Connie Britton, Jane Fonda Join Rachel Platten in Pitch Perfect-Inspired 'Fight Song' for Hillary Clinton (Video)

Rachel Platten was joined by the stars of Nashville, Modern Family and Pitch Perfect on Tuesday in support of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Connie Britton, Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were among the many celebrities to partake in an a capella music video for “Fight Song” that debuted during the Democratic National Convention.

The video, which was produced by Pitch Perfect alum Elizabeth Banks, also featured the likes of Jane Fonda (Grace & Frankie), Kristin Chenoweth (American Gods), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), America Ferrera (Superstore), Mandy Moore (This Is Us), Idina Menzel (Frozen), Aisha Tyler (The Talk), Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight), Alan Cumming (The Good Wife), Kathy Najimy (Veep), Jamie King (Hart of Dixie), Rob Reiner (All in the Family) and John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect), among others.

Press PLAY on the video above, then grade it via our poll below.

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  1. Grace says:

    okay so don’t get me wrong because i love kristin chenoweth but her classical style just so did not fit in this at all :P

  2. N says:

    Is the hot guy from teen beach movie in there cause if not they look so alike

  3. Sandra says:

    When both Glinda and Elphaba tell you to vote for someone, you have to do it lol I´m from Argentina, but please americans, vote for Hillary. The whole world is afraid of Trump. The mere thought of him handling the situation the next time North Korea´s leader goes crazy makes me panic.

  4. para says:

    love it

  5. eddie willers says:

    Damn! I hate to add Connie Britton to my list. Does living in Hollywood cause everybody to turn stupid?

    • No, it teaches you to value diversity because you interact with it every day.

      • JScout says:

        Well said, tv.

      • Jackie says:

        This was awesome!

      • Lucifer says:

        Please elaborate on what you mean by diverse in regards to Connie Britton?

      • eddie willers says:

        Such diversity in your gated community. Come to Atlanta, where the population actually IS diverse.

        • Robert says:

          Not all of them live in gated communities. Some of them live in New York or other diverse cities. And, just for a moment, ignoring where they live, think about where they work. Although people of color and the LGBTQ+ population are still grossly underrepresented in front of the camera, behind the camera it is a whole different story. People of every color, gender, and orientation help and have helped make Hollywood what it is today. That kind of diversity is nothing to balk at.

          • Louis E. says:

            I support Hillary,but I regret her being bamboozled by the “LGBTQ+ population” and their excuses for the misbehaviors by (their weakness for) which they wrongly define themselves.

          • Robert says:

            Excuse me? How exactly is the LGBTQ+ population bamboozling anyone? What are their misbehaviors exactly? Living true to themselves? Demanding equal rights?
            And what gives you the right to tell anyone how to define themselves?
            I’m glad you support Hillary but check your heteronormative privilege at the door and get educated, please.

  6. Connie Britton, as always, stood for what she believes. Love her.

  7. Shaun says:

    Wow,almost the whole cast of Pitch Perfect in on this.

    • Louis E. says:

      Banks,Higgins,Kelley Jakle,Shelley Regner,Chrissie Fit,Hana Mae Lee,Ben Platt…but who else from Pitch Perfect?…plenty were missing.

      • Shaun says:

        Think only Anna Camp,the male lead,Anna Kendrick and Hailee were missing……they had both hosts and 90% of the girls I think.

        • Louis E. says:

          Ester Dean was there,certainly…with different hair but she had the whole screen to herself.But where was Alexis Knapp or Rebel Wilson or Brittany Snow?…can you point me to their scenes?

          I realize I get faces confused sometimes.

  8. TJ. Church says:

    Not sure which of these bothered me more:

    1] Bunch of them on screen at once, so you may miss someone, as well as some HUGE stars (Connie, Eva, etc.), but others that I didn’t recognize & had no names near them.

    2] The repeated references to “…a lot of fight left…”. Timing issue! Hillary needs that not anymore, & little even in the past 2 weeks or so. It’s practically a slap in the face to the Dems who backed Sanders.

    • Louis E. says:

      Isn’t it time to fight Trump?

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Without a doubt.

        But less than 6 months ago, polls were taken in which Hillary beat Trump by a small margin, whereas Sanders whooped him in the same polls. The odds are good that some voters will not get out on the final Election Day, & nobody can be sure those who do get out will have the same preference in their minds as they did in February or March.

        As the late Ali would have likely said, “Why simply knock the man down when you can knock him out?!”

        • Miranda says:

          That’s funny, because about two or so months ago, it was exactly the opposite – Clinton beating Trump by a landslide and Sanders barely beating him.

          • TJ. Church says:

            Bernie announced the fact he was beating Trump by a larger margin than on a national TV talk-show appearance, whereas you are making your claim on the Net with not even a statement of proof to back it.

            I’ll therefore simply assume you state none because you have none, & we can both cross our fingers someone beats Trump in November.

        • Miranda says:

          CNN – that’s my source. My friend is American and during the primaries CNN was on constantly.
          And, while I love Bernie, him making a statement isn’t necessarily accurate unless he had polling data to back it, which CNN did have.

          • TJ. Church says:

            CNN is as good of a source as your pets. (That’s why Anderson Cooper hosts a show named after him, & still works with Kelly Ripa or “60 Minutes” every chance he gets.)

            Sanders had data to back it up, & his own personal experiences from being a major part of the race. (Wouldn’t be surprised to see people vote for him in November anyway, even though he’s now announced his own support of his inferior opponent.) Meanwhile, CNN claims they have polling data, & you buy it without question, which says more about you than it does them.

    • Robert says:

      I think the “a lot of fight left” part could just as easily be in reference to her having to fight for the last 30 years against republicans, glass ceilings, etc. It’s not all about Bernie, contrary to the beliefs of the Bernie or Bust crowd.

      If anyone is a real supporter of Bernie they will support him by doing whatever it takes to keep Trump out of the white house, just as he is doing.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        For the majority of those 30 years, the majority of voters didn’t know who she or her husband were.

        Also, if people really want to keep Trump out of the White House, they would be doing the opposite of what Bernie is doing: Sending Hillary home & backing Bernie to beat the billionaire!

        • Louis E. says:

          Bill Clinton was elected Attorney General of Arkansas 40 years ago and by 30 years ago had been elected Governor three times and been talked about as a presidential prospect.

          • TJ. Church says:

            “Clinton” is the only word in that comment that has anything to do with Hillary, & only due to the fact it will be part of the way she is referred-to if she wins the Presidency… THAT is itself only due to the fact she didn’t divorce him due to what he was impeached for when he actually did become President instead of just a “prospect”.

        • Robert says:

          I’m sorry but that ship has sailed. Bernie lost. He is supporting Hillary. If you choose not to follow his example, then by your inaction, you are supporting Trump.

          It is a simple as that.

          And people have known who she is since the 80s on a national level. Last time I checked the 80’s were 30 years ago. Back then she was a governor’s wife and she served on a number of boards/charities/coalitions to help address issues of education and inequality state and nationwide.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            The ship has not sailed, as there are still people announcing their candidacy, so who know he won’t choose another party & run that way instead?

            Also, he is actively supporting Hillary. People who can no longer support his candidacy (because of his actions & not theirs) are not supporting Trump at all unless they publicly announce so.

            Also, as you say, she has been the wife of someone in a government office before, She was that in the Oval Office before. That has no effect on the situation now, unless you count the negative opinion some may have of her, for instance her seeming inability to act in certain situations based on the way she didn’t act/react when her husband occupying the Oval Office was cheating on her, something many women in lower occupations publicly refuse to allow/stand for.

          • Robert says:

            Isn’t the whole point of feminism that a woman can make her own life choices, whatever that may be? Don’t hate on a woman for making an effort to keep her marriage together, regardless of her reasons – which I will point out at this time that there has been a lot of baseless speculation and that the only people on this planet who actually know what their marriage is about and why they stayed together are Bill and Hillary themselves. Nobody, not Monica or even Chelsea can truly know what is between them but them.
            Deciding to fight for your marriage is fine. Breaking up is fine. The many women, in “lower occupations” (classist!) as you put it, get to choose what is best for them. Hillary choose what is best for her. There is nothing wrong with that.
            You choosing to attack a woman based on limited knowledge is supporting Trump. Choosing not to vote for her when it is her or Trump is supporting Trump by omission.
            She is not the lesser of two evils as so many spout. In this situation she is the greater good. If you are choosing inaction over the greater good then you are choosing to support evil. Some things are black and white. Doing anything, or NOT doing anything, that allows that monster into the oval office is allowing evil and hate to spread into the most powerful position in the world.
            If Trump becomes president you have no one but yourself and other like you to blame.

  9. KM says:

    Just wow, i got tears in my eyes, and i’m not even an american.
    graet choice of song
    I think America can make history again, if they choose hillary.

  10. I also feel a little sad for the GOP they’ve alienated all the stars–they can never get the cool music or the big headliners.

    • peterwdawson says:

      This year was an all-time low. If you can to get Scott Baio instead of John Ratzenberger something’s seriously wrong. Closest that they got a legit celeb is Dana White. Say what you will about Eastwood’s speech last election it was still cool to see him.

      Curious who the Republicans could have had though. Craig T Nelson? Kid Rock? John Voight? Row Lowe? Probably Meat Loaf…

      • Laura says:

        Probably because not even the most staunch Conservatives will go near Trump. Almost anyone would have been a better choice. The Repub celebs don’t want to hitch their star to that stink wagon.

      • Freddie says:

        Don’t forget Kelsey Grammer, Puff Daddy, Dennis Rodman, Scott Baio, Antonion Sabato Jr, the Duck Dynasty people, Charlie Sheen, Stephen Baldwin, Terrell Owens, Gary Busey, Jesse James, Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson, Jesse Ventura, Kirstie Alley, Roseanne Barr, Ted Nugent, Wayne Newton, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, Gene Simmons, Mike Ditka, Lou Ferrigno, Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Chuck Norris and who knows who else. Not all celebrities are Democrats, not by far.

        • peterwdawson says:

          You’re kind of missing my point. I was dismissing Baio and Sabato as pathetic celeb picks, and wasn’t bothering with Busey as he’s kinda toxic. Dean Cain, Stephen Balllldwin and Kevin Sorbo I’d put on the same tier as Baio and Sabato. Now, Diddy, Grammer, Rodman, Duck Dynasty crew, Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, Terrell Owens, Gene Simmons, Mike Ditka and Chuck Norris I’ll give you.

        • Robert says:

          I personally, as a person who normally considers himself a democrat, have no issue with republicans. I don’t agree with them on almost every issue but I have no issue with them believing what they believe. That is their right. I do have an issue with some of their more traditionalist members who feel the need to put a cap on my constitutional rights. But republicans like Gary Johnson (who I still don’t completely agree with) are fine. I’ll even enjoy a healthy debate or discussion with them.

          There is no discussing or debating with Trump supporters. When you have lost every fragment of sensibility and support a racist fascist hate mongerer you clearly can’t be reasoned with.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Now, THERE’S a D-List of “celebs” I couldn’t care less about…

  11. Phun says:

    Love it!

  12. bluji says:

    Had chills running through for the whole song. Amazing.

  13. Marsxrs says:

    Anyone notice that the first 8 or 16 bars of this song starts with the singer repeating one word? That word is: “DUMB.” I can’t believe no one involved in this project didn’t notice how lame that sounds given what many people think of Clinton; but then the irony is quite fitting

  14. Ellajasper says:

    I am not a Trump fan, but I’ve always wondered why “celebrities” should tell us how to vote. Is their opinion more important than mine?

    • Gwen Loomis says:

      Celebrities don’t lose their First Amendment rights just because they are celebrities. They are not “telling us how to vote” but just expressing their constitutional right to back the candidate of their choice.

    • Laura says:

      Not at all, but A-they have just as much riding on this as you or I, they are still citizens of this country and have the right to stand up and say who they support and B-they are utilizing that fame in a productive way to speak to the issues they care about. I much prefer celebs like them who choose to be informed and use their fame to effect change and advocate for those who don’t have a voice than the majority of the vapid, selfish, useless celebs who post selfies on Twitter and take up space.

      • Lucifer says:

        If you think they are “informed” just because they support Hillary, then I hate to break this to you but most celebs who do this crap are the least informed and are going on their feelings, ignoring or refusing to research what they are talking about. This is basically propaganda.

        • Laura says:

          Interesting, I did not specify any particular celebrities, I applaud any person with fame to use it for advocacy and education. But I find it curious that the ones talking about feelings in this election, rather than facts, are Republicans. I don’t know how many I’ve seen on CNN these past weeks refuting empirical data on crimes rates dropping, economy improving, unemployment dropping… their answer? “It doesn’t FEEL that way” to every single verifiable fact. I don’t think celebs are informed if they support Hillary, I think they’re informed if they can provide irrefutable facts. But feeling is important: for example, I FEEL that no politician has a right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my reproductive system. As such, I will never vote for a ticket that has Mike Pence on it. And propaganda is not singing a positive song… propaganda is calling for Hillary to be locked up despite a Republican FBI director clearing her of all charges and multiple Republican Benghazi committees finding no evidence of malfeasance. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid (full disclosure: I am a Bernie supporter)

          • Gwen Loomis says:

            Thank you, Laura, for your well-thought-out response. It’s too bad that every discussion on the internet can’t take place in a calm, reasoned manner. For me, I could never vote for a ticket with a person who says that working mothers harm their children or, for that matter, a person who disrespected his wedding vows not once, but twice (among the many reasons I could never vote for him).

        • Mary says:

          You are making assumptions based on no FACTS whatsoever. I know you post like you are the expert, but believe it or not many celebrities probably could go tow to tow with you. Just because one doesn’t agree with your point of view does not make them ignorant of what is going on.

          • TJ. Church says:

            Disagreeing doesn’t make them ignorant of anything, but think of the fact I recall any time I see one of their “endorsement” commercials on TV:

            Lebron has done far more than his share of a million different companies & products. However, the reason he is paid more to do so than you or I would be is because people know his face & name due to what he does on the court. The majority of the people in this video are likewise known by you & I due to what they do on-camera… Which is answer to a name we know is not theirs, & pretend to do many things they (aside from Connie & a few rare others) do not actually do when the cameras are not on.

            Also, before you refer to anyone going toe-to-toe, make sure you know how to spell the word.

          • fiberlicious says:

            Um….that’s “toe to toe”…

    • Ronnie says:

      A pseudo celebrity is the Republican nominee! He would not even be considered if he didn’t use his celebrity to keep himself in the news during this entire process. And sadly, there are some people who follow the influence of a celebrity good or bad. And in Chump’s case, it’s the latter.

  15. Maddy says:

    Who is the first guy that shows up in the video (blonde hair, darker eyebrows)? It’s killing me.

  16. Carol C says:

    So powerful!

  17. Diz says:

    Such diversity, 98% of this video was white.

  18. fiberlicious says:

    Geeze, Ryan, you made me CRY. Thanks a heap. :)