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The Voice: 8 Easy Fixes to Stop the NBC Juggernaut's Ratings Slide

Don’t start writing an obit for NBC’s The Voice anytime soon. With an average of 13.3 million viewers and a 3.4 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, its audience is still as big as Kanye’s ego.

Still, numbers for this week’s Season 10 finale — 10.4 million total viewers and a 2.1 demo rating for Alisan Porter’s win – were down 18 and 28 percent from Jordan Smith’s coronation a season prior. And if those declines don’t make exec producer Mark Burnett a teensy bit nervous, he need only look at the way prior reality behemoths American Idol and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? disappeared from the network landscape in recent years.

The good news is, much of what The Voice does works very well: It manages to put on a terrific two-hour concert every Monday, its introduction of the Twitter Save has made the Tuesday results telecast an interactive success story, and its Blind Auditions remain joyous and thrilling as ever.

Still, there haven’t been many changes to the formula since Javier Colon strummed his way to victory in Season 1, and that got us thinking about some tweaks to the Voice formula that could bring back some lost fans and keep its current ones fully invested.

From the elimination of dreaded montages to an overhaul of the semifinal results massacre, we’ve cooked up eight ideas that would keep The Voice resonating loud and clear and strong for years to come.

Check out the gallery below — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments with your ideas to keep The Voice on top of the ratings heap.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carla Krae says:

    I’d much rather see previous Voice contestants than whatever random pop star they decide to promote this week.
    While it would be good for any of the judges to say something besides “that was so great”, being candid has to be done carefully. If you’re a naturally blunt person, the critique can come off as mean and make that person hated by the audience.

    • Kathy Walker says:

      I Agree : )

    • Arlene says:

      Yes! Carla Krae. I have watched this show from the beginning. Christina(who is one of my favorite vocalists in the world!!!) was cutting and mean the first season. There is constructive and there is critical. I agree with less scripting, but it needs to be done diplomatically. The bottom line is all these vocalists were invited because they have at the very least a modicum of talent and should be treated as such.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, the whole point is that they are coaches, not judges. But I do like it when the coaches make suggestions about how things might work better.

      • The Beach says:

        And therein lies one of The Voices greatest weaknesses. The fact that they are “coaches, not judges” ties their hands and completely negates any comments they make about a performance, whether it be one by someone on their team or on someone else’s. Enough with the glowing platitudes from these “coaches” for performances that we viewers all hear and know were not wonderful.

        • Eurydice says:

          It’s not a weakness, it’s just different. It’s not their job to be a judge – that’s the job of the voting audience.

      • mike says:

        I agree the coach concept is far better then the judge concept! Along with bringing out the coach’s opinions more directly the show needs the following in my opinion:
        1. Stop trying to be “pop” current, most of pop songs go away quickly, focus on quality songs not trending music.
        2. America does not want men who sing in high pitch voices all the time!
        3. The coaches need secure enough not turn their stint into a fashion statement about them and get publicity for dressing like freaks, Christina less is more frontal looks, Miley’s rainbow top etc…make the show about the singers not you!
        4. The coaches need to stop the singers from taking on certain songs: For example you are not going to sing better then Adel why sing Adel?
        5. Stop singers from singing anything from a major band, no wants to see a Rolling Stones song preformed by a tribute singer it never works,
        6. Cut the results show to 30minutes. It saves the over use of the show and less time on air makes it seem fresher.
        7. Consider 8 coaches instead of 4, having them work as a team in areas but still only have four chairs, they can switch off making it fresh each week.
        8. If you have fill time do follow ups and some past contestants to see what they are doing now.

  2. At the beginning of the season, they sometimes have a Wednesday special and a rerun on Sunday meaning they are on 3 to 4 days a week. That may be too much.

    Also, what is the point of recaps? It’s a waste of time and other shows don’t do it. I hate they push the finale to go from 9-11 PM. I prefer it be 8-10 PM

    • Kathy Walker says:

      NO! NO! NO! New fans may be watching and those who may have, sadly, missed the final competition can view it : )

    • davmon says:

      SLEZAK HIT IT OUTTA THE ARENA! 1) Scripted: Yes, no blatant favored candidate with sprinkled suggestive comments by all coaches…Also, none of the scripted silliness between coaches which wastes time—and then we have montages! 2) Suspense-kills: Telling us what is coming like a bad movie trailer! 3) Bloodbaths AND MASSACRES: Not just the Semis bloodbath…but also the Lives’ massacre. Why, if the Lives have 24 and we take 7 more weeks to the Finals, can we not do something more gently sloping than a 24 to 12 crash landing followed by the 12 to 11 to 10 to 9 to 8 creep before the Semis’ plunge 8 to 4 and then to 1….Why not 24 to 20 to 16 to 12 to 9 to 6 to 3 to 1. [3 weeks dropping 4; 3 weeks dropping 3; before a final 3 finale.]….4) Yes, no mo’ dreaded montages & erect a permanent montage memorial to Katherine Ho! Or bring her back, you dolts! I mean, we have the coaches’ silliness. Even Wednesday or Sunday recaps—but we cannot hear all the Blinds? Or Battles? Or Knockouts? 5) And Adam, yes, I have said several times this season, he was tuned out or something. Caroline over Mike? Laith an octave too high repeatedly? He IS expecting a baby—his wife, too! So he is likely distracted. And I heard he was upset about Miley, too….but then so am I!….6) Karaoke: Right, there really is too much mediocre output. We rarely transcend as with Laith and Hannah the last two nights or Madi & Amy last season or Mia & Kimberly the previous….We can hope. 7) Promote alumni: This is OK, so long as the montages are cut. And the massacres and bloodbaths are cut out. Otherwise, why have guest singers if you are not fitting all the singers we are waiting and watching to see! And then have to slash 24 to 12 and 8 to 4 because we have the coaches playing and guest vocalists to pump ratings!! 8) Coaches & honest comments: Let them all be honest…or bring in a separate set of judges for that part. I get tired of the same tired tirednessses! After a mere 4 seasons, I can’t take it any more!….And here come Miley and Alicia…hmm…well, kudos to Sir Michael for trying!

  3. Sharon says:

    Im in total agreement plus one:

  4. Sarah says:

    #1. Stop fixing the competition.

    • The Beach says:

      #2 No more sob story backstories. Let us just hear them sing. I don’t care if they were drug addicted or raised by wolves or are missing body parts or were dropped off at a fire station when they were babies. I just want to know if they are today talented vocalists. If that makes me cold-hearted then so be it.

      • I couldn’t agree more!

      • Vance V. says:

        Many of us, as viewers, had been trying to get-through to the Idol producers for the past few years that they were running the show into the ground with some of their side-story, back-story games, paying a king’s ransom to insider celebrities, pouring over old worn-out songbooks instead of doing more current music, etc

        They were “casting” people to get into the top 13 , sometimes just characters they wanted to make a show with, even people who couldn’t sing, like when they had 2 guys who were popular one season, finished 9th and 7th… , who literally could not carry a tune, but were covered-up by the band on rock tunes, until finally exposed on a slower song..

        The big reason that Idol could not sustain was not because of the ratings slide in general, still pulling more than some other networks——– but, they lost the young,, under 40, viewer in droves ———– then the cost to run the show became more than advertisers were willing to pay.——————- ..

        • Musicfan5 says:

          Great post. I was a huge fan for several seasons, but stopped watching because:
          1.) NBC spoiled the show by revealing upcoming “saves” before they happened. Goodbye suspense.
          2.) The show went recap crazy. Updating viewers on “what just happened” 5-minutes after it happened. Goodbye patience.
          3.) Coaches praise every performer every time. This is more the fault of producers rather than coaches, but sometimes it would be nice to hear a coach say “that didn’t work” and then explain what they might have done to fix the performance. You can do this without stooping to Simon Cowell’s level. But as a music fan it would be nice to hear the A-list coaches sharing “real insights” rather than function as “Trophy Kid Coaches” where everyone is always great and you can never say anything that might upset or hurt someone’s feelings.

          Lastly, one suggestion for fixing The Voice.
          1.) Leave time during the Season Finale so we might get to hear from the winner and their coach. The show is so padded. Carson announces the winner–and then BAM the next NBC show is on. Has no one on this network watched a Beauty Pageant? Have you ever heard of giving the winner their moment in the spotlight.

          If The Voice adopted even some of the recommendations presented in TVLine then maybe previous viewers like myself would give it another try. If I’m being honest, the spoilers, recaps, and repetitious backstories are what drove me away–I actually enjoyed the singing portion of the show.

      • davmon says:

        Beach & Vance nailed it! IMHO, though, background stories are a good idea–but for everyone. Even the Katherine Hos who have been montaged. And they do not have to be long–or even the same length. Just a bit of bio to increase our interest. And not everyone has a sob story. Life is like that. Some people do have good luck. But we do NOT have to hear the back or sob EVERY time the artist appears and wiggles a finger!….And tired songs. OMG. For me, it is not whether the songs are old or new, but whether they are good…and not heard to often, nor done on shows too often…not the same old arrangement….If you can do a rap version of Ol’ Dan Tucker, well more power to ya! Or Battle Hymn reggae! A gospel version of On the Good Ship Lollipop! A funk Like a Rolling Stone! Acid rock Bing or Frank croon tunes!….ok, ok, I was having fun.

      • Oscarpig says:

        Agree agree agree. Someone finally said it. I won’t need to use my fast forward button if the sob stories go away

  5. James says:

    Replace the spring cycles with The Voice Kids. It would at least help the adult versionget some much needed while still maintaining a brand presence for NBC’s midseason schedule. Replace the judges with new ones for the kiddie version, perhaps getting Prince Royce as one of the coaches (and he’ll be familiar for Hispanic viewers as he was a coach in Telemundo’s La Voz Kids USA).

    If tha won’t work, make The Voice a yearly show. Doesn’t need to have two seasons within one calendar year.

    • Breathey says:

      No to “The Voice Kids.” Are you old enough to remember “American Juniors”? That show was a mess.

      “The Voice” shouldn’t have contestants under 18 competing. They are too young, too inexperienced, and too vulnerable.

      • James says:

        American Juniors essentially had a different format that was more similar to Making the Band and Popstars than it was from Idol.

        And have you seen the Youtube channel of The Voice Global? Lots of past contestants from international versions of The Voice Kids are oozing with talent.

    • rowdyred says:

      Once a year is a good idea.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Agree it shouldn’t be an every season show. Once a year is enough.

    • Carfield says:

      I agree that they should start seriously thinking about Voice Kids… or even Voice Junior, and I feel that Shalyah this season is one prime example that you need a show for those 12 to 16 years old. They cannot compete with the seasoned pro, and unlike Idol, Voice does not have time for them to grow, too. I know Voice Kids have mixed success across the globe, but Voice Junior may work. Americans love to see artists grow and a Junior version will be a success.

      • The Beach says:

        Oh please…just no! Set the age limit at 18+ and be done with it. Let these minors wait until their voices mature.

      • rowdyred says:

        I for one have zero interest in Voice Kids/Juniors, etc. Steve Harvey’s new primetime show already covers that territory, and so does America’s Got Talent.

        • James says:

          It’s just “The Voice Kids”. And Telemundo is already hosting an American version of the kiddie format.

    • davmon says:

      Intriguing. I do enjoy the talented youngsters like Sawyer, Mia, Koryn, Reagan, Siahna. But then there are those like Braiden and Caroline who might be more common. So how does it balance out. And as some have raised: immature and changing voices; and being vulnerable and sensitive. Live tv performances are daunting for most kids….So what am I saying? I don’t know!…I guess this is called “conflicted”.

    • m4vtcnh says:

      Can someone please explain the appeal of kid versions of any talent-related show? It honestly baffles me.

      • James says:

        Because kids excel in those areas really well, sometimes even better than the adults themselves: Junior Masterchef, Junior Eurovision, Global Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, etc.

  6. Melanie M says:

    All great suggestions, Michael. I feel this show is burning out fast and needs to take off a season to retool. Two cycles a year is too much and leading to viewer boredom and fatigue. Then make the one cycle a year longer so we can actually get to know the contestants ( not just the one the producers are pushing).

    Glad Pharrell is not coming back in the fall and totally agree that Adam needs to take a season off-the boredom rolling off both of them this spring was pretty damned obvious. And I want to see more performances by past contestants. Idol stopped respecting and promoting their history until it was too late to save the show.

    • davmon says:

      MM, your “boredom rolling off both of them” is priceless. And I think very true. But Xtina was not the picture of enthusiasm either…and Blake was in his cups! So hey! A clean sweep! Miley [groan], Alicia [?]…hmm…too bad Alison Krause and Norah Jones would not give this the time of day; they would be great!…well, two guys, huh? Billy Joel or Stevie Wonder for rock & r&b and maybe Garth or Lyle for the country folks.

  7. Kevin says:

    One season a year! That’s all I need, 2 seasons is too much.

  8. DL says:

    Great list. Agree with pretty much everything. Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Blake take a season off at some point too.

    • Breathey says:

      Blake should take Gwen with him.

      I’ve had it with their showmance.

    • The Beach says:

      Yep, both Adam and Blake need to take a vacation. And maybe bring back Shakira for a season. She may not have been the world’s greatest coach but she was delightful, nonetheless.

      • Jakay says:

        Agreed. Keep Pharrell and bring back Shakira (or sub in Pink or somebody else with a personality) but give Blake and Adam some time off.

    • davmon says:

      Really good stuff above. I am tired of the sophomoric play of Sir Blake of the Tall Cup AND Sir Adam of Peeve AND the prissy sulkiness of Lady Christina of the Wandering Chest. I really like Sir Pharrell of Human Kindness, but suspect he is fed up; especially after losing the first two of the 12 last season and two of first three of the 12 this season. Alicia is smart and capable; may be OK. We know Miley is a decent coach, but her trailer-trash persona is gonna lose boatloads of viewers. Rihanna was a great coach last year; but would she really want to take on this fly-by-night operation when she is still at top of her game? Shakira was a coup personality-wise. Usher was good….But if they do not do some things to reconfigure the feckless coaching, the boorish coach comments, the montages, the Lives massacre, and the Semis bloodbath…well…Sayonara!…the revenge of Katherine Ho.

  9. Jamey says:

    So agree that they need to have their alumni on an promote them. I found a Pip song online and it was fabulous, bought it and never ever heard about it from the Voice ! Very sad!

  10. The ratings have steadily declined from throughout every season of the show from the beginning to the end since season 1. The fact is the Blink Auditions are the best part of the show. I don’t watch it regularly anymore, but the most annoying part for me was that all of the feedback from the coaches was positive. There needs to be more constructive criticism (not mean) from the coaches. The other thing is that they need to shift the focus from which coach wins to which contestant wins. Does anyone really care which coach wins?

    • WONEMA GEITGEY says:

      I THINK Blake Shelton is the Life of the Voice and Also Adam . They should be lifetime friends and work together.i Don’t agree of the winner on the voice. The winner wasn’t that good.I Think the Voice should come back twice a year.They have the Best Entertainment show on TV. NO OTHER SHOW HAS the Quality performance like the Voice.They Are The Best. No one cares what coach wins.Its not about them, its About the ones they help to become the Best they can be In our Future Generation of music.. This show must stay for years to come.I Love them the Best..

      • Sally McLinn says:

        It’s all about the judges. Nobody who’s won that show is a “star”….only the judges.

        • Voice Fan says:

          I agree it should be about the contestants and not the coaches. I watch the show to hear the singers, not the coaches bickering and trying to get attention for themselves. I am sick of Carson Daley asking the contestant about their coach instead of asking them about themselves. I am sick of Carson Daley promoting the “bromance” between Blake and Adam and Christina and Gwen turning it into a fashion show. It is obvious the coaches are there to promote their albums and career and to collect their multi million dollar salaries not to help singers succeed because they just go on to pick a new team within three months and the last team is forgotten. The next season Carson congratulate the coach of the winning singer but never mentions the singers name. The winner never appears on the show unless he has an album the record company wants to promote. Sawyer, Jordan, Cassadee and Danielle were the only winners who appeared on the show after their win.

          • Voice Fan says:

            Correction: Craig Wayne Boyd also appeared on The Voice singing his new single that he put out independently after he split from the label.

    • Arlene says:

      Perfectly stated!

      • Vance V. says:

        Yes, the itunes top 200 is now clear of any of the Voice people, that were raging around up to #2 just 5 days ago…………………….

        The real Pop, Country, Hip-Hop stars and rising stars — are right back into domination of the charts. ………………….. while some Voice fans were clamoring about how this or that contestant was going to be a big star,,,,,,,,,

        if they are unable to hold the interest of the music buyers beyond a few short days, then they disappear into the waste-yard of talent show also-rans, who never sell much after the show. …………….

        .Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery and Rae Lynn are the only ones you sometimes see on the charts, mostly Country.

    • davmon says:

      I am with you, Malls….I enjoy the Blinds and the mentoring. A coach should not WIN, but simply bask in reflected glory. The coach comments are insufferable. And the Lives to Finale need to be more gradual–maybe 24-20-16-12-9-6-3 so they are nurturing more artists for longer. Cut the montages by editing out the coach pranks and constant references to the backstories. Use the recap times to get in all the Blinds and Battles and Knockouts. All get on tv and all get a short backstory–hopefully never referred to again. Make it about good songs and good voices with much less pranking and silliness and faux bromancing….soooo tiresome!

  11. BTW, there is no way that NBC will give up doing 2 cycles a year as it is their highest rated show and a great launching pad for new shows both in the fall and at midseason.

    • Breathey says:

      So was “Millionaire” for ABC.

      We all know how that turned out.

    • Amy says:

      The ratings have declined every season. Just because NBC’s other shows don’t draw ratings is no reason to have 2 cycles of The Voice. How about producingsomething totally unique that might interest viewers, rather than recycling the same stale stuff? Viewers are clearly burning out on The Voice…this last finale drew lower ratings than the Idol finale did. By a fairly wide margin.

      I predict that The Voice has 2 seasons left, and then it will go the way of XF and Idol.

    • nedsdag says:

      Thank you! To all these posters saying the The Voice should be a yearly thing haven’t done their homework, outside of Sunday Night Football, The Voice is NBC’s lone Top 10 show. Taking it off the fall lineup would make NBC’s ratings even worse.

  12. David says:

    The problem is too many contestants and too many saves and steals! When Idol was at its peak we were invested in the contestants and able to name them and pick favorites. The Voice allows too many people to get on each team and they can effectively get kept after being eliminated multiple times. I feel like you can get invested in the contestants enough and that would solve many problems.

  13. Larc says:

    Make Adam’s vacation permanent. And he can take Blake and Christina with him. They have all been there too long.

  14. Sara says:

    Wasn’t the Semi-Finals death round thing introduced because the audience complained too much about losing 2 people every week?

  15. Diane Walko says:

    IMO, one of the reasons the ratings could be falling is that NBC stupidly/stubbornly schedules “The Voice” on the exact same time, same day(s) as ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”! One of the networks needs to re-think this and move one of these shows to a different night! DWTS had a VERY interesting season, and the three finalists there were some of the best I have EVER seen in 22 seasons, and a great many people weren’t about to miss their finale in favor of “The Voice” finale!
    Also, although I’m sure this has nothing to do with the falling ratings, especially among the male element of the viewers, but it’s something which bothers me: While Christina is a beautiful woman with a KILLER voice, she truly needs to NOT put “the girls” on such nearly full display every week (and no, I’m not jealous, I just think a modicum of class would be refreshing on Christina’s part)! What kind of message does this send to young female artists, that if you dress like a hooker, you, too, can have a successful music career?! Tacky! I DREAD thinking what Miley Cyrus might almost wear next season!! :(

    • Joan O'Donnell says:

      I agree with Diane re Christina’s “girls” hanging out all over the place. It may please the guys watching, but really looks cheap and tacky. And what are the producers thinking, adding Miley Cyrus to the panel… I for one, will NOT watch if she is on. I think Usher and Pharrell are both very good and thoughtful coaches, as was Shakira. But Miley… NOT!

    • Vance V. says:

      Check-out some videos Pharrell has been in, such as “Blurred Lines”,

      • davmon says:

        This is a dog that don’t hunt! While I found the lyrics of Blurred Lines objectionable, the two music video versions were provocative while artistic. Whereas since her Hannah Montana days, Miley has reliably projected herself in every possible venue as provocative while trashy! And setting aside their music or art, the difference in persona of Pharrell and Miley is like comparing a boho Tibetan lama with a stripper on acid.

    • Shannon says:

      I agree about Christina…I got tired of her dresses that were ALL OPEN in the front!!! Enough of her…

  16. 'A' Revived says:

    So agree! My personal opinion, but both Adam and Blake need to sit one out. If they need a country star to fill in for him, look to Keith Urban lol. He’s had experience on Idol so why not? Plus, they have other artists that cool fill in with Adam (some who served or will serve on the panel: Usher, Shakira, Alicia, Miley? One could surely fill in for him.) When they do season 12, I want both Blake and Adam to sit out to see how that works. Christina will most likely return then and they could keep either Alicia or Miley or bring back Gwen (that’d be something to watch, Gwen & Christina on a panel together haha)! Then add 2 others to sit next to them (unless Pharrell returns but unlikely..)

    • VJ says:

      Keith Urban also did one season Voice Australia and he was pretty good there (a lot better than one Idol because it was – in my opinion – less producer driven).

  17. Sara Main says:

    Maybe people are finally getting sick of reality talent shows why do you think Idol got cancelled? The Voice needs to go next all it does is makes washed-up 90’s singers relevant again! If we absolutely HAVE to have a show like The Voice or Idol can it please be about a different kind of music there’s so many other genres that could work (J-pop,video game music,etc)! It would help make these genres more popular & especially get more people interested in VGM remixing & composing!

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  19. VJ says:

    I actually agree with Adam sitting one out (and I’m a huuuge Maroon 5 fan), but I honestly don’t think that Blake alone would work. I like him and everything but I can’t see it (well, maybe I would be surprised). I also think that TV viewers like things they know and a season without him or both of them would encourage people to stop watching for this season especially if the chemistry between the new coaches doesn’t work.

  20. Icymee says:

    No more Twitter save. It undermines the voters’ decision.

    No more clip shows.

    Also, the producers should release voting totals at the end of the season.

  21. rowdyred says:

    In the picture above, Christina looks like a hologram beamed in from a totally different place and event. Everyone else is in casual clothes but she’s dressed like she’s in a Miss Universe pageant, or a Diana Ross tribute concert. I’m in the “anyone-but Cristina” camp. Her diva vibe is one of the reasons I’m not watching this season.

    • MC says:

      I prefer singers who, on a scale of 1 to 12, can consistently modulate their voices in that 1 to 10 range rather than someone who is stuck in the powerful, but repetitive 10 to 12 range. Xtina has a powerful voice, but I think it is a curse for her because it is virtually impossible for her to show a soft, tender side in her vocals. She is always in full tilt mode. The diva vibe also does not help her cause.

  22. John Anthony says:

    The top way to stop the ratings fall. Get rid of professionals like Porter and Mary Sarah! The voice ha their staff off their lazy butts and actually go out and find new talent. All they do is call agents up and get talent the public already rated by attempted record sales. Alison Porter is just another winner who’s going nowhere. In a country the size of America surely there are many young budding talented performers struggling for a chance to be heard. Have open auditions and let us make up our minds if they have “The Voice” !!!!!

    • IMO they should not have made any records or had record deals- These people then IMO are professionals against someone like Hannah Huston who didn’t have anything but some singing gigs around her home town. They can be back up singers but people like Laith and the others seem to take it away from the non pros. I also didn’t think Al8isan Porter was all that great- SORRY

      • Margaret Tate says:

        Well said! That is what makes it fun; to pull for an unknown who is trying to make it in the business. Or at least make it an even paying field, all professional or all not professional.

        • Voice Fan says:

          I agree that that anyone with a record contract should not be eligible to try out for the Voice because they have an unfair advantage. Either that or split it into two competitions. One with true amateurs who have never performed professionally and others who are have performed professionally but never had a record contract. Laith Al Saadi never had a record contract but he had performed for many years. He self produced his eight three albums and nine singles and released them on I-Tunes. They didn’t get on the top of the charts until he was on The Voice. Craig Wayne Boyd had also self produced an album but did not have a record contract. Although Sawyer was only 16 he had self produced music videos on Youtube since he was 13. Cassadee Pope, Barrett Baber, Megan Linsey and Gwen Sebastian had record contracts when they were invited to the Voice. Jessie, one of Christina’s singers in the second or third season, also had a record contract. The judges all said he would win the competition but Christina got rid of him saying others needed her more. Those with record contracts didn’t have to even pre-audition before they were sent to the blind auditions.

      • davmon says:

        When I commented below, I meant to respond to Sharon…If the current arrangement persists…i think it would be OK to have self-produced a recorded song or CD that you sell yourself when you perform in the subway or coffeeshop or bar. A record deal that fell through should be OK. But any professional career should have limits both on number of years and on CD sales. Someone like Joshua, CWB, Laith, Meghan L & Alisan have had a fair go already; they should not be imposing their superior talent and experience in a competition with Hannahs & Shalyahs….And I say that even though I mostly enjoyed Laith & Alisan.

    • davmon says:

      John, you and Sharon and Margaret are getting at a core issue! I have really enjoyed the young Koryn, Mia, Reagen, Siahna, and Sawyer as well s the older unknowns like Mad, Amy, Taylor John, Matt Mac, Jordan, Jeffery, Hannah, Adam, & Bryan. However, as much as I may like Laith, Alisan, & Mary this time, or CWB, Joshua D, & Meghan L previously…it just does not feel like they belong in the same competition….Maybe instead of a Kids version and an Adults version, there should be a purely Amateur season–for the Mias & Sawyers & Hannahs, then a separate Semi-Pro season–for the Alisans & Laiths & Meghans. Or even one for Kids, one for Adult Amateurs, and one for Semi-pros–on a rotating basis. But then again, they are probably gonna run this thing into the ground sticking to their money-making formula that is burning out like a distant Supenova.

  23. Dottie says:

    Take Blake off for a year. Country voters are voting for the coach, not the talent. The Blake/Adam routine is getting old. The show needs a new spark.

  24. Jim J. says:

    Reduce “The Voice” to only one night rather than two, eliminating the Tuesdays results show. I have always thought the results shows for these reality competition shows are a waste of space on any network’s schedule. Such a move would leave more room on the NBC schedule for its scripted shows. “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC dropped its results show a few years ago.

    Does anyone think “The Voice”‘s format won’t allow it to be limited to just one night instead of two?

  25. Sally McLinn says:

    Why save it? I never liked it because it was all about the judges. That’s the big complaint about AI, but it wasn’t true. AI was intent on making stars of the winner(s), but not the Voice. It’s about selling CDs for the judges.

    • Dottie says:

      So true. American Idol has a lot of winners worth big bucks that you can call stars. The Voice? Can’t name one.

      • rowdyred says:

        American Idol also had its share of non-winners who went on to make it big. Jennifer Hudson didn’t even finish in the Top Five, but she’s won an Oscar, a SAG, a Grammy and numerous other awards. Katherine McPhee is in a television series, and Chris Daughtry is a pretty big rock star. Then there’s Adam Lambert, who hit the rock ‘n roll mega-lottery as the guy most likely to succeed Freddie Mercury. Between these runner-ups and the superstars that won (Kelly, Carrie), AI’s track record is pretty good.

    • Coolthere says:

      Guess you didn’t watch “Idol” after Season 8.

      Then, “Idol” became increasingly about the judges.

  26. Kathy Walker says:

    I LOVE THE VOICE!!!! YES; coaches should be more “honest” about performances, though Adam has always been this way! As for “montages”….less filler more music…throw in an ex-contestant/winner more often : ) MORE behind the scenes & bloopers ( LOVE the BLOOPERS!!!) NO MORE 8 to 4 PLEASE!!!! It’ almost as hard on us fans as it is for the contestants!!!!! LOVE the Original Song for the finals! LOVE IT! LOVIT! LOVE IT!!! I really enjoyed the commercial when Shakkira was going to be a new coach….MORE PLEASE, so we know who’s staying : ) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK THANK YOU XOXOXOXOXOXOX

  27. Debbie says:

    Definitely bring back the previous winners ! You never hear anything about them after they win.The Voice t should only be for people without previous experience… not someone who has done this for years or sang back up for someone or has already had record deals !!

  28. Luann says:

    No tacky Miley Cyrus….and take her or leave her Alisha. Its gonna be hard to watch this time……What, no more of Christina’s stripper wardrobe and fake chest. She has been more personable though at least. I miss classy little Shakira. Gwen did well and is likeable. Pink I think was fabulous. Usher and Pharrell almost interchangeable but like both. Shows seasons are too close together…..It is getting a little stale.

  29. stephen says:


    • davmon says:

      YES!! YES!! & YES!!–They should do a CD; and try to get Pharrell to produce it! I still cannot believe I Call the Shots!

  30. Nan Seter says:

    Maybe VOICE is after the younger audience, but as soon as M Cyrus came on … the voice was off my list. Same with Christina … I have to suffer through her appearances. Loved the seasons with Usher and Shakira, Pharrell and Gwen were ok. But face it, the judges determine who will watch the show. Won’t watch next season at all with the announced judges.

  31. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the week I heard the person in charge thought Miley Cyrus would be a good judge, I lost interest. I knew it was following the road of the other failed shows.

  32. Callie Johnson says:

    One of the greatest down falls in viewers is the fact it runs the same night/times as two NCIS shows and they are the top rated drama shows. The Voice could use a shake up but Smiley Miley is not the way to do it.

  33. Eurydice says:

    The way to avoid the bloodbath is to have more live rounds. And the way to do that is to condense the battle and knockout rounds. There’s no reason why pre-recorded material should be stretched out over months and months with only 2 battles/knockouts per hour and loads of filler. They could easily come up with the extra few weeks needed to extend the live rounds.

    • davmon says:

      Well, they first need to give every artist in the Blinds a SHORT bio AND a tv singing slot–no montages! Edit the silly coach interplay, the same tired coach comments [If I hear Take it to the next level! again, my big screen tv will be at risk!!!], the cutaways to Xtina’s or Gwen’s or Miley’s or Alicia’s plunging neckline, the same old Carson-isms, the producer manipulations–and let the Lives be gradual…. 20 to 16 to 12 to 9 to 6 to 3….As is, the Lives massacre and Semis bloodbath is asinine.

  34. Marshall Chadwell says:

    With the appearance of Hanna Banana, you have lost two viewers.

    • davmon says:

      Better, Hanna-Barbera! I can just imagine Fred & Barney & Wilma & Betty! That would be a contentious bunch. Fred as Blake, Barney as Adam, Wilma as redhead Xtina, & Betty as a black-haired Gwen. Fred & Barney would go back & forth, while Wilma & Betty could discuss shopping sprees & make-up & hairdos all night. It would be more entertaining than now. Only, we’d forget about the music though!

  35. kathryn long says:

    the only thing the voice needs to do is to not fix the outcome of the show in advance like they did this season and get rid of Christine A. as a judge. people loved the show last year because the winner was actually an AMAZING singer. the other three finalists on this year were ALL better singers than “can’t hit my notes screech owl Alisan.

  36. KB says:

    I agree to have 1 show a season–2 shows every year is overkill–also Adam and Blake are must keeps–Xtina must go—-her music career has died–once a great singer –now career over!!

  37. Cynthia says:

    It seems to me that the judges/producers eliminate good dark horses because they WILL be a threat to their already chosen winner!! You knew Curly Sue was going to win from day one! I have no idea how to fix that except show gets really dull after all the good competition is gone & the live playoffs begin & then I quit watching–

  38. Xavier says:

    I have just one… CANCEL IT!

  39. rich says:

    Good advice Michael on all 8 points. This season seemed to bother me more that the judges critiques of performances were not candid and came across as insincere most of the time. Especially after the top 12 chosen. I never heard a word of constructive criticism from anybody from that point to the finale. The judges, many times came across as struggling to keep finding positive comments about performances. The ratings demise of other judge oriented shows has been when the judging panel has consisted of all non candid type people. The Voice group has
    been more candid in the past. I actually started to listen to the performance, in the later rounds,
    and fast forward through the judges comments. I got tired of the repetitive nature of the forced
    praise even if the performance was not good or up to par for the artist.

  40. Joe Miracle says:

    I’d love to see the battle and knockout rounds restructured so that by the time the teams are whittled down it’s truly the best of the best. Too many of those rounds end with two fantastic performances, no coaches left with a steal, and one great artist going home far too soon (I’m still bitter about Celeste Betton’s elimination in season 9). We wind up with a top 12 where maybe 3 or 4 artists have any real potential and the rest just make us grit our teeth, hoping they’ll be eliminated soon. On a related note, can we also implement a minimum age for voting so that we don’t have to suffer for weeks on end with the Braiden Sunshines of the world?

    • davmon says:

      Yes, Celeste for one. But also that season, Krista Hughes, Sydney Rhame, & Cassandra Robertson were bumped that same Battles’ round. The twins Andi & Alix and Siahna Im were gone in the Knockouts. I had all of them as Top 10 or 12 candidates! And this season, how in Helsinki does anyone explain how Mike Shiavo [who was in my Top 3, coming out of the Blinds!] being put out of the Blinds by Caroline Burns? Adam, do you hear me? Yeah, she was cute and only 15 and should have won the evening–at some local pedo karaoke event. Then in the Knockouts, she sent Katherine Ho home–who we never saw once!…Also, we lost Matt Tedder in the Battles, and we lost the talented Malik Heard & Maya Smith & Brittany Kennell in the Knockouts. They all faced tough competitors; but there should have been a way for those to have been heard for another couple of rounds.

  41. I agree with all of your recommendations, Michael, except that I’m tired of Blake, too. I pretty much know what he’ll say (You’re a real country star, sis, etc.) before he speaks. At least we get more females this season. I wasn’t sure if Alisan or Adam was going to win this season–they were equally talented, and both did really well on the iTunes charts. And it was nice that Hannah and Leith were there, too, which wasn’t expected (I thought Mary Sarah was a lock). Can you send your suggestions to TPTB at NBC? Hopeful that Alisan gets more support than other winners did, Jordan excluded.

  42. Ilene Martin says:

    I’d rather they eliminated the “twitter” save. For those of us watching on west coast time (and probably mountain and central times also) the decision has already been made. BAD for those watching and also the contestants since a huge voter segment is lost.

    • rowdyred says:

      Excellent point, Ilene, which one might have expected these smart TV producers to consider in the first place. Maybe they should get a few hundred (or thousand) tweets about that.

  43. Anne says:

    These are all excellent suggestions, hope NBC isn’t as bone headed as Fox and actually listens to them. Fox ran American Idol into the ground with their refusal to even look at suggested changes.

  44. Carfield says:

    I definitely agree with your comments!
    Stop trying to figure who you know is going to win! Trust Americans’ taste! Sometimes you might find the next future star, if the producers don’t try to think they know what is best, because in reality, they rarely know who will be a superstar in the future. I still think the success of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood on those early Idol Days all happen because the producers don’t meddle with the results. They let each contestants shine. That is how you discover talents. Voice’s agenda is getting worst by season.
    Please also spend money in clearing songs and hire more musicians to help create those Voice moments!
    I also want them to be more transparent about who gets to open and close the show! Don’t play too much favorites.
    I also want the coaches to be more honest and specific in pointing out when things are not working out. It does not need to be mean-spirited but constructed criticism will do everyone favor.
    BTW, please stop the “Bring Back Artists” crap! That’s just stupid and it backfires.
    I also want Mike to do a “Reality Check” with the Voice! Idol is history and I am sure Mike can find a new Voice partner!

    • Coolthere says:

      Are you kidding? “Idol” producers didn’t meddle with the results?
      What about “Idol” using the Twitter save in Season 14? What about “Idol’s” Judges’ Save from Season 8-14?
      What about the TPTB in Season 15 essentially taking away the viewers voting altogether?

      Oh, and I may be in the minority, but I think Lisa Leuschner led the votes in Season 3, Group 2, and the producers threw her out.

  45. Nero tTVFiddler says:

    Every type of television show (variety, sitcoms, drama, live performance competitions/reality, news, sports) has its ups and downs, peaks and valleys over the decades. It comes in a flash, goes out over time, and returns again in time, for a new generation.

    What we may be witnessing at this point is the end state of ‘the reality television’ era on broadcast TV : 2000-2018. ‘The new.’ That is what television is looking for now – the next ‘big thing.’ Until then, reality/competition shows will find their niche, most likely continuing on cable TV as long as the cable companies have their large packaging of programming under ‘Expanded Basic’ services. And those days are numbered as well.

    There is a ‘saturation point’ in every form of entertainment, and we are past the mid way point of the arc of reality/performance competition TV – well past it. Like ‘Star Search’ with Ed McMahon in the 1980s and early ’90s, ‘The Gong Show’ in the 1970s and Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts in the 1950’s, nothing goes on forever. Someday, this type of programming will return, in a new format, new packaging, for a new generation. It will be ‘new’ to this next generation. But for all of us now, it is old – sixteen years and counting (Summer 2000’s Survivor). Thus, the ratings slide on Voice, the end of American Idol, DWTS and Survivor at the end of their run.

    That doesn’t diminish the importance and impact these performance/reality series have brought to television since 2000. It has been an amazing run. But, this is ‘the beginning of the end’ of this era of reality/performance competition programming on broadcast television. By 2018, plus or minus, it will be gone, to be replaced by ‘the new’, whatever that may be. Whom ever can figure that out, what the next big thing will be, that person(s) will be the next impact producer on television. Because broadcast television needs that next ‘big thing’ soon – for its very own survival.

    • xwiseguyx says:

      If they had done a better revival of Star Search (like with decent judges and a better host), I think it would have been much more popular then Idol or The Voice because the format was much better. They had the interactive audience voting and also introduced new talent each week to battle against existing talent people loved. If you think about it, it’s much more interesting than seeing all of the same faces week after week.

  46. substop2000 says:

    it will go down further ratings when miley starts

  47. Amy says:

    As one of the people whose interest in the show is fading, here are my tips:
    1. Cut the cheesy fake inserts of the judges standing around backstage making jokes. It’s boring and so staged it’s painful.
    2. Have a judge with some energy like Shakira or Gwen. When all four judges are laid back or playing it cool, it becomes boring
    3. Try some new formats with the contestant packages/backstage interviews. Seriously – there’s only so many times you can see people pacing before going onstage before you begin to lose empathy.

    • davmon says:

      All really good suggs! The coaches making cheese is a brutal bore! And backstage, yeah, something diff that keeps us awake. However…Shakira yes, Gwen no! Just don’t think she herself is that talented and does not know talent when he hears it.

  48. PFitzDC says:

    You overlooked the big needed fix of all: Stop running the show twice a year! Idol lasted as long as it did, because it was only on in Spring and the event asp ect of that scheduling made you anticipate it with a hunger. (I think that’s why America’s Got Talent has lasted as long as it has…inexplicably.) The Voice seems to be on all the time, which definitely makes me switch channels the second I’m bored or not even watch at all.

  49. katedfw says:

    The minute this season was over I deleted my season pass. Get better coaches (Miley…no). Enough of asking the contestants the same questions and enough with the recap show. 3 hours to reveal a winner is 3 hours too long. I would watch an all star or fan favorite season!

  50. Eliminate Twitter save! Let the voters choose the winners, NOT NBC execs through manipulating votes. It was more evident this season than ever that there are some dirty shenanigans going on behind the scenes, and the coaches know. Their comments were very telling during the later rounds.

    • Vance V. says:

      the twitter save has many drawbacks in terms of fairness to the contestants. But it adds the key word “Drama” to the show, so producers will never get rid of it.