the same. ;)
    ** End Theory/Possible Spoilers **

  22. rowan77 says:

    I like the truce between Elliot and his “father.” And I loved how Mr Robot comes out to take the punches when Elliot is attacked and almost raped.

    The thing about this show that makes me wonder is that we are Elliot’s imaginary friend, so isn’t everything we see filtered through his mind? Including what we see of Angela, Agent DiPero, and everyone else’s lives. Is any of this happening or is it all in his head – since we’ve seen twice in two weeks that Elliot can create worlds around himself.

  23. Andrew Hass says:

    I think it’ll be revealed that Elliot was arrested in last season’s finale and maybe he intentionally committed a crime knowing the police would track him down because maybe he believed prison was safer for him in a way than been out in the world.Now the story becomes i think how Elliot gets out of prison and he deals with been out in the world again.

    • Joe snowblower says:

      If all the chracters are in mr robots head then in my opinion that would be a lame storyline.if everything is a dream esmail may pull a Dallas tv show moment on us.Also notice btw the music of the chiming watch from clint eastwood spaghetti western in the online clip ..easter egg? Remain real esmail..non of this all a dream bs. Bring back slaters hardon harry.i thought dom was going to ask angela out on a lesbo date

  24. Joe snowblower says:

    I just hope esmail isnt being directed by the fbi on how to make elliot a hero for the usa battling white rose as taking full control of season 2 is highly suspicious.white rose is probably toilet paper as of ep 2.7

  25. Nicolas Lombrini says:

    Alf is the responsible of everything.

  26. Lee says:

    To all of you complaining about the spoiler in the title, why are you all coming to an article or clicking on an article recapping an episode you hadn’t watched yet? wtf.

    • Jay says:

      I searched for the episode to watch it on my computer & the spoiler title was the second link listed on google I didn’t have to even click on it

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