Supergirl Stars Talk Pod Reveal, Kara's New 'Hurdle,' Perfecting Superman's Curl, Being More 'Crazy' on The CW

Supergirl won’t look much different when she touches down on The CW on Tuesday, Oct. 10 — save for the possibility that life for Kara & Co. could get even more comic-booky.

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“We’re going to have a bit more runway,” Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex, told Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE. “Since were catering to that younger crowd, we have a bit more room to bring some crazy, crazy in.” As Mehcad Brooks added, the handful of Season 2 scripts they’ve seen thus far feel “younger, more relevant.”

With Superman himself in the room (that is, Teen Wolf alum Tyler Hoechlin), the cast also shared their surprise at getting to have the actual Man of Steel on the show — and how it actually speaks to the amount of strength established in Kara thus far.

On the scoop front, David Harewood offered a tantalizing tease about what (who?) is inside the Kryptonian pod that Kara Found at the close of Season 1.

Other questions answered in the video Q&A above: How will Cougar Town vet Ian Gomez’s Snapper Carr differ from Cat Grant as a superior? Just how much will we see of Calista Flockhart now that the show has moved production to Vancouver? And has Hoechlin suited up yet, or at least perfected the iconic hair curl?

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  1. M3rc_Nate says:

    Through all the happiness and PR speak there are some things I think;
    1) the inclusion of Superman is purely a move of desperation. Don’t kid yourself. They were in need of ratings when they were on CBS and now moving to a whole different network? They need to pop, they need to draw attention, they need to finally appeal to more males and bring Superman on board.
    2) As great as Benoist seems you gotta wonder how she really feels about “Supergirl” being the big headlining show of her career, i mean she is SUPERGIRL, and what’s more she is at the center of a “pro female empowerment” series and then “oh yeah, here is the most popular superhero of all time being added to your show, and he will cast a large shadow. A man.”
    3) I will however say that while it is partially PR speak I do agree with the actor that Benoist has done such a great job portraying Supergirl and making it her own that I don’t think the addition of Superman will take away from her portrayal of Supergirl. Especially considering I am not expecting the actor who plays Superman/Clark to knock it out of the park like say Tom Welling did.
    4) I really do wonder what the differences will be for the show on The CW instead of CBS. I hope they don’t take what they had and just go even harder in the direction of melodrama and love triangles and tons of shipping and what not. Basically what Flash is doing copy that, and avoid everything Arrow has been doing the past few seasons.

    • Pedro says:

      Wow, so much misogyny.

      Supergirl had better ratings than all other DC shows on the air. I think it just wasn’t a fit for CBS, who usually caters to retired people who like crime shows.

      Superman will be on for two episodes, we have no idea on what capacity and, given all that happened in the season finale, it would e weird if he wasn’t. There are just so many times you can give excuses as to why there’s a Kryptonian army trying to turn Earth’s population into mind slaves and Spérman wouldn’t care. Or that a new pod from Krypton fell from the sky and he wouldn’t care.

      Now they can let the story flow organically, have him on for two episodes and then reasonably write him off.

      • Temperance says:

        I agree. They lost we with the implication that Supergirl would cease to exist as the lead in the show if Superman showed up for a bit. Women can’t be strong women if a man is around? Sorry, that’s non-logic.

        • Joe says:

          Yeah, I don’t know why so many people on the internet have no reading comprehension but you might want to re-read that original comment. Nowhere does it say anything about women not being able to be “strong” as you (and only you) put it with men around. Secondly, not A man. Superman. Yes, it does cast a long shadow. And yes, it is a desperation move. That’s pretty obvious. I like this show too and want it to succeed but let’s not ignore the realities of the situation. Does it undercut the feminist tone of the show? Maybe a bit. It might. Let’s not mindlessly cheerlead. It’s a good show and I want it to keep getting better but the realities are what they are and we have to accept them. I don’t want to die either but that’s reality too. I don’t want genocide to happen but that’s also reality. These things are all negative aspects of life that we don’t want to face but we need to. Let’s stick with reality and the words that people actually say, okay? It makes you look pretty foolish otherwise.

  2. Frank says:

    I’m not the biggest CW fans, but i hope the writers of the show don’t change too much now, the foundation of the show was the relationship between Kara and Alex, we don’t need even more over the top romance and love triangles. Superman is gonna be for just a small arc, he won’t take away from Kara, she’s the lead.

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview with the cast and scoop about new season and new characters. Excited to see season 2 this fall!