Shadowhunters Season 2

Shadowhunters Showrunner Exits as Production Begins on Season 2

Shadowhunters has had an interesting week, which began with the Freeform drama winning two Teen Choice Awards… and ended with it losing a showrunner.

Ed Decter will no longer be in charge when the series — based on Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books — returns for its second season, our sister site Deadline reports, a staffing change described as “sudden.” TVLine has confirmed the exit.

Though no replacement has been announced, the new showrunner(s) will reportedly “tweak the series’ creative direction. TVLine spoke with Decter following the first season premiere in April, at which point he revealed big plans for the Shadowhunters gang moving forward.

Shadowhunters fans, which “tweaks” would you like to see made to the show in advance of Season 2? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Closer to the books, further from Pretty Little Liars style melodrama, hopefully.

    • Temperance says:

      Well, I’m not sure about that precisely. There are some problems with the book story line (some of it is a bit too YA/juvenile for all ages TV), but I’d like to see that cleaned up and followed as the core plot. Continue to improve the acting, spend more time on script polishing. More Malec and more shirtlessness.

      • alla says:

        Huh. My kids watch the show, they’re eleven and twelve going on thirteen. My impression was it was aimed at about ten to fourteen year olds. I haven’t read the books, so I’m wondering if they’re aimed younger, like at eight to ten year olds? in which case I could see buying them for my nephews.

        • Lacey says:

          It’s been a while since I read them, admittedly, but they are marketed more for teens/YA crowd if memory serves. I know I was a teen when they first came out and didn’t find them too young. Also I vaguely remember an arc about Clary wanting to close her vcard? Not something I would let an eight to ten year old read depending on the context (I’d have to reread before making a call for sure) but some people might be less conservative than I am.

          • alla says:

            Wow. Thanks. From watching the show I thought it was for little kids. The acting is incredibly awkward (though no worse than a lot of Nickelodeon) and the plots were about House of Anubis level. The dialogue’s really bland and childish . . . I’m shocked to hear that they made the show seem so much younger than the books.

            I guess I’ll get the books, but not for my nephews, for myself!

    • Farther from the books, focus more on their own stories. Hopefully.

  2. James says:

    Hopefully… better writing, less chessy dialogues and more shirtless Matthew Daddario.

  3. Beth says:

    More Magnus and Alec. Better dialogue, more demon fight scenes and definitely more shirtless Matt Daddario!

  4. Keri J says:

    It is important to those of us who love the books that you include one liners that are from the series. I would really like to see Alex and Magnus have a first date that runs pretty true to their actual one. I also want to see the relationship between Alec and Clary flourish as it does in the books. I’m not a fool and understand that you can’t follow it word for word but including fun little tidbits that shadow hunter fans know that if you haven’t read the books you might miss. It is also important not to forget that Clary can create Runes. While it was a small over sight in the first season, people like myself who knows these books and characters so well, the production people might have not understood that the fearless rune was seen on the interior wall in the institute in Season 1 but Clary actually creates that later, it does not exist in the grey book. Just little things like that. It’s small things that is important to us crazy TMI, TID, TDA fans. At least it is to me, the relationships are so improtant and I’m sure you have come to realize so please please please be careful with them, we all love them so much. If you need suggestions or help us fans are always here :-) I would also suggest checking out Pintrest there are so many great one liners that are from the books that could easily fit into the series. Best of luck for the new season!

  5. ninergrl6 says:

    Please let the Malec relationship continue to evolve, even if it’s a slow burn. That’s by far my favorite storyline. I didn’t read the books so I don’t know what’s “supposed” to happen. More like the last 5 eps, less like the first 5. And what James said ^^

  6. Gina says:

    I just hope they don’t stray from the fact that clary is special and can make new runes!!! That’s really important. and it would be cool if the her and Jace being brother and sister thing got resolved a lot sooner since we know Jocelyn is awake now and that didn’t happen in the books. And more Action!! I want some kick ass fight scenes and action scenes like in the book.

  7. Lilly77 says:

    More Magnus, Alec, Izzy, Lydia, Simon – basically anyone who isn’t Clary and Jace. I loved them in the books, but in the series they just don’t seem to work because of casting and the writing. I got really interested in other characters I wasn’t invested in at all when I read the books, but Clary in particular doesn’t work for me on screen and is just so different in manner and behavior from what I pictured. Malec is really good though. I’ll give the second season a chance.

  8. Anne says:

    Oh no!!! I thought the changes made to the tv show from the books were really smart and made the show SO much better. A change in leadership puts that all at risk.
    I loved how Clary and Isabelle are friends in the tv show, how Isabelle actually has a character and feels empowered, I like that they made them older, I liked the whole plot line with Lydia, etc.
    I just really liked all the small changes made for the adaptation. I’ll be very upset if the whole feel of the show changes.

  9. Matt says:

    I hated the tone of the show. It seemed cheesy and low-budget. It needs better writing. I’d love to see the feel of the show to be more Buffy/Alias/Supernatural and less syfy channel movie quality. They also need to spend more time on the relationships. They seemed very forced on the show. They need to build on them more naturally. It’s ok to take a little time.

  10. Ana says:

    the change of the main actress

  11. Alanna says:

    GO BACK TO THE PLOT OF THE BOOKS. The changes, like Valentine living in Chernobyl, the offensive plotline with Lydia, Alec being a torturer, the unfunny dialogue, the millions of terrible boring original characters, were awful. I mean, the ratings tell the story – they dropped and then dropped again and again as people realized not just how unfaithful the show was, but that it wasn’t any good on its own.

    As said below, the plot of the books doesn’t need to be followed word for word, but the show never came up with a plot to replace it. Plus the entire epic arc of the story is structured around growth for each character as they participate in a heroic journey. There was no journey in season one of this show and no suggestion there would ever be one — just a lot of boring crap about whether Alec would get married and whether Clary would find Dot.

    I hope the show can find the magic of the books. Maybe Decter leaving will help them.

  12. Sarah says:

    I do not think the actors are the problem, I just think the writing/dialogue was too cheesy. I agree that supporting characters shine more in the show than the in the books, and I likes that, but I also don’t think the show should stray too far from the books. There needs to be a little of both, and I think if the writing is improved, fans will root for the TV version of Clary and Jace much more.

    • Drack says:

      Absolutely agreed. People love Clary and Jace in the books because they’re fantastic and interesting. They don’t like them in the show because they’re poorly written, unfunny, and uncompelling. With better writing and dialogue, people would come to love them again.

      It is worth keeping in mind that this story was a hero’s journey about a girl. It’s sad to see that taken away and sadder to see people acting as if that is a good thing because they like looking at boys.

  13. Lauren says:

    Better lines and/or better acting by the actress that plays Clary. I cringe every time she’s on the screen.

  14. Alec says:

    We need McG as showrunner.

  15. Josh Knoll says:

    To bad they couldn’t replace the actress who plays Clary Fray. Just a horrible actress. I binged watched this show, but it was painful at times because of her.

  16. ALEXANDRIA says:

    I would like to jace and clary end up back together. And to kill valentine

  17. Paula says:

    I only watch Shadowhunters because I am enthralled by Malec! I basically fast forward through any scenes not involving Magnus and/or Alec. Harry Shum Jr. is undeniably the best actor on the show and his onscreen chemistry with Matt Daddario is irresistible! I have an uneasy feeling that the so-called ‘lead actors’ (yes, the two with no noticeable talents) are actually seething underneath because the fandom worships Malec (and Harry and Matt). Don’t believe a network and show runners would sabotage a main draw for viewers? Three words: Noel Fisher and Gallavich! On the plus side, I saved money by cancelling Showtime two years ago. My point is that lead actor jealousy and resentment can and often does dictate major changes in storyline. And Ed Decter was such a huge proponent of the Malec relationship. Sigh.

    • Bracken says:

      Out of curiosity, if it’s such a draw, why did the ratings crash after the Malec episode? Nothing against Malec (it’s on the show so little I barely notice it) but networks are in this to make money and fandom doesn’t make them money. Viewers do.

      And Decter was no Malec fan. He was in love with his own awful creations like Lydia. We got hours more of her than screen time for Malec.

  18. miss_naazneen says:

    1. Continued character development for Alec
    2. A definite tweak of Clary as a character and the actress playing her. Both are annoying and the acting at times, pretty cringeworthy
    3. Abort the sibling SL asap. We get it. But aint nobody got time for the dreary angst its sure to provide
    4. Give Simon something else to do and kill the love triangle with Clary
    5. More Magnus. More Izzy

  19. Kayla says:

    I would suggest sticking close to the book because the story line was amazing and id like to see that story come to life!

  20. Chloe P. Smith says:

    More Magnus please. Also more Alec and Izzy moments. My babies💙. I adore them.

  21. Fer says:

    Hopefully season 2 will follow the books more, if not then just better lines, better plot and no more Izzy pretty much prostituting herself for information. That was just weird