DC Sig Heart Attack

Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen Suffers a Heart Attack at Sea: 'I Just Break Down'

Maybe it was inevitable. Already under pressure to meet the Northwestern’s crab quota, plus feeling the aftershocks of a terrifying fire in the engine room, Deadliest Catch captain Sig Hansen suffers a heart attack in this week’s episode.

“How do I put this?” he muses. “At the end of the [fishing] season, this being one of the toughest seasons that we ever had, I just break down.

“There’s only so much you can do,” he continues. “It gets to you.”

Obviously, since the beloved skipper is doing this interview with TVLine, he pulls through. “Yeah, I was very lucky that we were close to shore at the time,” he says. “I was Medevac’d out of Dutch Harbor.”

Now, Hansen is just trying to adjust to the medication that his doctors prescribed. “It’s very difficult to get used to,” he notes. “But once I do, I’ll be OK.”

He could further tip the scales in his favor by giving up cigarettes, and he knows it. However, only “20 percent of the reason I had the heart attack was smoking. The rest was hereditary and genetic,” he insists. “The doctors said get used to the meds first,” then quit smoking.

The dramatic hour premieres on Discovery Tuesday evening at 9/8c, after the the skippers rate and debate the season to date on Deadliest Catch: The Bait (8/7c).

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ninamags says:

    Omg! I had just seen them in a commercial! Eating crab. Yum.

    How long ago was this?

    Hopefully he’ll fully recover.

    • Norm Al says:

      As it said, and as they have been hinting at All season, it happened during one of the seasons. Obviously not King since it has passed, in the show, and we are now on Opies.

  2. J.Norman says:

    A bit of denial perhaps?

    Smoking is only 20% of the reason>

    Even in the unlikely event that is true, someone who has a family history of heart disease (were they smokers also?) should give up the smokes immediately.

    • Rob Horine says:

      My mom had a stroke on Jan. 1. She was told by stopping smoking, she’d increase her life about 5 years. She just keeps on smoking. It is a hell of a addiction to beat.

      • Peter devine says:

        I smoke 80 a day I nearly killed me was in an induced coma for a week so they could get infection out of my lungs they told my family there was not much hope for me and. To prepare for the worst but that was 8 yrs ago and I have never smoked again and I am glad for every day thank god

    • Patrick Ronsmans says:

      Wrong, the shock of quitting so abbruptly would be even worse.

      • bruce riggs says:

        i smoked 2 packs a day for 15 years. woke up one morning and said i quit and haven’t had one yet. that was 22 years ago. quiting is mostly your desire to do so

        • The difference here is that you wanted to quit…being ‘forced’ to quit during stress is a little different..good for you though!! My problem is I really don’t want to quit! lol

          • J.Norman says:

            Absolutely true.
            You have to want to quit. If you don’t then no amount of
            – patches,
            – circling dates on calendars,
            – slowly cutting back,
            – watching movies of lung cancer operations,
            – acupuncture.
            – horror stories from people who didn’t quit smoking in time

            Nothing is going to work if you don’t want to quit.
            But if you do quit, then please don’t become a “holier than thou” ex-smoker.
            Nothing much worse than that.

          • Rick Hillier says:

            My grandfather was a chain smoker… he lit the first one in the morning and every other one off of the previous for the remainder of the day. When he had his stroke, he was forced to quit and managed to quit without going insane.

          • Bo Jennings says:

            Have you ever seen anyone die from lung cancer? I have. It’s not pretty. Is that stick really worth your life? I don’t think so. You are stronger than the stick. You are worth more than the stick. Please quit. I know I use to smoke. You are not texting to a rookie. You are more important than a stick. I promise.

        • G. Kehler says:

          I set a date. My 30th birthday. Quit and have not smoked in 34 years.
          you are absolutely right that the desire to quit is everything. Two of my
          coworkers my age who smoke both had strokes recently. One lost all his
          teeth due to smoking related gum disease. Sig, I hope you gave it up!

          • Kathy Ginn says:

            Sig, you are my hero. You are one of the biggest reasons I watch the show. You make me laugh, you make me happy. You are definitely the stand out star of the show. I enjoy all the Captains, it just so happens, I can’t imagine the show without you in it. I will watch any show they put you in. And let’s hope they will soon! Many blessings to you and your lovely family.

      • My doc to told me this!

      • Sid Meyer says:

        you have any scientific basis for that? or do you jush wish to continue smoking and killing yourself slowly

  3. Bella says:

    He’s my favorite. Very stressful job, and the cigarettes don’t help at all. But they usually don’t want you to change too many things at once, or you can fail at all of them. Get the meds right, then do what needs to be done to give up the cigs, Sig.

  4. Roxanne says:

    Love this Captain. God Bless you man! I cried when I heard the news months ago….and then I prayed and prayed hard, often and asked the Lord to keep you alive and for you to be a testimony to all.

  5. lee Richards says:

    Best wishes from England thay are all top men love the show

  6. Kathy Martino says:

    Hate that this is the finale coming up but love the show and all of the casts. Sig, you were a very lucky man when you had that heart attack and were close enough to get help as quickly as you did. I had a triple by-pass 4 years ago, no heart attack but the main artery, the “widowmaker” was 99% blocked. Stressful job, poor eating habits, working too many hours and smoking. I’m not going to preach about the smoking but I will say that my husband said he would divorce me if I picked up another cigarette because I scared him to death. Like you I was at work, but I blacked out and not feeling right called my primary care Dr. My plan was to go home and take a nap. After telling my Dr. what had happened and what was wrong he instructed me to go directly to his office. When I got there they started monitoring me. I wanted to go to my truck in the parking garage to get a cigarette, imagine that, LOL, but they wouldn’t let me leave the office. After being tested it was determined that I needed a triple by-pass and was in the hospital for 11 days. I have since recovered and the only good thing about this ordeal is that I didn’t have a heart attack. Its hard to change your lifestyle but it can be done. Believe me, I’m from New Orleans LA and between the food, booze and partying you learn to curb your behavior. Best of luck to you, and wishing you good health. God Bless.

    • AB says:

      Let’s make it all about you…

      • Kathy Martino says:

        My comment was simply to reinforce the importance of not smoking and the fact that I was fortunate enough not to have had a heart attack. My experience was different from Sig’s and I wish him a full recovery and to also let him know that you can fully recover.

        • Bo Jennings says:

          So glad you are better. We never know what is around the corner. Stay healthy. You are so important.💖

      • sandra mays says:

        She was simply telling about her experience. If you have never had that problem then you probably don’t understand. She did and was trying to encourage him.You have heard of encouragement and empathy haven’t you?? If not look it up

      • Jerk! Ever hear about compassion and encouragement?

  7. Connie Russell says:

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery.
    Your fans Doug & Connie Russell

  8. pat o'neal says:

    I am a retired acute care R.N. Please quit smoking as soon as you can. I love the show and hope to see Capt. Sig for many more years.

  9. RThomas says:

    I am glad to hear Sig is ok. The doctor is right about the smokes though Sig. I enjoy watching you guys and think the Northwestern, the Time Bandit, and Cordillea Marie are awesome. I just got back home from Alaska and loved it. Of course it is summer there and I was no where near the Bering Sea. I would of loved to go there though.

  10. john steven lough says:

    Cigarettes are the main problem why don’t you face it. I quit smoking 34 years ago and I still have a terminal lung disease. Quit the damn things and quit looking for an excuse why you had your heart attack. They killed Phil Harris and they will kill you too.

  11. Terrie Sykes says:

    Sig things will eventually return to normal. I had been taken to the ER in the area where i live in 3 different times by EMS. Each time they sent me home stating it was anxiety. This happened over a two year span. Needless to say on Sept 3, 2015 i had open heart surgery at the ripe old age of 45. 2/3 of my main left ascending aorta was blocked. I had what some refer to as a widow maker. Thank God i kept pressing forward insisting it was my heart or i wouldnt be here today to type this message. Things will get better..oh and i still smoke. But in time i will give all that up too. Damn we gotta die from something..

    • Bo Jennings says:

      Please quit. You are worth more than a stick. You are smart enough to know. I have faith in you. Do it. Power over the stick. I know. I use to love that @#&%√®€ stick too.

  12. JACKIE HALL says:


  13. debra sossamon says:

    Sig. Please stop smoking. I had smoked for about45 years got copd was on oxygen and i finally on Feb 20 of 1015 threw them away and i have not had one since. when your ready you will do it. I had my first heart attack way back in the 80’s, then my last one about 5 years ago. i quit the rum and coke, and then the smokes. blood pressure meds help a lot. We have already lost phil and i do not care to lose you too. You two and jonathon remind me of myself. when my house burnt down last year losing everything in my 57 year’s of life it made me think about what is important. it’s simple FAMILY period. i wish you the best sis. RESPECT

  14. sarah crealock says:

    Praying you are get better really soon Sig…Yes you have had a rough season.. can only get better from now… right!!When you quit smoking, tell me so I can quit too!! God Bless.. and behave yourself!! xx

  15. Carl Kunce says:

    20% is BS. I know for a fact. I smoked for 36 years and ended up with 5 bypasses. That was 21 years ago and now 3 of the 5 are plugged again. I received a pacemaker/defibrillator 1 week ago.

  16. Jane Saunders says:

    Glad you’re ok. Now stop making excuses and please give up the cigarettes.

  17. daddyduck2016 says:

    “The doctors said get used to the meds first,” then quit smoking. That is a very immature,piss poor excuse just to keep smoking. I don’t know him at all. Watched the show a few times. But if he has a wife, or KIDS, why on Gods Green earth would he not tilt things to his favor 20% right off the bat. I know smoking is a damn bad habit and very, very, very hard to stop. I smoked 20 something years. I was young and stupid. Felt invincible. But the moment I started to feel smoking was causing my health to decline, I gave smoking up cold turkey. Haven’t touched one since I stopped and no one is allowed to smoke in my home or vehicle. I told the doc when I started having my trouble, that I didn’t smoke much. One pack every 2 to 3 days. He told me one cigarette is as bad as a whole pack when it comes to heart health. Prayers for Sig to get healthy and may god bless him with the will power to stop them cigarettes.

  18. Myra Syverson cuesta says:

    Dude you are so lucky to have survived I’m a NORSK like you and as bucking a we think we can overcome all!! I started smoking at age 9 stopped at 32 had 4 strokes in one day n a heart attack n all I wanted to do is smoke after I’ve been smoke free for 10years so I gave in and started smoking again!! AAARRRGGG!! No I’m a non smoker n feel great!! We NORSK can pull up our bootstraps n live a clean smoke free like you can do it my brother you can do it NO EXCUSES!! We NORSK don’t make up excuses!! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Maureen C. says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Sig. Follow the doctors orders. We lost Phil. Can’t lose you too. Love the Deadliest Catch.

  20. Patricia Fulbright says:

    I’m so sorry you had this attack but if the meds keep you well, follow your orders. As for smoking, give the E-cigs a try. I smoked since I was 13 and in 2008 my doctor said I have COPD. Give up the cigs and you’ll add 10 years or more to life. My son gave me 2 E-cigs and I was using real and E at the same time and I figured how nuts, gave up the real and I’ve been on mild liquid E’s since. See if you doctor approves of it and give it a try. Hugs and good luck, good health.

  21. EGK says:

    Sig…please quit smoking. Not only will you feel better, smell better and taste food again you will lessen your chances of a divesting heart attack which will probably kill you. Chew gum or something healthy. Your family needs you.

  22. Dm says:

    Deadliest Catch was always a great show. The big waves are so scary you can’t look away !

    Camera crews are incredible too.

    These guys are beyond brave…get well soon Capt Sig.

  23. Cheryl Wilson says:

    I pray that all of the Deadliest Catch people stay alive and well, and that Captain Sid starts to feel better after his heart attack!

  24. Linda King says:

    Sig, don’t kid yourself! Doctors don’t know for sure which percent of which condition did what to your heart! The fact is, you had a HEART ATTACK!! You’re lucky to be alive. Doing this first or that first just gives you reasons to procrastinate. EXCUSES, EXCUSES! Mandy needs her dad. Your other kids need their dad. Your wife needs her husband. DON’T YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN? You can grind your crew for days on end. Do YOU have what it takes to endure the grind that is quitting smoking? Do you want Mandy to someday tell her kids “Well, your grandpa was a great guy but he put those darned cigarettes ahead of seeing you guys get born, so you don’t get to meet him, or grow up with him.”
    If I can quit then anyone can quit, because I did not even WANT to quit. I LIKED smoking. But I looked at my grandson and decided he needed a grandmother to grow up with. And I wanted to see him grow up.
    Please quit.
    And that goes for all you other candy-as**d captains too! You think you’re big strong men and can face anything? PROVE it! Quitting is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Prove you can take THAT!

    • Bo Jennings says:

      Please quit. You are worth more than a stick. You are smart enough to know. I have faith in you. Do it. Power over the stick. I know. I use to love that @#&%√®€ stick too. Linda keep talking to Sid. We have to get through to him. Thanks

  25. Dave Corley says:

    Okay, for all the commenters about “quit smoking” and the world will be your oyster, or whatever, shush! You’re only acting like herd animals by repeating what you think you know.

    Whether smoking is equally as bad as standing by a public street huffing car fumes, full of all kinds of potent burnt compounds, I don’t know. But, I do know that the process of quitting the habit is peculiar in that leaning on all the aids and advice of commercialism do NOT help.

    Quitting is EASIER as if one will stop all the…”BS?”…and rationally state the true and personal reason for wanting to quit. “My doctor said so?” Nope, that only works for your doctor…maybe.

    It could be something like, calculating the opportunity cost of smoking, or the positive want to clean up the air in a shared space. Mine was simple. Health insurance went up nearly $500/month (they called it a non tobacco discount but we all know what it was). I didn’t want to quit smoking at all, but I didn’t want to be forced into being a liar. You might say the creeps who love control won their bout at behavior modification won, but the point here is that quitting the habit has to come from a logical, legitimately personal reason.

    You put me in that Captain’s chair that Sig is in and you might as well build another exhaust stack! Not just being funny…if I made that kind of money, my logical, legitimate reason would be invalidated…see my point?

    • Christopher Dobrose says:

      Glad you quit. Just wanted to point out the other point of view. Your smoking put you in a category of insurance customer that would use an inordinate amount of the money that your fellow insured persons were contributing to jointly cover the cost of the healthcare of you and them. Therefore you were forced to pony up some more money if you were going to continue this high risk behavior. The actuaries who came up with that $500/ month discount were just calculating the cost of your high risk behavior to your fellow insured.

      Lets put it another way. Lets say you and another man have the same life insurance policy. You both pay the same rate. You lead a boring sedentary life. Your fellow customer BASE jumps and races cars on alternating weekends. Because of his high risk behavior you actually pay more for your rate than you would if he were not a customer of your insurance company. Would that be fair?

  26. Bonnie Arrigo says:

    Sig, Please quit smoking. I lost my mother at 47 and a brother at 49. Both from lung cancer. They both smoked. I cannot explain the pain this has done to my family. Please Sig….please quit.

  27. jenny says:

    Oh I hope u get better and healthy from your biggest new Zealand fan…your the apitamy of my longing to be a male and crabber in my next life. Take care of yourself for God’s sakes we all adore you and that show won’t be the same without it’s head captain Sig of the northwestern…ps the smokes have to go ..xxxx

  28. John yule says:

    Good luck mate.day at a time

  29. Steve says:

    Too many good people have this problem. Smoking, diet an stress, it adds up. Fight the urge !

  30. Kerry says:

    Stay safe sig do what u feels best for you if that means giving up then do so if not then don’t. Love u and the show good men are hard to keep down and u have proved that. From a fan over in Perth wa

  31. Dale C. says:

    20% smoking and 80% drama! It was inevitable with the drama queen Zig is, my god nearly every second of his life is drama and most of it his own making. You can’t live with all of that drama at our age, you gotta’ chill dude or #2 isn’t going to be far behind.

  32. kevin vance says:

    unfortunenatly this remindly of what happened with captain phill harris while at sea he had blood clot that passed by his lung but in end it killed him while he was recovering at home in seattle when his health took a turn for the worse and he passed away

  33. John Couture says:

    Hey Sig, grow a pair and just throw the smokes away. That’s what a real man would do.

  34. Debbie Bryden says:

    We enjoy the show very much and can understand the stress that all of you go through. You need to take care of yourself, most importantly. Your health and family should come first. God bless you all and know that a lot of fans are praying for you and your safe return to Dutch, ALWAYS!!! <3

  35. Lynn says:

    Sig. I know cigs are so hard to give up. I watched my husband numerous times try. And numerous times say”I gotta quit these things”. I finally told him. Either do it or stop talking about it. After I to.d him that he smoked his last pack. Gave it to God and used sunflower seeds in place of the cigs. He has been smoke free almost 9 years now. Just saying….so after your used to your meds. Maybe you can give that a try.
    God bless! Glad your still here for your family.

  36. Take care of you Sig
    You are family to a lot of TV fans
    I know you hate to give up control because you feel the boat is your responsibility but you have those who will step in. Please let them.

  37. Jeff says:

    I stopped smoking August 29 , 2009 , after smoking 2 packs a day for 25 years. I somehow contracted meningitis , after being in a coma for 7 days , I was nicotine free.

  38. Matias Canals says:

    Put the cigar down Sig. Take better care of yourself. My favorite show. Don’t want the same to happen to you as phil rip. Your family needs you.

  39. Liz says:

    Sig, We’re so happy you’re feeling better, we’ve been watching Deadliest Catch forever. “Fair Winds and Following Seas”. May God continue to watch over all the Captains and their crews. Thank you to all the camera crews for their undying devotion year after year for bringing you into our homes.



  40. Randy hunt says:

    Idiot still smokes cigarettes…..do the math Sig

  41. Terresa says:

    I have watched this show from the start!!I love the Northwestern and actually had a “crush” on Sig:)I pray he can quit and get and stay healthy!!!Love ya Sig!!!

  42. Shelly says:

    Sig, You can do whatever you want.

  43. Vernon allen says:

    Good luck Capt.throw the smokes away now!i quit over 30 yrs/ago!,and just had part of my lung removed from cancer!So Zig ,not onle a heart m
    Problem!!Good luck man.!!

  44. steve meyer says:

    Sig had my first heart attack when I was 36 now 52 take your meds let some stuff roll off your back. Take up a hobby shooting relaxes me. Like to see you for years to come hell has enough of our type and heaven won’t take us

  45. Richard E Barlow says:

    stents do not stay open if you continue to smoke. It is just a cold hard reality. i have put in thousands of coronary stents and have seen the “still smoking” patients come back through the ER with chest pain in what we call a STEMI. Good Luck Sid. Give up the smokes and you will live longer or come see me in the cath lab.

  46. Vera Balsam says:

    I’ll be watching and praying for you Sig and prayers 5o your family als8, you can do this!!

  47. Ole Morten nyrud says:

    Get Well Soon sig
    I love to See you and and the crew of northwestern at TV, and the fact that you , Edgar and Norm are Norwegians ❤️ Show’s that we Norwegians are capable of everything
    Get Well 👍

  48. Mike Raposa says:

    Well Sig, Its very simple….Gotta stop smoking!!!!!! Won’t cure all your problems but at least you will be telling your loved ones that you care about them. Best Wishes and Good Luck

  49. Kate says:

    Sig, We have already lost Phil. Please, try to stop smoking. I did it in 1987, cold turky. I smoked 5 packs a day. I am now 71 and in great health. You are needed more than you know, by family, friends and fans. stay well and get healthy. I will add you to my prayers each night., and will include all of the crews that work in that job. Blessings to you and your family. ( I lost my Dad at his age of 72, he would not stop smoking)

  50. Christopher Dobrose says:

    Anyone who is a smoker and survives a heart attack should quit smoking immediately. He is imagining things if he thinks any physician told him to continue smoking “while he gets used to the meds”. I am certain that every doctor and nurse he had contact with told him to quit smoking immediately (because I am a physician and if I ever heard a colleague tell a patient that I would call him a quack to his face). He is not even 50 and suffered a heart attack for cryin’ out loud! And don’t start in with that its only 20% of the cause of his heart disease stuff. Its more like 90% cigarettes and 10% hereditary. Very few people who do not smoke develop heart disease prior to age 50.