Denis Leary, James Corden Dress as Clintons to Sing About 'A--hole' Trump

Denis Leary on Wednesday joined James Corden for an anti-Donald Trump variation of the “A–hole” song he first released on a comedy album back in 1993.

Dressed as Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Late Late Show duet repeatedly referred to the Republican presidential nominee as “ass[bleep],” thanks to CBS censors, while stopping to address many of his recent faux pas — from his apparent feud with the patriarch of a Gold Star family to his insistence on getting a crying baby out of one of his rallies.

Admittedly, the choice to have the duo sing this song at the DNC was peculiar given mention of more recent incidents, but all was forgiven by the time the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll star went in for an absurdly long kiss with his scruffy “wife.”

Watch the explicit (albeit censored) performance above.

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  1. c-mo says:

    I, by no means, am a Trump cheerleader but I’m getting so tired of hearing/seeing such vitriol. As soon as this particular bit was introduced I immediately changed the channel. I watch these kinds of shows are for broad entertainment and this was, in no way, shape or form entertaining. The only thing this type of “bit” is serving to do is increase the resolve of the Trump supporters.

    • MMD says:

      When you don’t live in the United States or have a dog in the fight, to the rest of the world it is kind of funny because Trump is such a joke. If I lived there, I would be very, very worried that he has even gotten as far as he has so I do understand your feelings.

      • Steven says:

        My entire family is just in shock that he’s gotten the nomination. As an American I’m truly scared of what will happen if he gets elected.

      • TV Gord says:

        I;m a Canadian who’s very worried about Trump. Anything that happens in the U.S. reverberates here, so I can honestly say I’ve never been more worried about an American Presidential campaign. Frankly, I think the whole world should be.

        • MMD says:

          I totally agree and I think the whole world is concerned but as a fellow Canadian I can still enjoy the parodies of Drumpf.

    • Ron says:

      Disagree. The Trump followers are crazy hardcore, ride-or-die types. These things won’t increase or decrease their resolve. They can’t possibly get more loud and obnoxious and out-of-touch than they already are. Late night hosts have all the right in the world to skewer whomever they please, and you have all the right not to watch. And while I don’t view these kinds of things as vitriolic, so be it of they are. When someone who is a stone’s throw away from the White House is a constant spew of vitriol (toward Muslims, Mexicans, veterans and their families, LGBT, other groups that I can’t remember because his vitriol is often and knows no bounds) then being vitriolic toward the thin-skinned nimwit is more than acceptable. You don’t get a free pass for vitriol and bigotry because you’re a presidential nominee.

    • JScout says:

      Yes, we understand MMD. You are so embarrassed by your candidate that you wish no one would ever mention him. When he stops doing idiotic things, people will stop ridiculing him.

      But wait, he WANTS people to talk about him all the times, maybe that’s why he continues to vomit on everyone every time he opens his mouth.

    • Temperance says:

      Yeah, 99% of it would go away if Trump evaporated. The only thing that would be more truthful than this bit was if the song included a bridge where they extolled Trump as a dangerous sociopath. He’s a monster, and this song kinda made my day.

  2. MMD says:

    The only way to watch any of the political coverage in the States is through the comics.

    • c-mo says:

      Do you mean the “funny pages” in newspapers or comedians, the people?

      • MMD says:

        oops – I meant the late night comedians. I’m on a self imposed break from news on politics, mass shootings and terrorism which is really difficult when I happen to be a news junkie and need to know what is going on in the world at all times.

  3. Kevin K says:

    Hope Corden should dress as Melania Trump soon.

  4. pickles says:

    Cowards . Try doing the same to Clinton or Obama and you wont have a show.

    • David says:

      How is it cowardly to make fun of someone who provides you with so much ammo? I’m sick and tired of people pretending that Clinton and Obama are anywhere near as bad as Trump. You’re willfully ignorant if you think that’s true

    • Temperance says:

      There’s no need to, so that’s the real problem.

  5. April says:

    Liberal media doesn’t even try to hide itself anymore. Funny how Mrs. Clinton doesn’t get a mention of how she’s the cause for dead Americans and let alone the fact that she committed a federal crime and should be in jail.

    Nope lets not mention that cause it might hurt her. But lets bash the other guy every chance we get.

    Its sickening whats happening with the media.

    • Marcie says:

      It doesn’t have to be “liberal” to skewer Trump. He’s an idiot and you’re just parroting Fox News.

    • Mary says:

      Where have you been for the last year and half. You either choose not to pay attention
      or you are trying badly to cover up for the moron running for President. For the record do a little research, but it is obvious you only believe fox news, but Mrs Clinton was not responsible for the death of Americans. The sickening part is how anyone can justify Trump’s mannerisms and actions. It is not the media who makes him look insane, it is the horse himself and the minions who enables him.

    • rebecca says:

      “it’s sickening what’s happening in the media” … from someone who just regurgitated fox news, funny.

    • Temperance says:

      You’ve never seen the ‘liberal’ media. All the channels we see on a regular basis ARE conservative owned and manipulated. Ask anyone in the biz – I k now dozens of people that have quit and changed fields when they were told by the owners that they had to suppress Democratic positives and write about the negatives. .

    • nflgal6 says:

      she didn’t commit any crimes that is why she isn’t in jail. You need to check out all the things Trumpet has said it is ALL LIES. You need to get your facts straight and wake up.

  6. MIA says:

    TRUMP IS AN A–HOLE! He calls Hillary a liar which she isn’t and that is all a–hole trump does is lie after lie after lie. He is the BIGGEST A–HOLE & LIAR there is in politics.