Zoo Recap Chloe Dies

Zoo Recap: Stopping for Gas

Did the CBS promo guy dupe us all?

Promos for this Tuesday’s Zoo warned us that by the end of the episode, “one of these people won’t survive.” And based on the flurry of faces that flashed on-screen, I surely was not alone in deeming General Davies as disposable.

But was team member Chloe the actual casualty…?

This week’s hour found Mitch, Oz et al in pursuit of a Phase 2-mutated sloth that may have played a role in an earthquake, by generating an extremely guttural growl. Hacking into a satellite, Chloe tracks the sloth to a building in Vancouver… which then begins shaking and quaking, and ultimately collapsing to the ground — but not before Davies and his goons flee with the critter.

The cause of the collapse: extremely industrious moles, working in concert (?) with their sloth pal.

The team then tracks the sloth to Reiden HQ, where they plot to infiltrate a fancy party and “steal” a scientist’s heart print, to gain access to a secure lab area. Amazingly, everyone — even newcomer Dariela — is able to very quickly pull together party-appropriate attire (and piecey up-dos). When the plan to slip the sci guy a mickey goes south (Mitch’s says it “shoulda worked,” based on his experience with… a llama), Dariela gets the idea to steal (using a handheld mic) the general’s heart print. Thing is, he saw her on last week’s particle accelerator security cam, so that jig is quickly up. But Dariela pulls a gun (from a, ahem, thigh holster) and forces the general to get them into the secure area.

There, Mitch Zooand Oz go one way, to find the sloth, while Dariela and Chloe go the other direction, where they find the two gasses that figure into the uber-deadly Noah’s Objective: one toxic, the other a stabilizer. A gunfight with Davies’ soldiers ensues, and Dariela does a nifty job of picking them off — but not before a stray bullet pierces the tank of toxic gas. Chloe does her best to follow Dariela out the air lock to safety, but she is too slow, and gets trapped inside, to die.

To die, after having just told Oz she loves him.

To die, unable to relay the message that Jamie headed to Caraquet.

Then again, does Chloe have some life left in her, based on next week’s promo? Or is that just taunting us with her last few dying breaths?

What did you think of this week’s Zoo, and Season 2 to date?

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  1. dan says:

    I’m getting a Scooby Doo vibe from the gang with their supersonic jet, their nifty party clothes, and their scientific gadgets that always lead them in the right direction. And I’m tired of the Canadian forest storyline with what’s-her-name. Time to bring the gang together and start solving the mystery. As for Chloe, it certainly seemed like she died…until the coming attractions for next week. I will admit that the alligator in the tunnel freaked me out! On the other hand, the CGI of the building imploding was laughable, especially with people running along the sidewalk without any problems from the collapsing building just a few steps away.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The best part of the massive building that tidily collapsed was how the team was able to walk right up to the perimeter of the crater immediately after. No rubble, no air thick with dust.

  2. James D says:

    I got the biggest case of willies during the mole scene and I don’t get freaked out easily, or really at all, but for some reason they really freaked me out :) I agree the building collapse was pretty laughable. I will be very disappointed if Chloe is really dead she was one of my favorite characters on the show.

    • James Foley says:

      Losing Chloe was a mistake. I don’t care if I watch the show or not. After watching the current episode (Chloe is now dead) and the direction I see it going in I’m losing interest The two new characters ( the guy Jamie brought in and the woman GI Joe ) are boring at best.

  3. H.H. says:

    This show took a nosedive. The first season was tolerable for the summer drought, but it went full on ridiculous. I give up. It’s too stupid to watch.

  4. drb999 says:

    This show is slowly getting a case of the Under the Domes IOW, incredibly stupid. The cgi this season is just laughable. If Chloe dies it will piss me off. The new woman is extremely irritating.

    • I don’t like this Dariela character very much either. She’s indeed tough and brave, but she always allows her emotion to guide her action and not think about the consequence.

    • Rosellen says:

      Oh yes that new woman has to go. Without Chloe taking all the chances and her high intelligence from that to an annoying idiot who shoots ok dumb. Let’s get to the problem and end this.

      • Robert Lafayette says:

        I really like Joanne Kelly from warehouse 13 and suspect she’ll be a new regular on the show.

        Yes ZOO is fiction, this is clear, actually it’s fiction with all capitals: FICTION.

        Iintroducing Daniela — the writers in my opinion have gone too far; and then taking away Chloe the writers have even gone further .

        I’m working hard to keep an open mind about the show because I do recognize it is fiction but it’s not the kind of fiction that keeps my attention anymore since the writers took away who I consider one of the centerpieces of the casts’ ensemble.

        If Daniello was in the military as supposedly she was a Ranger, we’d be in real trouble but then again it is fiction.

        Perhaps Chloe will come back and now late in the state of suspended animation from the chemical gas she ingested.

  5. I hope Chloe will be OK in the next episode, if not, I’m going to be pissed. I’d rather Dariela switch position with Chloe.

    That building collapsing scene is far from a real building collapse, but it’s not too big a deal. I still love the suspense of the story.

  6. Penn says:

    This show is now “on probation” with me. Next week will be the deciding factor. I detest the new character – her shooting that man point blank really bothered me. If Chloe is dead and Jaimie doesn’t get back with Mitch, I’m done. This show isn’t fun any more.

  7. Gerri says:

    I’m still on board this show for the summer. I do hope Chloe is okay. Was this poison gas going to kill everything? or just people and animals with Mutations? Speaking of which if they mess with Mr Wolk by making him Mutate at all I will be very upset.
    Yes Happy Jamie is driving to safety. Hopefully that works out. (weird Chloe is the vision she saw in the forest and not Mitch)
    Building Collapse I thought looked odd, but then when it turned out to be the moles I figured I have no idea how it would collapse in the situation.

    • Yola says:

      Maybe that was Chloe’s spirit reaching out to Jamie? It made sense to me since Chloe was the one who located where Jamie was going via the satellites.

  8. Yola says:

    Lose Logan and Dariela. Unnecessary additions to the show.

  9. Killing Chloe makes no sense. Unless the writers think they can swop her out with Dariela – who like most here have already said, is annoying as hell. I’m also tired of the Jamie in the forest SL. The show works when the gang is together, solving whatever implausible happenstance is upon them. The current issue is that I feel the writers are writing themselves into a corner. Things are so fantastical, so over the top, I have no idea how they are even going to solve half of these issues.

    • Donzia says:

      I agree. I was sort of ready to tolerate Dariela, but I’m going to have to let Zoo go, if Chloe is actually dead, and it appears that she is. I don’t care about the team if she’s gone! Sorry.😔

  10. Jane Akl says:

    Really beyond crazy and just too much!!! They need to bring the team together,I am done with Canada and this rrediculous Jamie adventure! No one gets their toe chopped off and keeps on trekking through Canada! I hope they did not kill off Chole because she at least makes sense! I really think they need to bring this together soon because I fear another season may be a stretch!!!!!

  11. modwildtv says:

    Wow. You guys are a bunch of spoil sports. So many complaints. How can you hate the absolute brilliance of this cheese? The point this season is they’re fully embracing the cheese and not trying to be scientifically accurate and create real scenarios. I was worried for Kristen Bell. If she was watching when the shot the sloth. Oooh! Loved Jamie burning the money. Why not the bag? Not the money! Loved the crap cartoon General Davies used to show the damage the gas would do. I thought Dariela looked kick arse shooting in the hallway and very compassionate crying, trying to get Chloe out. And, hello! We saw Jackson’s bare chest. Sigh. What more could we want out of a summer series!! It’s practically perfect in a Sharknado way.

    • Love your comments and totally agree. It’s supposed to be a fun drama – much like a Patterson read. It’s not real- everybody needs to lighten up!

      • modwildtv says:

        It better be like a Patterson read, since it’s based on one of his books. Reading fluff is as fun as taking on a classic. Zoo isn’t supposed to be The Sopranos. It doesn’t try to be, and I love it all the more for it. I’m glad others do, too!

    • I was also thinking about Kristin Bell. LOL!

      • modwildtv says:

        I went to far as to think if she cried mascara onto her shirt, she could run it over to her groovy washing machine with a sink built in and fix that stain pronto! I’m a little bit too into Kristin Bell and Dax Shepherd. Hehe

  12. Robert Lafayette says:

    The supposed ranger, Dariela, who joined the crew is an insult to the uniform. She behaves irrationally. She’d never pass muster. And she reacted too soon to save Chloe. What gives? I know the show is somewhat unrealistic but when I see someone like Dariela behaving as she is, it just takes the fun out of watching the show

  13. RS says:

    I think this show is doing everything pretty much exactly right, and I’m still having a blast with it. Don’t really care for Logan, but the show’s also not trying to make me like him. I want Jamie and Mitch back together, but I think it’ll be worth the wait and meanwhile they’re giving Jamie a hero’s story with everything she’s had to endure and survive, which makes me really proud of calling her my favorite.

    I did not like Dariela at first, but by allowing most of the characters to also dislike her and having her prove useful to the team, the slow transition to redeeming her is a good one and it’s working on me. I will definitely be upset if they kill Chloe, and think it’d be a mistake, but it won’t drive me out because this show is such nonstop action and the rest of the cast is so strong.

  14. Catherine Blizard says:

    Do not like the possibility of Chloe dying.

    Also, in the scenes with Jaime in New Brunswick – there are no “snow capped Rockies” in that province nor boreal forest. Those scenes had to shot in B.C.

  15. Kelly Klein says:

    I hope that Chloe doesn’t die. She is like the Finch of the show so she cannot die. She also adds spunk to the show. And all the good characters like Root and Mr. Resse have been killed. So Chloe cannot die.

  16. chuckfanforever says:

    Why Chloe…man that will just SUCK …I mean the Hot French Girl is the best part of the show!!!!!!

  17. Emma says:

    Chloe and all the main actors survive bc their IMDB says they’re in 26 episodes, which would mean two seasons. :)

  18. Sam says:

    I really dont want Chloe to die. Dariela tho. Sure. Chloe is essential to the show so if she actually dies . I’ll just flip.

  19. Linda Ann says:

    Please do something to save her!

  20. sylvia gordon says:

    If Chloe dies I will no longer watch zoo, her character is the best on the show I was hoping the new girl would be the one to go because I and a lot others think she is hard headed, aggressive and not a team player she closed the doors on Chloe she could have waited a few minutes. how do the writers bring on a new person who takes over the whole team in such a negative way.

  21. Monica King says:

    Very upset chloe dies off , her character was amazing. ..dariela’s character should have been the one to die off .

  22. Tracy Pipins says:

    Not happy about the loss of Chloe!

  23. Donna says:

    Sucks that they killed of Chloe, she was an intricate part of the show. Find a way to bring her back

  24. Lisa Marie DiTullio says:

    I WAS WAITING FOR CLHOE ‘to pop up’ at the end of the episode and be alive because she was injected with some kind of ‘delayed’ potion!


    Please bring back Chloe! 😫😫😫

  25. clone trooper360 says:

    Chloe is dead

  26. cindyminaidis says:

    We are so disapointed about chole dying can’t believe they killed her off WHY????? She was a great character SO SO DISAPOINTED WHY COULDNT THEY HAVE KILLED SOME ONE ELSE OFF They better find a way the bring back chole !!!!!!!!!

  27. Deidre says:

    I can’t stand that Dariela – leave her on Ray Donovan. If Chloe is really dead I am done with this show!

  28. Francine h says:

    I will not be watching it anymore. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Chloe and Oz. sham on you if she dies.

  29. Francine gall says:

    If Chole dies I won’t be watching anymore. I enjoyed the chemistry between Chole and Oz. it was just getting exciting and real.

  30. Anthony Mugaa says:

    if chloe has to die then something has to be done to bring her back since it is too early for Oz to lose her, actually they had started to carry my emotions

  31. Ne says:

    Bring her back!!!!!!!

  32. Cathy Carol says:

    I’m sick over I’m assuming it’s Mr. Patterson, perhaps, whose novel killed off Chloe. I didn’t read the book, nor will I ever. James Wolk and Billy Burke…get off this ship while you can. I was willing to put up with Oz being infected, but not killing Chloe. Really stupid mistake.

    • Leigh L Frederick says:

      So agree! They need to do some quick rewriting !!! And filming…. Jackson and Chloe were great together.

    • B says:

      They get married in the book and have a kid, a son i think. The show is really not at all based on the novel anymore and was loosely based on it last season.

  33. Leigh L Frederick says:

    Please let Chloe come back from the dead! 7/19? Episode was the WORST ever. The Dariela chick should have been the one to die. Please reel it in and let it be great again.

  34. K stone says:

    I love this series, so I’m sure it will be cancelled. All the complaints are really petty. It isn’t real life people!! Lighten up! The only negative will be if Chole dies!!!

  35. Robert Lafayette says:

    I really like Joanne Kelly from warehouse 13 and suspect she’ll be a new regular on the show.
    Yes ZOO is fiction, this is clear, actually it’s fiction with all capitals: FICTION.
    Iintroducing Daniela — the writers in my opinion have gone too far; and then taking away Chloe the writers have even gone further .
    I’m working hard to keep an open mind about the show because I do recognize it is fiction but it’s not the kind of fiction that keeps my attention anymore since the writers took away who I consider one of the centerpieces of the casts’ ensemble.
    If Daniello was in the military as supposedly she was a Ranger, we’d be in real trouble but then again it is fiction.
    Perhaps Chloe will come back and now late in the state of suspended animation from the chemical gas she ingested.

  36. Carlos says:

    Look if Chloe is death I stop following the program, this is not the walking death, do something or else, is the most stupid idea, killing the hot and smart leading lady is stupid

  37. Zoo gone says:

    I agree with HH. This show is too ridiculous to watch. As soon as we saw the snake making his “alien-like” entrance we promptly turned the show off and removed it from our series recording line-up on our DVR! I was dismayed when ants got superpowers and moles organized to take down a single skyscraper but decided to keep trying. I like the characters but after this week’s episode cannot stand it any longer. Label me TUNED OUT!

  38. Yvette says:

    I can’t believe they killed off Chloe, she was one of the best characters on the show. Seriously, what were the writers thinking!? Lost total intetest in the show now. Really bad decision, wouldn’t be surprised if ratings really drop off now. 😡

  39. Emmanuel Gutierrez says:

    I believe the new girl should stay and join the team , but I still want Chloe in the show. She is my favorite character in the show, and I also see something between Chloe and Jackson. IF CHLOE DIES I AM NOT WATCHING THE SHOW ANYMORE. ITS GOING TO SUCK.

  40. Lee says:

    Do not kill chloe off kill the military person

  41. Christy Murphy says:

    Do not like it that they killed Chloe.caulfield off and put the other girl on there

  42. Carol says:

    Chloe should not have been killed off!

  43. Kurt Flaig says:

    Zoo is SUPER GREAT & so are all the Actor’s & Actress’s.

  44. Ey says:

    I can’t watch zoo anymore without Chloe. It definitely lost the spark when she died. I don’t understand what the motive was behind that move. They already took her name out of the credits. I’m going to stick to the books.

  45. Jay says:

    Okay, now I know I’m the only one who, from her grand entrance in the first episode, has waited with bated breath for Chloe’s demise. The actress is godawful and the character is a complete moron.

    • Sherifa says:

      Me too! Even did a little dance as the door closed on her! I’ve seen most of the movies she appeared in previously (am French too) but her acting in Zoo literally made me cringe! No cohesion and no real emotions transpired, just very very very bad pantomime play on her part!!!!
      You are not alone my friend.

  46. Ellen Becerra says:

    I really miss Chloe. I think they could have kept her alive.

  47. Daz says:

    So james patterson said zoo would be better than the books but to be honest zoo the tv show has probaly just shot themselves in foot poor ratings an the killing of a main character like chloe this early in the show considering jackson an chloe marry in the books probaly has killed the show an replaced her with two pointless characters as if low ratings wernt bad enough i think the show will lose alot of viewers for this idiotic decision to stray from the books

  48. Katheryn Dunham says:

    So, I missed what Robert said to Jackson at the end of Yellow Brick Road. Can anybody clue me in?

  49. Anne Swatfigure says:

    The Chloe character gave the show a flavor that is now lacking. We were just getting to see the range of this character, shame on you Zoo producers.

  50. kristi says:

    I think is a good tv show and I never miss episode yet,and my friends love it to so if you every take it off the air bring it back we really love it and I hope you bring it back for the third season my number one show thank you for the best show every.