Did Outlander's Claire Barely Age? Best Big Brother Blindside in Ages? Did Suits Deliver High Comedy? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, Match Game, 12 Monkeys and Suits!

1 | On Girl Meets World, did Shawn and Katy’s engagement feel rushed given that we’ve never even seen them on a date? Or is that just something we have to accept if Rider Strong is only appearing in a couple of episodes per season?

2 | Were you surprised that Outlander was able to fit so much of the 1968 story into its Season 2 finale? And didn’t Claire look really good for two decades having passed?

3 | Really, Match Game? Matching “SPARE ____” wins me $25,000?? Is there any second option besides “TIRE”…?Big Brother

4 | Was evicting Bronte to save Tiffany the best Big Brother blindslide in recent years? And while last week we guessed Tiffany was secretly her sister Vanessa from BB17, don’t Nicole and Michelle look more like twins now? (The casting directors are definitely messing with our heads!)

5 | Was the “freestyle” rap about The Bachelorette‘s Alex, by his quintet of bus-locked competitors, the most egregiously scripted moment in franchise history? (If “no,” please tell us what moments could possibly beat it for such a dubious honor!)

6 | Place your bets, 12 Monkeys fans: Who do you think is The Witness?

7 | Did The Fosters‘ Brandon even ask his girlfriend if he could move in with her and her son?

8 | Is Major Crimes more entertaining when the prime suspect is brilliant, or dumb as a box of rocks (as was the case with this week’s dentist)? Also, how random was that Paula Poundstone cameo?!

9 | Where did the Pretty Little Liars get the shovels they used to bury Elliott? At this point, should we just assume they are always prepared to (oftentimes literally) cover up a murder?

10 | If ABC renews To Tell the Truth, can we lose the interactions with Anthony Anderson’s mom? There was no such element on the original series, and cutting out those asides would allow more time for, you know, the actual game.

11 | Does Dead of Summer really need flashbacks every week?

Zoo12 | Hey, Zoo’s Jamie and Logan — maybe zip up your hoods when arguing about the brutal, “negative degrees” temps? And does anyone really think the CBS series will let James Wolk’s Oz get mutant-like levels of ugly?

13 | If you happened upon Tuesday’s NCIS rerun, did it underscore how much more might have been done with Jeanne Benoit during Michael Weatherly’s farewell run?

14 | Is there a way for Tyrant to be a smidgen more clear about when Arabic is (theoretically) being spoken? Like, when Fauzi is giving a dense classroom lecture, are we to assume it is (theoretically) being translated in real-time to Sammy?

15 | Would Maya & Emma be preferable Suits - Season 6to Maya & Marty?

16 | Suits‘ partners getting lit up: hilarious, or out of place in the episode?

17 | Would Mr. Robot have us believe that none of the passersby tried to grab a stack of bills from the huge pile the E Corp dude dumped onto a sidewalk? Especially seeing he was about to torch them??

18 | Were you surprised when American Gothic went the kinky route with the would-be mayor, her husband and her lesbian lover?

19 | Which ESPYs tribute did you find more powerful: the Black Lives Matter cold open or the taped piece honoring deceased Arthur Ashe Award for Courage recipient Zaevon Dobson?Wayward Pines

20 | Do we have the option of watching that local Wayward Pines stage show instead of Season 2?

21 | Are the Emmy voters just going to snub one member of Kimmy Schmidt‘s central triumvirate each year? If so, who wants to break it to Tituss Burgess that he shouldn’t bother setting his alarm next time?

22 | Is this summer’s coolest TV secret that Beauty and the Beast has worked off the same script ever single week?

23 | Can USA Network’s Playing House hurry up and come back for Season 3 already? We’re dying to know what happens with Emma and Mark!

24 | A thought for fall: If Quantico‘s Alexkfc-colonel-delete is now a CIA agent, can we look forward to her sporting Sydney Bristow-esque wigs/get-ups once Season 2 starts?

25 | Just to be clear, they’re using a grotesque, sunburned colonel to hawk “extra crispy” chicken?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Babybop says:

    3: My boyfriend’s first thought was actually “change”. But I thought “Ball and ______” had no other answers and the guy who had it guessed, “Bat”, so people are dumber than you think.

    23: Yes yes and yes I miss it so much!

  2. Ian says:

    1) Girl, bye. (#TeamAngela FOR.EVER. Point blank AND the period.)
    2) LOL, both Claire and Jamie are still going to have to be ATTRACTIVE as middle-aged people.
    22) Whew! The shade!

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    The Big Brother blindside was lame. Frank and Bridgette weren’t really all that surprised and they blabbed and told Bronte and Natalie before the vote so no, no where near the best. And now they are all running around regretting their decision. My fav is still Dan blindsiding Shane in season 14.

    On 12 Monkeys I’ve been thinking for awhile now that The Witness is Cassey from another time line but I’m probably way off.

  4. antisocialbutterflie says:

    24: Would Alex’s hair even fit under a wig cap?

  5. Tom says:

    23 | Can USA Network’s Playing House hurry up and come back for Season 3 already? We’re dying to know what happens with Emma and Mark!
    That’s still a thing? I refuse to believe we live in a world where people find something Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair have done is funny.

  6. EPMusic says:

    6. I’m throwing this out there – a child conceived by Cassie & Cole in 1958 (or whatever year that moment was in the finale), making that moment in that house important, which is why she was given those visions of it over and over. Or possibly Cassie or Cole from a different timeline.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      The child idea has been floating around for a few weeks now. I actually like that idea better than mine but how would that work? No one would recognize them and I just feel like they are working up to a big reveal. Hopefully we find out in the finale’ next week.

      • EPMusic says:

        I have no idea honestly how that would work but this is a sci fi time travel show so anything is possible. I don’t need it to be logical to enjoy the show haha

      • johnhelvete says:

        I dont see why the Witness could not be a character that is known to the audience and also Cole/Cassie’s son or daughter. The Cole and Cassie from 2044 dont know they have a child until they actually have the child in 1958 (or whatever year).

    • Antoinette says:

      6 | Place your bets, 12 Monkeys fans: Who do you think is The Witness? I was actually thinking it could be Ramse’s son..I am just saying..they completely have abandoned mentioning him and I think its on purpose..I did muddle around with the thought that it could be Cassie and Coles grandchild maybe. Child would be pretty far fetched unless unless they give birth to a child and still have the time travel serum in their system and the child is born with it. Is that too sci-fi?! LOL

  7. Alichat says:

    2) How old did people expect her to look? She is only 50. I was more bothered by the grey in her hair instead of the gold, lightened bits in her hair that was described in the book. Plus the grey just looked fake.
    8) That cameo was a bit startling and random
    22) Depends on your definition of cool
    24) How hard will it be to pack all of that hair under a wig?!?

  8. tvgeek says:

    6. I was thinking after Rames son disappeared that he was The Witness. But now I think it’s the child of Cole and Cassie.

    • EPMusic says:

      Ohh that could work too, hadn’t thought about the possibility of it being Ramses son but was wondering where exactly he was.

  9. Amanda says:

    #16 Loved it! They are on the verge of losing everything, why not do something a bit out of character.

    #23 Yes! Please hurry!!

  10. tallsy says:

    5. Just this year on The Bachelorette had Chad coming back to the house after being eliminated.
    11. Last week’s flashbacks on Dead of Summer were good, because they showed how Alex fits into a mystery. The two others were terrible because they weren’t compatible with the show’s genre.

  11. LAwoman says:

    15. Yes, yes it would.

  12. Dr.Bombay says:

    8. Don’t know…but my enjoyment of the episode is higher the less Rusty is featured.

    • Dr.Bombay says:

      And before anyone accuses me of being homophobic, I’m gay. He’s just so Damn annoying and I don’t care about his bio-mom.

  13. Jason says:

    2) Consdering the fact that she’ll need to look as such for the shows remainder, they would obviously choose a make-up that’s easy for them to do on a daily basis. Plus, Claire and Jamie still need to look hot together. Middle age is always harder for make-up artists to pull off than old age. I remember reading about the trouble that the Harry Potter films had at the end over the same problem. I suppose it’s because the changes need to be very subtle without being so infinitesimal that no one notices any difference.

  14. Rachel says:

    6 – I think the witness is Cassie and Cole’s child. Bow chicka!

  15. HAP says:

    #21- Not going to shed a tear for Jane, but all along I felt that Ellie truly got snubbed last year. She is not only delightful in the show, but she is the title character of a show that was nominated last year.

    As for Titus, he has nothing to worry about next year.

  16. gayle says:

    #23 Has there been any announcement for when Playing House is coming back? I need this show in my life.

  17. Kim R says:

    8. Major Crimes – Totally random cameo, right? haha
    13 NCIS – my first thought to your question was that it is beating a dead horse. I wouldn’t have wanted to see Tony break a marriage up as one of his exit scenarios so I am good with the choices the writers made.
    22. BATB – It has been irritating me. So much. If I hear one more speech of how they have to hang in there I’m going to use my remote. :)

  18. Max says:

    #10 – Yes please. And cut out that ridiculous tweet for the losing celebrity shtick.

  19. Rster says:

    2. Caitriona Balfe is 36, playing someone that went from approximately 27 to 47. They didn’t need to age her that much to get her appearance to the point of her current age in the show. Sam Heughan will need to be aged even less as he is 35 playing a 21 year old. His age on the show in season 3 will reach up to 41. They cast actors significantly older than the characters that they played in seasons 1 and 2 so they won’t need to do much aging now. There is also the fact the one of the books actually talks about Claire not having appeared to age much beyond a little grey in her hair.

    • Kate says:

      Claire was 27 when she got to 1743, stayed 3 years, and came back to 1948. It’s now 1968, making her 50. The ages of the actors themselves is irrelevant, since we’re talking about the CHARACTERS aging by 20 years. Even aging “very well” would be a little more than a few fake-looking grey streaks in her hair; they didn’t have to have her look OLD, but they didn’t do anything to her face at all. A woman who spent so much time outside before the advent of sunscreen would at least have a line or two! Catriona Balfe would still be plenty attractive if they’d made her look even her own age, but 50-year-old Claire barely looks 30 with white clown makeup combed through her hair…

      • Debby says:

        They gave her fine crows feet.

        • Eilidh says:

          Granted, I don’t have a 50-inch TV, but I’ve now watched the episode 3 times and can’t see them. Unless you mean when she smiles, in which case she already has those at age 30 when getting off the plane in Boston (if not sooner – I only noticed those because it’s on the recap and I was looking for them). I can’t see a single difference after 20 years except the grey hair and heavier eyeshadow.

          • Christy Snell says:

            Sorry, but my mom is 64 and gets mistaken as my sister all the time. And I’m only 40. Some people just age well.

  20. Gail says:

    In the books Jamie and Claire had not aged much in looks or their shapes. .They have a lot of adventures to endure and some people at 40’s up still look very youthful. So do not age them too much in the series.

  21. Carol G says:

    14. Is it possible, since not much has been said about Abuddin’s history, that they were once under the British empire and that English was (is) the official language and spoken by most of its inhabitants and academics, like many northern African countries and French? Basam’s mother was English, and there seems to be a heavy English presence in the country (the newscasters, for example). Or maybe Sammy learned Arabic elsewhere? Or maybe this is an international cast and even phonetic Arabic is difficult, or too many subtitles get to be a pain?

  22. Katherine says:

    1. The latter. Rider Strong seems to have veered more into directing than on-screen time, so looks like we’ll have to make do with just a handful of Shawn appearances. Which is alright, given that this show is truly about the younger generation. I’m more curious which BMW characters will show up for the wedding! (please be Turner please be Turner…)

  23. patrickmaloney33 says:

    6. How could it be anyone but Cole?
    17. Better question is “does this lend credence to the prison theory?”

  24. Megs says:

    1. I feel like on original BMW the adults story lines often seemed rushed. They weren’t central characters. (Like, did anyone really care that much about Alan and Amy Matthews?) But at the same time, Shawn is a staple character that at least a portion of the audience is emotionally invested in. I feel like the Katy/Shawn pairing is such an obvious TV trope, but also not something I would put past Disney to feed to us.

    3. Spare… The air? Spare… me the details? Spare… no expense? I mean, clearly “Spare Tire” is the best choice, but there are other options!

    6. If I had to guess, I’d say The Witness is Cole. Specifically when his friend from 1957 says to him, when speaking about the red forest, “You should know this better than anyone.” Why did dude say that? Plenty of clues… Which also makes me wonder if my assumption is too obvious. Thrilling! My favorite part about TV shows vs. films.

    9. The season of PLL is losing me. I don’t know if it’ll be able to compete with some of the newer shows coming up this Fall. Definitely past its prime and essentially a spin off of itself… Is that a thing? Maybe it should be!

    12. They would never do that to James Wolk. That would end horribly. He’s the most eye-candy that show has going for it! Him, and the CGI animals…

    15. Emma Stone is hilarious, but does she have to ability to churn out consistently? I’m not saying she doesn’t, and I’d love to see her prove it!

    20. Give Wayward Pines a break! The show completely shifted focus from being about the people in a strange town, to being about the world outside of a strange town and the evolved species beyond its walls. It’s way more sci-fi than mystery thriller, and I’m thinking a lot of the audience is turned off by that. I, for one, look forward to learning about our Abby Overlords.

  25. MMD says:

    #16 Ithought it was totally appropriate and hilarious. It made them more vulnerable and thus more human. It was a nice change from the normal Scotch or whatever because it was out of left field.

  26. Care says:

    25. I agree he’s gross, but the joke is that it’s George Hamilton as the Colonel hawking the extra crispy chicken, not just some sunburned guy.

  27. mooshki says:

    12. It has always driven me nuts that in the first X-Files movie, Mulder is freezing to death but doesn’t pull up his hood. I get that they didn’t want to cover up Duchovney’s hotness, but it pushed my suspension of disbelief way too far.

  28. danoregon says:

    Ribs, parts, change….

  29. Spare ribs, spare key, spare parts, spare change

  30. PatriciaLee says:

    25. Wasn’t that George Hamilton, and wasn’t that the joke? Suntan dude and all that.

  31. Deed Hamma says:

    2. They really need to be on top of hair (and) makeup department. Claire’s grey hair kept changing way too much from scene to scene. It was so/too obvious that it was phony. That small detail should have been painstakingly managed. We all know it’s just a TV program, but let’s nail that downfor each season.