Supernatural Renewed Cancelled

CW Boss: Supernatural 'Could Outlast My Tenure' as Network President

There’s no end in sight for Supernatural.

As the long-running drama heads into Season 12 this fall, stars “Jared  [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] seem very happy,” CW President Mark Pedowitz said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday. “I’m thrilled with the creative direction of the show,” which next season will be helmed by new co-showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer.

“If the ratings hold, the show could outlast my tenure in this chair [as network head],” Pedowitz added (jokingly?).

As for getting a Supernatural spinoff on the network — “Bloodlines,” the show’s first and only attempt at a backdoor pilot in Season 9, was not picked up to series — “it’s still a priority,” Pedowitz said. “It just hasn’t happened. I leave it to the studio [Warner Bros. Television]. When they’re ready to do it, we’ll be glad to have it developed.”

Meanwhile, Season 12 will welcome guest star Rick Springfield as Lucifer’s new vessel, as well as the homecoming of Dean and Sam’s mother, Mary (played by Samantha Smith).

Supernatural returns on its new night, Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. klutzy_girl (@klutzy_girl) says:

    Some people were panicking yesterday after Jensen and Danneel announced they’re having twins but I expect the show to continue for a few more years. It’s definitely safe! And LOL, I’m in it until the bitter end at this point.

  2. ndixit says:

    I know they are happy and enjoying it but come on! Last season’s ending was just crazy anti-climactic after a season worth of build up and the basically did nothing with God after his brilliant reappearance ep. Supernatural with always be watchable just because of Jared and Jensen but they have ridden the concept for long enough. They should set an end date and work towards it.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Umm. No. The show is great. If you’re unhappy with it, stop watching. But those of us who love the show want it to continue for as long as possible.

      • Antman says:

        Why can’t people watch the show and point out some of the bad? The show is not what it use to be and people like you are part of the reason why. God forbid someone is allowed to point out some of the terrible stuff that been popping up over the year. Well people do this so the show will get better.

    • Sara says:

      No no and no

    • Pat says:

      haha no different than the hell gates being slammed shut. Let’s slam it shut…all season long…last few minutes, let’s not.

    • maermae says:

      As those who follow cons know, Jared & Jensen talked about what a cluster they thought the end of last season was this summer. Both admitted that they had pitched to just cut the last 4 episodes all together and end the season with the episode where God shows up and the brothers see him for the first time. However, the network insisted that the episodes be aired. I appreciate that J2 recognize what went wrong last season, and with new show runners, I hope it gets corrected.

  3. ninamags says:

    I hope the show only continues for a few more years. Frankly it’s getting…. old and repetitive.

    Unless they have a major reboot this year I don’t see how they can keep things fresh. The Men of Letters storyline was fantastic when it first came up but then they seemed to forget about it.

    Maybe they will do more with it this year.

    As for these new babies, the boys might try to keep the show going indefinitely. That private plane doesn’t pay for itself.

    • Let's play "I spy the cuckoo tinhatter" says:

      Dude, neither of them own a private plane or Jensen wouldn’t post selfies on commercial airlines frequently. They may occasionally charter, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z they are not.

      • maermae says:

        Wrong. It’s pretty well-known in fandom that Jared bought a plane & both J’s use it. As it’s owed by Jared, Jared probably uses it more often than Jensen. When Jensen posts plane selfies, my guess is that him & Jared are on different travel schedules so he has to fly commercial.

  4. Carrie says:

    I’d watch Sam and Dean in the retirement home. I still love this show after all these years. It’s still terrific. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the the upcoming season. I loved the two big twists in the finale.

    • Jane says:

      I agree. I will always watch this show. I still love it. I hope they keep it going long enough for their kids to take over the show.

  5. Andrew Hass says:

    I think as long as Jared and Jensen are happy doing Supernatural the show will stay on the air.Plus with Jensen having twins with his wife he might want a steady paycheck for a bit longer.

    • Jamie says:

      On the flip side though, twin babies and a toddler aren’t easy to handle on your own, and her husband works in another country. I wonder how they’ll feel about this set up once the babies are born.

  6. Denise Satterfield says:

    It seems like forever before the new season starts! I watch the reruns every morning on TNT and I wish they could go further with them, as in showing the last season’s episodes! UGH! 2 months seems like a long time! Hopefully it will go by fast!

  7. Luc says:

    How can anyone say this masterpiece is getting old.
    Let this series go on till the writers and actors see that end story is the only story they could tell!!!!
    Season 1 to 11 have been amazing.

  8. Arthur says:

    I mean, I’ll happily watch as long as Jensen, Jared, Misha, and mark are still on. Those four are the reason I watch.

  9. AnT says:

    As much as I love the show, I think that they are catering to the fans too much. They don’t take chances anymore, it’s lacking the darkness it used to have. For instance: the first 5 seasons they would have written in Lucifer killing Crowley, but it is getting campy ob the verge of corny. Even the cast admitted that the end of last season was just crappy. I mean how many times did they bring Bobby back, I was crushed when he died and they kept him attached which was good but they kept bringing him back. Plus, angels began as bad asses, last season reduced them to bumbling whiney idiots.
    They need to do something drastic to shake things up again. Otherwise write an end like GOT and work towards it. It’s better to go out on top than to drag it out until it is painful to watch. Let’s face it, even the 2 J’s know this, t.v. execs are not loyal to anyone not keeping the ratings up. It’s a focal and sometimes cruel industry. The moment ratings sink enough for long enough the exec’s will change their tune and pull the plug.

  10. Danni says:

    I still love the show. I have liked some storylines better than others but I will still watch the show until they decide to end it. I will say I enjoyed the beginnings monster of the week theme, best about the show. I still keep wishing they would go back to that but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the story lines now but yes I would prefer it that way. If the actors are happy I am happy to continue watching the show.

  11. Valorie wells says:

    It seems like SNBreaks are getting longer and seasons shorter. When I first started watching, seems like I was watching new episodes a lot closer to Christmas holidays. Now, seems like they are off the air more than their on. I’m kinda losing interest, after 10 years. Kinda sad. We need longer seasons.