Wayward Pines Recap: Stabby Abbie

This Wednesday on Fox’s Wayward Pines, Dr. Yedlin’s best intentions were for naught, leading to a major casualty.

Theo spent much of the episode attempting to bridge the communication gap between humans and abbies — or at least “Margaret” — but using flash cards with simple symbols to teach the first female captive concepts such as “friend” and “leader.” Theo also hoped that his efforts would confirm that Margaret exerts some “control” over the others of her kind.

Alas, when Theo went to test out his hypothesis, by getting into a cage with one of the vicious, snarling male abbies, he nearly got his arm ripped off — until Margaret intervened by screeching, proving his theory.

First Generation brat wayward-pines-megan-diesextraordinaire Jason could care less, however, and made the controversial decision to “end” all of the experimentation by putting a bullet into each of the captive abbies’ heads. And though he was stopped short of offing Margaret, the damage was already done. Having witnessed the human’s cold-blooded murder of her kinfolk — and having earlier spied Theo punching in the key code to her cell — Margaret sneaked out and oh-so-surreptitiously sliced late-working Megan, who proceeded to bleed to death as the beast stood over her. Margaret then made tracks for the outdoors she knows all too well, surely to rally her troops and create all kinds of headaches for the folks of Wayward Pines.

Elsewhere in the episode, a compelling series of flashbacks showed us exactly how CJ popped in and out of statis over the centuries, “checking in” on Earth every 20 years. As he did so, he laid witness to the tragic, gradual devolution of society and the world, lost to virus, poison and war. (To pass time during awakenings, he would talks with his love Eileen or people such as Juliette Lewis’ Beverly, whom he only knew through their file folders.) He at one point ventured outside where he bumped into Griffin, who had juuuuust a whiff of abbie-ness forming inside him. Griffin begged CJ to take him with him, but CJ decided to spare the stranger his ghastly fate, snapping his neck.

When the year 4014 eventually came around, CJ released Pilcher and some others. Stepping outside, Pilcher was surprised (though not entirely) to see full-on abbies lurking all over. But rather than wait things out even more, he told CJ they would forge ahead, build their town inside a fence and proceed with Group A — whom CJ eventually saw go mad and destroy themselves, unable to grasp their new reality and all that had been lost.

What did you think of Season 1 vet Hope Davis’ brutal sendoff, and the CJ reveals?

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  1. You missed all of CJ’s flashback stuff. Pilcher knew from the beginning that the world wasn’t ready.

    I feel like this season will end like the books did.

  2. laurelnev says:

    Crying NO tears for mEagan, and my bet is Jason is next, especially in light of his unprovoked slaughter tonight. Margaret didn’t MISTAKE Jason for the leader, she was telling him he’d better be ready to assume thae position if his kind was to have any hope at all. Yes, I understand you all, and yes Jason, I came in so I could observe you all to see if your kind was worthy of INVITING to dinner or for HAVING for dinner, ;)

    • laurelnev says:

      CORRECTION: Meant to say Margaret didn’t mistake DOC as the leader vs Jason. (Actors name vs character name type thing.)

  3. Jerry says:

    I’m still lost on two things, 1) what caused the Abbies, and 2) why the ground in wayward pines won’t grow food. I assume we will get the answer to 2 soon, but 1.. I guess it was a virus, from tonight’s episode? So are all the people Pilcher picked immune? If not, what’s to stop the Wayward Pines humans from eventually becoming Abbies?

    • Annie Sisk says:

      1 – What caused the Abbies? Evolution. As we and chimps descended from a common ancestor, abbies descended from us.
      2 – I’m guessing the ground issue is due to contamination from radiation or some sort of biochemical warfare.

      • Michael Lebac says:

        1- So what is stopping Pilcher & co’s descendants from evolving into abbies in 2000 years or so anyway?

        • Annie Sisk says:

          Either one of two answers to that (1) Nothing – in another 2000 years. They weren’t evolving while they were in suspended whatever. That’s not how evolution works. or (2) Everything. Didn’t Pilcher make it clear the reason why he chose these people was something-something genetic robustness to counter the vague-science that led to the collapse of the human population in the first place?

      • Jeanette Snowden says:

        If the ground inside Wayward Pines was contaminated from radiation or biochemical warfare then I think the ground outside that area would also be contaminated but it obviously is not because they can grow food outside but not inside. I think it probably is something to do with Wayward Pines itself, I think they are some how contaminating the soil.

    • Ben says:

      There was a virus that had something to do with the changing of the humans DNA. It was mentioned on the radio when it talked about the North Korean refugees. That virus came well after the WP citizens were in cryostasis. Also, the ground was polluted from poison and war.

    • Callie says:

      1) Hyper-evolution. Pollution, and other manmade plagues, caused the human genome to degrade and change at a rapid rate. Pilcher identified the corrupted genome during the late-20th century and began his plan.

      2) That hasn’t been answered yet. During Season 1, there were several mentions of WP’s lack of birds and insects (remember the fake cricket noises?).

    • Thelma says:

      Yes, good questions! I hope we get answers to these questions before the season finale.
      Also why doesn’t Margaret speak and how did she get in the compound? ? Is she the only female?

  4. KL says:

    Another S1 character GONE! Are there any of them left?

  5. Carol_R says:

    CJ’s flashback stuff was beyond boring. That wasted like half an hour. The only thing of interest at all in all that was that Pilcher had the Abbie camp destroyed when they were unfrozen. That contradicts I believe part of Season 1 where the Abbies supposedly only appeared 2 years after they unfroze. It’s just not that believable that they could put up the fence and build the town with the Abbies around.

    The only good part was Theo and Margaret. I’m glad that Megan is dead. Kerry is a better leader than Jason.

    It still doesn’t make sense that they have an architect cutting hair and not using her skills. Nor does it make sense that they didn’t wake up Theo and his wife at the same time. It seems like a lot of the people kidnapped don’t have valuable skills.

    • I found the flashbacks very interesting and they gave us the most info we have had thus far about the time from the freezing of the humans, to the disaster of Group A.

      We know now much more about CJ, his background, that he was in the army, had an American wife, and was trusted enough to be the sole person awake during the period before the mass awakening.

      Also we know now how the equipment was maintained over that 2000 years, a question I always had.

      I really found that background very useful.

      Also we see that Pilcher and his crew made a choice to not even save those who WANTED to be saved such as Griffen.

      He could have been saved, but apparently Pilcher had standing orders not to.

      Also we know that Pilcher acknowledged that the Abbies were Mankind at the very least “gone wrong” but instead of taking the time to learn about them, he decided they needed to be murdered.

      We know now that Pilcher started this fight and without need or cause.

      There was no evidence the Abbies at that time were dangerous or violent.

      Pilcher started killing them without mercy and without even a small effort to figure them out.

      He decided the Abbies deserved death as soon as he saw one not even knowing if they were truly intelligent.

      Essentially Pilcher was a genocidal Nazi, and it’s no wonder his First Gen is made in that exact image.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Yeah, I’m with Doniel. The flashbacks were engrossing. Loved that.

  6. RedReddington says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I know there’s a few plot holes, but I’m enjoying the show for what it is. I hope Jason bites the dust soon, he’s incredibly annoying. Theo is fast becoming my favorite character. This season has gotten much much better the last couple of episodes.

    • Darryl says:

      The is not just the character I like the most. He is their only hope for survival. And the more I see of him, The more I see that the problem in his marriage was mostly his wife’s fault, Due to what was going on at her job..

  7. Christine Zarcone says:

    I didn’t like the show at first but I have really gotten into it now.!!

  8. Chiffon Miller says:

    I really liked the interaction between Margaret and Theo. It was the best part of the show. I like the idea that ironically the abbies may just be smarter than us. I am not fully clear on why they keep saying the female abbey used to live in the town in the previews. Are they saying the town was built on the abbies land?

    • Help me out, did you watch the episode?

      When CJ woke Pilcher up and they went outside and saw the first Abbie, Pilcher and CJ briefly argued about if they should go back to hibernation or if they should drive the Abbies away.

      Pilcher decided to destroy the Abbie “town” and drive them away.

      Also you notice in that scene, there is some type of structure made of plants that cannot be a natural growth.

      It’s clear the Abbies use crude technology from this scene and that they live in some type of “settlements”, the words of CJ not mine.

  9. Kevin says:

    Please make this the last season. Just like Under the Dome, the show keeps getting worse. The only good thing tonight was seeing Megan get killed. The CJ stuff was beyond boring.

    • Nikko says:

      You are under no obligation to continue watching a show that does not meet your standards for entertainment. Bailing out is legal in all 50 states.

      • Kevin says:

        Yup. But when you’re loyal to a show, you have to watch to the bitter end. The show might find itself and get better. It might actually be good once Jason is gone and Theo takes over. The possibilities of integrating with the Abies are great.

  10. Big Cheddar says:

    Finally – FINALLY – this show got good again. The last two episodes have been very interesting and I wish this season started around this point, instead of wasting our time with the first four hours. I actually thought the stuff with CJ was fascinating – it reminded me of LOST in a way.

    • cej says:

      Best episode of the season! Loved seeing the background of what happened while they all slept. I don’t think I have ever been so thrilled with an ending of a show! Good riddance to Megan – she was infuriating! I only hope she is truly dead this time.

  11. Steve says:

    Though it may have been boring, learning of CJ’s initial responsibility was important for us to know. CJ stated to both Pilcher and to Margaret that he had seen the complete erosion of the world that once was, as well as the destruction of mankind. He too, was delusional during his periods of being awake and completely isolated, and the mental trauma of having to monitor if the world events were occuring along the sane timeline as Piltcher had projected. But there was subtle information provided to help us understand a bit more about why they are in this situation. First, I feel certain that CJ knows why the soil in Wayward Pines will not grow food. I think he saw what the cause was during one or more of his wakeup times. I also do not believe that the abie he saw with Piltcher was the first one he had seen. He told pilcher he had seen a person who was in the first stages of transforming into these beings, the kid that had his neck broken by CJ. But I think that CJ felt that upon seeing the abie, pilcher would order everyone back to sleep. But when he didn’t, he was stuck holding onto a secret that there are many of them and he had seen them communicate and have intelligence. It was CJ who kept saying that the abies used the fire of the crops as a distraction so tgat the town would put people out there to help save what crops they could, but he went on to say that they planned this and used the fire as a diversion so they could ambush them. Diversions and ambushes take intelligence to create. And everyone else is walking around with their head in the sand saying it wasnt planned, but rather, it was an unfortunate tragedy, as if it were a one in a million random event. I also think there is a reason why Pilcher chose not to sleep after seeing the Abie. He always said that he was taking every measure of precautions to ensure that Wayward Pines would have the best opportunity to forge ahead. So, why he would make such an irrational decision to build the wall and the town right then is suspect to me. Im assuming it has sonething to do with how those sleep pods can sustain their purpose. A little symbolism is how ruthless and pig headed Jason is. It is HE that is the true animal, not the abies. They are only wanting what was theirs. Interesting how Pilchers helicopter had no issues after sitting for 2000 years.

  12. MARIE says:

    Happy Megan is dead. She deserves it. She was just a politician anyway and a brain washed Pilger and Jason addict. Now to get Jason! He deserves it too.

  13. KL says:

    Each week, a character from season 1 dies. Here’s who’s left (who is next?):
    Adam Hassler (Secret Service Agent) (actor: Tim Griffin),
    Arlene Moran (S1: Sherrif’s Secretary, S2: Hospital Admin) (Siobhan Fallon Hogan),
    Jason Higgins (Boy in Charge) (Tom Stevens)

    • Fartlolipops says:

      Ummm there’s no real proof that Ben died… We don’t see him get eaten alive, the scene goes into a blackout and we don’t even see his face when “he” is covered by the blanket… We just assume by Theresa’s face that he died, but we never see Ben. Kinda interesting that they wouldn’t even show his face…. Unless they couldn’t even tell if it was him or not because “his” face was ripped to shreds…

  14. cej says:

    I don’t think I have ever been so thrilled with an ending of a show! Good riddance to Megan – she was infuriating! I only hope she is truly dead this time.

  15. kirads09 says:

    I thought it was a great episode. I didn’t find CJ’s flashbacks boring in the least. Great show of humanity. He was the only one who witnessed what they really lost. Hope Davis is a good actress, but I am glad I am not alone in saying I won’t be crying over Megan. The abbies are more likeable than she was S1 I understood her still being a “true believer” in PIlcher’s plan. But after everything has gone south in S2 – to just blindly try to hold on to that? Can’t understand that. Was it me or before all h-e-double-hockey-sticks broke loose, was Theo kinda sorta flirting with Megan when she mentioned his marriage? I don’t think he meant anything by it, just trying to win her to his side. But I was like ewww – no. Don’t put those two together. My impression was that when Margaret was pointing to the leader card, she was implying THEO was the humans leader, which in turn ticked Jason off more. Which may have contributed to his ill thought out slaughter. Showing again he is not at all capable of saving these people.
    ? – have they woken EVERYBODY they had in statis or is there stillt a group “D” or something

  16. Deva says:

    Shedding no tears for Megan. I love Wayward Pines, but the first generation proves what is wrong with our world,right now.

  17. Kim says:

    Finally, the writers put Djimon’s talent to good use! His acting was stellar. CJ has a heartbreaking back story. I loved his scenes with Griifin and also his ghost wife. Pilcher is just being revealed as more and more of a madman with his own arrogant agenda. Theo finally had some good scenes, too. This whole season has been a letdown until the last two episodes. I’m still sad Theresa, Ben, and Kate were written out:-(

  18. AT says:

    I may have missed this. But what happened to Pam Pilcher and what happened to the girl that Ben liked last season?

    • Damien says:


      Pam died a few episodes ago and I have no idea what happened to the little girl, I think her name was Amy

  19. Damien says:

    Did no one else notice that CJ’s subplot is almost an exact replica of Djimon Hounsou’s character in the 2015 movie Air?