The Mindy Project Finale Season 4 Recap

The Mindy Project Season Finale Recap: Trapped! (And the Closet)

The Mindy Project‘s Season 4 finale simultaneously gave Mindy-Danny fans exactly what they wanted (more Danny!) and what they dreaded (more Danny being Danny!). But did Dr. C finally ‘fess up about getting married? Read on to find out.

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DAN THE (PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE) MAN | Danny starts the episode with good intentions: He’s going to tell Mindy about his upcoming wedding, and hand her an invitation to it, during a Leo hand-off session. But Dr. C chickens out, and instead drops the envelope in the mail for Mindy to discover later on. Nice.

At work, as Mindy, Whitney and Chelsea get psyched for their impending girls’ weekend in Miami, Jody tries once more to apologize for the whole him-having-a-STD-and-lying-to-her-about-it thing. But Mindy doesn’t want to hear it — and anyway, pretty soon they’re all interrupted by a fire alarm: Mindy’s been keeping her clothes at the office, because Leo’s sleeping in her old closet, and some of them caught on fire in the storage closet.

This gives Jody an idea: With Morgan and Colette’s help, he’ll sneak into Mindy’s apartment and build her a new closet while she’s gone for the weekend. Because closets totally trump chlamydia.

GOING DOWN… | After a brief disciplinary meeting about Leo’s recent aggressive tendencies at school, Mindy and Danny find themselves locked in a stuck elevator. On a Friday night. When there’s no one around to free them. So they talk. They share stories. They eat candy straws. He finally confesses that Jody sent her a love letter, which came to the old apartment, and that he’d scared the Southern doc into backing off.

When Mindy point-blank asks her ex if he ever got serious with any of the women that came after her, he thinks about Sarah, his fianceé, but he kisses Mindy, right there where they’re sitting on the elevator floor. That, of course, leads to sex, and when they’re sprung from the elevator the next morning, Danny walks her home with a dopey grin on his face. They part as really good, sometimes naked friends.

CLOSET CASE | And Mindy doesn’t seem that mad about missing her girls’ weekend, or anything really, until she enters her apartment to find Jody there. A slight complication in the building of the closet — he accidentally ripped a hole in her living room ceiling — created a series of events that ended with Dr. Kimball-Kinney buying the apartment directly above hers for her.

She’s shocked, and touched, and a little weirded out but also happy that Leo might have the kind of room that little boys dream about. Still, an apology apartment?

“I’ve done it before for someone I might possibly, against my better judgment be in love with,” he says, standing with her in the new space.

“Holy s–t,” Mindy replies, and as the camera moves down into Min’s old flat. And what’s on the table? The day’s mail… including Danny’s wedding invitation. Holy s–t, indeed.

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  1. I’m done with the show now. Can’t stand Danny’s continued character assassination (he was a jerk before but they amplified it) nor Jody and them pushing Jody/Mindy on us. I had hope they would fix it but that was hope was crushed repeatedly as the season continued. Might be back if and when they fix this mess.

    • Antoinette says:

      I totally agree with you..I feel they rushed the Danny/Mindy relationship due to making it a priority to show single moms doing it for themselves. I Know its cliche to do the will they wont they scenario but for this show it really worked with them. I can do without Jody but love fortune so keep her. I am all for them showing single moms and how it is a struggle at times to balance that life but the show really did a major foul by changing on us in the name of being edgy.

      • Allee says:

        I think they changed things because Chris Messina took a lengthy leave due to filming a movie. I mean, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, but it wasn’t done for any “liberal agenda” reason. Having said that, I don’t think they should get back together if he is going to keep blaming her for everything that goes wrong with their child. Bad enough to have an ex who does that.

        • There were so many other, better ways to handle Chris being gone while filming a movie. They went the completely wrong way about it.

          • Kristina says:

            Like what?

          • Meelee says:

            I think it was good that he left, his relationship with Mindy was unhealthy and borderline verbally abusive. It’s nice to see a show actually recognising that polar opposites don’t always work – a sort of realistic after “happy ever after” type thing. That said, I still ship them a little bit. At any rate I wish they’d stop pushing the Jody thing, he’s also a polar opposite to Mindy and they’ve already done that plot line with Danny he’s unnecessary and annoying.

    • Maxsmom says:

      the thing that made Danny a jerk at the start was his treatment of Mindy, once he fell for her, he wasn’t necessarily a jerk, he was simply set in his ways and his way of looking at the world-
      he is almost the polar opposite of Mindy but that doesn’t make his a jerk-sometimes she is the jerk

  2. sam says:

    I found myself missing several weeks in a row this season, I’d catch up one night and then it would happen again. This show just isn’t the same without that Mindy/Danny chemistry so I think this is the end of my watching.

  3. I haven’t’ seen the episode, but did I read this right that Danny cheated on his fiancé with Mindy? That’s…..not cool. Makes me not sorry I’ve missed this season. He was always a jerk but at least he had a code of ethics, more or less.

  4. chellemabelle says:

    I may be alone in this, but I loved it. I don’t see how it’s that unreasonable to have a relationship that you thought was the right one, but turned out it was quite another. I think the dynamic with Jody could be hilarious given that he started with “put it away!” and is now in love with her.

    And for people upset over Danny’s character– go eat a bear claw. ;)

    • Jody was about to have unprotected sex with Mindy after not disclosing that he had an STD. Mindy deserves way better (and if it can’t be Danny, be someone else, someone that’s actually a good person).

      • Dale says:

        Actually he went looking for a condo and found one in the freezer. He was going to have protected sex, but not disclose his STD

        • N!loofar says:

          YES, thank you. unlike Danny trying to get her pregnant to force her to stay home. I just can’t believe some thought he was going to use the banana.👍

    • Wooster182 says:

      I’m right there with you. I’ve rewatched the series in anticipation for this finale. Danny and Mindy were never going to work. She thinks he is way better than her and because of that, she lets him walk all over her.

      And now that I’m looking for it, you can see Jody falling for Mindy since the beginning. He very quickly started relying on her for her opinion. He respects her.

      I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t more upset about Danny running Jody off.

    • Deja Vu says:

      Thank you. I actually love Jody. And I never was a big Danny fan from the start.

      Casey the pastor was actually my favorite.
      Stil love the show. Makes me smile at work while I’m hiding and sneaking to watch the newest episode.
      Can’t wait for its return.

    • Laurel says:

      I also loved the episode, the whole season really. The relationship between Mindy and Jody could be a really fun one in so many ways. Glad I’m not the only one who’s still in love with this show!

  5. Jen says:

    I was upset when Danny and Mindy broke up, I thought I was going to stop watching because it didn’t seem like the same show if they weren’t end game. But the break up was so well written, it was something that had been coming for a while and even in this episode it’s easy to see that while Mindy and Danny have ridiculous chemistry, they aren’t right for each other. Her relationship with Jody is very supportive while her relationship with Danny has always been combative and on his terms, which I think this episode did a great job of highlighting even as they were reuniting (this is, of course, oversimplifying many things, including Jody’s lie about the chlamydia). I love Danny and I love Jody, but I’m way more excited to see more of her and Jody.

    Also as an unrelated side note, did anyone else think of Mr. Darcy’s first love declaration when Jody said, ‘Against his better judgement’?

    • Shel says:

      Yes yes yes I agree 100%
      I was totally a Danny Mindy fan, I mean my favorite season finale of all time is when they get together but he is so wrong for her as revealed after Leo is born …shame …but Jody on the other hand is very attentive albeit a little kooky, I like their dynamic and the fact that he is pursuing her and not the other way around
      And total high five for catching the Mr Darcy reference

    • Wooster182 says:

      I thought about Darcy too. Knowing MK’s love for all romcoms, I’m sure this was intentional and I really liked it.

      I also agree with everything you just said.

    • Deja Vu says:

      Yes. Love Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy. I only used his first name because when am I ever going to be able to use it again. Anyway I love Jody.

      Also waiting for the new Bridget Jones Diary.

  6. niloofar says:

    I LOVE Jody, Dillahunt’s portrayal is perfect especially hilarious talking under his breath in uncomfortable situations. Danny & Mindy’s chemistry is unique but so is Jody & Mindy’s, I’d like to see it explored. He bought the house for her but not like Danny’s version of taking care of her “I only know what’s best” . Even in his early jerk episodes, when he slept with Whitney Mindy was like “I’m such a bad mother” he was nice “calm down, you’re doing an admirable job”. hopefully Messina’s recurring status means more Jody. 🙏

  7. Kellie says:

    So good, but why didn’t Jody just fix and put back the spiral staircase? Why install an attic stair drop down?

  8. J.Norman says:

    As I’ve been saying for a while, Mindy and Danny can be great people, but that does not mean that they are – or ever will be – a successful (married or otherwise) couple.

    Lots of people like that. Great chemistry until they get too close.

  9. N!loofar says:

    Maybe Forbes comes back too. Perfect casting, with his attitude and walking stick. Imagine Mindy meeting the rest of Jody’s family.😃

  10. Mary says:

    I loved it and I think it set up for S5 perfectly. I think we saw Danny about to hit rock bottom and really grow potentially and I think Jody really crossed to many lines. Mindy didn’t look touched she looked freaked out and scared.

    To me it looked like they set up for Mindy to get annoyed with both of them overstepping/controlling that she’ll tell them both to jump in a lake and we’ll see them fight for her. But what was clear was Danny is her one, but if he doesn’t fix himself she’ll leave him. With Jody I didn’t get a clear vibe they were going one way or another but I could see them maybe trying. But I think she’s going to tell them both to drop dead for a bit.

  11. I won’t be watching the show anymore. I’m over Danny constantly being crapped on and I’m tired of them pushing Danny/Mindy together and pulling them apart whenever they need a plotline.

  12. Kristina says:

    I think people are overreacting, honestly. This show has always been weird, it’s always been quirky, and I’ve always loved it. I still do. It breaks my heart that Mindy and Danny didn’t work out like we thought they would, but guess what? That’s real life. They say you don’t really know a person till you’ve lived with them (or in Mindy’s case, have a child with them) and that’s what happened. I don’t think Danny’s character has been “assassinated” or is “vastly different”. He’s the same dude he always was. He’s always been a coward when it comes to certain things and he’s always been a jerk at times, but we loved him anyway. He’s got daddy issues and personal family issues. He’s always had a couple anger problems. That’s WHO HE IS. It’s who he’s always been. But what we’ve seen is that he’s always softened up for Mindy. I’m not surprised that he started to revert back to his older ways when Leo came into the picture. When you have an idea for what you want for your child for as long as Danny did, it’s hard to let go of that idea. He’s a stubborn dude. Don’t get me wrong. I am surprised that he hooked up with Mindy while he was engaged. That seemed a little off kilter for me. But other than that I don’t see anything different for his character. Because guess what? What happened with Mindy and Danny is life! It happens all the time. Having a family with someone drastically changes you, and sometimes you wake up and realize that the person next to you isn’t the same person you married. Danny’s been showing the signs that he’s been like this since the first episode. We, like Mindy, have just turned a blind eye to them. Go watch the first episode. He’s an absolute jerk then. He’s shown that he’s misogynistic from little statements here and there. I think that in being engaged to Mindy, he realized that either he was going to have to change his picture perfect future for Leo, or Mindy was. He’s a stubborn guy, so I’m not surprised that they cut it off.

    As for Jody, I’ll admit I hated him at first. But he does seem to have changed quite a lot for Mindy. He’s patient with her, I’ll admit, and he does take care of her. He’s supported her work ambitions since day 1. And he has changed from the redneck ideals he had in the first few episodes. He BOUGHT an apartment for her! That’s no small thing.
    I’ll always forever be a Danny and Mindy shipper, but even I will admit Jody isn’t bad for Mindy (even though I’ll always want Danny instead). But I trust Mindy Kaling with the show. Mindy/Danny is endgame. I’m almost sure of it.

    Also – I loved that shot at the end of the finale where the camera pans from Jody and Mindy to Danny’s letter. Great directing right there.

  13. Maxsmom says:

    I am not now nor was I ever a fan of Mindy/Danny but having Danny feature so prominently in the finale made me realize that he as an individual made the show better. I love Garret Dillahunt, he is good in everything he does, he plays comedy and creepy equally well but I am not buying Jody in love with Mindy. As his sister pointed out, Mindy is too much of a switcheroo for him. Is he attracted to her, sure, but a relationship would last about a week and a half.

    As for the finale, I thought it was great mostly due to Chris Messina’s return. He needs to reconsider his departure.

  14. Amanda says:

    Loved it! Love Jody! Mindy Kaling is a genius!

  15. Lisa says:

    The show used to be so much funnier because it was clever. Now it just seems like we’re getting beaten over the head with Mindy’s sexuality. Like we get it, you love sex. There are better ways to communicate that than jokes about being on your knees. They turned Danny into such a jerk and are forcing Jody and Colette on us. There’s no chemistry between Jody and Mindy. It’s painful to watch. Jeremy is just the wimp in the background. Wasn’t he supposed to be the womanizer? Which is it? And this last season has pushed it with Mindy being a bozo. She’s always been silly but now they are making her out to be totally incompetent and just a straight up dummy. The writing used to be funny, self-depricating and clever. Now it’s obvious cheap shots that depict Mindy as a constantly hungry and horny buffoon. Also the baby storyline is terrible. They jumped the gun there and you can tell because the baby is hardly in it.