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JonBenet Ramsey

The Case of JonBenét Ramsey Trailer: CBS Aims to Solve 20-Year-Old Mystery

CBS is reopening one of the hottest cold cases in U.S. history.

The network on Tuesday released the first trailer for The Case of JonBenét Ramsey, a six-hour docuseries that will attempt to solve the mystery of the six-year-old girl’s murder — 20 years after her death.

“We hope to get the truth out about how she died,” says Jim Clemente, an FBI investigator who worked the original case. “She’s not gotten justice yet!”

Clemente is joined by Scotland Yard behavioral analyst Laura Richards. Together, and with the aid of several others involved in the original case, they will try and solve the mystery of Ramsey’s death “once and for all.”

The Case of JonBenét Ramsey premieres Sept. 18 on CBS. Watch the trailer below:

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  1. Somebody Else says:

    The pineapple in her stomach is the key. Also the fact that the ransom note told the Ramsey’s to get plenty of rest. The Parents did it. John Ramsey was molesting her.

    • turingtst says:

      Her brother did it, and the parents covered it up.

    • Alex says:

      That’s always been my suspicion also- there are so many things that stick out- unusual ransom note, 911 call, evidence that JB suffered sexual abuse in the past (not just the day she died)… in my opinion it’s not a question of who did it, but which parent is covering for the other.

      Side note: Dr. Henry Lee is a badass though- I’ve read his book and heard him speak a couple years ago; he’s well into his 70s but still sharp as a tack.

    • Charlie says:

      This is just a theory: i think that jonbenets brother assaulted his sister,she died of the result of the assault. So patsy/John was woken up in the middle of the night and her brother let them know that he has been playing sick games with his sister and that the game went too far and she died as a result.thus her parents planned this cover up because they couldn’t stand the shame and embarrassment. It wasn’t a kidnapping, it wasn’t a break in, it was closer to home, it was probably her brother that assaulted her that evening. Such a shame that an innocent child died from such a tragic event.

      • Somebody Else says:

        i don’t believe that because on the 911 call, the brother is heard speaking saying “what did you find?” His Father replies “we’re not talking to you!” In a gruff tone! The parents thought the phone was hung up. It was not. They told police the brother was asleep the entire time. So during this entire 911 call, John does not make one peep? Listen to the call and imagine if you “awoke” to your child “missing”. Would you be standing there in silence?? The evidence whether circumstantial keeps pointing very clearly at two people. Patsy and John

    • not you says:

      Not one of the family members matched the DNA found on two different pieces of clothing. It was an intruder of Hispanic decent.

  2. Somebody Else says:

    …also, the other key is Burke’s voice and Johns voice is heard on the 911 call from Patsy. Both said Burke was asleep, but he is heard saying “what did you find?” And then John is heard growling back “We’re not talking to you!”. Why would they lie?

  3. xyz says:

    CBS is exploiting this child’s death for ratings. Poor taste. It will also feed the tards who have extreme opinions and guesswork as to what really happened. You idiots don’t know and all your so called “logic” and other delusions won’t matter. Get a life people.

    • Somebody Else says:

      Xyz- I guess since you posted, you have no life. Haha! Thanks for enlightening everyone with your dim opinion. Exploiting? It’s been 20 years. Meanwhile the Parents got away with murder as you’ll soon find out!

    • Inspector71 says:

      Xyz – You don’t have to be Monk to figure out that it was a family member, or all of them.

      The longest ransom note in history that was just a little too specific, written on paper from a notebook in the house. If kidnapping was the goal, you bring the note with you. If you botch the kidnapping and kill the little girl, you don’t leave a note with your handwriting behind. There was no forced entry. The family didn’t even bother to check the basement before calling police, or so they say. The parents lawyer up immediately and refuse to cooperate with police. Just too many things point to the family.

    • WriterWriter says:

      The two key investigators have spent months and months solving this crime. It is not exploitation. Leaving this murder unsolved is an utter disservice to that little girl’s life.

  4. Marcelle Barth says:

    Can’t wait to watch this & hope they can solve this murder!!!

  5. Eva says:

    Cheap sensationalism. I get why people are still interested in this case, and the fact that nobody was punished for this child’s death is terrible, but the case has been analized over and over again, this is just another instance of monetizing unproven theories.

    I think it’s unethical for tv to support the idea that anyone can judge for themselves, who the murderer is, based on even the best documentary. You can’t. You only get the information the producers decided would excite you the most. This is not how you investigate a murder.

    • Somebody Else says:

      What we can prove in a court of law at the least is that the Parents of the child lied numerous times and that an expert Dr testified the child was and had previously been abused. We also know that during a home invasion the perp doesn’t normally write a lengthy ransom letter in the home they’re breaking into and then leave the person in the basement. The parents can easily be convicted of the were brought to trial. It’s about justice for the child.

      • Eva says:

        And you think this show will lead to a fair trial? Bring anything new to the case? As you’ve said, we already know the arguments that point to the parents’ guilt. For some reason they haven’t been convicted of anything. Is it up to us, viewers, to do that? Will there be a text voting after the last episode?
        Btw, “we can prove in a court of law”? “we”? Are you a lawyer involved in the case?
        I get what Making a Murderer did for the Avery case, but this doesn’t mean murder cases should now be judged by anonymous commenters at an entertainment website. That’s just not healthy for the society as a whole.

        • maregolden says:

          Somebody else is correct. When someone is tried in a court of law, they are tried by “the people.” We are the people.

        • Somebody Else says:

          First and foremost there needs to be a trial. This has not happened. No one said anything about fairness. I said it can be proven that the Parents LIED. Let the jury decide their guilt or innocence. Just my opinion and you dont have to be a lawyer to understand the available evidence.

          • Elle says:

            There wasn’t enough hard evidence at the time to put the parents on trial and there won’t be any new evidence after this documentary. Just new theories and new people spinning them. I’d rather live in a world where murderers sometimes walk free than in one where people are put on trial just becase tv audience demands it.

          • 20yrs2many says:

            There will never be a trial. The guilty party was too young to be tried. This is as close to Justice as it’s going to get, And it is sweet. Rejoice BDI’ers and RDI’ers everywhere.

  6. Inspector71 says:

    If they conclude it was anyone outside of the family, it’s not worth watching. Either Patsy or the brother did it, and John helped cover it up.

  7. Somebody Else says:

    Elle you are incorrect about enough hard evidence. There was a botched crime scene. Plenty of evidence. Research why they chose not to indict John and Patsy. I assure you it wasn’t for lack of evidence.

  8. WD M says:

    I truly believe that the mother killed her daughter and know that CBS can and will uncover the truth. They have power, all the money necessary and I hope they can bring justice to this little girl. I will be watching it air Sept 18th.

  9. Max says:

    Personally I believe it was one of the parents, however I also believe no matter how much proof presented, it will remain a mystery like Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia murder, and the second JFK shooter.

  10. Somebody Else says:

    There is an overwhelming amount of physical and circumstantial evidence and an indictment should be issued for the Parents (even though Pat passed away she can be tried in absentia). It’s time to bring justice to this case for Jonbenet. It is clear to any reasonable person after reviewing all the evidence that the Parents were responsible for the death. I’ve read exhaustive amounts of materials in great detail, using personal in-depth analysis over the past 20 years and IMHO, it would be Homicide 2nd degree, abuse of a corpse, child abuse, child endangerment, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence. John and Patsy could and ‘should’ be found guilty on all counts. Life no parole.

  11. Thinker says:

    It was also said that “Santa” would arrive after Christmas. The pineapple, the ransom note, the people coming over during the investigation, sexual abuse and no one entering or leaving that night, going to friends house the night of. The boy was too young and I just don’t plain believe he did it. Why would both parents cover the death of their child?? It’s obvious they both had something on each other to stick it all the way out especially since the media portrayed both of them. If you were the innocent parent wouldn’t you seek justice? Wouldn’t you want to clear your name? I think either John molested her, got caught and Patsy went crazy and wanted her dead. They knew both of them could go to jail so the made a life pact and supported each other but I don’t think they did all the covering up that night. I think it’s also obvious they thought this through with time.

  12. John Thompson Jr. says:


  13. Tano says:

    This isn’t law and order svu where a case is solved within an hour. This isn’t about your opinion, oh I think they did it. You actually need evidence. The fact that people are oh I think he did it because. It’s not a dame television show, it’s not a movie. A little girl was murdered. There was no evidence whatsoever that points to the parents nor the brother to being responsible for her killing. The police refuse to acknowledge the fact that DNA was found on jonbenet that didn’t belong to anyone in that house. The police are merely trying to cover up their own mess, their own mistakes they aren’t willing to admit they made. They allowed a bunch of people to go into that house, friends of the family, they allowed them to clean the house, cleaning whatever evidence they could use, they told john Ramsey to look around for crying out loud when that house should have been emptied and full of officers searching the scene. The police are to blame for why no one has been arrested for her murder. They went as far as trying to exhumed the body of John Ramseys eldest daughter who died in a car accident at 22 years of age. They got rid of Lou smit because he dared to go by evidence while they the police wanted to go by feeling. They tried to take any evidence Lou had that wouldn’t point to the parents and destroy it. Lou had DNA evidence that the police refuse to give the attorney because they felt it wasn’t important to the case.

  14. don says:

    on line bob enyart kill jonbenet.

    • K Heaton says:

      Has anyone ever considered the idea that someone from the Christmas party/home tour was hiding out in that big house, waited to commit the crime and then left?

  15. Outofnowhere says:

    Probably someone related to the housekeeper who would have had access…

  16. Ellen says:

    I think that John and Patsy Ramsey are covering up who killed their daughter, they very well know who,..their son, Burke at that time was 10. He developed rage, jealousy from her sister who is the trophy of his mother , center of attention, and like what gardener said, Burke is a quiet boy, introvert, and thinks the best thing is to kill her sister, and from the 911 call, so obvious both mom dad covered up their son,..what have you done…so I strongly feel, its Burke.

    • Somebody Else says:

      What is most telling is that during the entire 911 call, John is no where to be heard. Where is John? Why do we suddenly hear his voice AFTER Patsy hangs up? (Which is also bizarre).
      Johns silence tells me he was standing there in silence while Patsy performs the rehearsed 911 call. Think about it. He would’ve been equally as frantic and would’ve at least verbalized something. But no… only silence.

  17. Catsy Scamsey says:

    Oh, how I wish they would’ve aired the full 3 episodes! You can tell that’s Patsy’s family from the Southern accent in the voice clip: “Don’t you EVER call here again,” lol. And the part where they chase Burke up on the lawn? TV GOLD!

    Dear CBS: Please sell this series to Netflix so we can see the conclusion.