Spinoff Characters

20 Characters That Deserve Spinoffs

Have you ever found yourself watching your favorite TV show and thinking, possibly out loud, “Dang, I never get quite enough of [insert name of such-and-such character here]!”? Us, too.

And, for once, instead of stopping there, your friends at TVLine have taken the thought a step (or 20) further by compiling a list of the breakout stars, scene stealers and second bananas who we’ve come to feel not only merit but practically demand their own spinoffs.

Among the chosen ones on our shortlist are an Orphan Black clone, a pair of Once Upon a Time sweethearts, a Walking Dead badass, a Supernatural trio and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through the gallery below to check out our picks, then hit the comments with the characters that you would spin off.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ted says:

    The fact that the “Wayward” (or whatever they want to call it) spinoff with Sheriff Mills HASN’T happened yet is criminal. Given how forced some of the Winchesters’ adventures have felt over the last few seasons (not the fault of the actors, of course, whom to their credit still sell the hell out of it), it might be time to close up shop and let the ladies run with it for a long while.

  2. Jackie says:

    I could go for a Beckett from “Castle” spin off but it would have to be before she meets Castle! Without him at current story would never work! They could get back to her pre-detective days and work forward! Making it just as funny with Laney, Ryan, and Espo.

  3. Rob Horine says:

    “Wayward Daughter’s Academy”? Totally down for that. A home for victims of all the monsters, demons and The Winchesters collateral damage. Put it Bobby’s house and you’ll have a big hit.

  4. Feelingchatty says:

    Carol on TWD is so over-rated. I like her, but a show on her own? Please spare me tvline. If anyone deserves a show of their own it would be more interesting characters like Michonne or Darryl.

  5. The obvious choice for an Orphan Black spin-off would be Alison and Donnie’s suburbia lofe, with frequent special appearances by Helena (and Felix, of course). Krystal is fun, but not spin off fun!

    • kb23 says:

      Yes that would be great! Although my first thought for a clone spinoff was Helena herself. Watching her to try to make it in everyday life on her own would be hilarious!

      • Lindsay says:

        A Helena spin off with her true love, Jesse the tow truck driver, raising her twin babies, while doing some assassin work on the side would be awesome!

  6. Evelyn -yes.
    Sophie -maybe.Shes better in small doses.
    Petra & Anezka yes.or just keep em on the main show.
    Dorothy & Ruby-no.Ruby by herself yes.

    • grazelled says:

      Found out Ruby or Meghan Ory is starring in a Hallmark channel series later this summer called Chesapeake Shores” with Jesse Metcalfe. Does this count…

  7. Azerty says:

    Game of Hodor: the youth of Hodor. Because Hodor.

  8. Tom says:

    If Sue Heck got her own show, maybe they could FINALLY deal with how she could be born on February 29th and then turn 16 in 2013 given that 1997 was not a leap year

    • Tom says:

      And just no to SOphie getting her own show. If I didn’t like the show over all Sophie would be my reason not to watch. I tolerate her because I like the show.

  9. steven says:

    If Sophie got her own show, it should be called, “Hey Everybody”.

  10. Bwhit says:

    If LOT was just Leonard, Mick and Sara going around on the Waverider and doing what they do I would love that. I know they are obviously tapped out on DC shows now but that was my dream scenario. I kept saying it this season, those three together are my favorites to watch.

  11. parstl says:

    Sameem Shah from Person of Interest would work.
    Cyrus or Abby from Scandal.
    Thea or Diggle from Arrow.
    Joe from Flash though it would be more of a cop show which the actor has done.
    Alex from Nikita.
    Though it’s a bit dated now, but Ari from Entourage.

  12. HAP says:

    Looks like Anna Camp has graduated into the movies. She’s in the new Woody Allen flick Cafe Society and has completed filming in two other movie to be released later this year.

    While not listed here, I would absolutely love to see a show starring Kether Donohue.

  13. TvLover says:

    Sue and Brad from The Middle. Yes!

    Deirdre, Lol crazy lady, I’d totally watch that spin off!

    Denise Hemphill from Scream Queens!

    Carol from TWD, nah, I’d watch Abraham and Eugene.

    Krystal from Orphan Black, as much as I like the character and the amazing Tatiana Maslany, I’d say no, if only to let Maslany move on to other projects, and I don’t see that one character holding up a spin off, even hypothetically. I’d rather it be Allisan and Donnie.

  14. Pat says:

    How about zero and jude from hit the Floor.. They Will have to take Lionel with them obv..

  15. Nikki says:

    I would so watch a Carol spinoff. Most interesting character on The Walking Dead and the best actress too. Have Daryl go with her and it would be perfect.

  16. Philip says:

    If all these supporting characters and actors are super great and wonderful characters, how come none ever win “Performer of the Week” honours? The winners are almost always the leads of the programs, while all the supporting casts does get noticed, but only honourable mentions! I’m not saying the lead actors down deserve wins in the category, but not every week.

    Come on TVLine! Let’s honor the supporting cast members sometimes. They do great work as well. Sometimes even better than the leads of the program. I know it’s just a section and doesn’t really mean much, but I just noticed it recently and wanted to see a bit of variety once in a while. Thanks

  17. How can you not have Elsbeth Tascioni from “The Good Wife” on here?! Carrie Preston is golden!

  18. kirads09 says:

    Arlene Wayward Pines
    River Song Dr Who
    Spencer Reid Criminal Minds

    • I second Spencer a gazillion times. That would be an awesome spin off, just about him. I know Matthew was talking about how he wanted to see Reid do something, like college professor or something useful with his genius aside from the lovable FBI agent that Reid already is. I’d be really happy if that happened. Like what would he do if he ever left the BAU? Try to find a cure for schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s? Or who knows what he’d do. But I’d like to see it happen.

  19. TV Gord says:

    I would revive Tim Kang’s Kimball Cho from The Mentalist. His understated Joe Friday performance always cracked me up, and I would like to see his character front and center solving crimes.

  20. Ted says:

    Actually, you know who I’d like to see spinoff from Orphan Black? Adele, Felix’s biological sister. See her get caught up in some legal conspiracy thriller (clone rights?) where her competency is constantly at war with her party-girl instincts.

  21. FatherOctavian says:

    Tex Nolan and his daughter getting into trouble as they make their way across post-apocalyptic America (spinoff of “The Last Ship”)

    A West Wing show centered around the Michener adminstration as they struggle to rebuild America in the aftermath of a devastating plague (another spinoff of “The Last Ship”)

  22. Gale Boetticher from Breaking Bad plz.

  23. ami says:

    THE WAYWARD SPINOFF NEEDS TO HAPPEN WTF CW :P that was the best idea ever.

  24. Flowbee Rida says:

    What the world needs now, more than “love, sweet love” is a Blindspot spinoff with Ennis Esmer as Rich Dot Com! MAKE IT HAPPEN NBC!!!

  25. Geneviève says:

    Galina “Red” Reznikov from OITNB… when she will be released, of course! ;-).

  26. A says:

    All I want in life is a Jane and Brad spin off

    • Anna says:

      I would chew off my left arm to get a Jane and Brad spinoff. With as much Max and Penny as supporting or recurring character status allows.
      Aw crap, I just want Happy Endings back on the air.

  27. A says:

    All I want in life is a Jane and Brad spin off from Happy Endings

  28. burnscindy says:

    Monroe and Rosalie from Grimm! They make every episode better. I’d love to see them in a comedy or dramedy (hate that word), trying to live their lives in a suburb filled with normals.

  29. Letti says:

    Ruby could get a spinoff, but I’d say a big no to Dorothy. I found her a terrible character (maybe it was the actress though), and this one true love between Ruby and Dorothy was so rushed it was laughable. And my problem isn’t that they’re LGBT, (although Ruby was never shown to be bi before). Ruby and Mulan for example could have been good, and they could still be spin-off material even as friends. Just please no Dorothy.

  30. Jess says:

    Vince from Mike & Molly!
    Gonna miss his character.

  31. Isaburd says:

    CAPTAIN RENARD FROM GRIMM!! I would watch the heck out that series!!!

  32. I believe that Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum would be the perfect Supernatural spinoff. Their episode Hibbing 911 was perfect! Come on CW give us another great show!

  33. YES. Wayward Daughters from Supernatural. PERFECT SPIN OFF. CW needs to do it.