Madam Secretary Season 3 Elizabeth Vice President

Madam Secretary Season 3: Elizabeth Is Offered Veep! — What Happens Next?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next?” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

“You’re firing me?!”

Elizabeth’s surprise and outrage in Madam Secretary‘s Season 2 finale echoed our own: After going through so much as President Dalton’s secretary of state, could her longtime friend/current boss really want to replace her?

The answer: Yes — but not for the reasons she suspected. Let’s back up a little.

Bess’ paranoia began when Mike arrived at her office with a glum look on his face: During an investigation into something else, he learned that the White House was likely vetting three people who would make pretty great secretaries of state. And though Elizabeth scoffed at the idea that her old friend might plot against her, her suspicion that Mike was right grew as the hour unfolds.

A meeting with Chief of Staff Russell Jackson didn’t calm any fears; rather than deny that her job security is in peril, he instead suggested that she speak with the president herself. Which brings us to the moment that Dalton revealed:

“I’m not firing you. I’m trying to ask you to be my vice president,” he said from behind the Resolute desk. The Commander in Chief explained that current veep Delgado’s health issues would make it impossible for him to continue in the role, and he told Elizabeth that she was at the top of a very short list of replacements.

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A flabbergasted Elizabeth asked for some time to think about it… then immediately doubled down on her insistence that the United States try to recover a possibly alive Dmitri Petrov by trading captured spy Peter Buckley. And while that debate went on, the veep conversation was tabled.

“Here I am offering you the second most important job in the country, and you’re poking at my conscience,” Dalton later marveled. “Any wonder why I want you to take the job?”

So what do you think, TVLine readers? Will Elizabeth give up her current position to be Dalton’s No. 2? Rewatch the scene, then vote on your predicted outcome.

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  1. Jim says:

    The show isn’t called Madam Vice President.

    • BM says:

      I’m sure they can find a way around it. I’m kind of hoping that she’ll accept so that the character can go somewhere. Otherwise, the character can’t, so the show can’t really evolve and the character’s evolvement would be limited, too. And I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think they could have waited another season before they moved her anywhere (and they might wait since they’d have to have an election first anyway) but I think it’s better to evolve earlier rather than later. Most shows do it when they realize they’ve run out of ideas and are losing viewers, so it might be a smart move to do it now/sometime during S3.

      • Jim says:

        I actually agree with you and think the show should do it. I just don’t think they will, because she’s “Madam Secretary” and it’s CBS where everything has to be as straightforward and easily understood and procedural as possible so old people in nursing homes don’t get confused and change to the golf channel.

    • David4 says:

      Yeah. Just like Veep… Oh wait.

  2. Rob Horine says:

    congratulations to season three’s sole sponsor, Hillary for President. Not a bribe at all.

    • Tom says:

      can I get some of whatever you’re smoking?

    • Kevin In CT says:

      Hi Rob, I also thought it was gonna be a 42 minute a week campaign for Clinton when the show first started but to me it has not. I’m also definitely NOT a Clinton supporter.

      • MdaVT says:

        I agree completely. The list of ways in which in this SoS differed from Hillary were many. One of those was that this character stated firmly early on that she had no higher ambitions and abhorred the political games. It would be a mistake to abandon that.

  3. Mommaknowsbest says:

    I think the show will still be wonderful either way they decide to go. I think it would be interesting to see how Bess would handle the domestic affairs of the country.

    • Marcie says:

      Do vice presidents “handle” any domestic affairs? The show would be boring if she’s VP. Nothing to do.

      • David4 says:


        The rumor was in 2008 Clinton was offered State or VP, she took state because there is more to do. She should have taken VP.

        But we have seen the VP on this show for about 30 seconds. Clearly he does nothing bu golf.

      • mommaknowsbest says:

        Just be president of the Senate and try to handle those dufuses.

    • MdaVT says:

      VPs are not in charge of anything. They mostly make appearances and speeches. Make this change and the show would become much less believable than it has been.

  4. MdaVT says:

    Not a good direction for the show. VP’s don’t do very much. No more diplomatic crises. No more sly negotiating story lines. What happens to her very capable staff at State ? A VP would not need many of them.
    Hope she says ‘no’.

    • ErinErin says:

      Maybe they are going to do a repeat of how she got to be SoS…he gets reelected, she’s the VP, the President’s plane goes down (they never really did figure out how AF1 was hacked, did they, really?) and she becomes President… but I’m voting for her to stay SoS. It plays so well on all her CIA spy skills, her character, and the dance between ethics and morality. And I like her staff. They are all interesting individuals and S2 allowed each of them to develop more.

      • Ellen Johnson says:

        I really agree. It’s the ONE show where the writers keep the characters true to themselves. I watch, rewatch, record and then rewatch!

  5. Elle says:

    No, but could she be the future veep in the campaign ?…

  6. arial2 says:

    The Vice President doesn’t have much power (but does get a really cool house-in-a-park). But I’m wondering if this move by the show runners is about moving her up the succession chain, having her engage more with Congress (still not much though, given the job description). My one hope for the beginning of the new season: that Dmitri gets a better ending than we saw in the finale. I hope he doesn’t just disappear without he and Henry getting an on-screen opportunity to talk about what happened that day. Dmitri needs to learn that Henry had nothing to do with deserting him, that he fought for him. Henry deserves that.

  7. Gailm says:

    Correction–the VP is NOT the second most powerful position in GOV. It holds the runner up pole position to the First most powerful, but in and of itself–VP is nothing. S of S could well be argured the 2nd most powerful.

  8. Red B says:

    Anyone who has lived through a change in the WH knows that you don’t choose a VP replacement, Gerald Ford, the sitting speaker of the house Adsense.

  9. Rita says:

    Just like a lot of tv series it’s a good show but gets too predictable making it boring after a couple of seasons . I hope she accepts , it would be great to get a glimps into a Vice Presidents influence .

  10. Matt says:

    My personal opinion, Bess take the offer as VP. Season 3 covers the Campaign.Dalton becomes incapacitated or goes missing before, or shortly after inauguration, so M Sec becomes Acting President again. End Season 3.Season 4, she hunts for Dalton, meanwhile trying to run a country. Falling in love with her post as Acting POTUS, she announces she will run for President.(she can run twice, because she was not elected as POTUS).