Bones Season 11 Finale

Bones Finale to Re-Air, After Partial Preemption by Trump's RNC Speech

Fox is offering an olive branch to its loyal Bones fans, scheduling an encore broadcast of Thursday’s Season 11 finale, which was postponed in whole or in part in many markets, due to Donald Trump’s record-setting, 75-minute RNC nomination acceptance speech.

“Due to an over-run in coverage of the Republican National Convention, a portion of last night’s season finale of Bones was pre-empted on the West Coast,” reads a statement from the network. “We will re-air the finale next Friday, July 29, at 8/7c. The episode also is currently available on, FOX NOW app, Hulu and FOX on Demand. We apologize to our viewers for this inconvenience.”

Immediately once it was realized that the impacted viewers would not get to see all or any of the Season 11 finale, which ended with a shocking reveal, series lead Emily Deschanel joined fans on Twitter in expressing, to put it lightly, amazement at the scheduling decision. David Boreanaz also chimed in, this morning:

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  1. Kia says:

    A FRIDAY is the best they can do? nice…

  2. RedReddington says:

    A week away when no one is going to even remember, and the casual fan won’t care. What royal F up by FOX. How much worse can they treat Bones and their stars?

  3. sunshine says:

    CBS Made a mess out of their programming too, just putting everything on late where you couldn’t find it and your VCR gave up. Regarding Bones, if you didn’t watch, don’t. They bring back some guy you don’t remember and leave her in danger at the closing. It’s one of those ‘who shot JR’ type things and not at all any conclusion of any kind to the episode or season. It is quite literally the worst writing ever. Shame shame shame on them.

    • hannah says:

      You’re kidding, right? Any long term fan of Bones remembers him. I figured out it was him at the end before even seeing his face. I’ve been wanting to see him again for a long time. I just hope they have a better explanation than him being the killer when it premieres in the fall.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey Sunshine (not living up to the name, huh?) … for the loyal fans, this was an amazing episode – bringing in stuff from the first couple of seasons. Just because YOU don’t like the person they brought back, don’t get down on the rest of this.

      Or are you just jealous that FOX did something about the preemptions, while CBS did not?

    • KLS says:

      It was a creepy, cool episode. Most people knew he would be back some time, then knew it was this episode at the 25 minute mark. Not sure if he is the ultimate bad guy or not, but it was a good episode.

    • Sara says:

      I just watched it today off the DVR and I remembered Zach, even though it’s been years since he was on the show as a regular.

    • Marci says:

      That “some guy” has always been a fan favorite, and has not been forgotten by real Bones fans. This was an amazingly good, creepy episode BTW.

  4. Bella says:

    They should have anticipated that the speech would go over, as Pence’s did the night before as well, then either run the Bones finale in its entirety, OR run some kind of filler until the 9:00 hour and then run the Bones finale. I’ll be catching it on On Demand tonight.

  5. Verity says:

    I’m on the West coast and was able to see the whole episode. In fact the RNC wasn’t even on Fox last night or the previous three nights here, I watched re-runs of the Big Bang Theory at 7 pm and then right into Bones. Must have been everywhere else I guess, the episode was great and what a twist at the end, (any Bones fan will “remember” the character who returns!)

  6. sarah t says:

    What Fox really means is,”Dear Bones Fans, we’re super sorry we’ve treated you guys like crap the last few years. We’ve moved Bones around on the schedule so many times, delayed seasons and you’ve managed to hang tight with the show through it all. And because we’ve done all these things, we’ve got a season finale that now ends in July. During Election Season. Yeah, sorry about that. How about we re-air the same finale a week later when the spoilers are already out there so we can make sure you’re really disappointed with us? Sound good? We thought so too! Regards, the ridiculous Fox execs P.S. All those times we jerked Bones in time slots, etc? Yeah, we still haven’t gotten a decent show out there yet. We’ve decided just to run Empire into the ground and bring back Scream Queens which exactly 3.5 people watch live.”

    • Bonesfan47 says:

      Best comment and so true and exactly why after Bones is over I am never watching anything on FOX again. I hate how they treat this amazing show and often wish it was on a different network since Fox clearly does not care a single bit about this show especially given the way they treated their EP’s

  7. kmw says:

    Nice job FOX I guess I was lucky I got to see it all.

  8. C.L. Wedemeyer says:

    I was so disappointed when I changed the chanel to watch Bones and got a riviting earful of Donald Trump! However, I watched and listened intently until he finished his speech. My opinion of him remains the same.
    I will find the next airing and watch the season finale of Bones!

  9. anonymous says:

    I’m on the east coast and the airing here was never interrupted by anything so I guess we’re just lucky lol

  10. Shafer says: