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Arrow Finale Recap: A New Hope?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Arrow finale

It was (almost) the end of the world as we know it on Wednesday’s Season 4 finale of Arrow.

Picking up right where last week left off, Darhk starts tossing Curtis and Donna around like rag dolls, unless Felicity does his bidding. Oliver comes crashing in to the rescue, but is unable to repel Darhk’s magic. (Now that the baddie is powered by tens of thousands of Havenrock souls, Felicity’s hope in Oliver is not enough to help him resist Darhk’s abilities.) More bummer news: Having grabbed Felicity’s laptop with the Rubicon code, Darhk is able to launch 15,000+ missiles, giving the world just two hours before it all goes kablooey.

Dig and Lyla aren’t feeling too good about their prospects as they say their potential last words to baby Sara, while Felicity tasks Lance to drive himself and Donna out of town to the closest bunker. A glimmer of hope arrives when Curtis tells Oliver about how the Green Arrow gave him inspiration, which in turn prompts Oliver (as himself) to deliver a motivational speech to the rioting citizens of Star City, from atop a taxi cab. Meanwhile, Felicity and Curtis are able to hack and reroute the missile descending upon Star City, but there’s still thousands more to go. Can A.R.G.U.S. disseminate the hack code worldwide in time?

With the city now cheering him on, a glowy-eyed Oliver successfully repels Darhk’s magic as a street brawl erupts between the two camps. Eventually getting the upper hand, Oliver is poised to go in for the kill, but Darhk mocks his ability to do so — after all, didn’t he once spare the very man who slaughtered his mother? “You killed tens of thousands of innocents,” Oliver tells the man in his clutches. “With Slade Wilson, I had a choice. This time, I don’t” — and with that said, he drives an arrow into Darhk’s charcoal briquette of a heart.

With Darhk put down and “inverted horizons” exploding the missiles in space (precisely how TV’s other Hive recently died!), the team celebrates their huge win by… splitting up? A permanently jobless Lance and Donna leave town, Thea decides she’s out of the costumed crusader game and Dig, having confessed his not-good kill of Andy to Lyla, needs some time away from the city to get back on track. So he reenlists in the army!

As Oliver processes this disbandment as well as his offing of Darhk, he pays a visit to Laurel’s grave, where he observes,”You were always better than me, that’s what I loved most about you.” Felicity arrives to reassure her conflicted ex, “The same man who killed Damien Darhk in cold blood gave a city its hope back…. What you’re feeling isn’t darkness, it’s a schism. You’re at war with two sides of yourself.” Oliver then gets a call from a councilman, who proceeds to hand the city’s recent motivational speaker and onetime mayoral candidate an “interim appointment” to the office.

After being sworn in, we see Oliver taking in the wreckage of the lair and the abandoned hero costumes. Felicity enters, a bit to his surprise. “You thought I was leaving, too? Not a chance,” she asserts.

Meanwhile, what did the season finale’s flashbacks amount to? Hopefully, a new hope… for Season 5’s flashbacks. A power-hungry Taiana begs Oliver to kill her, so he snaps her neck (after apologizing for doing so, of course). He then radios Waller to get off the island. Will he take the A.R.G.U.S. boss up on the offer to drop in on “hot spots around the globe,” or will he go back to being a vigilante? “Neither,” he says. “I have a promise to keep.” Russia, here we come!

What did you think of the season-ending “Schism”?

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  1. Sara says:

    And with that I am finished with Arrow. 4 seasons and with laurels death, fan service writing I am out.

    • GraceM says:

      I left long before Laurel’s death. I got tired of the doom and gloom, along with those annoying flashbacks.

      I tried watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow but that too I lost interest in.

      I’ll stick with Greg Berlanti’s two other CW shows. The Flash and Supergirl.

      • Michelle says:

        I think it will be a better season 2. It did get better in the end of season 1 but LoT is more forgivable than Arrow with two bad seasons under their belt

      • pov says:

        I agree with you about the doom and gloom. It’s an insane and inane amount.
        One of the showrunners said she likes to accent the emotional. Someone should clue her into the fact that sadness, despair and anger aren’t the only emotions. Her and Guggenheim seem to think that killing off characters is a great way to achieve emotional depth. It isn’t. It’s a lazy cop out that done too much just leaves a show empty.

        Plus, although the Dark Knight started a trend of dark superheroes but many of us still want to see the “good guys” prevail and have the show balanced with some light.

        • french5851 says:

          ditto…. a little more light might give us some hope and give the characters something to lose. As it stands right now for some of them, dying looks like a good way to go ;) You turned Dig stupid when he believed his brother after YEARS of that boy lying, you took any conflict out the Felicity and Oliver’s relationship when you ENDED the relationship, and you killed laurel, for what reason? Seriously, she was a character we invested in. There aren’t enough of those on the show.


  2. jermyroberts says:

    it was an OK finale. This season was my least favorite they’ve done. Still not happy about watching it without Laurel next year…

  3. That was a depressing ending to a bad season that was once the flagship show of CW. The misuse of Neal McDonough, the obvious budget cuts, bad writing and catering to fan fiction crowd is the reason for the series low ratings this year.

    No hope for this show next season getting back to S1/S2 levels

    • Michelle says:

      Sure there is. If they fire Wendy and Marc..

    • Liz985 says:

      Totally agree about the budget cuts. When the show began it had an almost film quality about it. Now it just looks cheesy most of the time.

      • Oscar the Oddity says:

        Part of that has to do with how many people are in the cast. It’s more cost effective to keep the cast small and rely on guest stars, but then that prevents us from having the character growth that we want. It’s a balancing game and the writers and producers dropped the ball.

        I mean, Curtis was interesting and all, but he wasn’t essential to the show. Merlin is a great villain but it’s just the same old story with him.

        The only upside is that I think the writers and producers have seen how unhappy people are. The way they ended the season seems like a good setup to bring back the core 3 of Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle next year.

        • Sil says:

          That’s what they said after season 3 about season 4. Nope. They have lost the creative knack that’s needed for a show in its season 3,4,5 year range. I’ve watched shows that have lost their spark at the 3yr. Arrow is doing that too. I wish they’d learn from shows like NCIS, Friends, Law and Order, etc. Some shows have creative writers who keep the interest in their viewers. Even over multiple seasons. Arrow lost me last night.

        • Lex says:

          From your mouth to Berlanti’s ears. The whole DC TV franchise has spread the good talent pretty thin among all four shows, with Arrow getting the leftovers. They’ve forgotten the basic tenant of storytelling: show, don’t tell. There’s a disconnect between writers and audience, where the writers are telling a completely different story from the one the audience is actually seeing.

          Go read critical reviews (from real TV critics) back in season 2. Over and over it’s the archer-soldier-hacker combo praised for making the show work. They’re not only the most effective crime-fighting team, they’re also the emotional heart that gives the show its high stakes.

          Oh, and I’ve said this somewhere else, but put a ring on it and move on.

    • Lex says:

      1. The “fanfiction crowd” has every right consume media however they want. Using “catering to the fanfiction crowd” as a criticism invalidates that right. And by “fanfiction crowd” you probably mean shippers and are trying to hold back your misogynistic sneer. 2. You think the “fanfiction crowd” were catered to? Are Oliver and Felicity off on their Honeymoon to Bermuda? Nope. The “fanfiction crowd” think this season was just as crappy as everyone else.

  4. It could have used a good cliffhanger, plot twist, omg what happens next moment.

    • John NYC says:

      i personally hate cliffhangers. I’m insulted to be treated as if without such gimmicks I wouldn’t be back. …..

      Though occasdionslly the solution to the dilemma is entertaining.

    • pov says:

      Ugh no. Cliffhangers are one of the most annoying and useless gimmicks in TV. Wrap the story arc. If it was a good arc it feels satisfying and viewers look forward to the next arc.

  5. Jason says:

    It was meh finale to an overall meh season.

  6. Michael Littlefield says:

    And what happened to the ripple effect of Barry’s decision. You can’t have multiple crossovers, then have Barry change history, and not have it effect the Arrowverse. I kept waiting for it at the end…and then nothing.

    • Malachi says:

      They may address it in the season premiere

    • cmmorgan32 says:

      That’s assuming that the events of the flash finale did in fact occur before the arrow finale. Remember, there were timing issues with the Supergirl crossover and Barry’s funeral crossover on Arrow as it pertains to the overall narrative.

      The ramifications of Barry’s actions should be addressed in the fall on the Flash (obviously) and hopefully Legends and Arrow as well. To me, Flashpoint with elements of “Crisis” thrown in would be the perfect storyline for the November sweeps crossover (now that Legends and Supergirl are on the CW fall schedule).

    • JCPrime1 says:

      I think people are making way too much out of The Flash finale. That will likely be resolved in the season premiere and have zero effect on the other shows.

      • RichCD says:

        That’s because, I suppose, that many people would like to see it. It has the virtue of never having been done before. I was hoping for an additional scene at the end of Arrow – something like Oliver is shown waking up next to someone we assume is Felicity, but turns out to be Laurel. I’m no big Laurel fan, but that would’ve been cool.

    • edyn says:

      They should address it because now Barry saved his mom after losing his dad. That has major effect… it is like what happened with Felicity finding out about Oliver’s son. Oliver told Felicity just before Barry time traveled and she left. She had the same reaction in Arrow except Oliver chose not to tell her this time. She still threw a fit even though the mom said do not blame Oliver, I told him to keep it secret. It has some effect, but really not much when Barry turned time.

  7. arrowhasnogame says:


    • Nytony says:

      Keep arrow, bring back constantine, and have more with the two.

      There was a reference in an earlier episode about the “darkness” being more than just Dark and his magic. It also said that there was more darkness coming.

  8. ndixit says:

    Desperately anti-climactic! Honestly, the whole speech inspiring people just comes off cheesy in whatever show they try this tactic on. It never really works. Arrow really needs to do better. Season 3 and 4 have been quite bad. Not just mediocre, but flat out bad.

    • DarkDefender says:

      That was kind of funny.. In that he didn’t do it as the Green Arrow (so he could be mayor, I know), but why would all those people stop to listen to anyone on the roof of a cab when his voice is drowned out by the crowd itself?
      Also – nifty Canadian flag flying off a building down the street during Oliver’s “speech” that was funniest of all.

    • arianeb says:

      At least Henry from OUAT wasn’t delivering the speech.

    • Lex says:

      The Flash is honest-to-goodness the worst thing to happen to Arrow. The writers who made season 2 so phenomenal moved to Central City where you don’t need Percocet to have a happy moment. Among them was the person who tied everything together and made sure the season-long plots didn’t meander into WTF territory. Because the arcs for seasons 3 and 4? WTF territory.

      The first seven episodes of season 4 gave me hope: no time wasted on unnecessary Olicity drama! Let those two crazy kids be happy! They’re together, it works, the end. Original Team Arrow was back together! Kicking ass and then going out for cocktails together! Curtis was like old school Felicity with the comedy relief! Daddy Lance got told off and stopped being an a-hole!

      Sure, Thea’s bloodlust thing was iffy and Laurel was once again making stupid judgment calls then complaining about how hard it is for her, but at least Sara was back and Neal McDonough was Barrowman-at-his-best levels of delightful villain.

      Then the Baby Mama plot was reintroduced, and with the Baby Mama came the Olicity drama. What most people don’t get is shippers don’t need Olicity to be the focus of the show. Let them be happy. Let it be a given that they’re together. Put an effing ring on it and move on: that’s what makes shippers happy. The whole thing was distasteful and made no one look good (though not as distasteful as “celebrating” Ollie and Laurel’s “love story” practically on Tommy’s grave).

      The second half of the season was 100% terrible plotting, besides the “let’s do something stupid to cause ~drama!” stuff. Too much time was taken breaking down Oliver and Felicity’s relationship (seriously, It’s irresponsible to play Russian roulette with your characters, saying someone’s gonna die but having no clue who it’s gonna be… until Laurel suddenly became the most reasonable person in the lair.

      Then she dies because her dad pissed Darhk off and we were subjected to the “tragic love story” of Laurel and Ollie… Really?! Oliver’s the love of Laurel’s life?! Laurel’s death was all about her dad, and her life was all about her toxic relationship with Ollie. There’s no celebrating any other relationship we saw her form on the show, but we get one last chance to see how much the writers have no idea how their audience interprets things. Laurel Lance deserved far better, and I was rarely able to see her as a real person and not a poorly constructed character with terrible writing, played with tenacity by Katie Cassidy.

      It was a mediocre season that took a bunch of really strong elements that worked in previous seasons and completely misused them. Well, I can say with complete honesty that Arrow is the reason why I want to go into television: I’m 100% certain I can do a better job running this show than Guggenheim.

  9. ktc1986 says:

    I guess DC had to balance out the great Flash finale doing Flashpoint, Legends of Tomorrow introducing the Justice Society and the amazing DC Universe Rebirth with something mediocre. I’d rather watch more Alphas than any more of the Olicity and Friends show.

  10. Lala says:

    meh finale!

  11. Sam says:

    That was an incredible episode and an awesome season finale. Can’t wait for next season!

  12. Jeff hunter says:

    Sorry fellas, but I loved this episode not every season finale has to end on a will-they-or-wont they-the world\demon\ex-lover is coming to get or us kind of a way,its nice to go out everyone intact if not mentally but physically sort of a way!jeff

    • fanta says:

      Agree. It was a solid season finale. There’s some opportunities for solid storytelling in the future.

    • Lizzie says:

      Same. I don’t need cliffhangers all the time. They wrapped up some things and set the characters on new paths to be explored next season. That’s all I need.

  13. Alex23 says:

    Great that Oliver will be back to having a day job. Happy to have the focus off the romance side of things. Not the best season but I am hopeful that they will get back to the point where the focus is back on Oliver. Overall didn’t hate the season as much as I did S3.

  14. Ari says:

    This got an F for me. There was one minute of glimmering hope that it would be like Charmed’s season 3 finale…everyone dying, nukes hitting, then a magical (timeline) reset because of the flashpoint paradox from yesterday.

  15. BenM says:

    I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t excited about it. All the characters did something. The teams broken up. Oliver is mayor. Those should be big moments. I think the the problem, for me, is they’ve done such a bad job writing these characters lately. With all of them making out-of-character decisions for almost 2 whole seasons, I’m just not as invested in them as I used to be. I will say this for the last few episodes – they’ve been better than the rest of the season. They weren’t great by any stretch, but they’ve been better than the rest. The bee episode is still the worst super-hero thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

    I expect/hope flash’s decisions will affect everything. It’ll be interesting seeing things be different. It might be what arrow needs to fight it’s own stagnation. I’m assuming they’ll have to do another reset at some point, to get super girl into this world. I’m holding out hope for that. If they can recharge, maybe they can get Arrow back on track. Seasons was, and still is, one of my favorite super hero arcs.

  16. This felt like a series, not season, finale. Now what?!

  17. fanta says:

    I…liked it. I’m in shock because I hated the magic storyline and the flashbacks with the passion that can only be rivaled by how much hate Malcolm Merlyn, and I’m rolling my eyes hard at how Oliver defeated Dhark, BUT I though the action was solid, and I’m pleasantly surprised that I liked that ending. Dig reenlisting opens up some awesome story opportunities, and I have to say the Oliver/Felicity scene was great. I was a little confused by everything they said about Laurel because that’s not the Laurel I remember seeing on my screen, but whatever. All in all, I’m excited to see what they do with Mayor Oliver, Army Dig, and hopefully, Smoak Technologies CEO Felicity. I think there’s a lot of new story opportunities there.

    • Lizzie says:

      I laughed at all the Laurel mentions. They were really propping her as someone she was not. As long as she remains gone, I don’t mind!

    • Luis says:

      The whole attempted “retconning” of Oliver and Laurel’s relationship was pathetic. Oliver was the love of Laurel’s life, despite cheating on her multiple times, including with her sister? Then, Laurel was somehow better than Oliver? The writing this season reached new lows.

      • Angela says:

        So I’m re-watching this show (from season 1) and I’m currently almost finished with season 2. I don’t understand where people are coming from the the “reconning” of Oliver and Laurel’s relationship. He may have cheated on her but she always loved him. She chose Oliver over Tommy but Tommy just managed to come and try and save her and die in the process. She slept with Oliver the day before Tommy died. Drunk/drug addicted Laurel still wanted to hookup with Oliver even after Tommy had died. Laurel has always had strong feelings for Oliver but it just didn’t work out. It makes sense to me that she would think of him as the love of her life even if it didn’t work out.

      • Brigid says:

        Laurel was better than Oliver. How wasn’t she better? How many people did she kill? She was a good person with a huge heart, who helped people as a lawyer and a hero and was crapped all over by Oliver. That is the truth. He can make amends but that can’t change his past. Oliver no matter what he does will never be better than Laurel.

  18. BB says:

    What a dull ending to an equally dull season. I can’t pick out one thing I enjoyed this season. I’ll give it another chance, because I’ve watched it this long, but if by it’s midseason finale if it isn’t keeping me interested I will not continue when it returns after the new year. This season was a chore. I watched it out of routine.

  19. Skittles&Bits says:

    I’m just wondering where the other nukes went. Felicity was able to hackforce one but what about the other ones?

    Plotholes…plotholes everywhere.

    • fanta says:

      Felicity and Curtis sent it to space…they mentioned it…but then their special effects budget went to The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, so….

    • Lizzie says:

      Cooper gave her control of Rubicon and she was able to shut it down.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Curtis got the idea to “invert their horizons,” sending them into space to explode. #NotaPlothole

      • pov says:

        Had they not done the incredibly stupid, pointless, “adds nothing to the show,” lazy way to attempt to create dramatic depth killing off of Laurel and omitted the “we’re taking a break” by Thea and Diggle, I’d have been okay with the season.

  20. Lizzie says:

    I liked it. Not the best episode but it wrapped up most things and also left things open. Shocked that Diggle went back to the army. How are they gonna get him back?!! I liked the open ending with Oliver and Felicity. They looked like a team and there was a bit of hope there. Very nice. Sad for Thea, she needs to cut Malcolm out of her life. I’m annoyed Malcolm still lives but if he’s always gonna be around he needs to be fully bad. Love that Oliver became Mayor. It was great to see him be a source of hope for a change.

  21. Drew says:

    So with the end of the world fast approaching, not once does Curtis mention his husband? Maybe you’d want to call your beloved or try to be with him as nuclear missiles are about to destroy the world?

  22. Jimmy says:

    I’m glad this season is over. What started out as good idea with the introduction of Damien Darhk turned into a long, hard slog of a season. Easily the worst one so far.

  23. Drew says:

    I’m really over all these prolonged fight sequences. They are so choreographed and drawn out, and are usually meaningless. I could do with a lot less of them next season.

  24. Mighty Atom says:

    It was awful, like the whole season. It just dragged. Dahrk was not an Arrow villian, and not worth a whole season. I may be in the minority but I got so sick of Neal McDonoughs hammy over acting and smarmy commentary. Nuclear holocaust is imminent but Ollie gives a speech and suddenly he can beat the bad guy. Really? Just awful writing. I really loved this show and I could barely watch this episode, I just can’t imagine what next season even looks like, and I really kinda don’t care.

  25. John NYC says:

    Of the various superhero finales this one struck me as the best. Looking forward to next year.

    Which I can’t really say for its companion Flash… what a mess.

    • Lmao says:

      From this I can see you’re not a fan of the comics and moreso of Tumblr. Flash literally sets up the Flashpoint Paradox, an enormous issue in the multiverse. While Arro… excuse me, Felicity and Friends, is a soap opera set in the background of a comic universe.

  26. This used to be a good show now its probably the worst show on tv with Gotham

  27. misto says:

    Uh, that did not feel like a finale. *I’m so excited for the next season!*


  28. KT says:

    While I don’t feel the show is great, I’ll keep watching if they just do away with the flashbacks. Who is asking for those? I’d also just like to ask for at least a little bit of consistency with the characters. They are all so all over the place. It’s like the writers just throw ideas into a hat and whatever they draw out become the storylines for each episode because there is not way they plot these ideas out. And I agree that it was a real waste of Neal. He makes a good villain, but this just didn’t work.

    • drb999 says:

      Oliver was gone for five years. Next season is the fifth season so they should be done with them after that. Unless they stretch the final year over more than one season.

  29. Ray says:

    I loved Arrow seasons 1 & 2, it was my second favorite CW show after Supernatural. Now Arrow is the worst of the DC shows after Flash and Legends. Get rid of Felicity, Curtis, and Thea. Make Team Arrow with Black Canary, Nyssa, Arsenal, Oliver, and Dig. If not I’m all for Smallville season 11.

  30. Jon148 says:

    I forgot what was the promise he made

  31. Btljuce says:

    Couldn’t wait for it to end. Bored and disappointed. Darkh was cool in the past and whatnot but the flashbacks and drawn out nature of the show just drained me. Legends should’ve been done but is now going on further. Flash was awesome. I was surprised by the save mom move but as I watched Arrow and reflected on Legends, I could only hope that Flash would ripple effect all of them and freshen up the next seasons. But Barry wouldn’t be the Flash then. Now I’m confused and glad it’s over

  32. Bwhit says:

    I liked it for what it was, ties up the Dahrk storyline and opened up things for the next season in regards to where Oliver will go with being a mayor. Oh and me thinks Thea will return with one Roy Harper since Colton Haynes spoke about returning.

  33. Dj says:

    I gave it a C and as for this season the best thing i can say is it was better then last? Well at least I think it was. But this show has lost something since season 2. Even Stephen admits it.

    • fanta says:

      I definitely think that having to set up other shows has not been good for Arrow. Since they’ve had metahumans and time travel, it just hasn’t been the same. I need the grounded world back. No more Lazarus pits and time travel and superpowers and magic, please.

    • Liz985 says:

      When I was watching Season 2 I remember thinking that it was so good it would be incredibly hard to top. Everything was top-notch: Acting (Moira’s death scene – as perfect as it was surprising), production value, story arc (for some reason the Mirakuru army creeped me out in a big way – way more than Damien Darhk). It’s like the writers didn’t know where to go from there. Not sure if I’m going to tune in for next year. Will have to see what the chatter is on the boards before the premiere before I add it to the Tivo queue again.

  34. kath says:

    I thought it was pretty good. The idea that Oliver is the one to save the city this time with his speech rather than with his bow was a nice twist.
    I’m glad DD died but kind of iffy about how it happened. Liked that the hope of the people of the city neutralized his power.
    Cooper redeemed himself. I like him now and I never thought I would.
    I’m good with Curtis giving Oliver the pep talk this season instead of Felicity since there are still problems there and Diggle is too far in the dark to do it.
    Poor Lyla, not only responsible for all those deaths but now Diggle has re-enlisted. I don’t like the idea of Thea alone in Laurel’s old apartment surrounded by thousands of candle that could be dangerous.
    The only bad note was the constant references to Saint Laurel, how Oliver killed DD because he killed her when he didn’t kill Slade who killed his mother, how Lance quit the force to mourn here (that made sense), how she would have told Thea to step back (no way, she’s the one who dug Sara up and got Malcolm to Pit her). Enough show, let Laurel Rest In Peace.

  35. Adam says:

    Is the show ever going to address the fact that two episodes ago there was the first nuclear attack since WWII on a small town in the US? Or are we supposed to forget about the tens of thousands of lives lost because it’s all just a plot device with no real consequence?

    • Liz985 says:

      ↑↑↑↑ THIS!

    • 134sc says:

      See here’s the thing The Flash has had and end of the world event where building were decimated and many, many people died. They don’t address it on that show and nobody complains. ARROW does something similar and people complain. The reason for this is because The Flash is a ridiculous, fun, comic booky show and when ARROW started it was the complete opposite, but since season 3 and especially into this season ARROW has tried to be what the Flash is. I’ve accepted that and can enjoy ARROW for what it is now, but I hold out hope that next season can get back to the basics of what made ARROW great.

      • Liz985 says:

        But they did address the Vortex on the show. Barry felt incredibly guilty (rebuilding Central City one shop at a time, for example) and it’s been referenced in other ways throughout the year including, in no small way, the invasion of the Earth 2 metahumans. That said, a nuclear explosion that kills 10,000+ and decimates an entire town is quite a bit different from opening a breach and having yet more metahumans to contend with. And considering how judgey Felicity gets whenever Oliver may have to go beyond saying stern things to a criminal, she’s being incredibly calm about about directing a nuclear bomb at an entire city.

  36. Jm says:

    Everytime you see Neal Mcdowhatshisname being the main antagonist on a show you know it’s going to the crapper. His over the top cheezy acting, combined with stupid writing ruined everything l. That was a hideous season to a once great show.
    I have no intention to watch again (and not because of Laurel – that actress was horrible and the character was written into a corner) unless they’ll make the necessary changes next year – kill off Malcolm, bring Sara back to team arrow and rescue her from Failures of Tomorrow, and focus on DC related realistic stories. And also – give us a nreak from the stupid gloom and doom – only Batman does it well.

    • Michelle says:

      To me he wasn’t bad but he was overused. He does better when there’s not as much of him. Though tbh, that wasn’t even the worst. It was the Olicity crap, the cheap death of Laurel ( she was pretty good as Black Siren…so I’m thinking that’s on the writers for Laurel being subpar ) as well as keeping Malcolm around when he should have been gone seasons ago.

  37. Liz985 says:

    Well, that’s was quite the season finale for the “Felicity and Oliver” show.

  38. Mulloy says:

    And now for our very special episode of Superfriends with mediocre murderous melee tacked on. What has happened to Arrow.

  39. Ella says:

    Thanks for the recaps – I check them every now and then since I’m done with the show. What a load of crap, lol. Well done Olicity fandom. Run Katie Cassidy, you’re free, find a better gig!

  40. Nikki says:

    Just awful.

  41. King says:

    I haven’t watched Arrrow since December. But I decided to watch the finale hoping to see something worth coming back to. Well, the episode was disappointing. Malcolm was still useless why is he still on the show? The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow had bette finales. There was something to look forward to. With Arrow, it seems the show is not going to get better and we will probably get more of the same tired stuff.

  42. Heather says:

    What bugged me the most was the stupid crowd fight. Hive guys are usually firing up the sky with machine guns. Though they decided a mob fist fight was the better way to overtake the world.

  43. JW says:

    Felicity just needs to die. If she cant be returned to her season 1-2 form and personality, then she needs to be killed off. And Oliver needs to be competent and fully self capable again. Its baffling how this show went from beloved to despised in the span of 2 seasons, astonishing really. So bad that the mods of the Arrow subreddit have changed the entire theme of the sub to Daredevil and are setting up Daredevil viewing threads.

  44. Mar says:

    So many of these comments are incredibly contradicting. Complaints about the show being too dark and then more complaints about Oliver having happiness with Felicity. Superheroes are allowed to find love (and I think we all agree that Stephen and Katie’s chemistry was abismal), so why can’t Oliver be happy, even if it isn’t with Laurel like the comic fans wanted? The writers need to find a way of balancing the lighter aspects of show while keeping the grittiness of the first two seasons. I do agree that the show has lost it’s mojo during seasons 3/4, and I think it’s due largely to the writers not knowing where to go with these characters and not being able to base a season around a conflict not involving the city being destroyed for a “do-over” or whatever. Killing off Laurel was definitely a mistake, seeing as the character went from being one of the worst on the show to having a lot of potential.

    • JW says:

      I doesn’t have to be doom and gloom, but it needs to pull itself out of the mire of teenage soapy drama to be an adult toned show. It doesn’t have to be Breaking Bad, but it could be Suits (with superhero fights).

    • Dj says:

      Being happy isn’t the problem. Its how the writers are focused so much on the ship and how they wrote scenes that were tailored to gain a reaction out of fans of that ship. A key example last night was Olicity talking about how Darhk was so powerful now that Felicity hope wasn’t enough to help Oliver defeat his magic. They had her actually say “My Hope is not enough”

      • 134sc says:

        But it’s not like that came out of nowhere. Felicity’s influence on Ollie has been a thing since season 1.

        • Dj says:

          Season one and two Felicity and her influence over Oliver wasn’t the focus of the show. Take the Flash for example Iris/Barry plot is at best the 4/5 plot on that show. On Arrow Oliver/Felicity was tied with Darhk as the main plot this season.

          • Since Barry/Iris is based on a relationship predestined by the Speed Force (through the Reverse Flash), it’s actually not all that different…

          • Dj says:

            As I said above the difference is the amount of time and plot that is devoted to the relationship. On the flash that amount isn’t as high as it is on Arrow. The relationship storyline on arrow was just as big of a plot as Darhk was.

          • I don’t think it was nearly as much as you claim. As I said elsewhere in this thread, it feels like those that hate the pairing are more obsessed with it than the fans. Which can lead them to blowing it out of proportion.

          • Dj says:

            If Darhk is the A plot for the season what would you consider as the B plot.

          • Let’s see. Laurel resurrecting Sara. Thea’s bloodlust. Diggle’s issues with his brother. Finding Ray. The mayoral campaign. Etc.

            There wasn’t just one. There were several. As is common for a show of this type. Olicity was more of an element at the end of the episodes than an actual plot.

          • Dj says:

            Laurel resurrecting Sara and finding Ray were both plots to set up LoT not B plots for the season. Diggle brother issue is more of a sub plot to plot A, because it did more to advance Darhk story, but I would put it way behind The mayoral race and Thea bloodlust. Both are great answers, but both felt like the third plot. Thea bloodlust and her immunity to Darhk had the potential to be a B plot. But the writers resolved it in away to advance the Oliver is keeping a secret kid story which is part of the relationship storyline.

  45. Julie Wilson says:

    Loved this ending. I wasn’t impressedwith the whole magic scenioro.. I can totally understand why everyone wants to rethink their morals or their mission. I was surprised that Dig went back to the Army.. I did not surprise me at all that Thea left for awhile… I thought it was awesome that Malcolm came for the save.. Even though I am Olicity all the way; I think that they kept them romantically separate right now was a good call. They both need to reevaluate everything without hell going in the hand basket… I personally loved the season and the season end.

  46. Julie Wilson says:

    So I saw an interview with Stephan Amell on AOL and he said there will be a subtle hint on the big bad. Damien Darhk and he both mentioned Slade Wilson. Do you think he might somehow become the big bad again. If so that would be awesome. I loved that arc story..

    • jwatts42 says:

      Manu Bennett has refused to have anything to do with the show due to all the changes to it, in fact he will even tweet or re-tweet jokes cracking on what Arrow has become, basically hes not a fan. So unless they bring in a new showrunner, get rid of the soap opera elements, and change the overall tone to the way it was back in seasons 1/2 (adult themed), Deathstroke wont be making any reappearances.

  47. DarkDefender says:

    I like the season, but thought Thea would have had some Lazarus pit power (seems the souls she carried only fed Darhk’s power). Also thought the island flashbacks were leading to how and what magic Oliver would have to beat Darhk’s. Seemed anticlimactic at the point they started fist fighting. That would have been the BEST time to have ole John Constantine show up (with Zed and Chaz) to take Darhk down. But maybe that’s just how I would have written it.

  48. Jesus Romero says:

    That was just an all-around terrible season. I have been a die-hard fan of Arrow I even stuck around through season 3 but after this season I’m out. Not only was the fighting awful it was like they’re doing some weird dance the whole season but the writers act like they have some master plan but it is just all over the place. Like them killing off Laurel Lance was ridiculous. How can I claim it as away to push the story forward by killing off one of the most legendary DC female superheroes. That was ridiculous! I’m so sick of them listening to the fans. They try so hard to please everybody and they have please nobody! All I can say is bye Felicia!