L.A. Law Reboot

L.A. Law Reboot in Development

Steven Bochco is looking to reconvene L.A. Law.

The prolific producer is developing an updated version of his classic ’80s legal drama, which ran for eight seasons on NBC, our sister site, Variety, reports.

During an interview on the Rich Eisen Show on Monday, Bochco revealed that four months ago L.A. Law scribe Bill Finkelstein approached him with an idea for a reboot. “I called my friends at [20th Century Fox], because they own the show, and they were very interested in having a conversation,” said Bochco. “And so Billy and I sat down and we sort of reconceptualized what L.A. Law would look like and be about over 30 years later… [and Fox] was very enthusiastic about doing it. So we’re developing [it].”

Bochco added that members of the original cast (which included Blair Underwood and Jimmy Smits) could appear in the new series.

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  1. If this is, as it sounds, the same firm 30 years on, I’d be interested in seeing what they have in mind and who they cast. Hopefully it’s mostly actors who aren’t already “stars”.

  2. Sam says:

    This is a terrible idea considering that there is already Chicago law.

  3. kmw says:

    Wow another re make or re boot. So original. Please network execs get some new ideas instead of re booting old ones

    • Looter's Pockets says:

      You can blame Boccho for this ….

      He’s already got $100m in the bank — but why not add another dollar or two.

  4. Reba42 says:

    Yes to Jimmy Smits and Corbin Bernsen. A big fat no to Harry Hamlin. He and his wife just need to disappear to a deserted island somewhere.

  5. michael says:

    I would love to see for one television season that there be no cop, lawyer or doctor shows on tv. Wouldn’t that be something.

  6. David4 says:

    Would it be on Fox or NBC? Oh never mind either way it’s probably garbage that will never see the light of day.

  7. Lily says:

    They had better keep the intro music!

  8. I’m I just imagining it or did they try this before only they gave it a sci-fi spin and set it at the same law firm in the yearn 2060 or something?

  9. Carol says:

    Does anyone in Hollywood have an original thought?!?! The only movies & TV shows we see anymore are remakes!

  10. Jim says:

    Two things we definitely don’t have enough of…..reboots and shows about lawyers, lmfao.

  11. parstl says:

    Where’s Blair in the old cast photo?
    I wouldn’t mind a mini series update of the show but not a full out reboot. The law practice has changed a lot from those days. Hope they do real research with actual lawyers under 40 and how much of their time is spent on a laptop in executing their duties.

  12. Eddie Ginsburg says:

    I am amazed that this brilliant show is not being rerun on cable, mini net, Netflix or HULU

  13. Ange says:

    Is there no original creativity left in entertainment! Stop with all the reboots already.

  14. MMD says:

    I’m with most of the above – enough with the reboots. Plus if they bring back even some of the original cast members they will have aged so much which will only remind me that I have aged so much as well!

  15. Daniel Colmerauer says:


  16. :-) says:

    No more reboots please. No more law /courtroom or medical dramas please. The biggest hits of the last few years have not been same old same old. Most of the reboots have not done well. Please please move on. Guess they’ll reboot growing pains and Doogie Howser next. Maybe Mash set in Irag. Wagon trail or the Lone ranger would be interesting. I love Lucy staring Melissa McCarthy. The love boat with the original cast mixed in with Disney stars. My mother the car with Betty white playing the car. The patty duke show staring Miley Cyrus. Gidget staring America ferria maybe

  17. jp says:

    Here’s what it looks like today – the show Suits.

  18. jp says:

    Now if Blacklist ended and Spader and Shatner could be pulled together for a Boston Legal reboot I would be all over that.

  19. HAP says:

    Those in the original cast who are not dead, with the exception of Blair Underwood, are in their 60s and 70s.

  20. matty says:

    I would be more interested in this if I had ever seen an episode of the original series. That said, TV needs another mainstream show with a pedigree this high.

  21. ScottJ says:

    No reboots. No remakes. And while I’m at it no time jumps, no cliffhangers and no flashbacks / 24hrs earlier.

    How about coming up with something original and actually telling a story instead of giving us a never ending stream of stupid tricks and gimmicks?

  22. ToyCannon says:

    I’d be happier if the original series were made available for streaming on Netflix or Hulu Plus.