Bones Recap

Bones Recap: Eye Can See

Forget the diamond at the center of Bones‘ latest murder plot. The real gem in Thursday’s episode is Booth in his glasses!

The G-man is experiencing some vision troubles — “You’re beginning to look like a squint,” Aubrey notes, much to Booth’s displeasure — but he stubbornly refuses to accept the severity of his condition. It takes misreading a case file as being in French for him to finally see a doctor. Brennan is a fan of the new frames, while her hubby thinks he looks nerdy and insists they’re just temporary.

“You look hot,” Brennan insists. “What’s wrong with looking intelligent? Brains and looks can go hand in hand.”

Amen, sister. Besides, if your wife thinks you’re attractive in them, you should listen to her and wear them all the time, because it means you will get lucky. “They were sexy, Booth,” Brennan repeats back at home. “I was kind of hoping you would wear them to bed… I was hoping you’d wear them and nothing else.” Oh la la!

Elsewhere, Hodgins has a big breakthrough in his physical therapy. When things begin to mysteriously fall over around him, he thinks it’s because of earthquake tremors. Daisy, however, suggests it might be a ghost, which Hodgins finds ludicrous. “If someone’s giving you a message, I don’t want you to miss it,” she says, explaining how a vision of Sweets helped her to move on. Hodgins is only open to the idea of ghosts if it has a scientific basis, so Daisy sets out to collective evidence. But instead of a poltergeist, she discovers fibers from Hodgins’ shoes on the table legs, meaning a muscle spasm caused him to kick it. In other words, he may be on his way to taking his first step!

As for this week’s case, it’s something of an international affair, complete with a French inspector (The Originals‘ Sebastian Roche), Pink Panther impressions and To Catch a Thief references. The team’s victim is the wife of the Marquis de Chaussin (Devious Maids‘ Gilles Marini) — and a jewel thief. She was stealing in order to buy back her husband’s heirlooms, which he had to sell off after falling on hard times. She met her end when her partner in crime, who had fallen in love with her, wasn’t too pleased about her decision to come clean to her spouse.

What did you think of the “The Jewel in the Crown”?

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  1. kmw says:

    Well it wasn’t their best episode however and I never thought I would say this but Daisy saved this episode from being bad. That last scene with Hodgins was unexpected and her experience about seeing Sweets was touching. Also the last car scene and last scene at home also made this episode better. Booth does indeed look hot in those glasses. Poor Brennan next week it looks like it is going to be very creepy.

    • heather says:

      Have to agree, filler ep, the case wasn’t even that enthralling…Aubrey really came across, to me, like a disrespectful ass to Booth throughout the episode, let’s remember who the agent is that has over 20 years on the clock as FBI agent.

      I thought the Hodgins & Daisy scenes were so touching, Daisy has matured so much and it was a joy to watch …and I loved how she mentioned Sweets, damn I miss him on the team. And Hodgins moved his legs a tiny bit!! Yes!

      B&B were great… Booth’s glasses got more attention than the ep narrative itself, that tells me everything I need to know. Lol.

      I think they struggle to give Booth a decent & plausible plot to cover David’s absence…when he got his glasses he was perfectly capable to work the case, but yet he was still absent…so it didn’t work for me.

      The promo for next week looked amazing!! Lol

      I don’t have to like & gush over every Bones ep, right? Good.

      Like I said, next week looks amazing!

  2. Kia says:

    I enjoyed this episode a great deal. Especially the character interaction, the case was strong and intriguing, but after all, it’s the characters that make the show. The Hodgins “ghost” plost was fun at first and I couldn’t wait to find out what’s really going on, so the final scene was very emotional. TJ was fantastic. Aubrey was rather hilarious the whole time, and his scenes with Booth were some of my favourites. I absolutely laughed at the two scenes with Brennan and Hodgins where he was talking in accent because of the movies. And last but not least, B&B were as always, their car scenes made me laugh lot and I loved the closing of the case interrogation at the end. And obviously, the last scene was the biggest highlight. Impossible not to love these two… Huh, what am I forgetting… oh right Booth did look HOT/SEXY in those glasses. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing him wear it like all the time… or at least for reading, because he looks that good, but the little we got in this episode was enough and in the end, I’m just glad he’s going to be okay.

  3. Eric H says:

    Who at Fox thought it’d be a great idea to have the show go on a 4-month hiatus and then wind up finishing the season in late July?

    • kmw says:

      FOX has never cared about Bones at least not in the way we want them to care. Bones is only still on the air because of the money they are making in syndication. The fact that Bones even has the audience it does is just amazing. Lawsuit or not FOX hasn’t promoted them in ages ( and look at last night FOX couldn’t even manage in their commercial for their fall shows to tack on a winter remnder tht Bones is coming to an end). And of course Bones got bumped off their fall schedule for a show they supposedly like but they put Rosewood in front of it which is not going to help Pitch at all. We shall see IF Bones gettts any promotion leading up to near the end of their run starting in January. I am not holding my breath on that one. Oh well hopefully Peterson and the rest of their writers actually make Booth and Brennan the focus next season not anyone else

    • Morisot says:

      Eric H — you said it! I was shocked to see that it was a new episode. (We at least caught the last 5 minutes!) What are these people thinking?

  4. Nancy says:

    Well, they didn’t get the plum schedule at Fox, I suppose Emily and David suing Fox didn’t help matters!
    I’m just happy we have a few more episodes.
    This one was not a favorite. Next one looks creepy. Maybe too creepy for Bones! We shall see.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I never thought I’d say it but I just love Aubrey, and the dynamic he’s added to the show. I still miss Lance, but he is a very nice addition. I will be sad to see this series end next season. It has been a great run! I’m not sure if anybody else remembers it, but there was a critic who predicted it would be the first new show to be canceled when it debuted. He was so wrong!!