Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Season 11 Finale Recap: The Sun Also Dies

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Supernatural finale

It’s not a Supernatural finale if one of the Winchesters doesn’t nearly or actually die for the 156th time (that’s a rough estimate). Wednesday’s Season 11 ender proves no exception as Dean and Sam once again say their goodbyes in the face of possible death.

Coming off Amara’s latest attack, Castiel is free of Lucifer – no one knows where the fallen angel went, though – and Chuck can feel his life fading. As he dies, so does the sun. The scales are, literally, tipping away from light. Once the sun – the source of all life on Earth – is gone, everything else will cease to exist.

“What do we do now?” Cas wonders. Dean responds by grabbing a beer and countering, “How are we supposed to fix the frickin’ sun?”

Supernatural RecapBut come up with a plan, they do: The Darkness can’t be trapped, so they decide to kill Amara instead. Chuck reveals that light is her weakness, and with a whole lot of souls, they can create a bomb of sorts. Castiel offers to get some souls from Heaven, while Dean and Sam collect a bunch of ghost ones. It’s still not enough, but thankfully, Billie the reaper chips in with a couple hundred thousand souls. (What was with those glances between her and Crowley?) Now that they have their weapon, Dean needs to get close to Amara, but “you won’t carry the bomb. You’ll be the bomb,” Rowena informs him. (You had to know something bad was coming when moments earlier, Dean started to tell Cas about how much he means to him: “You’re always there. You’re the best friend we’ve ever had. You’re our brother, Cas.”)

The brothers say goodbye at Mary Winchester’s grave – foreshadowing! – and Dean asks Cas to look out for Sam, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. (Fat chance!) Then he makes his final requests for a big funeral with Black Sabbath and Gary Busey reading his eulogy and for his ashes to be spread at that same cemetery. For the final punch in the gut, Dean hands Sam the keys to baby and they hug it out, chick flick tears and all.

Supernatural RecapOnce Dean gets within a couple feet of Amara, she can taste the power coming off of him and rightfully points out that he’s never been able to hurt her before. Rather than blowing them both to smithereens, Dean takes another approach, talking Amara through something he knows plenty about: sibling drama. “When everything goes to crap, that’s all you got – family,” he reminds her, asking what she truly wants. With that, she summons Chuck to make amends. As the siblings hold hands, the sun – and Chuck’s life force – is restored. Before they depart for some family bonding, Chuck reassures Dean, “Earth will be fine. It’s got you. And Sam.”

Meanwhile, Sam heads back to the bunker, where Toni (new recurring player Elizabeth Blackmore), a member of the Men of Letters’ London chapter, waits with a gun to take him and Dean in. Given all the damage the brothers have done over the years, the group has decided enough’s enough. Sam tells her Dean is dead and then shrugs her off. She responds by warning him not to come closer before finally firing a shot (which was, curiously, off-screen).

Now back to Dean. Before leaving, Amara thanks him for giving her what she’s always wanted. She promises to do the same for him – after which Dean finds himself face to face with his mother, Mary! (The CW is really into resurrecting tragically killed moms this week, isn’t it?)

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Serious FEELS this episode. The LOOK on Sam’s face when Dean gets out the keys. NOPE x1000. And Dean just does what Dean does, he accepts dying to save the universe — must be Wednesday.

    Of course not before Cas offers to die with him. Because FEELS. Then, just when we have the Scooby Doo happy-ish ending (I mean seriously honey, ONE bullet for Sam Freakin’ Winchester? Unless it’s got magical properties, that is barely going to slow him down). …anyway… once we have the Light and Dark dancing off into the Heavens we get….

    They better not kill her. They better not kill her. They better not kill her.

    • jr. says:

      I thought the finale was going to turn out this way. In no way did I feel the REAL God would allow souls to be destroyed in a bomb. I was viewing Chuck as possibly being an evil impostor, who was luring them charade, into destroying all these souls for his purpose. I saw Chuck as playing possum, as they rushed to sacrifice the souls. I thought the real God would intervene, and Chuck was going to be the real evil they were going to have to deal with next season. But, I guessed wrong!

      • grys03 says:

        Always felt that ‘Chuck’ was playing the: if humanity is to survive then humanity will save itself card.
        Nice neat ending – light & darkness in balance, on a holiday in…the Seychelles?
        Have really enjoyed the Chuck episodes, been a real good ride.

  2. Cornelius says:

    I hope Mary sticks around for a good part of season 12.

  3. Joseph Balaich says:

    Dean’s in Heaven and Sam is just injured and not dead I bet.

    • Sara says:

      I don’t think Dean’s in heaven….if anyone can bring back someone from the grave.
      Sam’s not dead…she either fired a warning shot or shot him somewhere non-life threatening.

      • grys03 says:

        Or it was a non-lethal bullet designed to bring someone down. Wonder what would have happened if both Dean & Sam were there?
        Not sure about Dean & his mum – Amara promised to do him a solid in return, so maybe mum is back? God, I hope we don’t have a season of domestics – nah, this is Supernatural :)

        • Maya says:

          I wasn’t happy of seen Mary returned, I thought it was meh, I woudl rather Bobby!!! but then I remember that she used to be a badass hunter, we never saw that side of her, especially in the older version and I’m excited again,

    • Dan says:

      I Agree 100%… Deans in heaven… She gave him what he wanted… Dean was ready for everything to be over hence the drinking… And if you pay attention he’s got his phone out saying no reception… He’s not dead… Just gonna be a little visit with mom and back to getting Sam back from the London bastards….

      • Patterson Workman says:

        I don’t think dean is in heaven cause if you payed attention Mary was was trying to find someone cause she was confused about where she was at. So I think Mary was resurrected and Dean was teleported to her. Cellphones don’t have service everywhere. Who knows maybe dean had AT&T

  4. ninamags says:

    It was interesting for sure. It does kind of wrap up everything sort of nicely. God is okay and not dead but he’s leaving again so humanity is on its own to mess things up as usual.

    It didn’t really feel like a season ending episode, though. No sense of doom or urgency.

    Let’s see what happens next year.

  5. that was the WORST finale in the history of the show! all the build up to THAT?? one Dr, Phil comment from Dean and Amara just melts? So now Dean is in an alternate dimension with mom? I guess Amara didn’t listen when Dean said ALL he wants is to be with his brother-dumb! And the gunshot was offscreen -no way Sam is dead. VERY DISAPPOINTING

    • Maya says:

      Ugh, I guess you only care for shock value then!!! this season finale, was very good, all the storylines came into a resolution, and gives a hint of what comes next, if you didn’t get the Amara part, you clearly having paying attention to the season, it was clear to me that Amara want it vengeance for what her brother did to her, but also it was clear that she want it his attention because she felt that he didn’t love her!! it was just like all the dinamics, the family dinamics we have seen in the show for years!!

  6. Lisa Brining says:

    Anyone else flashing back to Xander Harris and the yellow crayon speech he gave to Evil WIllow?

  7. angryblak says:

    Dumbest bomb switch having to touch index fnger and thumb. What if he had a tic? Best to make the switch close with a thumb up the bum! Soooooo, stooooopid!

    • edyn says:

      I agree. I thought they could have done that better. Words, a snap of fingers, even the finger. Flick of the wrist. I could see the finger happening, but it is a network show. I could see Dean doing that. Bringing back Mary was awesome. I give kudos to the writers. It was what Dean wanted. It will also benefit Sam because he doesn’t remember her.

  8. Surprised you guys don’t see it… Mom is really alive, it is a gift from Amara. Sam and Dean have the power of Angels, or maybe even more, it’s why the earth will be fine with Sam and Dean. This is a reboot of the show, because more of the same old stuff would continue to lose ratings. Can’t wait for next season, to see what the writers drum up!

    • Carla Krae says:

      Pretty much.

    • Dwinchest says:

      yeah, Amara does said she gave what dean wanted but i think Dean is in Heaven or something because you just see that Dean didnt get the Signal in his mobile and he says ‘where the hell am i?’.. So there is a posibility Dean is in Heaven. :)

    • Interred Ferguson says:

      So by that reasoning we should expect, in the next season opener, Sam to look on in shock as the bullet fired at him hovers in front of his chest, unconsciously achieved by him, via his new powers????

      • edyn says:

        Warm, fuzzy, feelings. It was a good episode. All Supernatural shows are good and well written. It will be funny when she sees Sam not dead, but if she is a Men(Lady) of Letters, maybe she is prepared. London has been following them and know what they did for awhile, so maybe they know. Not exactly sure which one has the mark, but if Dean is dead, only one left. Why does London care if they are overseas? the angels, God, Cass, it effects the world, but It could just be the principle of it. They killed a man of letters to do what they needed. Maybe they are not true men of letters because there is an initiation or something not performed. because of Mary, he got pulled in to it anyway, men of letters or a hunter. A hunter could be an adversary to the men of letters.

  9. Rob Horine says:

    A shout out to Waverly Hill in Louisville. Which is one of the most haunted places on earth. In the south end, it was a TB hospital and not many people died easy. Great place for a follow up episode, epically if they did it on the grounds of the old Hospital.

  10. lordofluck says:

    I really enjoyed the finale but didn’t like how their mum is back don’t want to see her as a main character.

  11. Day says:

    I LOVED the episode. Spoilers abound, ye be warned! But can we talk about the fact that everyone lived? \o/ It was so tense and beautiful and melancholy but it ended so well (for the most part). It was a nice end to the Carver era and I’m really, really looking forward to what Andrew Dabb will do as our new showrunner. I love that he treats all the characters with care and respect, and he seems to understand that Dean and Sam need more people in their lives who love them.

    1. Cas knows that he is loved by Dean and Sam, he’s their family, and they think he made the right choice trying to take on Lucifer. He’s officially a Winchester after that talk with Dean.
    2. The goodbye scene in the graveyard was so emotional – Sam and Cas both got me choked up bidding their Dean goodbye.
    3. Not gonna lie, I definitely ship Crowley and Billie now a little bit.
    4. I really like how they wrapped up Chuck and Amara – because Dean wasn’t the one Amara really wanted, but more what he represented. Their bond is broken and she and Chuck can go home and repair heaven.
    5. OMG WTF SAM never taunt someone with a gun! I mean, we all know he’ll be fine, but come on.. that’s a mean cliffhanger! (And speaking of cliffhangers, is Mary back?? Or will Dean get a final, proper goodbye with his mother?)
    6. Cas was just angel-banished.. no worries! He’ll be back, definitely.

    I’m really glad that the season ended without some apocalyptic, world-ending cliffhanger.. it’s a refreshing change of pace and I can’t wait to see what comes next for Team Free Will.

    So my predictions: Season 12 is going to start with Dean, Cas, and possibly Mary (WHAT) on the hunt for Sam. The London chapter of the Men of Letters will be the next “big bad”. Sam and this new Lady Toni will start off hating each other and end up in a relationship.

  12. AnnieM says:

    Well, I guess Sam just met his new girlfriend for next season. Lol. You

  13. jean says:

    I hope mary won’t die. John better be back by season 12s end. Let the family reunite.

    I hope bobby, ellen and jo appear next season in some way.

    I hate shows who resurrected and kill not long again.

  14. AnnieM says:

    While I realize that JDM is busy being Negan for the time being, is it too much to hope for an appearance by Papa Winchester at some point next season? Cause really, he’s the only one I can think of to top the return of Chuck…

  15. Carrie says:

    What a great finale. I think this was the first time so many others worked with the brothers to save everyone and they didn’t have to destroy the big bad. I never would’ve expected that ending. That was a really cool twist.

  16. wgsecretary says:

    “The CW is really into resurrecting tragically killed moms this week, isn’t it?”
    I don’t watch all of the CW shows, but I do watch most of them. Who else got resurrected this week?

    • Ace says:

      Is The Flash on your watchlist?

      • wgsecretary says:

        Oh, yes! How could I have forgotten about Nora Allen?!?!?

        • edyn says:

          Flash season finale was good with Nora and finding a different way to kill Zoom, but going back in time again? Many people were not happy. I am wondering if Supernatural’s writers need to write a few for Flash and Arrow. Take a page out of their playbook.

          • wgsecretary says:

            I was also not too pleased with the fact that they just rewrote history and the past two seasons essentially never happened. But, I think things will get fixed during the season. This affects not only The Flash, but also Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Barry was involved in events that affect both of those shows. So, I think they must fix or reset the timeline at some point early on in the next season so that they are again in the same time/timeline as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. But, Supernatural certainly does know how to handle a bit of time travel. I think Flash could stand to borrow a couple of their writers… just not for too long:)

          • edyn says:

            Yeah, just not too long. An episode or 2. Start something new and have the writers follow the story to refresh the Flash and Arrow. A new story line. All the Supernatural seasons were different. Different characters, but still centered around Sam and Dean and pulls together at the finale. Smallville lasted 10 seasons, but had good arcs to make it last that long. Now most shows last at least 5 seasons or less. Smallville and Supernatural were never missed by me. Legends I can understand with time travel, but they need to do a few episodes with repercussions.

  17. Pat says:

    I liked it, but I am still not sure why in God’s heaven did they have Chuck/God on for this season and where does this show go from here? Are they making the Men of Letter’s from England, the new big baddies? It felt more like a series finale, except for the ending of Sam possibly getting shot and Dean with his mother. I will just have to wait for next season to see where and what they are doing to one of my favorite shows.

    • Maya says:

      I’ve come to realize that after a mayor apocalypse event, the show reboots, I hope people see this way too, now I believe the tone will down, it won’t be such an epic like this few years were, they go back to the roots of Monster of the Week and technically small treats (in comparison to Amara ofc),

    • Keith says:

      I read this season is the last so maybe they are wrapping it all up.

      • edyn says:

        I have never heard the new season being the last. I know they were asked how the brothers would end it. Would it be in the Winchester style we love or a sacrifice, but then they say as long as the fans keep watching they will keep producing. After the SDCC and numerous conventions, maybe they changed their minds. It would be nice to hear from someone who went to San Diego CC to know what is going on.

  18. Mailer says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here because I really did not like the ending. I like the Dean ‘dying’ for the cause and the closure for Chuck and Amara but Mary back. Are you kidding me??? The boys are now older than her. Now all of a sudden the MOL of the London make and appearance? We all know Sam is alive. All the crap Sam and Dean have been through and hey knew but did nothing? It’s more like they’re the watchers and Sam and Dean are Buffy and Faith. Makes no sense.

    I love this show but am really concerned about the direction of next season.

    • Baldheadedjohn says:

      The boys are now older than her?? God I couldn’t even get through your whole comment it was so moronic

  19. Toni Marshall says:

    This is how a finale should be where you literally have your mouth open saying WTF in a good way!! Way to go writers – this show NEVER disappoints and constantly finds ways to almost end everything but then not and all the while not having to repeat a story line. I going to watch the ep for a 3rd time because it was that good and I still can’t believe that ending … my mouth is actually still open. Seriously BRAVO!! Also glad that CW doesn’t cancel every show like all the other networks so we can see our beloved Winchesters next season. Really looking forward to the new season – writers and PTB you definitely have set the bar high.

  20. Kelly says:

    My only question….does Dean still have the mark?

  21. Kari says:

    Really good episode I knew all along that Chuck wasn’t going to die because I knew if Chuck died then Amara would die along with him. I wonder about the lady that shot Sam is she going to be the new villain for next season? I hate to wait three months to see what happens with Mary and with the Woman of Letters. Bring on season 12

  22. Remy says:

    I only have on question: Is Lucifer dead or is he out there somewhere?????

  23. Ella says:

    UGH, the Destiel this episode killed me. It was wonderful to have Dean acknowledge that Cas is the best friend he’s ever had (Samstiel is not on the same level, let’s be fair) and then Cas offering to die with Dean <3 I kindof liked that God and Amara reconciled…it makes sense that light needs the balance of darkness. And yet it felt like a bit of a cop-out, she did a lot of terrible things this season… Where on earth are they going with Mary Winchester? And does Dean need his mother more than his father? And will JDM ever come back, next season seems as good a time as any?! Sam Smith must be sick to death of wearing that nightgown lol.

    • Anthony Richards says:

      Love how you ignored the fact that Dean called Castiel their brother. Face it Destiel shippers, your ship officially sunk with that conversation.

      • yamixenara says:

        … That honestly hasn’t stopped the pro Winscest stories/comments. Why would it stop Destiel?
        Just leave the shippers be my friend.

        • Anthony Richards says:

          I don’t have a problem with shippers in general because nothing wrong with a little fan fiction. But Destiel shippers like to harass the writers on Twitter and try to hijack conventions by asking the showrunners and actors when it will be canon. Hopefully this will put a stop to that.

  24. Gerald says:

    Thank goodness for the bird feeding lady (one of Chucks creation). She turned it all around. Dean just put a cap on it with Amara.
    And the London Chapter or the Man of Letter is not wrong. But I’m sure an alliance will be formed in time and they’ll realize they need the Winchesters. I mean does the London chapter know they have God’s stamp of approval?
    Can’t wait for next season.

  25. talk2wise says:

    How is Mary Winchester being back a good thing? Her sons are grown up, incredibly damaged people. You can’t step in after thirty years of absence and take up again, like you’ve been there all along. This won’t be a tender reunion. It’s another unnecessary, over-dramatic story line, so they can all angst over lost time.

    They didn’t just jump the shark with this one. They harpooned it and drove over it with a speed boat. Add to that the total cop-out of the Darkness’s eleventh hour total change of heart, and the transparent, fan-service detour for Dean and Cas bromance. God’s dying, the world’s ending. Whoops. Nevermind. Once again someone is fed up with those meddling Winchesters. Once again, a “someone ‘died’ (or appeared to die… or went to the bad place) cliffhanger ending”.

    This show is a death echo of its own tired tropes. I just– I just want a season aimed towards repairing some of the massive amounts of damage done to the characters: Actually regain some ground before the next massive setback, instead of these non-stop one step forward, four steps back plot lines. Not throw in new characters- heap on more problems, but fix what we have, deal with what’s already happened.

    …This rant might, conceivably, be about more than last night’s episode, alone…

    • Jane says:

      I agree completely, its the same old story so much so that it has now become almost predictable, except for a few twists that seem to go nowhere. I am worried about next season.

  26. QueenB says:

    This season finale felt like a series finale, an argument could be made that this season has felt like a final season, with the exception of Sam not being with Dean when he was reunited with their mother Mary. I don’t know how their going to top this season with the Chuck is God reveal and the Avenger style team up of villains and heroes in the battle against Amara.

  27. so the new protagonist for next year will be the british men of letters branch led by Merlin.

    • ninamags says:

      I think you mean antagonist. And, yes, i think the Brit MoL will be the big foe for next year.

      I’ve always thought the human adversaries were way more dangerous than the monsters or the Leviathans or even the useless angels. Henrickson?? Friggin’ Bella Talbot? The Steins? And especially that nut, Gordon Walker.

  28. Dwinchest says:

    HI, The Finale was OKAY but its just not what i expected. come on, what the hell was Chuck thinking, after Dean and Sam did so much for him and for his world (hell, they even ready to die) but he doesnt even return him back to sam or do something for them , he just vanished after he got what he wanted.Thats stupid. but truth to be told, Amara was Good, I like her and i dont want her to die.

  29. crissyb65 says:

    Loved it! I can’t wait for season 12 to start!

    It was great how Rowena displayed a softer side, albeit probably briefly, in the face of utter annihilation.

    I love the idea that Crowley is smitten with Billie. She’s awesome, putting the boys in their place and keeping them there. haha

    What I would LOVE to see as a side plot for comic relief is Castiel’s reaction to Dean’s emotional bonding. Let’s get Cas out of the trench coat and see him trying to adopt new clothing styles by mimicking the boys and failing hilariously. He just want’s to fit in with his bros.

    Can’t say I much care for the new character. Not so much for the plot twist of MoL having had it with the shenanigans, but that Cas is as much a stick-in-the-mud as is needed. But we’ll see how it unfolds.

    Personally speaking, I bet Chuck put some kind of protection warding on the boys and that bullet bounced right off. After all, if he’s going away for a bit and leaving Earth in the hands of the guys, they can’t be dying without him there to bring them back–regardless of Billie’s plans.


  30. Barry says:

    Imagine if John Winchester was brought back also.. Always loved John.. Would be a great addition..

  31. Barry says:

    Also would nt be surprised of sam is infact dead and mary has to trade her self for sam.. That would be just typical…

  32. Stacy Lent says:

    I loved this finale so much. Going to be so hard to have wait to see what happens next. Omg the mom is back crazy stuff. Especially since she was a hunter.

  33. shinnstoneer says:

    Thanks so much, I’m pretty sure I just got an Arrow spoiler sprung as a trap in this SUPERNATURAL review.

    This finale was an excellent wrap on the Darkness story line. Always love SPN…reviews of SPN on tvline not so much now..

  34. Jane says:

    Why is Mary back? I mean what is her role after sooooo long?- it doesn’t make sense. Also where is the show heading exactly- the first 5 seasons were great as there was an end game but ever since season 5 there seems to be no end game besides the season to season plots. Perhaps it is cos they didnt expect to make it to a season 12, i dont know. but i really feel they should be thinking about an end game so that things dont feel so out of place or rushed in the last episode of a season. Also they should really consider bringing that Jesse kid back from season 5

    • SN12 says:

      Why bring Jesse back? I mean what would his role be after sooooooo long? It doesn’t make sense, especially since he’s just a random side character in a monster of the week episode and with no relationship to anybody. Where would the show go exactly with Jesse back?
      What a very odd request/comment.

      There are a million reasons Mary was brought back for season 12. The most easy explanation being this will be the show’s last season and it would have come full circle. With her back, it will allow the boys to find peace in next years finale and end the show with them finding a life after hunting with their mother’s blessing. Closure for the characters and the viewers.

      • Jane says:

        Jesse is linked to Lucifer and since we dont know what happen to Lucifer at the end there, it would be a cool way to bring Jesse back.
        Also bringing Mary back sooo late in their lives feels odd.

        • Taisha says:

          True. Jesse would be a great storyline, because he had more power than demons and Angels feared his existence. If lucifer found another temp vessel and a demon army he could be a threat. The boys could convince Jesse to come out in hiding and help. Although anyone who sticks their necks out for them usually ends up dead….. Segway to Crowley trying to gain more power by stealing some of Jesse’s before he dies so he can command respect from the other demons again.

    • Aizat ijat says:

      For what to bring jesse back??? unless lucifer is back to restart the apocalypse again or this time its michael’s turn to be a new villain becoz he was upset with God for not saving him from the cage after what he has done for God….

  35. 1999 says:

    I personally thought the foreshadowing for Mary coming back was a little excessive, especially with the fact that they went to the grave itself and thats where Dean essentially spent his last moments with his brother and Cas. So when Amara said she’d give Dean what he most wanted, it was obvious that it would be his mother.
    Also, knowing that a widely recurring theme of the show is family and the bond between siblings, it was fairly obvious that Amara would regret hurting her brother and that they would reconcile and save the world (all thanks to Dean, of course). The only thing I didn’t expect, however, was that Sam would get shot… and the whole off screen thing also threw me. It was so quick, she didn’t even hesitate or seem to feel sorry for him. She almost treated him like she was on a hunt and was taking care of something that could no longer control itself. I can’t wait to find out more about these new Men of Letters, or Women of letters, and also I’m looking forward to seeing how Sam gets out of dying this time, or if he even did die.

    (side note: I’m british and i kinda found the whole ‘milady’ and posh accents and old fancy car with the english flag that no one actually uses on it slightly offensive…. idk)

  36. Lee Wrench says:

    Love supernatural I’m in the UK so have to stream it as we’re like 5 seasons behind bought the box sets too awesome series

  37. elnaz says:

    Season 11 was not good enuogh as other seasons. I dont know what will happen to season 12. 😩😩😩😩😩
    Terrible chuk. Terrible darkness and terrible final epizode. I love supernatural but season 11 disappointed me😕😕😕

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did it disappoint you? i personally liked it and thought it was a good finale. The cliffhangers got me though. What happened to lucifer? What happened to sam? The whole mary deal and stuff!? I need answers now. I am not waiting until october

  38. Mike Ohanian says:

    My first impression of where Dean was came when he heard a woman’s voice, I thought that they had placed Dean on his own planet and he was going to be the first Adam or something. Then the place he was at awfully looked liked purgatory. However with his mom there – I can’t really agree with that theory since only monsters go to purgatory, unless she was sent there for some other unknown reason…. I like the theory of the Winchesters having immortality (since they already kind of had that before with them dying and coming back constantly) I guess we just have to wait and see huh?

  39. Rob says:

    Am I the only one who found God/Chuck a little…underwhelming in this series? In the end it was as usual. Dean Speech that saved the day. Never thought that Supernatural woukd devolve into monism after all that Judeo-Christian buildup.

  40. Matt says:

    When god says that the earth has got him and sam, its sort of like promoting them to the status of angel or archangel, that theory is then further supported by the look on toni’s face when she shoots sam, cause he takes it like an angel would, not a scratch.

  41. theRealness says:

    What an upset! The season was going really well, but to everyone here saying it was “so awesome what a great finale” yeah you are being a stan right now. No, it wasn’t a great finale. It was weak as heck. Really? “Darkness” THE “darkeness” all of a sudden gets a change of heart? Really? After, having “God” in the picture now all of a sudden it’s back to an antagonist that is human? Really? How can you get much more antagonist than darkness itself coming into the picture? And really…THE “G.O.D” himself didn’t have more of an impact than sitting around eating and playing the guitar? Nobody had any real questions for him? No deep and enlightening revelations before he goes? From this point on, it is purely a stan-reaction to watch this show. I mean I love this show and I am very fond of the occult secret mysteries but they really will have to pull out all the stops to make this interesting again. If you are so siked about this finale, I urge you to set aside your stan emotions and really consider just how weak this was indeed.

  42. Courtney cooper says:

    I think supernatural should continue as long as they can. It is the best tv show ever. The cast is good. The show is good everything is good.

    • edyn says:

      Very few shows today last more than than 3-5 seasons. The new shows on syfy etc are lucky to go to a 3rd season. Congrats to shows that last 10 seasons. it takes much thought to keep things new and refreshing.

  43. Tomi Reed DRC says:

    I dont understand the last scene of season 11.When dean got to see his mom.Was he in heaven or hell? Was he dead? And about sam? was he shot to death?
    I mean did the Winchester boys died?

    • edyn says:

      They were on Earth, but Amara brought Mary back as a gift to Dean. It will be a blank slate for Mary, not knowing what happened to her, not knowing Dean and Sam because they are adults. She could also be a shell. There in body, but no soul. I don’t think Amara would do that to Dean because she loved him in her own way. As for Sam, he has the mark of Cain, so he cannot die, but since the London chapter has been keeping tabs on them, they may have something that can kill him or hurt him enough. Without Amara, the mark may not work. That is the beauty of cliffhangers. It keeps you wondering and guessing, then you see if you’re right when the season starts

  44. Sorry says:

    I can’t comment on the finale cause didn’t know what happened until I just read this. That’s because I quit watching the moment Chuck revealed himself as god. I felt like that was a slap in the face and I’ll explain why I feel that way but know I’m not saying anyone who loved it or just disagrees with my opinion is wrong. CHUCK CANNOT BE GOD! Because angels were created so much in god’s image they could feel his presence like 10x more than the truest human believer could, even more so with archangels. And with the show over time hinting that god wasn’t quite as powerful as he made himself seem makes me feel like one of the writers just said hey remember when Chuck made the god comment in his last book let’s just make him actually very god that’d be funny. And it’s because of how much care and thought of the fans they have always put into this show. Since angels can literally feel his presence Cast would have known the first time they met. If somehow he didn’t then Raphael or Zachariah definitely would have. Not to mention Lucifer in the future cause Chuck was there (with his words of wisdom to Dean being to horde toilet paper)I can’t buy the whole trinket shielded him cause why was it never mentioned before if it’s powerful enough to blind all angels of the truth especially if god wasn’t as powerful as they hinted. Amara was his EQUAL and if she could feel Dean’s presence when he was full of souls turn there is no possible way god could hide his presence from her especially if he was on earth(no matter what Kevin Tran says) I feel all these issues should have at least been brought to attention instead I feel like they phoned that decision in and then were like let’s just give him an ammulet in case someone asks how did no one know but not just any ammulet, the Chuck Norris of ammulets. I still love supernatural and will still watch it religiously except now for me it ends with the darkness released to me that’s a better ending for the whole show cause It would have left you scared for them never having to face power like that but believing they always find a way

  45. Taisha says:

    Bringing back their parents out of heaven is cruel. I think Jessica and them need to be there to greet them when they boys are actually done so they can feel completed and home. I think they should have sprung Adam (the brother the writers forgot about) out of the cage and fixed him so he can be a hunter with the boys. This will add conflict between him and Castiel who said yes to being the temporary vessel to Lucifer, his torturer. Also animosity against him because of how the boys seem to keep helping Cass out of situations and made him like family, when no one came for him.

    Someone suggested bringing Jesse back into play. If the new threat was to be Lucifer, who is loose and even though he had a sit down with daddy, is still the devil at the end of the day, and who still wants earth to rule over and he can get a demon army behind him, then the boys could persuade Jesse to join the fight this time. It will be interesting because the Angels fear him and he’s more powerful than demons. The only thing is most adversaries for the boys end up dead, which can be a possibility if you add betrayal, Crowley and Rowena in the mix. Both are power hungry and Crowley needs to have more to retake his hell kingdom and respect back. A battle Royale of everybody on the chess board for the series finale.

    I think the last season should be mostly about Sam being the bigger kickass than dean for once (hint, hint writers. Stop making him Lois lane and Dean Superman. Give Sam his balls back! Lucifer was write about that bit) Sam will make the final sacrifice to win. Dean will hold him while Sam tells him that he’s ready and so tired and wants to go home. He sees his parents and Jesse standing together in the veil just over Dean’s shoulder ready to take him to heaven. Dean finally decides to let his brother rest and tells him to go with them after he thinks that Sam shouldn’t go because what he sees is a trick, until Cass confirms that it’s really them standing there waiting. He holds him til he dies. Adam decides he doesn’t want to be a part of the family business anymore. Dean respects that and let’s him go. Cass tells Dean that he has some family fences to mend back in heaven, but that he will be watching over him. God decides the only heavenly soul that is to surly to be happy in heaven and would rather come back, is Bobby because he lived for them boys. He may have loved them more than John.

    Cass springs one more surprise on Dean, who still feels a void in his life without Sam. He takes him to a suburban neighborhood where boy/girl preteens are playing soccer in their front yard. The ball slips pass the girl rolling towa

    • Taisha says:

      Towards Dean. He hands the ball towards her. Her brother looks at the stranger comprehensively and yells over to his sister. Hey, Sammie. Let’s go! She yells at her brother Coming Dj. She turns to dean and he notices she has his hazel green eyes. Their mother is calling for them to come in for dinner. Dean, Samantha it’s time for dinner. They run towards a woman as she comes out to get them in. Dean’s eyes wide with shock. It’s Cassie, his first love introduced in season one. He looks at Castiel and asks What?! He tells dean to go to her. She sees them approach. Dean? She turns to Cass Hello Castiel. Dean looks back at him in surprise. Hello Cassie. (Side bar, what is with the themed names bring similar on this show, writers? Jessica, Jesse. Cassie. Castiel) Dean asks her if he knows what Cass is. She explains that when she was pregnant and tried to search for Dean after their reunion, she couldn’t reach him. She said years later when the news was saying dean was some maniac tying up women and abusing them (shape shifter) that she freaked out. Then he was supposedly reported dead on several occasions. Then he and Sam were mass murderers. (leviathans) She said that Cass came to her and showed what he was explained some of it after hearing her pray one night about the boys in reference to her children and being overwhelmed with these horrors. But Cass stopped coming for awhile(leviathan business and possession) and she didn’t know what to think of him showing up as a nee God on tv. She said one night she was visited in her sleep. And it seemed real and a feeling of divine came over her. Someone named Chuck told her what was real and why it was happening, but that she and the kids will be safe. They were under his protection and no one knows about the children yet. But they will be a force to be reckoned with when they are. For so long I thought about those last words you said when I was being so skeptic and afraid of us being something real one day. You told me never say never.

      Dean feeling choked up because it’s sinking in that he’s got children. Cass says his goodbyes and leaves them to it. She and Dean hug deeply. Then she says there’s so much I have questions about and I wanna hear all about it. He stops here from finishing. He plants a kiss on her remembering how it felt with her, then he says to her. I promise we’ve got time for all that, but first I wanna get to meet my kids. Cassie smiles at him. They are amazing. Come on. She walks into the house, but he paused because he felt a hard breeze come by and slow building demonic like whispers. He calls someone on the phone. The person picks up. Hey bobby, you’re not gonna believe this…… He walks towards the door. Looking one last time over his shoulder he says I think I understand dad more now than ever. I’ll fill you in soon. I got some years of family to catch up on. Then he walks in. The whispers build up loudly as if demonic anger and panic…..not gone, not destroyed…WINCHESTERSSSS. Screen goes black. So now with mentors like bobby alive again, Castiel not too out of reach, their father Dean as the ultimate hunter and legacy of Men of Letters as they will be. And their mom is a tough cookie that don’t take mess. She’ll make for a good protector and help as a hunter too, If the demons ever try going after them, which would be suicide. So Dean finally gets a family. Sam gets to rest in heaven.

  46. Simas says:

    For me 11 season was most interesting off all. Iwas very happy then i saw that God and Amara forgot their angry and ends together. I hope some action of Lucifer in next season, but not as badass . And i hope supernatural will have a lot seasons cause its very interesting and greatest tw show.