Bill Clinton Calls Hillary 'Best Darn Changemaker' in DNC Speech: Grade It

What Bill Clinton did tonight at the Democratic National Convention was go back… wayyy back.

“In the spring of 1971, I met a girl,” recounted the two-term president of the United States, kicking off a long and winding speech that outlined his 45-year relationship with wife Hillary, and her 45 years of public service. And as Bill discussed the origins of their love story — including two rejected marriage proposals — he managed to tick off nearly every public- and private-sector initiative the current Democratic presidential nominee has tackled on behalf of women, children, immigrants and the working poor.

“This woman has never been satisfied with the status quo in anything. She always wants to move the ball forward. That’s just who she is,” said Bill, while praising Hillary for accomplishing “more positive change-making before she was 30 than many public officials do in a lifetime in office.

“You could drop her into any trouble spot — pick one — come back in a month, and somehow, some way she will have made it better,” Bill argued, noting Hillary had a track record of crossing party lines to get the job done. “In 1997, [Hillary] teamed with the House Minority Leader Tom DeLay, who maybe disliked me more than any of Newt Gingrich’s crowd. They worked on a bill together to increase adoptions of children out of foster care,” Bill noted. “She wanted to do it because she knew that Tom DeLay, for all our differences, was an adoptive parent, and she honored him for doing that.”

That said, Bill cautioned, “A real changemaker represents a real threat” — which is why he contended the Republican party is attempting to cast his wife as “a cartoon alternative,” despite his contention that she is “the best darn changemaker I have ever known.”

In conclusion, Bill added, “Speeches like this are fun,” but “actually doing the work is hard.”

What did you think of Bill Clinton’s speech? Grade it in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. N!loofar says:


  2. Temperance says:

    Well, that was a refreshing change from last week’s parade of serial liars, cheats, plagiarists, racists, and sociopaths.

  3. Colton Hanes says:

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Clinton. Gross. #GaysForTrump #Trump2016

    • Cat says:

      You do know that if Trump gets in, he and Pence want to put in a conservative Supreme Court judge and one of the things they will want looked at is reversing gay marriage right?

    • Temperance says:

      I believe that comment is even more psycho than Trump himself, who pretty much has the same views on gay folks as Hitler (trap them and kill them slowly).

    • Tammy says:

      What Cat said…. Trump isn’t going to do a damn thing for anyone but himself. He will let Pence and Congress do the work.

    • Mary says:

      There might be one or two gays for Trump, but I can guarantee you that the majority will not be pulling that lever for him. Actually the gross part about it is you would consider voting for a man and his VP who will take away all your rights.

    • LT says:

      If you’re going to be an ASS and impersonate someone, at least get their name right. JERK!

    • Alex Hancock says:

      Gays for Trump will be a hashtag that will be trending!

      I mean are you kidding me. Trump and the GOP do not support the LGBTQ community; in fact at best I wouldn’t use the word tollerate.

      The GOP and Trump want to put an amendment into limit the right of LGBTQ Americans if not amend the supreme courts decision onerall. He also was VERY clear of that when he picked his VP.

      #TrumpisNotforgays he wants to single you out and descriminate you.

    • Alex Hancock says:

      Gays for Trump will be a hashtag that will NOT** be trending!

      I mean are you kidding me. Trump and the GOP do not support the LGBTQ community; in fact at best I wouldn’t use the word tollerate.

      The GOP and Trump want to put an amendment into limit the right of LGBTQ Americans if not amend the supreme courts decision onerall. He also was VERY clear of that when he picked his VP.

      #TrumpisNotforgays he wants to single you out and descriminate you.

      • D says:

        nice lies, Trump is not against gays and only brainwashed Libs think so, do a little research stop drinking the Dem Kool-Aid and think for yourself, The Dems is a party FULL of liars, Although I do agree with much of what Trump says at least he’s honest and not a life long incompetent liar

    • Jan says:

      Your “gay card” has been yanked!

  4. Faye says:

    Bill still knows how to give a great speech. Grade A

  5. Tammy says:

    Loved it… He gave a great emotional speech explaining how Hillary has been all her life. It’s not just politics for her. He showed you a side of her that she is not comfortable talking about herself. She works hard and gets things done. #I’mWithHer

    • Derision says:

      right, right … her husband would actually say something negative about her during the campaign!!1 wake up clueless morons

  6. N says:

    Excellent speech

  7. Charles g says:

    Loved his story how they met and he married his best friend then cheated on her.. numerous times,. then lied about it and then she ( the best part) smeared all of the women he had affairs with and tore them down when they accused him of sexual abuse and she called them liars and then he was impeached. Best speech ever.

    • Mary says:

      You do realize that a lot of Men cheat on their wives who claims to love them, in fact the other nominee is one of them. It is also a known fact that for some reason wives always blame the other party, this is nothing new. We understand through your endless post that you do not like the lady. We also know that no matter who says positive about her you will never see it.

      • Nick says:

        Mary, that’s true about chea ting husbands. But most wives don’t publicly go after the mistress and make comments about dragging dollar bills through trailer parks. After they’ve publicly destroyed another woman, they also don’t have apologists like you making excuses for their shameful actions. Hillary has been and always will be only out for herself.

        • Mary says:

          Your not serious are you. Many Women have made public statements about their husband cheating. Unfortunately when you are in the spotlight
          personal matters become public. When one has an affair there are two guilty parties the husband and the mistress, not the one humiliated. Sorry the mistress knew the risk when getting involved with a public figure so no sympathy there.

      • Charles g says:

        but a lot of men are not impeached. Takes a rare person to sit and lie to congress. Oh, wait they both did

        • Tracey Lynn Yeaman says:

          Jeez guys!! This happened 20 years ago. Get the f**k over it.

          • Charles g says:

            He lied under oath. he was impeached. he was disbarred. He lied to the American People. SHE dragged the girls who accused Bill of an affair or sexual abuse through the mud. And no she has the audacity to claim she is for women’s rights and when a woman who claims sexual abuse to be believed no matter what. they where and ARE Horrible people. So excuse me it I do not get over being lied to

      • Becky says:

        well said

  8. kirads09 says:

    I mean this in love, TVLine, I realy do. I know we are knee deep into the conventions and race for president. I am not saying it isn’t important. Probably the most crucial POTUS race in my lifetime. But it has been a little too heavy on political coverage. Not what this site is known for or what I come here to find out about. Tons of other outlets for that. Remember All TV. No Interference – yeah, that please.

    • kirads09 says:

      ugh – meant really.

    • Mary says:

      What is the name of the site. TV LINE. What is on TV right now – the conventions. They post about shows on TV. You might think it isn’t known for political coverage but that would not be an accurate assumption. They are known for posting on current TV, which this year happens to be an election year. I don’t understand why people get upset the solution is don’t click on the story they offer many more.

    • Dave says:

      This ^^ I’m sure a view of your site’s stats would indicate that half your site views probably even come from outside the US, so this constant barrage of political news makes me think I should see what other TV sites are out there. I know they must exist, but I’ve grown accustomed to TV line being the best, just lately I’m getting tired of my casting news and recaps getting interrupted with every second post being something political, and very biased at that. There are a dearth of liberal media sites I can go to for rants against Trump and praise for Hillary, but this is (was) the best place to go for TV news, plain and simple. Please just stick with what you’re good at.

      • davidgardiner434 says:

        Sorry, I edited my sentence and left parts in there that made the whole thing nonsense. I meant to say: There is hardly a dearth of liberal media sites I can go to for rants against Trump and praise for Hillary, but this is (was) the best place to go for TV news, plain and simple

      • Jackie says:

        And when the Olympics start, they will post about that. It’s about all things TV, not just your interests. I read a lot about shows that I don’t care about on this site; I scroll through them and only comment on things I’m interested in. I suggest you try the same.

        • Dave says:

          But unlike a country specific election, the olympics will be global and won’t be tainted by the writers own opinion. There will be no insults directed at the participants and no agenda. I’m not American, and from where I’m sitting both sides are horrible, absolutely horrible and America is screwed either way, so seeing people preach about Hillary or Trump like they are the messiah when all I want is news about what is happening in my favourite shows makes me want to find a new tv site. Which is sad because I’ve been reading TV line for the last 5 years or so.

          • Jackie says:

            Well, there’s always an agenda. Journalism is subject to its author’s stance. And, do you really believe that the Olympics aren’t political?
            I get it, you’re not from the USA, but this site is. I would expect to get more regional articles from a European site if I frequented it. I don’t mean to be confrontational, just being realistic/pragmatic.

          • Dave says:

            Yeah of course the olympics has politics involved, but i doubt TV line would report on that. And yes I could probably get news from a more local site, but since most shows come from the US, it makes sense that the best scoops would come from a site closer to the horses mouth no? I get it, Americans battle to separate politics from just about everything else, and politicians and actors are almost the same thing over there, but I’m sure I’m not alone in saying it could be dialled down just a bit to one article a day summarising all the highlights in the world of televised politics.

          • Cat says:

            I’m not American either and even I know that the result of this election is going to effect the entire world, not just America. Can you honestly say that Trump being in charge of nuclear weapons is in anyone’s best interests?

    • meg says:

      But you do realize this is on tv….in primetime…. on multiple network channels. So this does apply to tvline. Sorry if the battle between an orange megalomaniac with no impulse control and the first woman in history to ever get a major parities nomination for president is too boring for you. You could skip reading and or commenting on it couldn’t you? I tend to skip reading stories that don’t interest me such as the Bachelorette.

  9. Jackie says:

    In all honesty, I was not a Hillary, or Bill Clinton, fan in the past. Probably mostly because I only knew her thru her husband. Ironically, now I see her in a more positive light thru his speech last night. He highlighted the socially conscious aspects of her career I wasn’t aware of. Is she perfect? None of us are. What are the true reasons they stayed together after all his transgressions? Self-serving? Maybe. Who knows. People stay married for many different reasons. But last nite I did feel a total mutual respect for each other. Marriage is a partnership. Mutual respect, mutual goals, mutual philosophies are the cornerstone of a successful marriage. Theirs is just more open to public scrutiny because of their profession.

  10. pickles says:

    Why do people forget that Bill Clinton went on national tv and lied to all of America.

    • Mary says:

      Why do you think people forget – in fact certain ones keep bringing it up even though it happened how many years ago. Here’s the thing Bill in not running for President, Hillary is. What Bill did years ago should not reflect on Her but I guess not everyone believes that. I go with the old saying Sins of the Father should not past down to his children.

  11. R.O.B. says:

    Does anyone buy this relationship for one second? #IMetAGirl – LOL. Bill is not in love with Hillary. They are a power couple plain and simple. If Trump continues to poll ahead, the Power Couple will do what it takes to win in November, if it means announcing a divorce so Hillary can get sympathy / solidarity votes. There are rumors that she is gay. If that is the case she’ll get extra points for coming out. November Surprise.

    • Jackie says:

      Lol. ‘Not in love…’ And you know this how? And the gay rumors…just S T A W P.
      Maybe it’s not your ideal of a conventional marriage, but it’s still a marriage. And they’ve lasted longer than Trump’s 3 marriages combined.

  12. Becky says:

    The man (Bill Clinton) still has what it takes, despite ALL of what the critics say. He is one of the most intelligent public figures I watch (can’t say I know him). YOU ROCK BILL!!!!!

  13. Scott says:

    Did Bill talk about Hillary’s role in squashing down the women he sexually harassed? Or was that ignored, like it’s ignored by most Democrats?

    Did Bill talk about his meeting with the AG in Phoenix? Yet another meet that wasn’t what it seemed like, I’m sure.

    Clinton fatigue was very high 8 years ago — Bush, Clinton, Bush — then another Clinton? 8 years of Obama have not quashed the fatigue. Good of the Republican Party to recognize that with its lead balloon-ing of Jeb!

    • BillyBobJohnson says:

      So the GOP went out and voted for the world’s biggest anchor and made him the top of the ticket. Anchors only do one thing well – sink.

  14. Derision says:

    Because her husband would say negative things about her!!1

  15. S g says:

    Can’t trust Hillary. I’ll vote Green.

  16. Bruce Wayne says:

    How quaint he ignored how “his girl” is a serial enabler for his sexual conquests as well as sexual abuse of an intern.

    Funny that he didn’t mention: White Water, Vince Foster and all the other “good things” about Hillary.