Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin on Emmy Noms: 'Outlander Was Robbed'

If you were among those Sassenachs bummed that Starz’s Outlander didn’t get any major Emmy nominations Thursday, you’re in very good, very prolific company.

Outlander was robbed,” Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin wrote in a response to someone who commented on his LiveJournal on Friday. “All three leads were amazing… especially Tobias Menzies in his double role as Frank and Black Jack.”

The scribe’s original post — first reported on by Vulture —  concerned itself with HBO and its signature series based on his books, which “kicked a– and took names,” he wrote. The dragon drama racked up 23 total nominations, including Outstanding Drama and three slots in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama category.

“In the acting categories, Game of Thrones had its best year yet,” Martin added, later saying, “it made me especially happy to see Kit [Harington, who was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama] and Maisie [Williams, who was one of the aforementioned supporting actress nominees] get some love from the Academy at last. About damn time, I say.”

Martin’s love for Starz’s time-travel saga isn’t especially surprising; he and Outlander author Diana Gabaldon have been friends for years.

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  1. ABG says:

    I agree about his comment on Sophie Turner. She deserved it more than Maisie (this year; Maisie was easily a highlight of the show for most of it’s run but she was stuck on a messy storyline this year). Honestly she also did far more than Emilia this year.

    • Jim says:

      I like Sophie but I don’t agree. She isn’t a particularly good actress. She does fine and she’s very watchable, just not anything above and beyond.

    • Lala says:

      What GOT fans need to realize is, this was the redemption arc we had waited for so long for Sansa’s character but her performance was fine. None of her scenes jumped outright to be especially wow. Unlike Arya…she may have been stuck in a messy storyline but the academy is not looking at storylines but performance which Maisie knocked out of the park each time..her blind fights, her chase with the waif and even her season finale scene was outstanding..better than most of Sansa’s scenes. And then with Emilia Clarke I’m guessing she entered her episode were she burnt those men to a crisp and she came out naked & un-burnt….that was a great scene and she deserves this nomination.

  2. Alichat says:

    Well now…..I think I like this George R R Martin person! Outlander was robbed!!

  3. Preacher Book says:

    Hey George ?! Whatcha doin watchin’ TV instead of finishing off those books, huh??? Get yer a$$ back to work !!!

  4. Malissa R. says:

    I’m trying to figure out who Ron Moore has p*ss3d off. From what I’ve heard, his previous show, Battlestar Galactica was very popular and acclaimed. It was also shunned from award recognition. Now Outlander is getting very little recognition as well and deserves much more attention than it is getting, from every angle. Sure, those involved say the recognition is not important and it’s the work that counts, but it has to be disappointing. I can tell you the fans are disappointed for them. All involved have contributed to a brilliant product and the fans appreciate it if their peers do not.

    • Whatever says:

      I’m not say the Emmy has sexist taste but they do prefer shows that are generally white male journey. Outlander is a sci-fi (time travel) romantic drama, with the major leads looking like fashion models. They never stand a chance, no matter how good they are.

      • Gregory House says:

        So are they sexist only when it comes to dramas or do different voters select the comedy nominees which are more than fairly represented with female headed shows?

  5. Leo Berry says:

    It was robbed because voters prefer to nominated misogynistic piece of trash like his show

    • Gregory House says:

      In a season where the female characters are all prominently rising to power, the claim of misogyny has never been more dubious for Game of Thrones.
      And how many men been raped and brutalized in Outlander in just two seasons?

      • LordZoldemort says:

        Actually there have been multiple cases of men and boys getting raped in Outlander. Check your facts

  6. Guest says:

    Thank you George! As much as I ADORED game of thrones this year and they definitely deserve all nods that they got, Cait’s performance throughout the entire episode titled “Faith” should have absolutely got her nominated for best actress. Never have I cried harder from a TV show and I did during Faith.

  7. Anton says:

    So happy for Kit!

  8. Ruth says:

    The Outlander TV series will have its day (and beyond) of that I’m sure. To me Outlander is to the Narnia Chronicles as Game of Thrones is to Lord of the Rings (dont get pissed off yet; I’m not saying they’re ‘up there’ with those literary classics as such!)

    What I mean is that there’s an epic grandeur to Game of Thrones, whereas Outlander is more up close and personal; much of its beauty lies in the psychological insight and well realised characters against the epic backdrop (though both draw on history for inspiration, Outlander reflects real events, so the tone is very different). To me it’s for similar reasons that Narnia seems more ‘real’ than Lord of the Rings, yet both are excellent, gripping stories. Narnia’s magic was grounded in the close, atmospheric or emotional descriptions (the ordinariness of the Beavers serving up fresh caught fried fish, for example, or the realistic, petty arguments between siblings) Lord of the Ring’s magic is in the brilliant realisation of a complex imaginary world.

    Obviously in Outlander the ‘door’ to other worlds is comparitive to Narnia. It has resonant Celtic origins (Tír na nOg).

    Probably no-one agrees! But having been a C.S. Lewis fan all my life, I was struck by the fact that the emotional reaction I had to Outlander was similar to that of the Narnia stories, and though Gabaldon has pointed out why Outlander is not a romance in the usual sense, at the same time my reaction to her books, and the Narnia Chronicles is romantic in a sense – idealistic, a sort of yearning for a better world perhaps, amidst the grizzly reality of war.

    Gabaldon reflects the realities of war in a similar way to Lewis (who lived through it) there’s no glamour in it – there’s the sense of proving your mettle, but what haunts is the bitterness of defeat and loss whether you ‘win’ or lose. To quote Larkin: ‘what survives of us is love’

  9. Edwards says:

    Kit Harington has been nominated but not Tobias Menzies?!!!!!
    Is this a joke? Or a freaking nightmare…?

  10. Lone Ranger says:

    Once again the Emmy Academy has disqualified itself by snubbing Outlander.
    I hope next year all good quality TV series will snub the Academy and do not send in any application.