The Originals Video: Phoebe Tonkin Ponders Hayley's Season 4 Journey, Guesses Hope's First Word

It’s unclear what the future holds for Hayley following The Originals‘ third season finale, but Phoebe Tonkin is ready for whatever’s coming her way — as long as it isn’t too dangerous.

Speaking to TVLine on the red carpet at The CW’s Upfront presentation, Tonkin admitted she doesn’t always have as much fun filming action scenes as we do watching them.

“The boys love it,” she conceded. “Andy [Lees] does so many stunts himself — like, really intense stunts — and so does Joe [Morgan]. They’re really good at it. I’m like, ‘I’m good!’ … Knowing me, I’ll do one stunt and break my arm, because I’m so clumsy.”

We also asked Tonkin for her thoughts on baby Hope, specifically what she thinks her on-screen daughter’s first word will be. (Here’s a hint: It’s the exact opposite answer executive Michael Narducci gave us last week.)

Hit PLAY on our interview with Tonkin above, then drop a comment with your own hopes for Season 4 below.

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  1. cj says:

    Niklaus!!! She’ll call him Nik, like aunty Bex and uncle Kol. Something tells me more like father or papa.

  2. Nik says:

    They tried so hard to put Hayley in the spotlight the first season and her character was unlikeable. Then season 2 came along with the wolves’ storyline and I ended up disliking her even more. They’ve twisted all sorts of ways to make us ”love” this character and I’ve been all seasons rooting for her death. A poorly written character portrayed by a horrible actor. Why kill Davina or Cami… At least the actresses could act…

    • beatrice says:

      she is a good actress,and many people love Hayley

      • gift says:

        I like her alot this season. she isn’t a bad actress. As long as she stand by the mikaelson family, I like her.

    • Roni7 says:

      You just don’t like her that’s it. I felt the same way about Cami – poorly written character etcetera etcetera. Question of tastes.

    • Joe B says:

      dude I used to hate hayley just as much as you do but she’s been doing great lately.And let’s not forget that she’s the one who undaggered Rebekah to save klause’s life during the fight with Marcell I really doubt if any other character was avialable.
      And I also think that Cami lost her place as Klaus’s forever girl the moment she slept with Marcell.But I gotta admit her moments with klaus were really sweet and beautiful and the scene where she was about to die …. aaawwww man so touching.
      Also I really like the idea of redemption for Klaus we have all been waiting for that cos it felt more like they were all protecting themselves out of duty and not love.So once Klause pays his price by lying in torment so his family can live , he will regain everything he lost when they come back together then love can truely begin.
      As for baby Hope I wish her first words would be Dada.Because her mom will tell her stories about her brave and powerful father who gave his life so his family can live to fight another day.
      I’m just a dude in Africa .

      • gift says:

        everything you’ve said so far I like. but I’m still not a fan of cami. she put the mikaelson in danger nd the root of klaus down fall. I’m glad she is gone, I wasn’t feeling her love connection to Nick maybe they should bring someone like Caroline frm TVD. I really like the idea of their love.

    • Guest says:

      I also wish that they had left Cami but fixed her so everything that she did didn’t revolve around Klaus and vamping her up was unnecessary. I really hate hat they have killed Davina. I thought that was so unnecessary. I agree, at least Leah and Danielle can act. Phoebe’s two expressions are not cutting it. She’s pretty bad and she’s been doing this for 10 years. The writing for her is horrible and all their attempts have only made her hate her even more. Because they never truly fix the problems with her character and they retcon all the time. She is literally perfection and no one ever call her out on anything. They contrived this scenario in which she would survive and be the one to “save” them all. If her plot armor wasn’t so outrageously thick, she would have died a long time ago. Phoebe can’t act to save her life and the showrunners are so in love with Hayley, it’s ridiculous. She is indeed very poorly written and lot of her stories, behavior, and actions just don’t make any sense to what they keep trying to make her into. She’s really a gigantic dick, terrible mother, and horrible romantic partner. It’s just that now, she’s on the Mikaelsons side, so she’s “better” now. The same glaring problems with her character and the writing surrounding her are still very much present. I fear next season will be Hayley heavy. That is never good thing.

      • annabelle says:

        Phoebe is a good actress , Leah and Danielle are not better

        • Guest says:

          Do you think if you keep saying this over and over again, Phoebe will become Meryl Streep? No. I don’t know who’s more annoying Hayley or her fans. Someone says they don’t like her acting, Hayley fan response – “she is a good actress,and many people love Hayley” – Uh, the insight! And, no, they don’t. “She isn’t supposed to be anything much but for what she is, she’s doing well.”? What the hell does that even mean? She and her character don’t suck? One person doesn’t care about anything as long as she’s on Mikaelson’s side – that’s how high their standards are for writing and acting – you just need to be on the Mikaelson’s side and you are automatically a great character, played by a great actress.The blind loyalty is so bizarre, it’s like Phoebe has own cult with unlimited excuses for her crappy character and poor acting.

          • Elena says:

            Many reasons why I’m glad they kept Hayley, one of them is that it p*sses off ppl like you:)

    • Zack Johnson says:

      Psssshh, go back to twilight. Hailey is the other half of Klaus, just like khamille was before she died. Stop hating on someone who tries so hard to keep both parents in Hope’s life, even though she despises Klaus sometimes.

      • Roni7 says:

        Math isn’t your strong suit. Psssshh till you figure our out how many halves in 1 and how to spell names of you favourite characters

    • Guest says:

      I will never understand how people can have such love for characters and kiss their asses so hard but, cannot spell their names correctly. It’s “Camille” and “Hayley”.

  3. Elena says:

    I hope Hope calls him dad or even daddy. He has enough people screaming “Klaus!” at him. I like Pheobe and her Hayley, she fits in well with TO.

  4. Athena21 says:

    Hi, please sign a petition on ipetitions demanding an entire season 4 of the originals. “Originals Full 4th Season”
    Please spread the word.  Thanks.

    • sherry says:

      I totally agree. One of the best shows on PRIME TV especially on a Friday night and to be replaced with the Crazy Ex Girlfriend. What a load of crock. Sorry fans of that show. The Originals season finale was GREAT. I just hate having to wait until 2017 to start watching it again. I hope it changes!!

  5. Pam says:

    Honestly, Hayley is not that great of a character. I do agree that she is never held accountable for her actions. I absolutely hated her on TVD, but in this last season I actually starting to come around on her character. Lets be real Phoebe is not the greatest actor, she is also not the worst. I am interested in finding out how they are going to start season 4 with her as the main lead. It could go so wrong. And killing off Cami and Davina was ridiculous in my opinion. Cause they now only have two full time female leads, Claire just pops up every once and awhile. So once again this show is all about the guys. Even though I do enjoy the show, I hate that the fact the women get killed off to prop up the guy. This is probably why the viewers stop watching. This show is about the Mikaelson family, not just Klaus’s redemption. Side note, I also dislike the way they made the family so weak. I miss the original family from TVD. They were awesome and they wouldn’t have put up with the crap that led them to their current positions.

    • Elena says:

      I think the fact that they cut down on their cast and now we found out about TO being delayed till mid season isn’t coincidence. Sadly TO and TVD ratings are pretty low

    • Ray says:

      No offense to Ms. Tonkin but Hayley is just dull all around. The character doesn’t grab you the way Rebekah did or even the way the Camille character did later on, as her back story was being built. Sorry Hayley worshipers, but her two dimensional character isn’t heroine material, no matter what the show’s writers try to force feed the viewers.

      • Elena says:

        She isn’t supposed to be anything much but for what she is, she’s doing well. She doesn’t still attention from boys plus she’s Hope’s mother so they kept her while killing off C and D. MN seems happy to write TO without any LI really, it’s more TVD thing.

    • gift says:

      It’s true I hate the idea of making them so week. Marcel has to die soon because I can not watch him make the mikaelson more powerless. comeon, they re the untouchable. Rebecca should play more part in season 4.

    • Joe B says:

      Honestly speaking guys you keep hating Hayley’s character and forget to say anything about Davina? If you wanna hate, go for both.

  6. annabelle says:

    Love Phoebe she is a great actress and a great person . Hayley is a wonderful mother and a very interesting character.

  7. Jeunevieve says:

    Ik hoop echt dat klaus weer terug komt en marcel dood en zo zijn eigen familie kan redden en hun geneesd met de hulp van hope en haley

  8. mayas says:

    New episodes should give new power to the vampires and they should remember there old powers like compelling and hiding memories locks of mind game and the hope she is growing child she should have come with born new powers this give here personality build-up well and the last for… the oregnals sons come again with new hard gift of powers by meditation in other world stay .. this point will give them new build-up…. Well waiting of U the original s

  9. rose says:

    I his programme and I hope that the baby hope comes back as a powerful powerful witch and also that she is a lot older and she can heal her aunts and uncles and her dad wooo I cant wait its tooooo long too wait October its a life time best programme on the cw and that she kills marcel hate that man

  10. I want klaus to come back in his normally nature and i also want him to turn into a different beast stronger than marcel in the upcoming originals season 4

  11. when will season 4 episode 1 be out