Preacher Recap: The Turning Point

This week’s Preacher was a biggie: Not only did Fiore and DeBlanc reveal to Jesse what was inside of him, but the superpower it gave him claimed another victim — and this one really hurt. (Nothing personal, Ted.) Who wound up being “helped” straight to hell? Read on and find out!

‘BABY’ TALK | As “Sundowner” began, the angels explained that Genesis, aka the entity currently residing in Jesse, was the offspring of a scandalous angel/demon union. Oh, and also “the singular force that would… threaten all of creation.” That, too. The duo had barely gotten done telling the preacher that they didn’t know either how Genesis had escaped from their custody or why it had chosen him when they excused themselves to go murder a woman in the diner parking lot. Wait, what? Turned out, they’d sensed that the woman was a seraphim sent from above to apprehend them (since their unapproved visit to earth had made them outlaws). Of course, just as Fiore and DeBlanc had regenerated every time Cassidy had killed them, the deceased immediately popped up again. After the angels and Jesse took their brutal fight to the Sundowner, the preacher’s vampire pal joined in, and at last the seraphim was bloodily, um, “disarticulated.” Even after all that, however, Jesse refused to let the angels have Genesis. “I have what I want,” he said, “what God wants.” Mm-hmm.

Preacher 106 RecapGIRL TALK | After barging into Emily’s house to threaten her to stay away from Jesse — and breaking her little girl’s “art thing” for emphasis — Tulip apologized, and the women actually bonded. Hilariously, Emily offered the bad girl a beer. “It’s 10 in the mornin’,” replied Tulip, incredulous. Since Emily was so busy, Tulip offered to watch her sick daughter so that she could run errands. Er, did Tulip have any experience with children? “I had a kid once,” she admitted. “That count?” Instead of baby-sit, Emily let Tulip run stuff over to All Saints’ for her. At church, Cassidy was crushed to realize that his BFF was the boyfriend on whom Tulip was so hung up. (Apparently, his feelings for her were/are real. I’d half-suspected he was just kidding around.)

TOUGH TALK | Tormented as he was over witnessing Odin blow away Jerry Cutler and the reps from the Green Acre Group, Miles didn’t turn in Annville’s answer to Montgomery Burns. Instead, he phoned the company to let them know that there had been a fiery car accident. And finally, Eugene was shocked when, after being publicly forgiven by Mrs. Loach, kids at school started being nice to him. The thing was, it didn’t feel right to him. Especially knowing that Jesse had done “something” to get Mrs. Loach to embrace him, the turnabout didn’t feel honest. When the teen asked Jesse to again render him unforgiven, then went so far as to suggest that the preacher was “cheatin'” the natural order of things, even sinning, the dark side of Genesis took hold of Jesse, who barked, “Go to hell, Eugene!” And, since it was a command, that was — poof! — exactly what the boy did.

So, big episode, right? I’m not sure which was more heartbreaking — Cassidy being trapped behind the closet door while Tulip flirted with Jesse or Eugene being banished to hell. Was it just me, or weren’t you terrified that his classmates were setting him up for some kind of nasty prank when they led him to that dark, creepy storm drain?

Anyway, what did you think of “Sundowner”? Do you think we’ll get Eugene back from hell? Are you Team Jesse or Team Cassidy where Tulip’s concerned? Hit the comments!

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  1. Barb Evenson says:

    I kinda wanted that hilarious, bloody fight in the hotel to last the entire episode.

  2. Wow what an episode! I think the best yet!!!

  3. Tom says:

    I certainly felt for sure they were setting Eugene up.

    And that fight in the motel. That’s got to be one of my most favorite fights ever. That was awesome.

  4. M says:

    I’m kinda mad we didn’t get a flashback showing the Angels true form along with Genesis’s. I hope the show doesn’t hold off on this. I can’t Imagine how they will handle that spit scene(if you’ve read the comics, you know what I’m talking about) since they didn’t show Genisis’s creation. I loved the episode though.

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    This show is getting better and better. I hope Jesse brings Eugene back from hell. I thought those kids were definitely going mess with him. As for Cassidy, I feel sorry for him. I thought he was just playing around too. Hopefully him and Jesse can stay friends. Also hope Jesse can stop abusing Genesis and control it.

  6. Alex says:

    I thought the kids were going to throw Eugene into a deep whole. Also I think the Cowboy from the flashback will be recruited to hunt Jesse. We seen Angels, I expect too see some demons pretty soon. Maybe the season will end with God coming down to deal with Jesse and Genesis.

  7. Alex says:

    Is unfortunate this character is Vertigo(DC). Cuz the way he’s being adapted/portrayed in my opinion he will fit better in the MCU, than in the DCEU, JL. Anyone agrees?

    • James says:

      Preacher is its own entity. Vertigo may be owned by DC but only a few of their books are part of the DC Universe. So there’s no fitting in with either the MCU or the DCEU. There’s just the Preacherverse.

  8. Preacher Book says:

    Loved the aftermath scene from the hotel fight with all the identical bodies lying around, all bloody and such. I was very sad to have Eugene sent to Hell and am hoping he will be brought back.

    Honestly, I think either Fiore or DeBlanc is a demon. Not the conceiving couple (who were probably destroyed quickly) but a Heaven/Hell joint effort to safeguard the union’s produce.

    I am really liking this show more and more. It will be interesting to see Odin get his, because frankly he’s probably a demon.

    • max says:

      yeah… I think Fiore and Deblanc were too insistent they were just custodians… maybe they are the parents

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    That hotel fight was F-in awesome! Sheesh kill an angel and it comes back again and again……Jesse is really abusing that Genesis power a bit too much,now that he sent Eugene to hell! He better bring that poor dude back that was messed up. As for The whole Tulip and Cassidy thing…..idk I hope Cas and Jesse can get through it and still be friends. This was a really good episode it’s getting more interesting.

  10. doomsday says:

    Eugine can stay in hell for my taste, but that part opens a new dimension of Power, Preacher can maybe speak to himself thru Genesis and go to Heaven or something like that.

  11. Pat says:

    Poor Eugene, I wonder will he return from hell, when Jessie realizes that Genesis in side him made him do it. Yes, I thought for sure that those boys might play a really nasty prank on him. My gosh this town has such a high body count and yet life goes on.

  12. patricia montenegro says:

    I want Eugene back!!! didnt stop saying to myself…oh no, what you did!! LOL at the beginning ! this is the best series that i gladily have the joy to watch!!

  13. e. says:

    Eugene has become the best thing about this show – and I’m loving all this show. Bring arseface back!

  14. Kreeper J says:

    Why didn’t Jesse use his power on the Seraphim if she had to be apprehended?

  15. Michele Donahoe says:

    i just love this show! I’m 59 yrs. old. I feel Eugene will be back! wow,I’m team Preacher for the show,but i feel for Cassidy.Her heart is with Preacher. What I’d like to know more about Tulip’s baby. And why are they chasing Carlos? Well the show keeps you going. Which is why i think it’s a hit.