Big Brother Reveals 'Battle Back' Twist, By Which One Evictee Will Return

Gone, but not forgotten…?

CBS’ Big Brother this Thursday revealed another Season 18 twist — the first-ever “Battle Back” competition, in which evicted houseguests will attempt to “win” their way back into the house, and at a late date.

There will be four battles in all — starting with Jozea going up against this week’s evictee, Glenn — with the last Houseguest standing returning to the game for another shot at the $500,000 prize.

The winner of Round One between Jozea and Glenn will advance and challenge next week’s third evicted Houseguest, and so on. Coverage of all four “Battle Back” competitions, leading up to the reveal of the winner, will air during a special Friday episode of Big Brother, airing in three weeks, on July 22.

What do you think of the “Battle Back” twist? Should evicted players be allowed to pop back up like bad pennies?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Beth says:

    Anyone but Jozea.

    • Emily says:

      Umm, Joez, before a Illegal, and that’s putting nicely.

      • Chris baker says:

        How do you know he was an Illegal. I do believe he was born in the USA or if from PR then he does not need a green card because PR is an American teritorie

  2. Nelly says:

    Yes Jozea since he has created such bad reputation, I think everyone will be very surprise and he can be a fun person to bring back.

  3. Kim says:

    Not fair that they are shown who voted against them (via the goodbye messages)and then can go back in..totally unfair

    • James says:

      As we saw on tonight’s episode, it seems like producers were careful in showing video messages that were are the very least, friendly towards Jozea. Da’Vonne would have gone full throttle with hers if she wanted to but she kept it tame at best.

      And it’s not like they’re in jury yet.

      • Kim says:

        Maybe not in jury but if he was to go back in he would have the advantage of knowing who is and isnt telling the truh.. More than anyone else does.. He thought it was natalie that went against him.. Just unfair to the houseguests that can never know for sure

        • James says:

          But he won’t have the advantage of knowing everything in one plate, only a portion of it.

          He’ll have to depend on his social game to get a good read on everyone the moment he steps back in which, unfortunately to him, he sorely lacks.

        • Dysturbed says:

          In his case, he’ll be out of the game for a month if he’s the one to return. In that month a lot of things can happen that can make him an outcast upon his return due to having missed so much time, especially if any his allies are the next few voted out. Plus, we don’t know what happens to those who are evicted. Do they get to stay in a sequestered area together and share things with each other, or are they kept apart until they compete against each other? If it’s the latter then each evicted person has no chance to inform the other person about what has happened since they were eliminated.

          Disadvantages like that can very well can outweigh the advantage that you’ve mentioned.

        • P Aldridge says:

          Agree totally!

    • Dysturbed says:

      Two of the three people he saw didn’t vote tonight, though they did make their disdain for him known.

    • Eric says:

      Their bring people back almost every season. Just the way they do it changes every year.

    • Gloria says:

      I agree 😊 not fair for the other players

    • Timmah says:

      It’s unfair, yes, but who said this show was fair? They rigged the game from the beginning by mixing people who have played the game before with total noobs.

    • Jakob Clewley says:

      It’s not unfair. The houseguests can choose to reveal how they voted or not. They don’t have to. If they want to give potential returning houseguests fuel to come after them, let them dig their own grave.

  4. J says:

    We hate this idea. So wrong.

    • Kim says:

      Wrong and unfair advantage knowing how some people voted..
      Any other potential returns were never told anything

      • Dysturbed says:

        If they show just three people on the videos per week it will possibly be the same as today being the hoh (who put the person up for a reason, unless they were put up for the roadblock winner. Therefore the person knows the hoh wanted them gone or if they were a pawn, they already probably discussed things with the hoh), someone that they were up against (who obviously wanted the evictee gone rather than themself) and one other person.

        The other person’s vote may be a surprise to them like tonight, or it could end up being someone who they expected. We can’t assume it will always be the former. I’m not a fan of this either, but don’t think it’s quite as unfair of advantageous as you do. There are still disadvantages. I respect your view regardless :)

  5. corinda says:

    absolutly not its unfair

  6. Steve Rubie says:

    It’s the same as Exile Island on Survivor. Loser vs. loser, etc.

  7. connie dennemann says:

    Not really

  8. You all complaining can’t be that big of fans. They have evicted houseguests come back almost every season…the only thing that changes is the way they get voted/compete for it.

    • Zayne says:

      I think it’s more that people just hate Jozea and fame-whoring delusional a-holes like him and don’t want that oblivious douche canoe coming back onto their TVs after the joyous occasion of him going home second, which was one spot past where he should have made it.

  9. Wordsmith says:

    It’s a clever system, in that the earlier you’re eliminated, the harder it is to fight your way back in. The fourth evictee will only have to win one challenge to get back in, while Jozea will have to win four times.

  10. N says:

    Even though I realize this was twist has probably been planned for awhile, I cant help but feel, especially after watching way too much Unreal on lifetime, this is how they can keep Jozea in the game because they didn’t want to lose him this early. I am a huge Big Brother fan, but this season is doing it for me, most of the newbies are acting like they’ve never seen the show before, how else do you explain how only like 3 people realize Tiffany is a pretty much a clone of her sister Vanessa. No one in my house can stand Bearded Paul, and we want him gone ASAP as hes just a Bully, and I don’t like the way Victor has been treating the women around the house, hes been all over Natalie since day one. Of the Returnees, Frank and Day are playing the best game at this point, James doesn’t seem to have his head in the game yet, and Ive been joking that this is just a nice Vacation for him. Nicole is way too insecure and paranoid to go that far this season and I think she will be the first of the returnees to go home. Overall though, between weak players and way too many twists, I’m just not feeling this season. After 2 weeks I am already exhausted with it .

    • bigdede says:

      You must be watching the live feeds. Frank’s ego has gotten so big he’s ruining everyone’s game and they’re catching on. He told Natalie, who’s BFF is Bronte, that he’s not voting for Jozea to stay. Natalie went back and told Bronte. So he basically spilled the tea letting them now who was really on their side. Then he started in on Tiffany for no reason which, like Nicole pointed out, could be a loss vote for their side. Frank is really messing himself up.
      And you think Nicole paranoid. I think you mean Day. That girl is forever thinking way too much.

    • BBFan says:

      COMPLETLEY agree about Jozea. I wonder how far in advance the producers thought up this “twist” or was this a contingency plan all along?

  11. Sunshine says:

    I like the new twist as long as Josea don’t win.

  12. Rico says:

    Don’t like this idea. It gives production more ways to control the game. One on one comps can easily be geared towards the houseguest production wants back in the house. A 5 on 5 comp would be more fair

  13. jenna says:

    Dont want to see evicted house guests back.

  14. Carl Pitts says:

    Someone, with a kind heart, needs to sit down with this idiot Josea and try to help him develop a little self awareness……. Never seen someone his age have so little ability to see the world as it really is……

  15. bigdede says:

    Yeah those people complaining must have never watched Big Brother before. Evictees come back all the time after knowing who voted them out. At least this time the good bye messages were very short and with people who Jozea may have known didn’t vote for him to stay. I remember season 3 when Amy came back. She came back with a vengeance and it made for excellent tv. It causes more conflict and is more entertaining when they return knowing who they want to target. I just hope no one comes back and end up like Kaysar

  16. Gloria says:

    No, when they are voted out that should be end of their game it’s not fair to the other HG’S when they are playing so hard to stay in the game is

    • James says:

      With 16 housemates and a real-time game duration of 99 days this season, it makes sense to have this competition to bring someone back in the game.

    • N8frogg78 says:

      This happens every year. They shows mantra is “expect the unexpected”. How is this unfair to the other hgs? They are supposed to know the game b4 hand. I know it looks like they haven’t but they should have watched seasons prior.

  17. Lola says:

    I feel like the show just needs to cast 18/19 people then just to eliminate the b back. I wouldn’t be against it. Heck, throw in a few more double evictions too if necessary. There are easy ways around this they just choose not to use them as a option.

  18. Jakob Clewley says:

    I’d like to see Jozea come back. He was extremely annoying, but he was a terrible player that did not understand the game. If someone took him to final 2, no doubt they’d win over him.

  19. ML24 says:

    Go Glenn!!!! Jozea is a douchebag!!

  20. Sandy F. says:

    I hate it. They work so hard to get rid of these guys and then they return. It’s like a slap in the face to the HOH.

  21. P Aldridge says:

    Sure hope Glenn wins, would love to see him get another chance. Can’t stand Jozea!

  22. Ed Suriel says:

    I’m definitely hoping to see Victor winning the battle back . Knowing that he hasn’t caused any problems in the house ,I feel like he’ll have a better strategy of eliminating the rest of the house guests. I don’t see Glenn winning the battle back competition.

  23. Frank D'Amico says:

    It’s totally UNFAIR for “battle back” participants to hear parting comments. This is “unexpectedly”

    • PAldridge says:

      No they know who wanted them out and will come back with a bad taste in their mouth for revenge! No fair to others!

  24. Roy says:

    Once out should stay out

  25. Emma says:

    I think they should have a chance to get back to the game
    Go Nicole

  26. Madeline Arroyo says:

    I think that everyone should have a second chance is not about being the bad pennies. Is about thinking twice about doing the right decision and not make the same mistake as before. Coming back it shows others your effort to be there and you are a person that don’t give up that easy.

  27. Susan Goodnight says:

    I do not think they should be able to come back into the house