Republican Convention, Night 3: The Best/Worst/Wackiest Moments

America, meet Mike Pence. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to boo, hiss and serve up a heaping plate of raspberries for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.).

That was the sub-theme from Night Three of the 2016 Republican National Convention, which found nominee Donald Trump stealing even more thunder from Cruz, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker almost getting upstaged by his backdrop, and a Donald-Ivanka moment pretty much confirming the family’s discomfort around country music.

We watched every second of it — including the “make it stop!” collapse of one young businesswoman — to bring you the 17 best, worst and wackiest moments, from the delegate Hat of the Night to Newt Gingrich’s fact-checking interlude.

Check out the gallery below for our full rundown — or click here for direct access — then go to the comments and share your thoughts on Tuesday night’s RNC proceedings!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    The best was that Cruz didn’t endorse Trump. The second best was that Cruz was booed.

    • Angela... says:

      Yep :).
      So Lynne Patton said that LGBTQ lives matter, too, eh? Great! I take it that means we won’t have to hear anyone at this convention demand a “return to traditional one man/one woman marriage”, or ranting about transgender people daring to use the bathroom of their choice, or insisting on “religious freedom” laws, or things of that sort, then. Right?

      • Angela... says:

        Don’t know how those dots got behind my name there. Random.

      • Jamie says:

        Lol, uess Patton didn’t bother to look at the GOP’s official platform, which makes it very clear that they don’t think LGBTTQ lives matter.

        This whole convention has been a trainwreck as pretty much every GOP supporter who has made a speech has managed to look hypocritical and/or ridiculous. The one exception is Ted Cruz, for refusing to endorse Trump and telling people to vote their conscience. I can’t stand Cruz personally — he would have been an equally horrible choice for president, but I have to give him props for refusing to be bullied by Trump’s people.

  2. SG says:

    Giant Meteor 2016

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks Michael for the recap, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore of this circus. It really is scary that a man like him could even get this far, doesn’t say much about our citizens
    in the US. You know as much as I am glad Cruz didn’t get the nomination I will give him credit for standing up for his principals. I just hope that everyone reads and understands what the platform for the party is and vote responsibly. If they want to go backwards or forward in the nation. I hope they look past the Rhetoric that Donald and his team has thrown out there and realize that he is clueless.

  4. Pedro says:

    What about the woman that ended her speech with a Nazi salute, then caught herself and tried to pass it as a wave?

    • Swear says:

      How pictures would you like of Hillary making that same gesture? Me thin j s you are all just looking for something to belittle people with different opinions from yours. Just saying…..

      • Mary says:

        You know what the difference is, She went to do it and quickly change to a wave realizing that it really wasn’t cool. It really is easy to belittle this convention because it has been nothing of substance just a three ring circle. But many didn’t expect too much since the nominee is nothing but a reality star who is clueless. His statement earlier on was so accurate – didn’t matter what he does or says his little minions will follow. The best part of the whole show was Cruz, who stood on principals instead of being a follower like the rest of the party who cannot stand him. Kudos for him.

      • Pedro says:

        How about the video of the woman turning exactly 25° and doing a Nazi salute to a picture of Donald Trump? Because that is what happened. Not a snapshot mid-hand gesture.

    • Or the woman who was holding a banner that said, “No racism, no hate,” and people were surrounding her with an American flag trying to block it from being seen on camera and trying to take it from her. These people are certifiable.