Jon Stewart Ridicules Sean Hannity's Trump Support on Colbert — WATCH

Stephen Colbert on Thursday (or early Friday morning depending on your time zone) yielded his show to Jon Stewart. The former Daily Show host took to the Late Show desk (with a clip-on tie!) to weigh in on what he called the hypocrisy of Sean Hannity’s support for Donald Trump after years of chastising President Barack Obama.

“It’s been a while,” Stewart noted, before tearing into the Fox News personality — whom he referred to only as “Lumpy” — for years of referring to Obama as a “thin-skinned narcissist with no government experience” before throwing all of his support behind the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

As Stewart would repeatedly note, Hannity, who throughout the current president’s administration has condemned him for his divisiveness and elitism, has since entirely ignored Trump’s equivalent traits in his coverage of the 2016 election cycle.

In the end, Stewart chalked up Hannity and Fox News’ support of Trump (aka “a guy who sits in a literal golden throne at the top of a golden tower with his name in gold letters at the top of it”) to wanting their country back from alleged “subgroups” of Americans.

“You just want that person to give you your country back because you feel you’re this country’s rightful owners,” he argued, but “there’s only one problem with that: this country isn’t yours. You don’t own it. It never was. There is no real America. … You don’t own patriotism, you don’t own Christianity. You sure as hell don’t own respect for the bravery and sacrifice of military, police and firefighters. … I see you and I see your bulls—t.”

What did you think of Stewart’s Sean “Lumpy” Hannity takedown? Sound off below. 

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  1. Angela says:

    A mic drop if ever there was one. FANTASTIC rant.
    I particularly loved him calling out the politicians who claimed to care so much about law enforcement and were all, “blue lives matter”, but didn’t support legislation that would help 9/11 first responders.
    And the teleprompter grip is one of THE dumbest, lamest complaints I’ve ever heard the right make in regards to Obama. Aside from Trump’s use of them, did those idiots completely forget the time that Sarah Palin wrote words from a speech she gave on her freaking hand?
    Anywho, yeah, that was just…brilliant and spot on. And so freaking cathartic. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

  2. Tafkah says:

    I thought it was epic. I’ve missed him. He called them out on their BS as only he can.

  3. Connie says:


  4. Kathy Shader says:

    Are you serious or just so biased with your head up Hillary’s … that you are blind to what is going on in the White house. If you like how Hillary operates you need go spend time with Rachel maddow

    • peterwdawson says:

      You can not like Hilary and Trump. Problem is as frustrating as incompetence, deceit and negligence is (to say the least, we could easily do the dozens on Hilary), the lack of leadership, the blatant unironic contradictions regarding Trump, his campaign and the much of the rhetoric (not all of course, hell Peter Theil was a major speaker tonight and was proud to be a Republican while standing against the rhetoric) is just obscene.

      It’s the same thing it’s been since around 2001, 2002 really: Republicans have been the loudest voice in the room while fielding consistently worse and worse candidates while the Dems have been trying to figure out what volume to use and fielding candidates of wildly different competency levels (not exactly a straight line down in terms of competency decline but still plenty of downward spirals in there).

      • Kriston Troy Brannan says:

        John Kerry was the last decent candidate put up by the Dems. Obama had no business being President. His credentials were a good speech at the DNC and a year and half as a US Senator, but he was a brilliant populist campaigner, there’s no denying that. I didn’t like Kerry, but he had the experience, temperament, and a relatively clean closet. Its almost funny to look back at the 2004 campaign now and realize what a big deal was made about whether or not he threw some medals away. It all seems so innocent when our choice this time around is between a man who can’t keep his ego in check and his mouth from running, and a woman who may very well be the most obviously corrupt, Machiavellian candidate ever to win a major party’s nomination.

        • peterwdawson says:

          A corruption-off would be interesting to say the least between the two candidates right now. Both are people who have been caught repeatedly telling massive lies, then you’ve got the fraud and the negligence…

        • HAP says:

          Your numbers are off. Obama served as senator 2005-2008. That was after he had been in the Illinois senate since 1997.

    • Mary says:

      Hit a nerve. Jon hit the nail straight on the head pointing out just how the hypocrites mentality way of thinking. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Take Hillary out of the picture anyone who has brains and self esteem would never choose this Man as a nominee. Everyone complains about the system, which many don’t comprehend how it works, stand behind a clueless loud mouth TV reality personality who I might add has used that system to his benefit since day one. Whoever thinks he will change it is crazy. He looks out for number one and he won’t take away his bread and butter.

    • Dani says:

      You know Trump has hit a nerve when lefties like Stewart go into overdrive. Unfortunately for them, their usual tactics aren’t gonna work this time!

      • Mary says:

        No he just points out the stupidity and hypocrites of the party, which many can see but some choose not to.

        • Dani says:

          Great! When he gives equal time and energy to pointing out the lies and hypocrisy of St Hillary, then I’ll start taking him seriously

          • Mary says:

            He doesn’t need to because the GOP has spent what 30 years doing just that and guess what they failed. According to all of them and some of you she is one heck of a powerful Women so I can see why they feel threaten.

    • fiberlicious says:

      I’d pay big money to spend time with Rachel Maddow…

  5. Johnson says:

    What I find funny about this is this is how desperate the liberal media has gotten. How they would take joy in someone being fired. From the evidence so far I think Roger Ailes may of done some stuff that wasn’t right but it just shows you how sadistic Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert are.

    • Angela says:

      Except the stuff he did that “wasn’t right” was sexually harassing female employees. Why exactly shouldn’t people celebrate someone like that losing their job? They don’t deserve to have that job if they’re going to do horrible things like that to their employees.

      • Dani says:

        “Allegedly” harassed. Nothing has been proven yet. We still do work under a system of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in this country

    • Wharevah says:

      Sticking up for Roger Ailes, with your posting name, is ironic to say the least.

    • Mary says:

      Really I think it points out the double standards these fools have. They condemn a group of individuals preaching the bible and yet do they follow it themselves. It is not desperate pointing out the obvious but of course some of you righteous people can’t comprehend that. I don’t know if it is joy but it certainly is Karma.

  6. Sam K says:

    Jon Stewart – hit it on the mark with his assessment about Donald Duck! If you yap like a Donald, you walk like one, then all things being true…You certainly are one! It’s sad that desperate Americans have to turn off their common senses to rationalize for a mirage of a possible hope that a rainbow exists in the desert. Wake up from your nightmare or that bad dream will become reality with Donald Duck, lol…NOT! Were those people at the RNC recruited from the David Koresh camp to fill in seats there? Hahaha. Please do your homework or you can just repeat what others have created and make it your own to inspire a bunch of ignorant fearing followers to the slaughter. Wake up America!

  7. Jon says:

    Everybody hates jon Stewart

  8. Terithecook says:

    Jon, we’ve missed you so 😩

  9. Jake says:

    Stewart and Colbert, the only guys willing to speak truth to power.

    • peterwdawson says:

      Well, Seth Meyers does alright.

      • The Voice of Scott says:

        Last I saw their combined viewer base wasn’t all that great. So, given the fact virtually nobody is watching their shows…who cares? I mean really? Now the Stewart has been out of the game a while, his return shows desperation on the left and his anger and animosity is on full view. As for his comments about Hannity, Hannity has repeatedly stated that the left championed Obama despite having no real experience in politics so there can be no complaint on the left about Trump having no political experience. As such, he is supporting him as the only one in the field of contenders who can beat the crook Hillary Clinton.

        • Mary says:

          Well I guess serving 3 terms in the Illinois Senate and being a Professor of Constitutional Law doesn’t constitute experience in Hannity eyes but what credentials does Trump have, other than being a loud mouth TV Personality who has screwed over many contractors to get ahead. Trump record isn’t so squeaking clean so you must consider him a crook also.
          Anyone who think this man is Presidential material really are clueless on what a leader should be.

          • Bill Ramos says:

            Obama was a instructor not professor on the issue of reparations an elective not required course at UC. He was not highly regarded there as he produced not a single publication in his 9 years there. I was there for 3 years and published twice.

  10. Karen MT says:

    Oh, that’s hilarious. My video was preceded by a Trump/Pence ad. When ad targeting fails!

  11. Simon Jester says:

    Epic. Welcome back, Jon.

  12. I wished he would call him Softball Hannity instead of Lumpy

  13. Liz says:

    God I missed you Jon!! Come baaaaack please!!

  14. Rhonda West says:

    Absolutely LOVED every second of Jon’s remarks!!!!!

  15. Whatevah says:

    I miss him so much!

  16. kJ says:

    It’s pretty rich for Jon to talk about hypocrisy when he attacks Trump and his supporters but won’t do the same for Hillary. He is such a self righteous phoney. The perfect “Walter Cronkite” for far too many of the uninformed millennial generation.

    • Matt says:

      Hillary will be speaking next week so lets see what Jon Stewart has to say. In his time on the Daily Show he frequently slammed the democrats when they deserved it, his takedown of Obama’s handling of veteran affairs was masterful and brutal. Unlike Hannity his opinion is not for sale.

  17. pam says:

    Just think next week it is Hiliary’s turn…

  18. J Miller says:

    Extremely well done…it was great to see Hannity use his own words to discredit himself and Fox news. Fox has shown that they are not an unbiased news program at all.

    In effect, Fox “News” functions as a lobby for the “conservative” one percent interests in our country. Clearly, Fox news should not be trusted for unbiased information of any kind.

    They should be recognized as a radical lobbyist for the entrenched one percent in this country.

    Pointing out that they will say or do anything by misrepresentation and inuendo to enhance their own self- interests is “one small step” toward “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!!!

    Over time, Fox erodes the public trust of all U.S. institutions.

    WE NEED MORE J Stewart and S Colbert !!!

  19. I miss Jon Stewart so much, he knows how to put the smart alec’s and high and mighty in their tiny pidgeon hole where they belong.

  20. Walkie says:

    As if there was any doubt that he is the best at political satire, that ended the debate. What a return to form. Hannity was eviscerated. Going to be a tough day in the Hannity camp. Ouch.

    • Thomas M. says:

      Here is a hint, no one in Hannity’s camp will care. They just finished a week of constant coverage of the RNC. Now they are plowing through 20,000 or so leaked DNC emails gathering information to ask questions to ask during the the DNC convention that is getting ready to start.

  21. Tess McG says:

    Thanks to Stephen Colbert for making Jon available to us again!
    Jon Stewart has been sorely missed during this crazy election year. Thank you Jon for pointing out the hypocrisy, please keep it up, we need your voice more than ever!

  22. sunshine says:

    I always think of that Pajama Boy they used for the Obamacare advertising when I see John Stewart, he just needs a cup of hot chocolate and the world will be all sweet dreams. No big bad guys to robustly insist on protecting our country, let all those nice muslims in to live happily with LGBT. Such utopia in his head where liberals love cops, Christianity and America, yep that’s like really true Jon.

    • Mary says:

      Well sunshine your statement helps proves Jon point. Ironic how you stereotype certain groups and make assumptions that really are totally false. People like you are part of the problem but not the solution.

  23. Tara Hagen says:

    When criticizing Obama, he was just trying not to say, “I hate him because he has dark skin.”

  24. niloofar says:

    clip on tie drop 👏

  25. harold jones says:

    Perfect. Spot on.

  26. nana brayer says:

    Well done Stewart you are well uncover his hypocrisy. Everything that he hated from Obama now he loved them for trump.

  27. Pamela Bakken says:

    Jon Stewart YOU ARE MISSED!!! You were right on as always. I love Trevor Noah but miss you ! Hope you come back and do prime time on NBC, CBS, ABC, don’t care which company I will be watching every show. Thank you for your candor and fact based insights.

  28. KBee says:

    Anyone who defends Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity…well…they are ftom the species who have bad wiring. I kind of feel bad for them. They have no comic geniuses on their side. This is because they are missing the gene for satire, wit and nuance. The only thing that’s funny to them is a school yard joke. We have Mark Twain, Garrison Keillor, Nichols and May, The Firesign Theatre, Ellen, Margaret Cho and obviously, Stewart and Colbert. They have a very bitter Dennis Miller and Ann Coulter. And that’s on a good day. It’s a tragedy, really.

  29. Denise Eddings says:

    He is so on point ! It’s funny yet the sorry pathetic truth about hannity and Fox News …. To say that Obama is out of touch with the average American and trump old wrinkled up face come over! Is just as stupid and backwards as hannity himself is ! The truth is hannity and trump should take a enema so they won’t be so full of it! Then they could vanish before our eyes ! Thank you

  30. briannaoblivion says:

    From the audacity of hope to the age of American brutalism in under a decade go figure. So good to see Stewart back and showing his satirical fangs and a reminder of how much he is missed on the Daily Show since its Nic Jr makeover after he departed to grow his beard.

  31. fiberlicious says:

    How I miss you, Jon.

  32. Bill ortwein says:

    Once again Mr. Stewart exposes evidence on how biased and hypocritical Lumpy Hannity is. Mr. Stewart is all facts where theLumpster Hannity is all opinion on what his bosses tell him to do. I actually felt sorry for Mr. Lumpy as he has no real argument against the intellect of Jon Stewart.

  33. Roger Marcus says:

    I heard Sean Hannity’s rebuke of Jon Stewart’s Lumpy presentation.

    Only it wasn’t a rebuke.

    Jon criticized the two-faced attacks on Obama but then sucking up to Trump and forgiving the same things he criticized Obama for – like the use of teleprompters. “Lumpy”, however, criticized Jon Steward for making money (usually a goal Republicans admire) and not giving it away to the poor (usually a goal Republicans despise.) So the rebuke was that Stewart was a good Republican and I guess a bad Democrat.

    I somehow got lost in his point.

  34. Annie Schoenecker says:

    Jon Stewart is a comedian (so it is said) but to lunatic lefties, he and Colbert are their source of real news. For dems who insist the importance of speaking in a politically correct manner, so that no one gets their feelings hurt or worse yet… offend someone, they call others that have different opinions or beliefs (Republicans) names like Lumpy or Donald Duck, etc. Talk about hypocrites, do as I say not as I do, Stewart should go back into hibernation, eat a meal or five and for God’s sake,if you have to come out, look in the mirror first before you go on air.