Preacher 107 Recap

Preacher Recap: Burn! Maybe Burn!

No two ways about it — what Jesse did in last week’s Preacher was bad. Like, real bad. (If you missed the pivotal hour, catch up here.) But the things he did in this week’s episode, since they were deliberate and just plain mean, were arguably even worse. What the hell did he do? Read on…

ONCE UPON A TIME | Through a series of flashbacks, “He’s Gone” revealed that, when Jesse and Tulip were kids, she lived with him and his dad, John — but only briefly. Though she behaved herself as well as she possibly could, the elder Custer still had the little girl hauled away by the Department of Human Services. Why?!? a horrified Jesse demanded to know. “’Cause she’s an O’Hare,” his father replied. “There’s always gonna be trouble.” In a rage, Jesse that night asked God to kill his dad and send him straight to hell — and lo and behold, the Lord answered his prayer: After making the boy promise to be one of the good guys, John was murdered before his eyes.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | In present-day Annville, Cassidy, having witnessed Jesse banishing Eugene to hell, tried to broach the subject with his buddy — not judging, the vampire made it clear, just eager to help. Before they could get into it, however, Emily pulled the reverend away, and Tulip came in with plans to cook dinner. (A woman after my own heart, her daring menu included such delicacies as, erm, vanilla hash browns.) Left alone with his one-night stand, Cassidy asked her why, if Jesse was her boyfriend, she’d made love with him. (And yes, adorably, he did say “made love,” not “shagged,” “banged” or any of the terms you’d expect him to use.) Alas, she shot back, “I didn’t,” then suggested that the blood-sucker and his pal didn’t know each other as well as he thought they did. For instance, she rightly guessed that Jesse wasn’t aware that Cassidy is a vampire. To prove he did so know the preacher as well as he knew the back of his hand, Cassidy blabbed that Jesse has the power to make people do whatever he wants. (Not that Tulip bought it, mind you.)

Preacher 107 RecapALL FIRED UP | Later, Odin dropped by with a deed of transfer for the church and its land. Since he hadn’t been converted by Jesse’s sermon — not for real, anyway — he understandably figured he’d won their bet. When regardless Jesse refused to sign on the dotted line, Quincannon promised to return. (Which, at the hour’s end, he did, riding a bulldozer and accompanied by an army of QM&P employees.) Off that tense talk, the preacher sat down to an incredibly awkward dinner with Cassidy, Tulip and Emily. Just as Tulip finally asked, “What the heck is going on?!?” Sheriff Root interrupted, looking for Eugene. After mentioning that yes, the teen had visited Jesse the day he went missing, Emily covered for her crush by lying that she’d also seen Arseface leave. Once the sheriff departed, Cassidy took advantage of a moment alone outside with Jesse to confront him about his nonchalance over Eugene’s situation. In response, the reverend said that the boy had been no innocent — when Tracy had rejected him, he’d blown half her head off, then tried to kill himself, too. Would Jesse be so uncaring about Cassidy? To find out, the vampire tossed him a fire extinguisher, removed his shirt in the sunlight and asked, “Will you let me burn, too?”

SECONDS, ANYONE? | Returning to dinner — sans Cassidy — Jesse lashed out at Tulip for being in the know about the Irishman’s vampirism. From there, he just got nastier and nastier till at last he gutted his old flame by asking, “What are you even doing here?” After she beat a hasty retreat, her heart in pieces, Emily confessed that she loved Jesse, ever since Jesse returned to Annville, “I’ve just believed in you.” His cruel response? “Well, that was stupid.” Luckily, there did seem to be at least some hope for the Genesis-fueled preacher: When last we saw him, he was tearing up the floor of the church as if attempting to dig his way to hell to retrieve Eugene.

So, what did you think of the episode? You don’t really think Jesse would let Cassidy burn — that was Genesis’ doing, right? Hit the comments.

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  1. Jim says:

    This is just bad fanfic at this point. Really, really bad fanfic.

    • James R. says:

      How is this a fan fiction? You must be one of those people who read the comic and expected the TV show to be the exact same thing as the comic. Get over it. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.

      • Jim says:

        I may stop. I don’t expect it to be the same as the comic. I do expect it to be substantively the same with narrative changes, which this is not. And I likened it to fanfic because fanfic is characterized by amateurish writing, that often misses the point entirely. From what I’m seeing on my television screen, it’s apt. Enjoy it all you want, but I feel like expressing my disappointment.

        • Your mom says:

          Penis penis penis

        • pe8er8 says:

          Pretty harsh. I disagree with you calling it “fanfic”, as do a lot of people, including Garth Ennis, who created the original comic. Time will tell, but I think their adaptation for TV will prove to be very successful.

  2. AngelWasHere says:

    Kinda boring this week. I’m starting to feel lost and bored again. Hopefully Cassidy is alive, because he’s the only character beside Jesse who holds my interest.

  3. Shaun says:

    That mascot keeps popping up,crazy stuff.

  4. Carol C says:

    The plot lines are amazingly unpredictable in this show. Every episode is a huge surprise.

  5. Preacher Book says:

    I am enjoying this show immensely. I was familiar with the comic, but not a reader. The critics who are saying this is boring obviously never read novels. You take time in the beginning to build a character, lay a narrative foundation. They are doing it beautifully here. Yes, I would like a little more action, but battle lines are being drawn. Conflicts will need to be resolved. I do love the jumping around too, because I haven’t yet succumbed to a generational ADD that wants to continually wants to know before the narrative wants to tell you.

    Surrender to the show’s rationale and let the narrative seep in.

    PS: Cassady can’t be dead. He’s too good of a character with layers to explore.

    • Christina Jobes says:

      I totally agree. This episode was great. It had great dialogue that didnt feel unnatural. It gave insight, it answered questions, and moved the plot along. Ive READ the comics and for all they have immensw action, the motives of the characters were often schizophrenic and people did things when it conveniently was their personality trait. I think the show is doing a marvelous job. Each character’s dynamic with each other is fascinating. Yeah we all want action but I think rationally pacing it especially for the low budget this show was given this first season.

    • Karen Falbo says:

      I’m not going to be as interested in this show without Cassidy. I love how he and Jesse get along. I was hysterical when Cassidy popped Jesse in the nose with the fire extinguisher. This show needs a solid friendship like that of Cassidy and Jesse, as well, as the two of them with Tulip.

  6. wordyblerd says:

    There were some boring eps in there, but last week and this week piqued my interest again. I really wasn’t feeling the new storyline at first, but I feel more confident that they’ll pull it together in a way that’s satisfying. I love Tulip and Cassidy immensely from shot the first. They’re both better than in the novels. Now that Jesse isn’t carrying everything so close to vest I’m more interested in him too even if I don’t actually like him like I did book-Jesse. Next week looks like another big ep!

  7. JamesRae says:

    I’m not liking how much they have changed the fundamental nature of the characters on the show. I didn’t expect it to be exact but so far the only one who’s basically correct is the cowboy who hasn’t been named on the show yet. One of the interesting things about Jesse in the comics was that although he did bad things with the power when he realizes the cost of it to the people he does it to he actually feels bad. He apologized to the guy for the sand thing and a few other times he was sorry for how he used the power. This guy on the show just seems like a dick.

    • Biffster says:

      Maybe he hasn’t actually realized the repercussions yet, like Macbeth before he realizes he’s been tricked by the witches. Eugene was attempting to inform him that there was something unnatural about forcing people to forgive you, especially if you don’t believe you deserve to be forgiven. Perhaps Jesse will begin to see the damage he and Genesis have done when people obey the letter of the law if not the spirit.

  8. Gerald says:

    I really half expected to see Eugene transported to the “Valley of Hinnom”, which was a garbage dump outside of Jerusalem which was know as Hell.

  9. Ronnie says:

    I think Tulip was more gutted at the end when Jesse brought up that old O’Hare nonsense like his father did…

  10. anon says:

    They reaaaaally need to just get to the point of the whole comic book when Jesse finds out that God abandoned humanity. That’s the whole point of the comic book, so I’m just a bit confused why they would tiptoe around that.

  11. Tanya says:

    I don’t understand why the command didn’t work on Odin – well, Jesse said “serve God” but – that could mean anything. He could try another command on Odin I guess.

    I thought Eugene was a permanent fixture on the show – as well as Cassidy. I know nothing of the comic – I never heard of Preacher, but my husband and I find the show to be supremely weird. I saw the “talk preacher” on amc after the first episode.

    Tulip gets on my nerves with her constant dragging on Jesse to get revenge. If SHE wants revenge, SHE can go get it herself. Jessie said NO. Tulip is being a pest. I need to use captions to understand what Cassidy is saying, but I love his character.

  12. rose cupelli says:

    All I know is Cassidy can’t be dead. This 63 year old woman is in love……..

  13. Sandy says:

    I could have sworn in the second or third episode Cassidy told Jesse he was a 100 yr old vampire, but maybe Jesse thought Cassidy was kidding….tho to be fair, wouldn’t Jesse be curious why Cassidy covered up in the sun all the time?????

    I hope he’s not dead, and I can’t wait to see the angels battle Odin’s group when Genesis feels threatened by them. Should be a great time.

    • Idy Gal says:

      I recall Cassidy saying he was ‘a 119 yr old vampire’ a couple times but not sure if he said it to Jesse. Oh darn, I’ll have to go and re-watch the series so far. That Cassidy-man cannot be dead! If he is I’ll stop watching. * *sigh* *

  14. Jessica Helminiak says:

    I absolutely love this show!!! Obsessed with Cassidy! Is he dead? If so, I’m not sure if I’ll be so loyal to the show. I’ve never seen the comic, but I def have something to look forward to on Sundays. I hope to see my English man in the next episode! If not I’ll be so disappointed. Great show