Pretty Little Liars Proposal Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars Boss Teases 'Extremely Emotional' Proposal

Of all the (many!) new mysteries plaguing Pretty Little Liars fans in Season 7, I would argue that the biggest remains: Which PLL couple will be meeting at the altar?

Hanna and Jordan were the obvious first choice, but now that Ms. Marin is rocking a fake ring on her finger, the sound of wedding bells in her future are growing faint. Following that messy split, Toby and Yvonne seemed like the next potential pairing, especially considering we’ve seen the rock on her finger — and it’s real.

Then came the promo for Tuesday’s episode (Freeform, 8/7c), promising a #PLLProposal that no one would see coming. This means there’s now a third potential couple in the mix:

And while showrunner Marlene King isn’t about to spill the beans, she is dropping a few thoughts about the proposal on Twitter:

Sure, this isn’t exactly a clue as to which character will be getting down on one knee, but it’s fair to assume the proposal will be significant. I mean, King wouldn’t be crying over a couple of nobodies, would she?

Who do you think is popping the question this Tuesday? Drop a comment with your pick(s) below.

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  1. Matt C. says:

    It’s gotta be Aria and Ezra. They’re the only couple that’s actually a “couple” right now. Unless the show really pulls a shocker and has Caleb proposing to Spencer…or Hanna!

  2. Rachel says:

    After the last episode, Spencer and Caleb would be shocking. I love them together. Aria and Ezra would be expected and not shocking.

  3. H says:

    Yes Aria, marry your high school professor:-S

  4. Ronnie says:

    Considering how emotional Caleb was in the last episode, in guessing it’s him and Spencer.

  5. Amy says:

    We’ll probably have the sexual predator proposing to his victim.


  6. Cornelius says:

    It’s got to be Aria and Ezra even though that is such a messed up relationship (even more so when it was revealed he KNEW all the girls before he started teaching in Rosewood with that lame book reveal, cringe galore)

  7. Marie says:

    Lucas to Hannah
    In recent episodes he eyed that Hannah was no longer wearing her ring. other clues from previous episodes have pointed out that he has feelings for her . Maybe that’s the unexpected proposal . If not its Ezra and aria

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      Haha ya!

    • N says:

      Just by the vibes he’s giving off, Lucas strikes me as being more attracted to someone like Caleb or Toby rather than Hanna. He likes Hanna but I don’t think he LIKES-LIKES Hanna in the romantic way….at least that’s how he comes across to me.

  8. Jada says:

    Spencers and caleb (spaleb) definitely she finds him or he comes back and he asks her.

  9. Karina Hernandez says:

    It has to be Caleb and Spencer. They are a cute couple

    • Radha says:

      Please God no.

      • Hanna Marin says:

        Seriously what do u mean on god no they’re so adorable I can’t deny it

        • Aria Montgomery says:

          NOOOOOOOOO. Spencer and Caleb aren’t even as close to as good of a couple as hanna and caleb. Hanna and Caleb dated for 6 years and went through so many things together. Besides, Hanna still has feelings for Caleb after 5 years. Thats powerful. And after the kiss they had I’m almost positive that Caleb still has feelings for her. AND Spencer can’t love caleb that much because she cheated on him last week. Lastly, it doesn’t matter if Caleb is stupid and proposes, if Spencer isn’t a terrible person she wouldn’t say yes because deep down she knows that Caleb and Hanna still have feelings for each other.

          • Haleb4ever says:

            I agree,Caleb belongs with Hanna,they are soulmates and Caleb only started to like Spencer because he lost his true love before that.She made him forget about his break up with Hanna and that’s why he felt good around her.He’s very confused but he’ll figure his stuff out eventually and then he’ll realize that he actually loves Hanna and that he never stopped loving her.

  10. Hanna Marin says:

    Spencer and Caleb!!!

  11. "A" says:

    Liam will propose to Aria.

  12. Caitlin Lopez says:

    In my opinion, I’m hoping that the proposal is Ezria because they’re the only couple that makes sense.

  13. I say that it is Ezra and Aria love them as a couple

  14. Goldenvibefan says:

    It’s gonna be Hanna and Lucas. Woah what? Yea you heard me.

  15. Dani says:

    I hope it’s Aria and Ezra. Another option is Spencer and Caleb, but I really don’t support that couple. I’d love to see Hanna and Caleb together again! ♡

  16. Rebecca says:

    Hanna and caleb!!!!!! #haleb

  17. sarah j says:

    Ezra and Aria was my first thought but it most likely will be Caleb and Spencer and I am so NOT Team Spaleb..

  18. Emma says:


  19. Lilli says:

    i think caleb will propose to hanna…

  20. Kathy stone says:

    Well, I’m a little late with my comment since we now know who proposed, but I’m just happy it wasn’t Caleb and Spencer!!! I’ve always been team Caleb and Hannah.