President Barack Obama Pleads 'Don't Boo, Vote,' Makes 'Birther' Movement Joke in Democratic Convention Speech

Yep, he even managed to sneak in a birth-certificate zinger.

President Barack Obama’s primetime address on Night 3 of the Democratic National Convention contained a pinch of biting criticism for Republican candidate Donald Trump, several teaspoons of recollection about his own policy successes over the last eight years, and copious amounts of praise for his party’s current nominee Hillary Clinton.

Allow me to dole out a few of the spicier slices of POTUS’ DNC pie, before turning it over to you for your thoughts:

* “As I’ve traveled this country, through all 50 states, as I’ve rejoiced with you and mourned with you, what I’ve also seen, more than anything, is what is right with America. I see people working hard and starting businesses. I see people teaching kids and serving our country. I see engineers inventing stuff, doctors coming up with new cures. I see a younger generation full of energy and new ideas, not constrained by what is, but ready to seize what ought to be. And most of all I see Americans of every part, every background, every faith, who believe we are stronger together. Black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, young, old, gay, straight, men, women, folks with disabilities — all pledging allegiance under the same proud flag to this big bold country that we love. That’s the America I know.”

* “You know, nothing truly prepares you for the demands of the Oval Office. Until you’ve sat at that desk, you don’t know what it’s like to manage a global crisis or send young people to war. But Hillary’s been in the room; she’s been part of those decisions. She knows what’s at stake in the decisions our government makes — what’s at stake for the working family, for the senior citizen, for the small business owner, for the soldier, for the veteran. Even in the middle of crisis, she listens to people, and keeps her cool, and she treats everybody with respect. And no matter how daunting the odds, no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever quits. That is the Hillary I know. That’s the Hillary I’ve come to admire. And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America. I hope you don’t mind, Bill, but I was just telling the truth, man.”

* “And then, there’s Donald Trump,” said Obama, as the crowd grumbled its disapproval. “Don’t boo, vote. The Donald is not really a ‘plans’ guy. He’s not really a ‘facts’ guy, either. He calls himself a business guy, which is true. But I have to say, I know plenty of businessmen and -women who’ve achieved remarkable success without leaving behind a trail of lawsuits and unpaid workers and people feeling like they got cheated. Does anyone really believe that a guy who spent his 70 years on this earth showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion, your voice?”

* “Ronald Reagan called America a shining city on a hill. Donald Trump calls it a divided crime scene that only he can fix. It doesn’t matter to him that illegal immigration and the crime rate are as low as they’ve been in decades — because he’s not actually offering any real solutions to those issues. He’s just offering slogans and he’s offering fear. He’s betting if he scares enough people, he might just score enough votes to win this election.”

* “Hillary knows we can work through racial divides in this country. When we realized the way worried black parents feel when their son leaves the house isn’t so different from what a brave cop’s family feels when he puts on the blue and goes to work.”

* “The American dream is something no wall can ever contain.”

* “That’s what happens when you’re the kind of citizen that Teddy Roosevelt once described. Not the timid souls who criticize from the sidelines, but someone who is actually in the arena, someone who strives valiantly, who errs, but who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement. Hillary Clinton is that woman in the arena.”

* “My grandparents, they came from the heartland. Their ancestors began settling there around 200 years ago. I don’t know if they had their birth certificates, but they were there.”

What did you think of Barack Obama’s speech? Grade it in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. David4 says:

    “Don’t boo, vote.”

    Because the DNC and the media have really gotten good at stealing elections!

    • Ben says:

      The media don’t get elected, and I’m not exactly sure how an election gets stolen (unless you are alleging electoral fraud?)

      • Rob Horine says:

        By lies. Like when Harry Reid said flat out on the floor of the senate that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes.

        Like when in the third debate in 12, Candy Crowley and Obama doubled teamed Romney.

        The media takes a side and then says they are impartial. That’s stealing from the american people.

        • David4 says:

          In politics everyone lies. But this election they wanted Hillary because the big corps don’t want to pay taxes and she won’t do anything change anything. And the media wanted Trump because he’s very good for ratings because he’s nuts.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          They didn’t double team Romney. He said something that was factually inaccurate and Crowley, being someone that was at the event that Mitt was referencing, corrected him. Bad, bad media for giving people facts.

    • Mary says:

      I believe that was Bush and the Republicans who stole the election but whatever. I get from your statement is that if your person doesn’t win it is someone’s fault, it was rigged. It couldn’t be that they didn’t receive enough votes right.

      • David4 says:

        The democratic primary was rigged! We know it was rigged! There is proof that it was rigged! The DNC since the leak hasn’t denied it was rigged!

        So yes it’s someone else’s fault! It was proven to be set up. It amazes me that people give a damn more about a football being slightly deflated that probably wasn’t really, than an election being set up. It amazes me that people don’t seem to remember what Nixon did to force him to resign.

        • Mary says:

          Bernie never should have been on the Democrat ticket in the first place but he knew that he didn’t stand a chance as an independent. The people elected Hillary as the nominee not the party. To let you in on a secret I couldn’t care less about deflated footballs. The only proof are the E-mail discussing strategies on how to hurt his campaign but guess what they never used them, didn’t have too the Majority voted for HER. Sorry it is unrealistic to think that the party wasn’t going to back her instead of an outsider. I look at the bigger picture and don’t cut my nose off to spite myself.

          • Andrea says:

            During the primary season, the national committees of both parties are not supposed to back ANYONE. Once he was on the ticket, he was owed a fair and impartial chance, which even Harry Reid admits did not happen. Out of 16 choices on the Republican side, do you really believe the RNC was thinking, “Hey, Trump’s our man.” The chances of that are very low, but the RNC let the chips fall where they did. Even the number of people suggests that the process was more open. Cruz, Christie, Rubio, and Jeb all had a seat at the table. I have great respect for Joe Biden, but one of the reasons that he mentioned for not running (in addition to grieving the loss of Beau) was that he didn’t want to potentially get in the way of the first female nominee. We didn’t get to hear from Biden or Warren or anyone else. The way to make your nominee strong is not to limit the field so she can be successful. It’s to widen the field so that you know that she can be. I wish Joe Biden had run. If he didn’t because of Beau, that’s entirely understandable. If he hesitated (or was encouraged to not run) because of Hillary, that is a problem. You think Bernie shouldn’t have been on the ticket. Fine, but no one else of note or actual viability came forward either. If HRC had gotten the most votes from a truly competitive process, then I would agree with you , Mary. However, she got the most votes in a process that was designed and crafted for that to occur.

          • David4 says:

            Well said Andrea.

            I’d also just like to add that because of the corruption of the two party tickets you have to pick one. Bernie Sanders is more of a democrat than Hillary Clinton ever will be. He still got over 10 million votes in a system full of corruption and was against him every step of the way. Did they even bother finish counting the 2-3 million votes in CA? And the way the corrupt system is only democrats can vote so many many democrats voted for him. So clearly they don’t agree that he isn’t a democrat.

            Either way you don’t set up an election. Three years ago Trump was very liberal, in order to gain power he become a republican. The GOP hates him and still didn’t get in the way as much as the corrupt DNC and corrupt Clintons did.

          • Andrea – if you believe that you are living under a rock… National parties, just as state and local parties can and do support the strongest candidates. Their goal is to get a ticket elected.

        • There is no proof it was rigged cuz it didn’t happen. Email of staff complaining and theorizing AFTER the fact that Bernie already lost the election does not mean anything. Give me a break. The DNC is the Democratic National Campaign Committee – Bernie was not and is not a Democrat. He doesn’t fundraise, campaign or support other Democrats… it took until now for him to do anything – and you expect the people that spend their careers working for this cause to NOT COMPLAIN about him dropping out when he ALREADY lost? Sorry – that happens at all work places. Sorry your candidate did not win enough votes in any respect of the word (popular vote, total vote, electoral votes, superdelegate votes) – he lost on all accounts.

        • A3rynSun76 says:

          Almost all of the emails you are referring to were written before Bernie had even registered as a democrat. Of course they backed the 45-year well-known, highly qualified democrat as their candidate. Anyone who didn’t know that before the emails were released doesn’t know much about American politics.
          Also, Bernie didn’t set out expecting to become the nominee; he’s too smart for that. He wanted to push Hillary further left. He did. I doubt he doesn’t all in all consider this experience a win.

      • Dome from on high says:

        I believe it’s the Democrats who don’t like laws that require people to prove who they say they are when they vote so they (Democrats) can steal elections. Even though you need an ID to do anything else in this country…..

        • Joey says:

          Democrats are (typically) in favor of such laws when there aren’t heavy restrictions on the types of ID that can be presented. Its difficult for those without driver’s licenses or passports. I happen to remember a state down south (Arkansas? Mississippi? Alabama, perhaps?) that had an office open where you could come in to pick up an ID specifically for voting, but it was only open the FIFTH Wednesday of every month. How many months this year even have a fifth Wednesday? In 2016 alone, only March, June, August and November have five Wednesdays, and November would be too late if you wanted to vote.

        • David4 says:

          Voter fraud is a bad up thing. Very few people even vote, so why would someone go out of their way to vote again as someone else? There is no proof at all that it’s a real issue. But just like republicans they realize they can’t win fairly so they cheat. They are in favor of small government right until they want to tell you who to love or what bathroom to use. Transexuals have been using public bathrooms for years and never had a problem, but let’s make up an issue to get our bigoted fanbase to get behind and care about. If they wanted to protect children from bathroom issues than they would have banned priest, sex offenders (opps one and the same), and republicans who use the bathroom to hook up for sex and drugs.

    • Whatevah8 says:

      I believe everytime GW won there was a count that had to be done in his brother’s state of Florida. So..stealing elections is kind of a republican thing. Oh and changing districts, making it harder for minorities to vote.’s definately a republican thing.

      • David4 says:

        In 2004 W only ‘won’ by 100,000 votes in Ohio. Many states were using electric polling stations that were build by family friends.

        However there is no proof that it was stolen. We now have proof the DNC set up the election and people are like ‘get over it!’, Nixon resigned for less.

    • Jaybird says:

      The media is completely biased. They are in control of which candidates get more air time than others. They can also spin stories to a candidate’s advantage. The leaked emails of DWS prove she was in cahoots with some of the media to push Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. It’s all rigged and will continue to be till they get the money out of politics.

  2. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I am going to miss him so much.

  3. Guest says:

    So tired of the media and all of these p***y celebrities shoving all of this liberal/socialist bull down my throat. This country has never been in worse shape. As much as Trump is an egotistical a**, at least he’s not a criminal (or if he is at least he is smart enough to be able to cover it up). These democrats (both politicians and celebs) I swear are the biggest reason this whole BLM, kill all white cop etc. crap has gone all the way to the domestic terrorism category. I hope if Trump gets in he does deem all of those psychos domestic terrorists and put them in federal prison for the rest of their lives like they deserve. To quote that idiot whose in office now “it’s time for change”. Yes it is. Time to change all the things you screwed up on and make them right again.

    • peterwdawson says:

      The remote control too far to reach?

    • Radha says:

      Hi Donald. Go crawl back under the rock you slithered from.

    • :-) says:

      So much of what you said lets me know you don’t pay attention. Do you not remember the 2008 crash? How are we not better now? Do you not know of the cops killed were not white?

    • Shanean Austin says:

      Not a criminal. It depends on your definition of a criminal. Beh does not pay his bills. That’s why he always files for bankruptcy. He also misrepresents himself a on his business deals. that is why he’s always being sued. But he’s not shady ok. Even Bloomberg admitted that Trump( whom he knows personally) is a shady businessman. People need to do their research. I rather Bloomberg than Trump. All they is all the hot air he spews. But he has no substance. He’s good on the Apprentice but that’s about it. He is a step away ftom bring s criminal. He is a delusional man, he rants and raves. He lies. He acts something like Kanye. But people want this man for President. He makes up stuff as he goes. Plus, he makes no sense. He also has no filter. But people want this man to run the country.

    • Mary says:

      I find it ironic you only choose one movement to, which you obviously know nothing about, to try to prove a point – which failed by the way. If you want to point out domestic terrorist don’t forget Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Tim McVeigh, the list goes on, but I guess their not worthy to mention because it doesn’t fit your narrative. There is always fox news if you don’t care to here the liberal point of view because they never have a positive thing to say. Your right it is time for a change. A change that ALL are created equal and have rights not a certain group. I find it ironic that the ones who don’t see a problem is usually the root of it.

    • BillyBobJohnson says:

      If you don’t like what you’re watching, you can get everything you’re looking for on Fox News. They’re very good at shoveling your kind of bull*bleep*. Half of what they say is not true, has never been true, and will never be true. But, enjoy your meal.

      • Dome from on high says:

        Do you mean lies like “hands up, don’t shoot?” I believe that is still a favorite line for the media, celebrities, and BLM to use, though….

    • Todd says:

      “This country has never been in worse shape. ” – I believe slavery was a little worse…

    • David4 says:

      We already have socialism. Conservatives love socialism. All the little people do all the work and pay 20% in taxes when all the tax money goes to corporations that haven’t paid taxes in decades and get tax refunds for no reason.

    • JScout says:

      You’re just jealous that the only celebrities the Republicans could scare up were Antonio Sabato and Chachi. Only that duck guy. So lame.

      • Pbjelly says:

        I could care less what any celebrity thinks. Their fame does not guarantee them intelligence. If someone needs a celebrity to tell them who to vote for than they shouldn’t be voting. People should study the issues and candidates themselves and make up their own minds. Most celebrities don’t like guns but they have body guards. They tell people living paycheck to paycheck who to donate to while they go to bed in their comfy mansions. They don’t live the same life the majority of Americans do. That’s why so many are sick of celebrities using their platform to tell us all what we need to be doing, how we need to be voting, who we need to be helping. Anyone that uses their own brain doesn’t need a celebrity’s influence in important decisions.

  4. N says:

    Wonderful speech– I will miss him

  5. Jackie says:

    It was brilliant and inspiring. A++++
    Thank you, Mr. President!

  6. Mary says:

    Great speech by the President, but I would put Joe Biden speech as number one last night.
    Man he hit the nail on the head. I was also impressed by Bloomberg and gave him credit for questioning Trump sanity. He isn’t the only one who thinks that but kudos for pointing it out.

    • BillyBobJohnson says:

      Bloomberg can speak to Trump’s sanity because he’s a billionaire, just like Trump (*allegedly* – Tax Returns!). Bloomberg knows what it takes to run a successful business. Trump only knows how to declare business bankruptcy before the failing business starts affecting his personal wealth.

      • Belle says:

        Seriously tax returns??? What about Hillary’s lies, cover-ups, domestic abuse (she has beat on Bill lots) fraud, taking millions from Wall Street Fat Cats?? Tax Evasion or owing back taxes is nothing compared to those and many, many more things she has done breaking our laws and Constitution!!!! Tax Returns, geez that’s hilarious :)

        • Mary says:

          Wow quite a list and I see you added a couple, was that for effect? Are you justifying why he won’t release them, not that you would understand them. Maybe the truth would come out about how much he lies like the rest of them. Hillary has been scrutinized extensively and yet this loud mouth narcissist is afraid to show his return. Do you not see the double standard here.

    • Joey says:

      Joe Biden gave what might be the best speech of his life last night. Obama gave a typical Obama speech, which of course is good, since Obama is one of the best orators in current times, but it wasn’t anything better than what he usually does.

  7. Whatevah8 says:

    I’m going to miss POTUS.

  8. Kevin K says:

    Doesn’t President Obama know when to “hurry up”? His speech makes everybody so boring it took more than an hour for making people lose their sleep.

  9. Drew says:

    Obama is crazy and Hillary is a witch. Vote Trump

    • JScout says:

      Trump’s a Russian sympathizer and treasonous to the U.S. But then, perhaps you’re Russian so you like that. But watch out. If Trump’s elected he’s going to deport all of you immigrants.

  10. Pat says:

    He hit his speech, right out of the ball park. I am really going to miss him, when he leaves the office of the Presidency. Joe Biden and Tim Kane also did a fantastic job. Bravo, to all of them!

  11. Belle says:

    I’m sorry but Obama lives in a “bizzaro” universe or something…his reality is no where near the reality millions of people are in. My health care has tripled from $150 a month to just over $800 a month. I’ve been unable to find a decent paying job for 6+ years; 28 years old with Business Degree, and a minor in Accounting. I work at Hallmark in the mall currently. My son’s Pediatrician is getting a law degree to go into the Patients Rights sector because the red tape and requirements for ObamaCare have left many of her patients without health care now. My father in law has been unemployed for almost 9 years now, he stopped filing for Unemployment like thousands of people have over the past few years :( We are screwed with either Clinton or Trump , will take a couple decades to undo what Obama has done to our country. Sad, but true. I was a HUGE Obama supporter from day one too!

    • greg says:

      So because you like an an area hit with an economic downturn and have difficulty finding work, Obamas general statements about the economy (citing statistics) must be false? How about you move to an area where your talents are needed, instead of blaming Obama for your lack of meaningful employment.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t know where you live but have you ever consider re-locating to an area that might have more opportunities. I did see an increase in health insurance but not beyond the normal yearly rate, maybe it is the state you live in. Sorry I find it hard to believe that your father in law hasn’t been able to find a job after 9 years. Maybe not like the one he had previously but seriously. I find it ironic you blame Obama but the crash was from the previous administration not his. Do you realize that you should thank Obama because his administration is the one who extended unemployment benefits for people like your father in law. If patients are without insurance it is because they choose to be. ObamaCare helps cover some if not all of the cost with low incomes. There is also many agencies that will help with the process in most States.

  12. Piers says:

    Since I consider Obama to be an abject failure in every aspect except hoodwinking the masses, I’m not able to judge his speech impartially.

  13. LOL at the -1% who says the speech was a fail. What a natural, mature, composed orator. Both President Obama and the first lady made powerful speeches.

  14. milton thomas says:

    The RNC steals elections!

  15. e. says:

    I like these polls because it shows you that 88% of this site are Democrats and 8% are Republicans. Its pretty consistent.

  16. Alleyin says:

    We do have another choice! Libertarian Party candidates Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld.

  17. LJ Bissonnette says:

    Finally! There are so many people present that I momentarily thought I was watching a Trump rally. LOL Then I saw the democrats ass and turned off the vid.

  18. Dr S. A. Boa says:

    Totally true Obama is a Star, we will miss President Obama. I wish he can continuo ruling this great natio US