Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoilers

Criminal Minds Recruit Adam Rodriguez Swings Into Action — Fall TV First Look

The BAU is poised to gain some hustle as well as muscle, as CBS’ Criminal Minds welcomes CSI: Miami vet Adam Rodriguez as a new series regular.

As seen in the exclusive photo above, “We meet Adam’s character, Luke Alvez, in the field doing what he does, which is be a team leader on the [FBI] Fugitive Task Force,” showrunner Erica Messer tells TVLine. “He ends up having this great action-y scene, where you really get to see him shine.”

Having thus far helped round up eight of the 13 serial killers who escaped in the May finale, Alvez is invited by Rossi to join the BAU full-time — “and he’s like, ‘I’m more about the chase. I don’t know if I can sit around and talk about it,'” Messer previews. “But by the end of the first episode he’s like, ‘All right, I’m in!'”

Rodriguez’s arrival as Alvez is but one of several Season 12 changes for Criminal Minds. Paget Brewster is set to return for multiple episodes as Emily Prentiss and Aisha Tyler has been promoted to series regular as Dr. Tara Lewis, while Thomas Gibson’s 11-season run as Aaron Hotchner is slated to end early in the fall.

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  1. Dee says:

    I was looking forward to the new season, changes that have been made, and new faces on the canvas. That being said, personally I feel that the whole matter with Thomas Gibson has been handled very badly and it has tainted the show. I have watched for years, catching every episode, sometimes twice. The brand isn’t and won’t be the same and while that may not be a bad thing, I don’t think it will be on my “must-watch” list any longer. Mistakes were made on both sides, but a threatening writer who advances aggressively towards the talent and walks away without so much as a hand slap is as unacceptable as the reflexive kick that was reported.

    • ThatBob says:

      “Reflexive kick?” Is Gibson a toddler? Adults are supposed to be able to control their childish impulses to kick people.

      • Tina McBride says:

        Please bring back Shamar Moore to replace him. I think that would make all fans enormously thrilled <3

        • Erika Young says:

          I just saw a interview with Shamar Moore. Shamar did not say Thomas name. But Its been known.that Shamar and Thomas did not get along. Shamar statement was do unto others as you would want to be treated. Other words. Thomas felt like he was the almighty God and could treat Other co stars on criminal minds anyway he wanted. This was a long time coming. Apparently Thomas was the real reason Shemar Left. And The only way Shemar would come back to criminal minds. Is if Thomas was fired for how his behaviour was toward the other co workers. Hopefully now the Fans will get their wish. Bring back Shemar Moore. As for Adam Rodriquez. He is not replacing Shemar. Adam is definitely great for Criminal minds and Shemar would work perfectly together.

          • low profile says:

            I Totally Agree!!!

          • lukeS says:

            Yoq know what. NOISY DELUED MINORTY.
            TG and MGG are ALWAYS the
            biggest lure of the show, NEVER UGLY Moore.
            And MGG is WAY MORE POPULAR than ugly Adam who.
            No one cares about SM fake star’s leaving or looks forward another unpopular muscle joining, IDIOT!

      • Marie Jane says:

        Understood, however if the writer MUST have done or said something to upset Gibson. And I’m sure it wasn’t the first time they both felt uncomfortable; it is hard to work day in and day out with someone who makes us feel awkward. They should not have been working together to begin with..

        • Annie Sisk says:

          For the life of me, I do not understand the apologists for Gibson’s behavior, which is basically workplace violence. It’s just never acceptable to hit, kick, scratch, bite, etc. ANY coworker for any reasons except in actual self-defense. That’s not what happened here (if reports are correct – and if they’re not, then why wasn’t *that* the first thing Gibson’s camp released, as opposed to “he’s suing”?). I mean – most of us learned this in first grade or before.

          • diana says:

            Because we don’t the whole story. Maybe they wanted to cut costs or get a younger lead and made Gibson’s life a living hell. They certainly seemed to have been saving money hiring lousy writers recently. And they don’t seem to appreciate or be able to keep or even want to keep their very strong cast. Look what they did to Paget Brewster.

      • jimmy woo says:

        You weren’t there.

        • ThatBob says:

          So what? There is no justification for that kind of childish behavior. Period. Sorry you didn’t learn that in kindergarten.

          • Reality Check says:

            Sorry, little Virgil is not going to get any sympathy from anyone over at CM when the ratings start to plummet and everyone loses their jobs over this … ahem, kick. (Doubt he has any now.) Could have dealt with it without making things worse … but, nope he wanted big time payback.

      • Reality Check says:

        It was a heated argument, could have went either way. For the good of the show (people’s jobs, the future of the franchise) that wuss, wannabe tough-guy writer should have pulled up his diapers and worked it out, not snitch. (See, Lucy Liu/Bill Murray Charlie’s Angel fight about how to handle this sort of thing right.) And, no there’s no pattern of violence with TG. Twelve years, this and one shoving incident. About that shove, some idiot didn’t have a safe set (was nearly an accident), got in his TG’s face right after, and blamed him for it. WTF? Some one almost gets run over and all you hear about is this shove?! Damn, that’s what REALLY should be talked about!

    • Ange says:

      Very well said. I agree

    • Right says:

      “threatening writer who advances aggressively”??? Were you there? No? So what are you talking about? The only FACT that everyone admits to (including Gibson) is that he kicked the man. That’s assault. That’s a firing offense.

      Anything else is just fan justification for unjustifiable behavior because you don’t want your precious TV show to change.

      That you would think that a show owned by TWO networks would fire the face of the franchise rather than some unknown writer even though that writer was somehow responsible just shows how naive and downright silly you are. They fired him because his actions left them no other choice. We know of two incidents with him, many years apart. Are we supposed to believe he was a choirboy in between? Really? Where there’s smoke there’s almost always fire.

      • Goonie says:

        Exactly. I think some people miss the fact that CBS and ABC fired the male lead to a successful long running show, the face of the series who has been there from the start. It’s not like the networks don’t know what firing Gibson could mean to the viewership and ratings. But as the networks saw it, he’s had one strikes too many and they had to make a move. As a Hotch fan, I’m disappointed that CM will end without the character there but what Gibson did got him fired and rightly so.

      • Marie Jane says:

        You were not there either right? So the show SHOULD have NOT allowed them to work together PERIOD. The writer could go to serve another show or whatever, but Gibson is the main person in Criminal Minds.
        It takes 2 to tango……I hope the writer is sent somewhere else too, and pronto!

        • Kris says:

          I agree! You watch now, the ratings will go way down now, because they fired the one character that holds the show and the team together! Next they’ll be firing all the popular characters like Rossi and Reid and nobody will watch the show anymore, then they’ll take an awesome show off the air which will be a real shame!

          • Mel grothaus says:

            The recent comment is true. The show’s audience that has been loyal fans like me will decline in ratings this 2016-2017. Until the writers and producers of the show get their heads together,& realize us true fans are keeping Criminal Minds on the air. This matter needs to be resolved swiftly,and in a timely matter,be for its to late!!! Please network of the show,Loyal fan of Criminal Minds!!! 😡😈

          • Mel g says:

            I agree with the last comments the ratings will go down for 2016-2017,unless something happens within the writers & producers of Criminal Minds. The loyal fans of the show,and the current original actors of the show,should get a praise from the writers,producers to the fans that they will handel this crucial situation promptly ASAP, be for its to late!😡😈!!!!

          • Peter Rosen says:

            I agree that the show will not be anywhere as good i will not watch it after what’s happened.

      • Dee says:

        Wow – “Right” I guess my naive and downright silly self should be honored someone so exulted responded to my comment. Actually if you read my comment I did not excuse what Gibson did but pointed out what an eyewitness (as reported on another site) has said. The writer advanced aggressively and Gibson reacted. The writer is a MMA fighter who has portrayed himself as the tough guy not to be trifled with (again, according to another site). Were I in Gibson’s position, I probably would have reacted similarly. The writer obviously has anger issues as well and these should be addressed. The fact that he walked away scotch-free after being an aggressor speaks volumes and in my opinion they are condoning his bullying behavior.

        • SoFla says:

          Very well said Dee. I too think that the writer/co-executive producer should not have gotten off without any sort of punishment. It takes two to tango, does it not?

          • diana says:

            I agree with Dee. And if a producer wants to get rid of the lead so definitely you have to wonder what’s up with the show. Are they trying to tank their own show? Kind of seems that way.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      You really think Thomas Gibson was fired just because he kicked someone.My guess is there was a quick investigation and maybe there were eyewitnesses who saw the incident and their statements were not good for Gibson.Plus even if that writer was threatening Gibson in some way Gibson didn’t have to resort to violence.He could have walked away and reported the writers to he highers up.

      • Tina McBride says:

        I always found Thomas Gibson a bore anyway. Far too straight laced and serious without any sense of humor at anytime. I want Shamar Moore back!!!!

        • Marie Jane says:

          So that you know, each character of any movie or show, ACTS in a particular way. His Hotch was serious and very much business oriented. He was all about the criminals, Hotch needed to catch the rapist, the murderer, etc., Hotch acted just like it should have.

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Thats what you would do right? Nope, didnt think so.

    • Janet says:

      No thanks, I’d rather have Thomas Gibson…My 10 yrs of watching my favorite show will end when Hochner leaves!

      • Mary says:

        So it doesn’t bother you that a grown man resorted to violence because of a disagreement. Really, I find it unreal.

        • diana says:

          How do you know he didn’t respond to violence or feel threatened? The writer/producer was a trained boxer with a history of acting aggressive on the set.

          • Mary says:

            Okay if he felt threatened, which I doubt, do you really think a sissy kick would have helped. Stop grasping at straws to justify this man’s behavior.

          • Reality Check says:

            Uh, Mary, iff it’s a sissy kick, then why is some sissy destroying a show over said sissy kick? This is what all this crap is about – a short man with obvious ego problems crying over a sissy kick.

    • Carm says:

      Are you serious? Gibson is not in kindergarten.

  2. Coop says:

    The show has been terrible for the most part during the past couple seasons. An occasional really good episode, but it’s been pretty “blah” overall. It should have been put to bed last season. I may watch it just because I’ve stuck with it for a long time, but it’s become a matter of just getting through the episodes for me. Also, I’ve always felt like “Hotchner” was the linchpin to the show, especially after Patinkin left. Without him, it’s just going to be even worse I’d imagine.

    • lukeS says:

      LOL. Idiots seem not to know the obvious fact that fans all know.
      Then Hotch.
      Ugly and UNPOPULAR Morgan finally left and 90% of viewers expected finally we can see OUR REAL FAVS and the story would focus on them again, but now Hotch was fired.
      Yes, most girls actually and secretly keep on watching the show because after all Reid is the most poular one but even some of them will stop watching because CBS morons just showed that they will fuzz over this unpopular ugly one again all because of a chunk of muscle and will ignore Reid, the MOST POPULAR ONE again.
      So CBS just pissed off the second big fanbase, Hotch’s fans but also the BIGGEST fanbase, Reid’s fans.
      Nice try morons.
      Seriously, who don’t you cancel the show already?
      The popularity of Reid and Hotch is way bigger than that of all the rest combined.

  3. Guy says:

    LOL that PR machine trying to change the conversation QUICK!

  4. SoFla says:

    Can’t switch the perspective of the fans that easily, we are not stupid enough to blindly go “oooh, look at those muscles, he is going to be so HOT to watch” and forget about how Thomas Gibson was fired. Sorry, you can’t fix stupid and firing Thomas was stupid. Stick with the co-executive producer who has been around the last few years when the show has been going downhill and the only reason to watch (IMO) was love of the characters. I would rather stick with ALL the characters that made the show what it once was, but is no longer. Dangling Paget coming for multiple episodes. adding (the fabulous) Aisha Tyler as a regular and bringing in Adam to (try to) fill Shemar’s shoes is like putting lipstick on a pig and won’t work for me. I want Thomas Gibson and Hotch still on the show or I don’t need the show. Sorry, but that lipstick pig is not appealing to me.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Then stop watching. But you don’t speak for all of us when you suggest it’s “stupid” to fire someone who physically attacks a coworker.

      • SoFla says:

        Thank you for your advice about not watching, but then I do believe I said I wouldn’t be watching already. As for whether or not I speak for everyone at no time did I mean to infer that I spoke for everyone other than when I mentioned not being stupid enough to forget it had happened just by checking out Adam’s muscles.

      • Marie Jane says:

        have you asked what the writer DID or SAID to prompt that reaction?

        Let’s start there. Bring Gibson back PERIOD>

    • Mary says:

      Gibson should have been fired on the spot when the incident happened period. There is no justification for anyone to use violence, especially in a work disagreement. If you think otherwise, then you are the one with a problem and your right you can’t fix stupid.

      • SoFla says:

        Glad you know the full story of what happened Mary. There are always 3 sides to a story, yours, mine and the truth. So, since you seem to know the truth of what all happened that led to “the kick” please do share. Was it a karate kick to the face? A tap on the shin? Did he have a right to feel threatened when someone came after him, someone who escalated the verbal argument by “making a move” toward him in a highly aggressive manner and he reacted to the situation at hand to defend himself against a perceived threat? Did he just jump up and down and throw a tissy fit for no reason and kick him because he was having a temper tantrum? Please … do elaborate since you know the whole story, the whole story being ALL 3 SIDES, but mainly the truth. Thanks :)

        • Mary says:

          Sorry, no justification to resort to violence. Your right I wasn’t there neither were you. But lets be real, if someone came at me in an aggressive manner I will bet you that I wouldn’t kick him in the shin like a 2 year old sissy, so I doubt that was the case. A MATURE adult knows how to handle situations. You are the one who is given Gibson a pass and making excuses on what happen, so I think it you whom thinks they know the whole story.

          • SoFla says:

            No, I know that I don’t know the entire story which is why I am “giving Gibson a pass” (as you say) as unless I know the cause of the reaction I cannot condemn the reaction as who am I to say that I would not have reacted in the same manner. Who am I to judge another’s actions … or, for that matter, you?

          • Kaz Williams says:

            Genuinely curious Mary. If you found yourself in a situation that where you felt threatened, even a perception of threat, how would you react? What might your natural bodily instinct be? Now, same scenario, only this time the threat moves towards you and again, your perception is that you are under attack. How might you react? What is the most likely instintive thing you would do? Obviously “not kick like a 2 yr old sissy”, so how might you react?

            Don’t turn this into me making an excuse for TG. I’m simply trying to find out how those who seem to totally dismiss even the notion that TG might have felt threatend and acted accordingly, what would they have done in similar circumstances. One other thing I have found interesting about this, is how many people are actually zeroing in on the fact that he kicked out. Was it not masculine enough? Should he have swung a fist instead? And do you not think that maybe this action gives at least some credance to the idea that VW was coming at him. Is it not possible also that he did not use his hands, as a result of the last incident. Bearing in mind that all this probably happened quite quickly, it is surely more likely that it was instintive and in the heat of the moment rather than pre-mediated. If for example, TG had gone across the room and done this, then that is very different. I’m genuinely interested in your response. This is not an attack, merely a continuance of the discussion.

          • Mary says:

            @Kaz to answer your question the best I can without being in the situation I would have walked away and went straight to Management.
            This was at a work place so sorry I hardly think Gibson felt threaten but was upset on the direction the producer was going. Unless this person actually put his hands on him, which it doesn’t seem to appear that way, then there is no reason not to walk away and handle it professionally. To tell you the truth this hasn’t been the first incident by the sounds of it so yes Gibson doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Violence doesn’t solve a thing it only perpetuate.

          • Violet says:

            I don’t have an opinion either way about the firing but it always amazes me when someone uses the word “stupid” while they are saying “your right” (twice in your case) when they mean “you’re right.” If you’re going to call someone “stupid” then please learn how to spell.

        • Terri says:

          This isn’t Mr. Gibson’s first fit of violence on the set. A few years ago, he shoved an assistant director in anger and had to take an anger management class. He also had a very public DUI. There’s only so much a network should be expected to take. Maybe he thought the title of the show was ‘Hotch and Friends’.

        • Jolene says:

          Mary seems to be running through these comments pretty fast and quick with name calling of Gibson and sticking up for the writer.

          Plant for CBS & ABC? Works for me.

          Must be nice to have a day job where you go from website to website bashing the actors and sticking up for the network. Hope you have a nice bonus in your check this week. (wink wink)

      • Annie Sisk says:

        Agreed. As I noted above, there’s only exception: actual self-defense. That’s not what happened here, if reports are correct – and if they *aren’t* correct, Gibson would have released that statement immediately.

        • SoFla says:

          Maybe he didn’t want it out there at all for public interpretation. Maybe it was just self defense and he thought after his time out all would go back to as it was and he would be at work again. Maybe his hiring attorneys to advise him of his options in this matter is his way of saying that what is being reported is NOT what really happened and while he wanted to keep it private they allowed it to become a media circus and that circus is damaging his reputation unjustly and he wants that to stop. So until the truth does or does not come out who is anyone to condemn him for his actions?

          • Heather Jaramillo says:

            He. Kicked. A. Guy. It really doesn’t matter what, if anything, the guy did. Kicking has been drummed into kid’s heads as the NOT OKAY response forever. If a so-called “grown-up” gets away with it, why shouldn’t a 6 year old? That’s right, the 6 year old wouldn’t. While I’ll miss Hotch, I’m satisfied with what happened to him. Now, if it turns out to be true that he was provoked, I’d also be okay with action being taken there.

        • Kaz Williams says:

          Annie, the reason that this whole thing has blown up is because someone decided they wanted to do damage to TG. The facts of the story that are indisputable are as follows – an incident of some sort happened a number of weeks ago. TG was suspended for 2 weeks as a result. He was back on set last week AFTER suspension and had begun filming again. The new opening credits for S12 were even filmed. That was on Wednesday. However, on Thursday, this story appeared in the media. So, someone released the story after it had been dealt with internally and the show was moving on as such. It is probable that because of the publicity, the big bosses acted as they did. If they had intended to fire him, they would not have had him filming scenes.

    • Karen says:

      I never warmed to Paget Brewster, but I love the new doctor actress. Shemar, yes, a real loss … though the baby-girl stuff would get on my nerves. Gibson? Eh. I liked him much better in comedy such as Will & Grace, in fact, couldn’t believe it when he was cast for his C/M role. But I have rarely watched it in recent years — the gruesome factor was too off the chart for me.

  5. Jeanene says:

    Do you think that Adam Rodriguez Is going to make the show… He wasn’t that good in CSI Miami and Aisha Tyler she won’t make the show either!!! You Need to get your head out of your ass and get Thomas Gibson back!!!! I have watched the show since the beginning and loved it … but I guess I won’t be watching it anymore!!! What a shame… Maybe the producer of the show should be fired!!!

  6. diane jung says:

    I love this show from day one but aisha tyler is so boring you need to get rid of her she brings nothing to the show except boring

  7. Janet says:

    No, thanks, I’d rather have Thomas Gibson…will not be watching without him!

  8. Bette Willams says:


  9. JennaJay says:

    I will have a problem with Adam Rodriguez. He was in the male stripper movies Magic Mike and I won’t be able to separate the bare bottom shaking I saw him do in Magic Mike.

    • Jerri says:

      Maybe they can have him shake his butt on CM, too. That should spice things up a tad and bring the ratings up for those who prefer to ogle the males.

  10. Jo Kelly says:

    Simple enough..if they’re willing to fire a leading actor in a successful show, then the leading actor must have been a REAL problem on multiple occasions. You don’t just arbitrarily fire
    a money maker unless he’s given a lot of reasons for that choice to be made. Being a successful actor in a successful show doesn’t mean you get to give attitude or bad behavior.
    Everyone is replaceable.

    • SoFla says:

      Then explain when they fired AJ Cook and Paget Brewster …. what was the logical reasoning for that – other than the “they wanted younger women” that has been floated around? I have never seen anything bad written about either of those actresses. They fire actors when a show is getting too expensive as well and could very well have used this as a cheap excuse to cut his salary from their budget to make the show cheaper to produce. Seems funny how it happens after a disagreement with the co-executive producer of the show…right? :)

  11. Mark singleton says:

    Thanks for 11 seasons but based on the action Thomas Gibson wich is a superb actor and professional I feel they could have come up with a better solution than termination. I’ll guess I catch up the CW station this year and NBC law and Order SVU

  12. jimmy woo says:

    This show is so over. It was really over two years ago. Now it is defunct to the 3rd degree.


  13. jimmy woo says:

    It seems only fair that the other person in the incident with Gibson be revealed. Why is his name hidden?

    I demand the name.

    • jimmy woo says:

      Oh…Virgil Williams. I see. You are about to become very unpopular.

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Jimmy, what does this tell you. When the news of TG’s suspension first came out, alot of viewers, particularly those who use social media and interact with some of the cast and crew online, knew exactly who was involved, BEFORE he was named. This was because of experience of Williams online. Not pleasent.

  14. Lacie says:

    Yes… this show has officially gone of the rails. Bottom of the barrel actors to fill the roles of major players on the show. Thank you but no thank you. Besides, Adam Rodriguez sucks as an actor, he is just good looking.

  15. Nancy says:

    Oh please, how stupid, really, just kicking someone, if someone is threatening you then you have every right to react. yes maybe that isn’t the best way, I am sure there has been a lot worse on shows then what Gibson did! Firing him however, A STUPID MOVE! this is a show that is no longer about respect for anyone. I have always loved the cast even if I didn’t always like the show.

    I always wanted Paget back on the show, she was fun to watch but what one or two episodes, no thanks! I will not watch anymore, all of the cast together was the show, without that you have nothing! I don’t care who you bring on.

  16. Dick says:

    It will sink just like two and a half men. I’m done watching.

  17. Gerald Mamay says:

    Hotchner not onthe show will make me rethink watching the show

  18. Marianne says:

    No Hotch no Watch

  19. Stephanie G. says:

    I was hoping to read comments about people looking forward to the new season with new faces and returning favorites. Thank you to those readers who stayed on topic and showed some enthusiam about season 12!

    I think Criminal Minds needs some fresh blood. I’d like to see the whole team together this season. Last season seemed so disjointed because someone was always missing from the group. Like a lot of viewers, I am always excited to see Emily Prentiss return.

  20. Kenny says:

    Let the show die. Shamar is gone and none too soon. Gibson played his character great. If the writer was not fired also then Gobson should sue for wrongful termination.

  21. Karen Holden says:

    I love Criminal Minds. I’ve watched since Pantkin. I was so happy Padget was coming back on the show. Then this happens. No one is saying much about Williams. Is he bruised,, dod he reguire a bandaid? Did he do anything to provoke Gibson? At first it was suspension for 2 episodes then rather quickly went to fired.. Why are we not hearing anything from Williams camp? I regret Gibson was hired and not suspension whoch eas originallan. I think he’s a great actor. And coming right behind Shemar’s exit will not do well for the series.

  22. Lisa says:

    Keep the original Aarons and bring back Shemar

  23. Karen says:

    What good timing for him! I liked him in CSI: Miami, even though I wasn’t all that big on the show overall after awhile. Hmmmm, maybe C/M has found its new male lead!

  24. diana says:

    Please bring Hotch back.

  25. diana says:

    It sounds to me like the producers are determined to tank the show.

  26. Peter Rosen says:

    Hi,I’ve also watched and loved criminal minds from the very beginning, watching all the characters together at the end of a series, sitting together around a table,enjoying each others company,it made me feel as though you were a part of their family. I will miss Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner and Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan.
    I believe we have seen the best of what criminal minds had to offer,I believe that the show will fade away.

  27. Harry Bring: I believe that at this point of CM a word from you and other folks owe us fans your take on Gipson. I hear a couple of the in charge guys from ABC & CBS speaking about Hotners occasional blow ups but damn 11 years is a long time. So some love for Thomas. At least he isn’t Gideon

  28. liame says:

    I would love to see Richard Armitage cast in what was Gibson’s role, he’d be brilliant. I’m loving how the new cast is shaping. I didn’t really like Gibson, you could sense from his interviews he was smug and entitled.

  29. juliet says:

    I honestly think Gibson Thomas leaving the show like that is going to affect us the viewers who have always related to his personality and thought of him as the person who watches over the rest of the crew. we will always love criminal minds and hope it wont change too much,personally,its my all time favorite show

  30. Mike says:

    I have no doubt there is a pattern of behavior they will never reveal with Thomas Gibson.
    He did not get fired this abruptly with out cause. TV is all about the money and they would not of wanted to fire him unless they felt they had no choice. I am sure he has gotten away with many incidents before. Also given his DUI and other stories floating around over the years, I think he has a substance abuse issue going on.
    I liked him in this role and it will not be the same, but hopefully they can hire good people and move on. NCIS does it all the time.

  31. Marianne says:


    • Melodie Grothaus says:

      Melodie says: August 17,2016 at 9:28 pm.
      I totally agree, with the last few comments! I’ve been watching the show from season 1& I’m very disappointed that Thomas Gibson was fired,he made the show like all the actors did!!!!! And I don’t like that Shemar Moore had left he was great on the show,but that was his decision. I hope that Gibson can&will come back on the show! I love Criminal Minds! But if they don’t bring back Gibson,I won’t watch the show either!!!!! They need to know the fans of the show is what matters,not them who had fired him!! The situation should have been handled differently,!!

  32. Momo says:

    I just hope they do not kill Aaron Hotchners character. That would piss me off, and would make me stop watching all together. I love Dr. Reeds character and Penelope Garcia. To me they are the uniqueness of the show. But killing off Hotch would be a slap in the face to fans that cried the lost of his wife and have come to love the father/son dynamic. They cannot leave Jack an orphan…

  33. E Moran says:

    If all the characters remain motivated in their roles and they bring back Padgett Brewster along with Adam Rodriguez they may be able to still pull it off without HotchI hope so I really love the show I have enjoyed it for years

  34. Ok there is some really serious idiot out there that responds to the fact that Shemar Moore isn’t that much of a intricate part of CM. If your so ball-less to not leave a name you man are an idiot. Moore was a huge part of the fan base and a very believable actor. I’m not happy that he left at all. I’m not happy as to way that Gibson was let go. Back to the point of this, this guy is beyond BEYOND STUPID. MGG is a major player and popular as hell. JJ, Garcia, and the returning Paget Brewster make a great trio as well. So to you moron commenting on a lot of texts saying that MGG is all of the show dude he is great and so is Rossi. But you man are a freekin douche

  35. Luke S. I’m thinking you have hard on for MGG. Man you crazy. Gubler is really good but it’s the cast that works. Saying that crap about Shemar also shows that your a complete moron. You really piss me off. And no Gubler isn’t available for you. Ugh

  36. Alice depaoli says:

    I watched this show from the beginning loved all the actors mostly Thomas Moore rest of cast jusi am not lookingt works for show like to add that I rarely watchthis type of program this one was the excemotion so I guess I will stick to hallmark movie channel

  37. Eileen Vagge says:

    I’m glad Prentiss is back, but not happy with the other changes. I’m seriously considering not tuning in anymore, I’ll just enjoy the older shows on Netflix.