The Walking Dead Team Talks Season 7 Premiere: 'It's Very, Very Gruesome'

Season 7 of The Walking Dead will have its lighter moments, promises showrunner Scott Gimple, but the resolution of the “Who did Negan kill?” cliffhanger won’t be one of ’em.

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“We spared no drop of awfulness, no iota of misery, no scintilla of pain,” Gimple told Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE.

Even Negan’s portrayer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, described filming his first two episodes of the AMC smash as “a tough deal.”

Yet while no one in the room would answer the question, “Who’s here just for show?”, Gimple did offer up one of the larger themes in Season 7. “How do they live under the thumb of Negan — and still live?” he previewed. “It isn’t all misery, but they want to win back their lives.”

Cast members Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, meanwhile, weighed in on last season’s budding love affair between Rick and Michonne — but stayed cryptic about how much of that dynamic will be explored when the show returns. (Heck, neither one would deny that either Rick or Michonne dies within the opening moments of the premiere!)

The Walking Dead returns for Season 7 Sunday, Oct. 23, at 9/8c on AMC.

Press PLAY above for the full video interview, then share your thoughts below!

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  1. Pato says:

    Not clues, just facts. Ricks’ beard, Eugene’s hair, Carl’s hair. They are safe. Not that we all didnt know that alrady. It gonna be Glenn or Abraham, they didnt even talk that much. Thay others i think they are all pretty safe.

    • I’ve come to believe it’s going to be both of them.

    • Andy Costello says:

      Abe’s still got his facial hair going on though. I think it’s Eugene. Suspiciously motionless when the subject came up. Even Glenn smirked!

      • Andrew says:

        Its glen who has died.

        1. He died the same way in the comic
        2. Look at the actors IMDB page. He is in one episode of TWD. Imdb also lists his future roles, and they are too busy for him to be in TWD

        • Elaine says:

          Steve Yuen wasn’t too busy with other roles to miss comic con.

        • Patricia Williamson says:

          IDMB page lists only one episode for all of them except for Andrew. That’s not an indicator, although most people believe Glenn is one who dies.

          • Andrew says:

            Yes but Steven Yeun is the only one who has future roles planned.
            And seems to have a few.

            As for comicon, we all have days off lol

  2. KLS says:

    Again with the “Gruesome, Gruesome” prediction? I have to stop reading these TWD press releases…

  3. It better be a Richonne for All of season 7! I just can’t wait till October 23rd!

  4. flower1petals says:

    I just have to say that every year Michael Ausiello rocks this Walking Dead interview. I always look forward to it, every comic Con. He’s funny, slick (nice try-lol) and he always manages to slip in something about Richonne that makes my shipper heart fly.

    The cast was trying si hard not to spill. Dana cuts off Andrew, and then attempts to explain without spoiling. Then Gimps continues and spoils lol Love it!!

  5. Michael says:

    Did anyone else get the impression that Danai is like bullied/disliked? As soon as she started talking, a few them like chuckled to each other and it sounded like Abraham made a snarky comment.

    • flower_petals says:

      Nope. They were laughing at the things AL was saying. Like when Danai took over the question while AL was answering – he looks to Sonequa and says “well I see how this relationship is going to go” (or something to that effect) making them laugh. He also said something about him having a good night, the night that they finally realized they were meant to be together.

      Danai is too strong, emotionally for bullying. All the different things, causes she stands up for, she would be out of there so fast.

      • ButterflyFan says:

        Flower_petals, Thank you clearing that up. I’ve seen Danai, Steven, Norman and others look sad in other cast interviews as well. I get the feeling they’re either emotionally drained by story lines, physically tired, or not excited to be there cause avoiding spoilers takes a mental toll.
        We have to remember this is one of the darkest programs probably in the histoty of television. Hate to see someone try to cause trouble for the cast. Great cast and show!

  6. The Beach says:

    Norman looked stoned out of his mind.

  7. Mike says:

    All forums know that glenn and Abe die. The fact that neither had been on set ( just for the first 2 weeks to film a dream secuenque) is more than a confirmation.

  8. laurie says:

    It bugged me how negan has his arm around dixson the whole time kinda make you wonder if he is the one for show.

    • ButterflyFan says:

      Lol… Didn’t really bug me but it made for a somewhat awkward backdrop cause we’ve never anything like that during a formal cast interview.

  9. Joy Sartwell says:

    Where can we buy the shirt?

  10. Debbie says:

    Wow, loved your interview with the cast Michael!! Tried to get clues, but very hard to. I think it was cute how some cast members were holding hands, like sort of a reassurance that we still love you kind of thing. But I may have to skip the first episode of the next season and then just read about it on Facebook, I’m too scared to watch, I think.

    • flower1petals says:

      Me too. I already decided that I can’t watch it. Anxiety levels will be through the roof. I’m going to have to read recaps and continue on from ep 2.

  11. Andrew says:

    In the comic, Glenn is killed by Negan’s bat.
    If you look at Steven Yeun, He is in episode 7.1 and that’s it. His future credit roles means he’s too bust to be in TWD.

    2. Look at Andrew Lincoln’s IMDB page and it lists him in being at least 16 episodes in season 7.

    3. I am sure in Season 6 it was said Negan only killed one person in the group, to put fear into the group.

    4. Michael Cudlits is listed to be in one episode of season 7

  12. GABRIELA says:

    I believe is Glenn. In this interview he seems sort of distant and not much paying attention..maybe his thoughts are already in other projects he is working on…Anyways if it is him, it will be sad….well it will be sad no matter who it is.

  13. lorenk2008 says:

    JD MORGAN LOOKS LIKE THE WALKING DEAD… jeez he did not age well. what is he 60ish? aside from me not liking him very much and being the reason i dont watch the show anymore and all the others he ruined for me…..which were canned or he thankfully was taken off….people are finding these little bs accounts annoying. im glad im not the only one disliking the turn this show took. (morgan) here’s a tip..a little just for men…and moisturizer….and deflate the ego. i cant even open my email without wd’s pathetic look at me look at me articles…begging for attention. it is annoying…to see every freaking day without being able to just go to email..morgans face..and it makes me hate that show now…which is not good because i loved rick and loved that show in the beginning. best wishes to that show. And to the fans. but with Morgan there. he’s a curse. every show he’s on is either cancelled or he’s knocked off it. i can’t believe how old he got. omg thats just him naturally. geez. dude. really? a gym and a shower may help…

  14. GloBug62 says:

    The Spoiling Dead has made some predictions about two deaths. Now, not to say that they could have it wrong but they are usually always right on point. Pretty sure TSD has some kind of inside source because their “predictions” are always spot on. They don’t just know who will die but also how and why. TWD would have had to of purposely leaked incorrect information for TSD to be wrong at this point. How they predict the whole thing will play out makes a lot of sense. We get a sigh of relief only to be punched in the gut moments later.

    Side Note: neither Steven or Michael have been spotted on set since they filmed episode one. So unless, Glenn is going to still be alive 5 episodes later like last season…..he’s probably a gonner. I can see the writers trying to find some way to trick us. They know that everyone is expecting Glenn. So if they kill Abe first it will make everyone think that Glenn is safe, and then somehow Glenn will end up dying too.

  15. Colleen says:

    Where do I get one of those shirts?

  16. Tony Stark says:

    It’s Michone who bites the dust. Dani Girira apparently has enough free time on her hands that she has just joined the Black Panther movie cast.

    • Andrew says:

      In the Comic, Glenn is killed and his partner becomes the leader of the ‘farming’ group.
      Aldo in the Comic, there is another group, based in the city, which are friendly but again victims of Negan

      • Tony Stark says:

        The TV show does not always follow the comics. If it did, then Andrea would still be alive, Darryl would not be around and Carol should have died in the third season.

        • Andrew says:

          I realise that. But my comment, if you look in previous comments on this page, hasnt only been made on the comic.

          I have also looked at Imdb and future roles for each actor.

          Steven Yeun has 2 or three roles in 2016 that are due to be in production or currently in production, whilst the other actors (apart from the Actress who plays Michonne has one future role, planned for 2019 release

    • So, is that it? says:

      @Tony Stark – Right, Danai Gurira is the first cast member in the history of TV to be in a movie while on a TV show. Just an FYI she just did a movie last season and was still alive in S6. So you might want to come up with a better excuse than being ‘cast in a movie’.

      • Elaine says:

        They said the same for Glenn. He’s making a movie so it must be Glenn that dies.

        • Andrew says:

          One thing that did disappoint me about Glenn’s character, in Season one, wasnt he a really good mechanic who could fix anything? Then all of a sudden, you never heard any more after that about his mechanic skills.

          I’m remembering when Glenn and his small group finding Rick on his own in the city ( not long after leaving the hospital).

          • Lemmonee says:

            Glen was no mechanic, that was not his specialty at all. He went on trips into ATL and got supplies for his group at the quarries, Glen was fast on his feet able to find ways around the walkers and bring back what ever was needed to the group. He preference was to go on his own. The only one that did much mechanic work was Dale, on his RV esp. Yes he did try and show Glen a few things about how to keep the RV going, but since we lost both Dale and the RV on the Greene farm, not much mechanics since.

  17. Shirley Crites says:

    Where can I get that t shirt?

  18. David says:

    Looks like there’s a spoiler here, check out 1:37, when the host talks about a character died, he gestures and looks over that direction.. (Shit seems like he’s looking at Glenn…. Or Abraham)