The Flash Season 3 Spoilers

Grant Gustin Makes Flash Points: After That Finale Twist, 'We Can Make Some Assumptions' About Season 3

Grant Gustin is thinking what many of us are thinking, in the wake of The Flash‘s timeline-tampering Season 2 finale.

As the CW hit brought its sophomore run (heh) to a close, Barry was left shaken and stirred not by his clever triumph over Zoom, but by the sight of the unmasked Man in the Iron Mask — Earth-Three’s Jay Garrick (played by John Wesley Shipp), who’s the spitting image of his freshly murdered father, Henry Allen. Rattled as he was and desperate, as he told Iris, to find some semblance of elusive “peace,” Barry secretly sped off from a family gathering to leap into the past and save his mother Nora from being killed by Reverse-Flash.

As Barry well knows, such a noble act will nonetheless have massive repercussions, in that — most simply said — much of what transpired over Seasons 1 and 2 might not now happen. Instead, Barry will (or at least should) return to the present to discover that his actions had unexpected, adverse effects, as in the Flash-centric DC Comics arc titled Flashpoint.

In a series of tweets shared the morning after the finale, Gustin claimed to know nothing of the Season 3 plan, but said “assumptions” could be made, given the Flashpoint similarities.

Just last week at The CW’s Upfronts red carpet, Gustin told TVLine that in the wake of a decision Barry would make in the finale, “the timeline will be vulnerable” going into Season 3, affecting “every relationship in Barry’s life.”

Gustin also tweeted his wish that Barry eventually find the “peace” for which he bailed on Iris, as well as his confidence, saying: “Cocky Flash is fun Flash.”

Check out Gustin’s tweets, then read on for more:

Of course, technically, Barry’s tampering with the past could/should affect The Flash‘s sister series, including not just Arrow but CBS-to-CW transplant Supergirl. Did Barry still become a speedster in time to stop Vandal Savage from wreaking havoc during last December’s Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow pilot crossover, or to accidentally pay National City a visit?

The events of tonight’s Arrow Season 4 finale, which has been surrounded in some secrecy, should answer any immediate questions about how far The CW is willing to this ripple effect spread to other shows. Whatever the case, the assorted superhero series’ panels at this July’s San Diego Comic-Con surely won’t be lacking for questions.

How do you think The Flash will handle the aftermath of Barry’s trip to the past?

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  1. bluji says:

    “The events of tonight’s Arrow Season 4 finale, which has been surrounded in some secrecy, should answer any immediate questions about how far The CW is willing to this ripple effect spread to other shows.”
    Oh dear. Certain Arrow events have heavily involved Barry (e.g. saving Team Arrow from Nanda Parbat in season 3 finale, the LoT backdoor pilot this season) so I was kinda worried about his actions affecting the other series… that doesn’t make me any less worried. D:

    • Michael Littlefield says:

      I feel for those that watch Arrow but not The Flash. Then again maybe that’s the point. To understand what’s happening on Arrow they might have to watch the Flash too. It would certainly upend both worlds. I’m not sure how it would effect Supergirl though. She’s in an alternate universe. They made that clear during the crossover.

      • Ro says:

        My thought is that they may use the whole flashpoint thing to merge worlds. I’m not sure I would actually like that idea but it makes sense, to synergize all DC shows on the network.

      • keep in mind in flashpoint that batman was Thomas Wayne and bruce was dead. i think they will make the Arrow be Robert Queen with oliver dead, ergo no run ins with ras al ghul and because Ras is still about damien darhk will be in hiding still.

        maybe they will do Flash a week earlier so second episode ties with first episode of arrow and by end of second there will be a retcon next day we have arrow

      • Could affect Supergirl if it erased the crossover from happening.

  2. ndixit says:

    I hope they start with a two part Flashpoint episode in season 3. That would be fun. The end of the two parter should obviously be Barry finally coming to peace with his parents’ passing by retaining memories of his regular timeline but also his memories of growing up with his parents alive from the Flashpoint timeline. Basically a gift from time.

    • sarah says:

      please become a writer for the show. You honestly know what to do

    • Danny says:

      I thought the big 4 part crossover that was teased would fit perfectly. Use Robert Queen as green arrow instead of Thomas Wayne as Batman. Able to be more free with a few episodes instead of trying to stretch it out over a whole season with a depowered flash.

  3. scienceadvisor99 says:

    Breaking continuity should mean that the Flash cannot be standing over his mother, but fades immediately as the other version did. Heck, he would not even be a forensic tech. So it will basically be another fake finale that is undone in the first two episodes of the next season, or means a total reboot with new characters, or they just tossed continuity to the wind and are hoping anyone is going to stick around for writing this poor. My guess is a little of the first, and last.

    This epsiode was rife with continuity breaks and technobabble being spewed in such quantity, by writers that have no clue as to the terms they are using, that is pushed this well past immersion breaking. If they continue down this road, only kids will be able to ignore all the plot holes and lack of basic scientific principals. It would also be nice if everyone in the multiverse was not a genius level scientist. Zoom could build that, yet has been goofing off with sub-standard IQ planning up until now?!?

    • Cole says:

      Watch the Flashpoint movie, jeez. It’s one of the best DC animated movies.

      • He’s arguing without knowing Flash series continuity and the whole “Flashpoint” point.
        Like Cole said though, go see “Flashpoint Paradox” and some things will be made clear.

        What I’ve been shocked no one has mentioned yet is the hint to Crisis on Infinite Earths. We could be seeing something like that soon.

  4. Alichat says:

    I was wondering how big the ripple effect would be from his decision last night. I mean he’s not just altering his relationship with Joe and Iris, but Cisco and Caitlyn. Will he still be the Flash? His season 1 time jump self did disappear. Having grown up with both parents, he never moves in with Joe. Did living with Joe and his father’s imprisonment drive him to become a CSI? If he’s not a CSI, would he still be standing where he was when the particle accelerator explodes? Will it happen when it did in S1 since Reverse didn’t live to replace Harrison Wells? (Wait….is Reverse dead?) Will there be a time jump if he is the Flash when he returns? If he’s still the Flash, why did his s1 time jump self disappear? Does that mean there was no wormhole? Will Ronnie still be alive? (And if so, how does this affect Legends?) No Zoom on Earth 1? Will Wally still be around? It could potentially reset everything. Will the time wraiths come after him because he affected time so greatly? Will Zoom still exist in Earth 2? All of that ran through my head. But I didn’t even think about how it might affect the other DC worlds. He was pivotal in some Arrow and Supergirl moments, and was part of the set-up for Legends. How could that affect their worlds??

    • Carla Krae says:

      Reverse is still alive as of the end of the episode.
      He became a CSI to try to find a way to clear his dad’s name.
      If Reverse doesn’t kill the real Wells, then Caitlyn and Cisco are probably not recruited to Star Labs.

      • Alichat says:

        “If Reverse doesn’t kill the real Wells, then Caitlyn and Cisco are probably not recruited to Star Labs.”

        Exactly. If his mother isn’t dead, then his father doesn’t go to jail. Does he still become a CSI? If he’s not a CSI, is he still somewhere that would plant him close to the particle accelerator explosion and the lightening strike? This change isn’t just a small butterfly effect. It hugely affects what has happened over the last 20+ years. If the writers and producers wanted to reboot the show entirely, they’ve set up the perfect story to allow that to happen. I can’t imagine they’d do that….getting rid of characters and whatnot……but it’s really a fitting story to allow that to happen.

        • Don Matthews says:

          One thing that was mentioned is that before Eobard’s tampering, Barry was meant to becone the Flash later (about 10 yrs) in life. Always thought that was interesting. The biggest gaping plothole in the series so far is that Eobard being erased from time didn’t undo everything from s1. It amazes me that I still enjoy the show in spite of all the ridiculous problems they have with adhering to even the most rudimentary rules of time travel.

          • John NYC says:

            But Eddie died “now” impacting and changing the future while Barry stopped his mom from dying in the past…. meaning the future HE changed was the now.

    • Gail says:

      He could have rebooted his original time line where he became Flash later. In his original timeline his mother didn’t die. Reverse Flash killed his mother to prevent Barry from becoming the Flash. He changed his mind when he got stuck in the past. What is Barry planning to do with Reverse Flash now? He can’t leave him in the past to try to kill his mother again.

  5. TVPeong says:

    In the end of Season 1, a version of Flash told him no, don’t save his mother. So, I think things are going to go wrong, he’s going to have to go back to the past to stop himself twice – the version that succeeds (season 2 Flash) and the version that stopped (season 1 Flash).

    • LivelyMatter says:

      Nah, I think that was Season 3 Flash looking at Season 1 Flash in the Season 1 Finale. It makes sense, Stopping Season 2 Flash as well as tell season 1 flash to not change anything. It makes perfect sense.

  6. Azerty says:

    As it has been mentionned above I don’t think the flashpoint storyline will stick. It’s probably gonna last 2 or 3 episodes until Barry goes back to his life. There is no way they would permanently destroy the personal growth and the development of relationships. I look forward to see it though, it will probably be the occasion to bring back people who are dead in the current timeline like the parents, Earth 1 real Wells (that will probably assume the role of Thomas Wayne and help Barry get his power back and go back to his timeline), Reverse Flash, Eddie, maybe even Ronnie if the actor is available. I don’t think it will affect the other shows (Arrow, LoT, Supergirl), would be to difficult for the people who don’t watch the Flash. I guess they will say the paradox doesn’t affect the other shows’ timeline, like someone else saved Oliver in season 2, someone else delivered the gang in Nanda Parbat, etc.

  7. ndixit says:

    I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where the new continuity will stick for more than a couple of eps. I don’t think it will effect Arrow, Supergirl, and LoT in any noticeable way. I suppose Snart may return to life as a result of this but he’s not returning full time to LoT anyways. I think this is an arc for Barry to move past his grief over his parents. That’s what Flashpoint was in the comics.

    • LivelyMatter says:

      It has to affect the whole Arrowverse. Results from changing the past. Robert Queen may be the Green Arrow and Oliver died drowning from the Yacht accident. That set up LoT with the JSA and the real Jay Garrick. Supergirl appears as a result of changing the past. Captain Cold is Citizen Cold. Harrison Wells of S1 is still alive, Harry Wells of (S2) would’ve never made his way to Earth 1, cuz Thawne would’ve never taken over his body because the Flash stopped him. But that also means Thawne is stilll alive, as well as Eddie is still alive. Eddie may be married to Iris in the new timeline. Cisco turns into Vibe and Caitlin turns into Killer Frost. There has to be major implications of Barry’s actions for the Flashpoint storyline to stick.

      • Gail says:

        If Barry never lived with the Wests Iris wouldn’t think of him as a brother and they might have gotten married as they did on Earth 2.

      • ndixit says:

        Yeah, I know Barry saving his mom should change the Arrowverse significantly but those effects are likely temporary because Barry will restore the timeline to an almost original state. After the timeline is restored, there might be smaller differences like Captain Cold being alive, Caitlin having her powers, Wells and Eddie being alive etc… Given the whole Flashpoint storyline will basically happen in a blink of an eye for everyone else, I don’t see any of the other shows having long term ramifications from the storyline.

  8. Kmrc91 says:

    From that last episode, when Zoom was taken by the Time Wraiths, he started to transform, into what looked remarkably like the Black Flash as shown in Variant Comics – History of Black Flash episode.

  9. VJ says:

    My head hurts from all the time travelling stuff.
    So – time wants to happen as we learned in LoT. Rip couldn’t save his family because it basically is a Fix Point. Not changeable. He travelled back in time multiple times and they died every time. The same is said about Nora Allens murder by Harry when Reserve Flash returns. Wasn’t that the reason that Barry capturing Reverse Flash went horribly wrong? So… I don’t even have a question I’m basically just confused about their time travelling rules. Maybe somebody could help me out.

  10. AW says:

    Barry-S1 needs to let go his dead parents. The writers have boxed themselves into a corner this time. I hope they’ll write something up that will put S1 & S2 back into its proper place and order and not redo or reboot S1 & S2. I really like S1 & S2 as is, minus Flash-S1 disappearing at the end.

  11. TimeMaster says:

    It does’t have to affect any of the other shows. The only thing he did was make a change to the timeline, thus splitting of into another line. The one he left behind can go on without an issue. They won’t even know he left as long as he can go back, stop himself, and return to the original line right after he left. Just don’t use him on the other shows until he comes back to this timeline. Easy.

  12. clintbrew says:

    i reckon when arrow defeats damien darkh the cliffhanger will be the ripple effect from the flash also i reckon the JSA from legends is part of flashpoint cus when reverse flash cameback in series 2 he was in the speedforce maybe the legends were traveling in the time vortex which protects them from the timechange

  13. Joey Padron says:

    It will be interesting what happens in season 3 when Barry returns home. Can’t wait to hear what the producers and cast will say about next season at Comic Con in July!

  14. Abhijit says:

    Well, Flash is the highest rated of the 3 (soon to be 4) DC properties on CW, so it makes some sense to change the universe on Flash and let it ripple to the other properties (though the Time Masters might have something to say about it, as well as the Speed Force). Interesting to think about it’s effect regarding Oliver, Felicity and Laurel on Arrow, and whether the deaths that were encountered in the last 4 years stick. Also whether we have a Thomas Wayne type situation on Arrow.

    • ndixit says:

      I think whatever changes happen will be temporary and will only be seen on the Flash. It will be far too much of a production mess to have the effect be reflected across all DC properties when they all have their own storylines. I think there will be a few ripples in Flash after Barry restores the timeline but they will be restricted to the Flash.

      • Vivian Chung says:

        I don’t know if my theory hold or if they merely put up all the production signs as a diversion. Back in late March, I saw all three productions signs hung together in Vancouver, I thought they were doing a massive cross over with all three for may sweep, but since it didn’t may be they are pre-filming stuffs for Sept? I think we can expect some character from all three series comes together at some point for the Flashpoint story line

    • LivelyMatter says:

      The thomas wayne situation is with Green Arrow. Robert Queen can be Green Arrow while Oliver was the one who died on the yacht drowning accident. That can be the Thomas Wayne situation.

      • Azerty says:

        But that’s already what happened on Earth 2. It would be too confusing for Arrow’s viewer to have episode 5×01 with Robert as the Green Arrow and Oliver dead in the show Arrow. I am thinking at something new, what if Barry created a new timeline and disappeared from the current timeline as annouced by the futur newspaper of season 1 (signed by reporter Iris, which she is now) (the Flash missing in crisis or something like that?). That would allow the show the Flash to have a totally different timeline with the major changes expected as you described and the other shows still with the same original timeline, only Barry is missing? I know at the same time Barry is missing Queen consolidated is supposed to merge with Wayne Entreprise and Oliver is far from having a company but except for that it could work.

  15. MoshiMoshi says:

    Can it also erased Arrow’s last seasons????

    • LivelyMatter says:

      Since Arrow is in the same universe as The Flash, It should. The actions in the Arrowverse have to be massive. Maybe Thomas Wayne is the Green Arrow, Oliver be the one who drowned on the yacht. Laurel still be alive, Harrison Wells still be alive as a result of Barry stopping Thawne from taking over his body, meaning Eddie is still alive. Meanwhile Barry didn’t kill Thawne, meaning he’s still alive. It has to have some sort of ripple effect, setting up LoT, maybe that’s why the JSA appeared in the LoT finale. It has to have major consequences to have this stick. It should change everything everything in Arrow.

  16. MoshiMoshi says:

    Can it also erase Arrow’s last seasons????

    • AnnieM says:

      Possibly, but they’ll probably put everything back together how it should be at some point next season.

  17. misto says:

    I know some people have difficulty keeping up with the continuity but it’s not that hard to understand. I hope the show doesn’t use too much of the Flashpoint storyline, otherwise I can’t see how it’s going to be resolved in one whole season.

  18. hanna says:

    I don’t think it will necessarily effect Arrow in the finale. As we’ve seen this season, the continuity is not lined up correctly. It is easily explained away by saying tonight’s events occur before last nights episode of Flash.

    • Sarah says:

      Was going to say the same thing. Barry appeared on an episode of Arrow with his speed AFTER he lost it on his own show, so we know the two shows don’t necessarily line up… However, hopefully there will be something towards the end of the Arrow episode hinting at something weird going on.

    • Gail says:

      I think it would be great if they gave a little hint that something was different in the Arrow finale in the last minutes. Not something major like Laurel walking in and no one being surprised though I bet fans would love that.

  19. Odin says:

    I think that it is cool that we are headed to a Flashpoint like story line. What I don’t like is that there is the potential to see Barry yet again without powers.

  20. Hopefully this means the wreck Error has become will be fixed!

  21. AnnieM says:

    Well, I may as well throw in my take on things here. First, I enjoyed the finale; Grant Gustin made me cry, which is always a good thing (I love me a good cry from TV every now and then). The only thing that puzzled me, and maybe I missed something, but why weren’t the Time Dementors (yah, ‘wraiths’) able to nab Zoom any sooner than the finale? Was it merely plot convenience, or had something actually prevented them from grabbing Zoom until then?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to a Flashpoint storyline, as OF COURSE upending everything won’t be *permanent*. That said, even with the necessary alterations to involve Arrow, Legends, and Supergirl, i think it’s *way* too big a story to be resolved in just 2 or 3 episodes. I think we’re looking at a story that will continue to at least the winter break, probably the whole season.

    Really, I wish all of the CW DC shows would take a cue from what Fox’s Gotham did this past season – two separate story arcs (fall & spring), that loosely tie together. It made their writing much tighter, and nothing felt drawn out. The Flash this season only seemed to drag a slight bit to me here and there, but Arrow is the one that would *really* benefit from the Gotham playbook, IMHO.

  22. Jake says:

    I’m still hung up on that Pied Piper thing from earlier this season.

  23. "A" says:

    Since Jay looks exactly like Henry but they have completely different names as well as different personalities I’d like to see Dinah Laurel Lance of Earth Three look like Earth One’s Donna Smoak, Helena Bertinelli, Isabel Rochev, Nyssa al Ghul, Brie Larvan, Evelyn Sharp, Cindy/Sin, or Shado.

    ( Charlotte Ross, Jessica De Gouw, Summer Glau, Katrina Law, Emily Kinney, Madison McLaughlin, Bex Taylor-Klaus, or Celina Jade could play Earth Three’s Blake Canary )

    It would be very interesting to see Katie Cassidy play Earth three’s Felicity Smoak, Nyssa al Ghul, Helena Bertinelli, Isabel Rochey, or Brie Larvan.

    Arrow: I vote for Moira & Robert Queen as well as Shado and Tommy being alive still … and … of course Laurel.

    Supergirl: Maybe Barry saving Nora will explain how Karen Starr aka Power Girl looks exactly like Kara Zor-El when she exits her pod in the season two premiere of Supergirl.

  24. "A" says:

    Can’t wait for the Flash point Paradox to unfold.

  25. sladewilson says:

    Fix this nonsense quick. Flashpoint bought about the new 52 and that was a debacle. So much so that DC is now reconning the whole deal with “Rebirth”. Make this no more than a 3 episode arc and have Barry go back in time and stop himself. Or better yet, have Wally go back and stop Barry… That would be cool….

  26. Chad Coleman says:

    A lot of these comments seem to be written by fans who are very familiar with The Flash’s comic plot lines over the years, and who like to spend time figuring out continuity. Myself, I am an older fan who was a casual reader of the comics many years ago. I liked the show a lot in Season 1, but as Season 2 has finished up, I don’t enjoy it much anymore. I think Grant Gustin does a fantastic job, but it’s very difficult to follow the continuity, and I don’t understand a lot of the explanations for how things happen with Earth 1, 2, the science of the weaponry, etc. I just figure that the writers have worked all this out, but it must be over my head. (Having said that, I don’t consider myself a stupid person.) But I don’t like all the torment, people getting killed, and especially changing history. How the heck is the average guy supposed to follow a story when history is constantly being rewritten? I just want to be entertained each week with a story that doesn’t leave me scratching my head in bewilderment. So, for me, Season 2 is the end. Reluctantly, I won’t be back for Season 3.

  27. acyour says:

    this is why you should NEVER play with time in movies and on TV!!! has anyone heard of the butterfly effect? Because of what he did EVERYTHING is screwed in all of the DC/CW unverious

    • John NYC says:

      Except meteorologically “the butterfly effect” is nonsense. Billions if tons of air has too much inertia.

      So one argument I’ve read is time has a similar inertia. Plus those cool wraiths. 😎

      • Drumph says:

        Some people. It’s not about weather. Is from a short story. Guy goes back in time and steps on a prehistoric butterfly. Comes back and the candidate that lost the presidential election has now won.

  28. kath says:

    I hope Arrow stays apart from The Flash after this season. Don’t bring Arrow down with you!
    Barry’s decision to choose his childhood traumas over Iris any time there is chance between them demonstrates why that it possibly the worst ship on TV. Poor Iris deserves so much better.

  29. Ella says:

    “The events of tonight’s Arrow Season 4 finale, which has been surrounded in some secrecy, should answer any immediate questions about how far The CW is willing to this ripple effect spread to other shows.”

    I don’t think the writers are remotely nuanced enough to bother with this. Yet another reason not to watch any of the other shows in their verse but The Flash.

  30. Dorothy says:

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  31. Brian says:

    Maybe this is how they bring super girl’s earth into Barry’s earth.

  32. aura says:

    Grant is right I hope this is the last I have to deal with of Barry running back in time when he is unable to deal with his grief. I am looking forward to the day when I dont have to see Nora dying again, I have become numb to it. I guess all this might be to set up super girl on their earth or to let the audience see how future Barry decided to come back to tell past Barry not to save his mom as per the season 1 finale, either way i refuse to believe they will spend the entire season 3 doing the paradox and like you rightfully said if they do it has to be something that affects all the shows so how exactly is that supposed to work. My guess is we will spend the first few eps maybe even up until ep 8 which is usually the first crossover dealing with Barry’s (STUPID) decision, then he will have another awakening where he realizes that messing with the tl can really only end badly and reverse everything. Which means we will hopefully find him back on the porch mid season finale, telling Iris he changed his mind and he wants to be with her , at least that’s what I hope will happen. But with this show you never know last year the wormhole was closed within the first few mins of episode 1 so who knows. All I know is I too miss no chill, cocky sometimes geeky Barry who was fun and tried to always be positive, this dark tone that has been most of season 2 really hasn’t resonated with me as much, I am not expecting the show to be all light and bright all the time but I did not sign up for batman lite part deaux, there is already enough of those types of superhero shows out there.

  33. In the first season, right before the Reverse Flash killed the Original Harrison Wells, he told him that in the future he built a particle accelerator that changed the course of history, the only difference he made is that he needed it to happen sooner rather than later. My guess would be that season 3 would be going back to what the story should have been like in the first place. His younger self would still become the Flash but just much later, otherwise the real Barry would have been erased from existence…But as Captain Rip Hunter keeps telling his crew, “Time is like cement, it takes time to be permanent and also Time wants to happen, no matter how hard you try to screw with it”

  34. jimtsutsui says:

    I liked the Season 2 finale. As his mother, Nora Allen apparently was still living (life after death?) in the Speed Force, when she comforted Barry when he was inside the Speed Force, her communicating with Barry and an effect on his actions. If the dead can effect the living, then why not the reverse, the living resurrecting the dead, by interceding with the event that killed them. It will be interesting how the writers of The Flash CW tackle this time-line anomaly. Will they write a “Back-to-the-Future” scenario where everything goes to hell, or a “Superman the Movie” scenario where everything turns out with a happy ending.

  35. jimtsutsui says:

    Here’s an interesting theory. Maybe, super heroes and scientists tampering with the time-line is the source of the multi-verse?

  36. jimtsutsui says:

    If you’re a fan of the Silver-Age DC comics, and have followed the Silver-Aged (Barry Allen) Flash, you know that there is a time loop of decades of writing. In the original origin story, Barry becomes The Flash when he is working with a rack of chemicals as a police forensic scientist, when an errant bold of lightning strikes both him and the rack of chemicals bathing him in a random-chance formula which imbues him with super speed. Decades later (real time) we learn that in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” when Barry Allen runs around the Anti-Monitor’s (villain) anti-matter cannon to stop him from destroying the multi-verse earth, Barry is absorbed into the energy and transforms into a bolt of lightning which travels back in time and becomes the lightning bolt which originated The Flash in issue No. 1. This is why The Flash has the lightning bolt insignia, in the first place.

  37. Nate says:

    From what I’m told Barry saving his mom affects more than just arrow/supergirl/legends of tomorrow it has also according to the flashpoint paradox movie it has affected who batman is who Bruce Wayne’s parents turn out to be and possibly more I don’t have all the info on it but it should have major consequences one of which there is no flash so it will end very interesting what happens next season

  38. Ahmed says:

    The writers of the show have tampered with but built up to inevitably 2 storyline – “Flash missing in crisis ” in April 2024- which is most likely crisis on infinite earth’s – and this one, the Flash point Paradox.

    In the comic (main points)- Barry wakes up without his powers, and sets out to search for th truth, all the while having his earth 1 normal memories starting to fade. He meets Thomas Wayne as batman, captain cold as the hero of central city etc. He recreates the experiment that gave him his powers, burns himself, tries again, becomes the flash.. this culminates in the culprit bring the reverse flash setting all this up – Barry must merge the three realities into 1 and and defeat reverse flash.

    How is the writers going to incorporate this to ensure continuity and no plot holes in the other series?
    2/4 part flashpoint Paradox-esque episodes. Where he wakes up powerless, sets out to find that specific reality’s cisco and caitlyn and snow, convince them to do what he needs them to do(restore his powers) – all the while the reverse flash is the villian again , barRy merges the 3 realities(his one, arrow, and dc legends of tomorrow), the show should show the other villains prospering until Barry fixes the time line..
    Next they need to address Grodds return, Jay Garrick together with Wells and her daughter, then give either (or both) of jesse quick / wally west their powers. (Tom Cavanagh to reprise his role as reverse flash until Barry defeats him then he is Wells again since earth 2 is destroyed). And find a way of incorporating super girl. Throw in mirror man as the main villain. And voila, you have an awesome season with some added baddies from the dc comic universe.

  39. Dennis says:

    Warner no doubt has told the TV show to reign the extreme directions the show has taken. By Barry going back and preventing Eobard Thawne from killing his mother the storyline has reverted back to the Silver Age storyline where both Barry’s parents lived. This gives the movie writers the ability to deviate from the Silver Age storyline however they want to. We wll probably see both Cain and Routh in Superman suits in their version of Flashpoint or Legends., maybe Welling as well. This will enable them to kill off Barry/Grant Gustin without so much clamor. There will be so many versions of each character running around they feel no one will miss Gant/BARRY Hey they still have Jay and Wally on the TV show.

  40. Dennis says:

    Tom Cavanaugh is returning for season 3. IT will be the Earth 1 version that was never killed by Thawne. This what they should have doe for the second season. Eddie died so his descendentReverse Flash would never be born. SO If Eobard is never born he can never go back in time and Nora and Wells never died. why do some acts change the timeline and others do not. when Barry returns to our timelne will the self that was raised by his parents disappear, or will they merge or maybe our current Barry will disappear as did his other self when that timeline was made correct by him stopping Eobard. Nora or Wells mever should have died and would not have if Eobard/Reverse Flash had not tampered with the time stream. It is funny how people are posting that this “Altered” time line will only last 2 to 8 episodes then Barry will realize the error of his ways and go back and let his mother die. They would prefer to be returned to the Thawne altered timeline with Barry’s mother dead and his mother dead. For what the touchy feely relationships created by Thawne’s interference in their lives. Ask Henry and Nora if they prefer that timeline.

  41. zbapper says:

    well, wouldn’t the future that Eobard Thawn came from be the path that would occur? but then there would be small effects, which could in turn ripple into more, so the only thing that is certain is that barry doesn’t have his powers… so yea .-.