Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Indecent Proposal

Will the police ever catch the Pretty Little Liars? Was Elliott really A.D.? Is Ezra’s dead girlfriend actually alive? All of these questions… will have to wait, because someone is (possibly) getting married!

As promised, the final moments of Tuesday’s episode gave us the #PLLProposal of our damn dreams; Ezra got down on one knee and presented Aria with an engagement ring — and not the fake kind Hanna’s been rocking these past few weeks.

“When you walked through the door after [the five-year time jump], it felt like the last flat stretch of track on a rollercoaster ride right before it comes to a stop,” he told her. “That’s when I knew. I want you in my life, Aria, for the rest of my life, and I don’t ever want to let you go.”

We’ll have to wait a few weeks for Aria’s answer, but at least the episode’s final scene gave us something to mull over until then: Noel Kahn is finally back in Rosewood!

Now that we’ve gotten the episode’s big, romantic moment out of the way, let’s talk about how everyone — both the Liars and their potential enemies — was at their shadiest this week:

* Aria, for deleting Ezra’s call from Nicole off his cell phone because it was “for the best.” (What?) This is honestly the 2016 version of Rachel deleting Emily’s message from Ross’ answering machine on Friends.

* Mary, for telling Alison some ridiculous sob story about how Elliott “double-crossed” her, insisting that he “tricked” her into driving Ali insane and that they’ve since parted ways. (Not going to lie, though, Mary’s looking like one of the less shady characters at this moment.)

* Spencer, for acting like she’d never met Toby’s new boss before — let alone got tender with him in an elevator at the Radley. That said, I kind of loved when she called him Toby-Wan Kenobi. It was real cute.

* A.D., for sending Emily one of my all-time favorite text threats after getting her A- on a test she didn’t even take. Seriously, I want “Thank me later, ungrateful bitch” embroidered on a decorative pillow immediately.

* Sara Harvey, for shadily commending Emily on finishing college: “Must be nice to finish what you started.” Seriously? Who says that to someone in passing?! … Sara’s also on my list for forging a sexy alliance with Jenna. (I nearly lost it during their “Are you a sour girl?” / “Well, I can be!” exchange.)

Your thoughts on this week’s big “Ezria” proposal? Noel Kahn’s return? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. "A" says:

    Another awesome episode !

    I’ve been getting a BAD vibe about her for awhile now but after tonight’s episode Sabrina is on the top of my A.D. list.

    Damn, that ending with Noel, Jenna, and Sara was amazing.

    • "A" says:

      Sooo is there any connection between the drink Emily was learning to make, a Classic Pisco Sour Cocktail aka a Pisco Sour and Sara asking Jenna if she’s a “Sour Girl” to which she replies “Well I can be.”. Also why did Sara smile when Jenna asked for four cherries in here drink ? Was it it a Sour Girls ( A’s mean girl ‘squad’ ) Code ?

      Is there any chance someone was pretending to be Darren Wilden the night he died and he’s actually very much alive and has been pulling the strings from the very beginning

      • Harmony Rose says:

        Sara smiled at Jenna’s cherry comment because they were flirting and Jenna upped the ante with that comment.

    • ezriaforever says:

      Another amazing episode. Noel Kahn coming back and saying “Did you miss me?” was what I was dreaming of and I think the grouping of Sara, Jenna and Noel is perfect and I think things are going to get darker for these girls. Sabrina is someone who I’m starting to suspect as we know new characters on the show never have good intentions. I also believe that Wilden may be alive and that Mary Drake isn’t all that bad.

  2. Caitlin Lopez says:

    I thought this was a good episode and the cliffhanger of Aria not answering Ezra’s proposal yet but I’m hoping that she says yes and I get the Ezria wedding that I’ve been hoping for ever since season 1. I’m wondering if Noel has been working with Archer. I thought for sure that they had murdered Archer but on PLL you can never tell who’s really dead.

  3. Wooster182 says:

    How do they not all have a pact that they have to let each other know they are alive when they want to disappear? My first assumption would be that Caleb is dead or kidnapped.

  4. Eric7740 says:

    OMG! Ezria!!! She better say yes!!! They’re the couple of the show!!! Ezria forever!!!

  5. dan says:

    Andrea Parker needs a new wig. That hairstyle on Mary is atrocious. I can’t pay attention to anything Mary says because I’m too busy staring at that hideous wig. One other thing: what happened to all the mothers? Did they go back to the Delaurentis basement to drink wine and get locked in again? I thought this episode was boring, except for the mystery call from Nicole’s cell phone.

  6. STEPHAN TAPE says:

    I don’t care that Noel Khan is back. Am I the only one? And really, Noel is dumb as a box of rocks and I’m supposed to be delighted that he might be forging an alliance with a blind girl and a spook who can barely use her hands against the likes of the liars?…which includes Mona, and Allison? Season 7 needs to get their $#%/ together!

    • Jordyn says:

      OMG This comment :’D

      “Noel is dumb as a box of rocks”

      Could not agree more. I am tired of Jenna and Sara. When Jenna arrived, my eyes rolled so hard they almost got stuck in the back of my head. Done with her.

    • Harmony Rose says:

      He always seemed like barely a character. Just a face.

  7. lauri5567 says:

    Ezria is my favorite couple so I loved the proposal. I assume Nicole is going to show up at the wedding?
    I like bringing stuff up with Jenna and Wildeb to tie this back to season 1. I’ve been saying the show needs to work Jason and Noel in, so I was thrilled to see him.
    Allison was back to acting bitchy anytime her friends’ lives didn’t revolve around her.
    All in all a good episode!

    • Harmony Rose says:

      Alison was just put through hell and Aria ran off because her boyfriend wouldn’t stop texting her. I don’t consider that acting bitchy.

      • lauri5567 says:

        I thought her comment about not being able to think when Hanna was freaking out about killing someone for Allison was bitchy.

  8. Spence says:

    Okay, officially not watching this show anymore. I could put up with the pedophilia with the hopes he would eventually be arrested or die, but now that they’ll be potentially married, it’s absolutely too much. Repulsive message to send to young girls, repulsive acting, repulsive writing.

    • Jec says:

      I completely agree! Like what rubbish is this show promoting as true love? A man who stalked a woman and her friends for years to write a novel about their supposedly dead BFF he dated? While they’re all teenagers that too. How is that ‘endgame’ or ‘meant to be’? Have these writers forgotten what a pig Ezra is? Just because he can be charming doesn’t make him any less of a creep. And honestly, if the writers respected Aria they wouldn’t stick these two as some bullshit endgame.

  9. Marco says:

    And by romantic you must mean sick and wrong.

  10. Z says:

    “This is honestly the 2016 version of Rachel deleting Emily’s message from Ross’ answering machine on Friends.” Sure, except Emily wasn’t presumed dead, and with no confirmation about her actually being alive or not, and well let’s face it, it looks like she will be, Aria doesn’t know that though and for all she knows it’s a prank or someone who got a hold of Nichole’s phone. Secondly, Rachel erased that message by accident, she hadn’t made a decision yet and Aria just wanted to protect Ezra, if it really was Nichole, she’ll make her presence known soon enough, probably at the Ezria wedding.

  11. lina says:

    Kinda a boring episode for me. I was wondering when sarah would resurface but dang that girl is a bad actress. Noel looks pretty manned up. Not bad. I kinda thought the proposal was a little meh. They just got back together and they don’t seem to have that chemistry they had in the shows beginning. How do you go from being bitter and angry over your dead girlfriend to getting engaged to your highschool lady in the blink of an eye…wasn’t it interesting how they were setting someone up to meet at the dingy apartment and who comes a knocking but toby won kanobi? Seems kinda fishy tobes

    • lina says:

      Oh yeah more bitchy ally please! Bring back her true character. Shes boring all reformed. I perked up a little when she snarled at jenna.

  12. A says:

    I’m pretty sure aria says yes because I remember this one time there were rumors of her getting engaged because she had an engagement ring on her finger and she was like no I’m not but I think she might have forgotten to take it off from when she was shooting a scene or something

  13. Q says:

    Definitely one of the best eps of this season. I love the Ezria proposal, and I’m glad Ali’s finally getting some backbone and fighting back. I only wish that every time creepy Jenna or creepier Sara made snide comments to Emily or any one of the girls, they’d at least have some smart arse comeback instead of standing there, speechless. As for Hanna, I’m hoping she ditches the fake ring, comes clean to her buds and flies solo for awhile and gets back on track as the group’s fearless and funny one cause this messed up version of her is kind of sad. Come on girl! Fight back!

  14. 5654funny says:

    All of mine favorite shows are canceled! Pretty Little Lairs Season 7 is the last Season
    i think it’s a good idea for me to watch other tv shows on tv

  15. lc12345 says:

    Would you be interested in receiving a pillow with that on compliments of my shop? Trying to broaden my horizons ☺️