DWTS Season 22 Finale

Dancing With the Stars Finale Recap: Which Couple Won Season 22?

The next time I take a chance on playing the lottery, I’m coming to you for those winning numbers, TVLine readers. (Well, 59 percent of you, that is.)

After Monday night’s final Dancing With the Stars performance show, a majority of the votes cast in our poll predicted that Nyle DiMarco not only should win Season 22, but would win Season 22.

And, in the closing moments of Tuesday’s finale, that hunch was proven to be totally spot-on, as DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd were awarded the Mirrorball trophy. (Second place went to Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas, with Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy nabbing third.)

DiMarco — who, coincidentally, also won the 22nd cycle of America’s Next Top Model — was a favorite from the beginning, as he overcame his deafness (including an inability to feel musical vibrations) to produce some of the season’s most memorable routines.

Of course, before Nyle and Peta could overtake Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough as the reigning Dancing champs, the ABC series hosted a two-hour celebration of this season’s standout performances and memorable contestants. (If you were hoping to see Sasha Farber dressed as a giant crab one more time this season — and really, who wasn’t hoping for that? — then this finale must have made you so happy.)

The three finalists also performed their 24-hour fusion dances — a mash-up of two dance styles — which earned them one last score from the judges, denoted below:

* Ginger Zee and pro Val Chmerkovskiy — Foxtrot/Argentine Tango — 27/30

* Nyle DiMarco and pro Peta Murgatroyd — Tango/Cha-Cha — 30/30

* Paige VanZant and pro Mark Ballas — Jive/Salsa — 30/30

And just like that, Season 22 came to a close, with Nyle and Peta swept up in a massive celebration alongside their castmates. “I owe it all to him,” Murgatroyd said of her partner. “He’s just incredible.”

That’s a wrap, Dancing fans! What did you think of the finale — and who did you want to see win? Cast your vote in our poll below, then hit the comments with all of your Season 22 thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steve says:

    Paige was the best dancer, but she was also a “ringer” in the since that she probably had the most dance experience out of any celebrity on the show. I’m ok with Nyle winning. What he was able to do was pretty incredible.

  2. amysue4772 says:

    This show really needs to be renamed Dancing with the Random People You’ve Never Heard of

    • lauren says:


      • Television Scout says:

        … and spot on.

        Next stop – acting lessons for Mr DiMarco!

        And an agent. Or does he already have one? I wonder how much his agent has been directing DiMarco’s ‘career’ thus far. I’d like to meet his agent… a very, very clever individual.

        • Lou says:

          He’s not an actor and he has no plans to be one. I read somewhere that in a few das he’s going to Hong Kong for a model shoot and then he’s going to host an event for his Foundation which helps deaf children.

    • Elvira says:

      How about Dancing with Celebrities. I love the show. They try to put a wide range of celebrities to appease different kinds of fans. What I don’t want to see are people who are so called internet sensations!!! Boring and yawn!!!!

  3. Teresa Kiser says:

    Disappointed the best dancer, Paige didn’t win. Clearly dancing skill doesn’t define who the winner should be.

    • Jamie says:

      No, the producers wanted Nyle to win. Who knows why. The winners are always predetermined before the first episode ever airs. I found him to be an arrogant jerk.

      • jj says:

        gotta love the conspiracy theorists and the hypotheses lacking in falsifiability.

      • Katie says:

        Jamie you are wrong, I believe Nyle is very humble. Paige did a great job and I thought that her and Mark might win. But, I am damn happy that he won.

      • Ben says:

        It’s just like in ANTM.. the pc statement won over the the most skilled/talented contestant.

        I kinda like Nyle, but people measure him with different standards… he wasn’t the best dancer…. just like he wasn’t the best model… but guess what?.. Tyra did the right choice!… ’cause in this pc world he’s a STAR (and the guy knows quite well how to play his cards to appeal).

        • Lou says:

          STOP IT!!! He’s not arrogant and he IS talented!! Can YOU do half the things h?! CAN you? Like to see you try! And didn’t you see the end? Everyone swarmed him with hugs the moment he won. Tom couldn’t even get a word in. Everyone loves him!

      • the cookie queen says:

        Jamie,u r wrong, when sign interpreters are signing to him the signs are behind what is being spoken in english. So u might not see a reaction in real time like a hearing person. Niles is a very humble deaf person,it’s sad that u can’t be happy for him. I’d like u to put ear plugs in ur ears and wear them for say 1 hour and experience what deaf people hear,nothing and try to communicating, just using ur hand signs to ur love ones. Enough said.

      • meleliot says:

        Nyle made one stupid comment, and was immediately called to task. The second those words came out of his mouth (comparing himself to Val) I thought oh no! However that being said, I thought he was generally humble and kind. I think it was questionable that the producers put that comment in his package knowing full well there would be a beat down. All in all, I thought the right person won. Congrats to both Paige and Ginger for being wonderful dancers and competitors.

    • jj says:

      Dancing is art. The ability to connect and convey emotion is an important element which Paige was lacking in.

      • #Paige says:

        Creating masterful sob stories is also an art, the art that gave Nyle the MBT.

        • i’ve been voting for Paige every week since the beginning of the season, until last night, when i voted for Nyle. there is a difference between getting pity votes and giving a powerful and moving performance. Paige is consistently the best dancer of the season, but Nyle and Peta’s freestyle last night won the MBT. their freestyle is a genuinely moving, expressive, and beautiful piece. brilliantly choreographed and powerfully and emotionally performed, it is the best i’ve ever seen on this show. they really became one with the dance and drew everyone into it. it is a powerful piece of art, as good dances should be.

        • jj says:

          The sob stories were Paige’s bullying and Ginger’s anorexia. Nyle has never portrayed his deafness as a sob story. He embraces it

    • S says:

      Paige’s parents own and operate a dance studio, and she came to the show with 13 years of dance experience. This show has shown its more about the journey, especially for those with little or no experience. She was a brilliant dancer, but she was that regardless of the show.

      • mse says:

        That is the only reason I’m glad she didn’t win. The show claims it’s about growth in skill, not personal life. I’m glad it helped her mentally but on growth and no dance experience, the right person won.

        • Cari says:

          But she didn’t have BALLROOM experience. She had jazz and ballet, which as we’ve seen with previous contestants doesn’t help all that much.

    • Anna says:

      Pitting people with over a decade of dance experience against someone who has never danced before will certainly end in the person with the experience winning by your standards. If it’s just about who has the best technical dancing skills, then people like Paige shouldn’t even be allowed to participate in the competition.

    • Bev says:

      I agree totally! Paige was the best…skill does not define who the winner should be!

    • VegasGal72 says:

      Teresa, that is your opinion and I respect it but for me the best dancer did win. What Nyle was able to do while not being able to hear the music was amazing. No one would know he was deaf by watching him dance the way that he did.

    • Roberta says:

      Unfortunately she didn’t have the biggest SOB story.

  4. Angela says:

    Had a feeling it’d be him. And I’m cool with that :). Congrats to Nyle and Peta on their win, and congrats to Paige and Ginger for getting as far as they did as well.

  5. Logan says:

    No, the right couple did not prevail. Nyle won solely because he is deaf. If we were to look at dancing, Paige was the winner. It’s ok though. Generally, the true victor gets second place anyway (Gilles, Shawn, Zendaya, Corbin, Riker, etc).

    • Lynne says:

      you’re right; it’s partly a popularity contest. but that part makes the whole thing a little bit more fun. if it was just the very best dancer, it would be kind of boring.

      • Television Scout says:

        I agree. However, ABC and the show’s producers need to change the name of the show from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to ‘Dancing With People Women Will Fall in Love With.”

        Next season, DWTS champion will be another unemployable actor/model in Hollywood with a limp and a sleepy eye who ‘dances’ while holding a cute puppy in one hand, and Starbucks’s latte (need the sponsorship product placement) in the other. Women will love that!

        Oh well, that’s Hollywood.

    • Steve says:

      I’m with you to an extent, despite the fact I’m ok with the result. The way the US version of DWTS determines judges scoring for that 50% of the vote is basterdized. For those not aware the DWTS judges score portion isn’t what the couple received for the night it is what the couple received out of the total number of judges points awarded. It effectively makes the judges scoring moot.

      • my view says:

        Steve~even if the judges’ scoring amounts to 50%…which should be acknowledged to we viewers BEFORE the competition begins…I just have to say…SHOW THE TOTAL VOTES of judges AND the total of popular votes per couple before the winners are announced. I hear clearly that Nyle and Peta were the most popular for whatever reasons. I personally like to see who PERFORMS the best, for whatever reason. PAIGE AND MARK WON IT HANDS DOWN.

    • Anna says:

      Paige had 13 years of dance experience. Of course her dancing is better than someone who never danced before. You might as well have crowned her the victor in the first episode if it’s just about who is technically better.
      So the right couple did prevail since Nyle’s journey from never dancing before at the beginning of the show to where he was at the end is what is impressive, not that someone who danced for over a decade just kept dancing on TV.

  6. I voted for them consistently throughout the season, I’m so happy they won!

  7. Brendalee says:

    The long dress of the hostess was Very Untestful she did not look professional at all.

  8. Phylissa says:

    Even though I like everyone of the 3 finalists; I’m surprised with who won. Paige & Mark were clearly the best dance team. Nyle is no question a great success, but Paige & Ginger are both better dancers. Their personal stories don’t compare and that leads me to believe, it doesn’t matter who dances best but, it’s about who has the better story.

    • my view says:

      Yes Phylissa, I totally agree. Nyle had the MOST LIKED and better story. Makes the station ratings RISE too.

  9. 👯💃👫💃 says:

    Congratulations to all of them! They’re all winners. Now — One not so positive note: It would be nice if next season there were actually ‘stars’ on “Dancing With The Stars”. It’s actually “Dancing With The Used To Be/Wannabe Stars, Random Black Athletes, and One Disabled Nobody”.

    • Anna says:

      Wow that was pretty rude. Interestingly, that “disabled nobody” was one of only two people that I’d heard of going into the season.

      • Just 'stars' please.... says:

        This wasn’t about ‘him’. It’s about the shows philosophy to get viewers, ratings, and press coverage. A woman with one leg, a def guy, guys blown up in war, a guy who fought an attempted terrorit on a train, a soldier severly burned, a transgendered child of a supersta – seriously? “Stars”? I could go on. Every season there’s some tragic person meant to make us appreciate or blessings…… Viewers don’t need a lesson in humanity and compassion, they just want to see ‘stars’ dancing.

        Sure, the guy who won was fantatic. But, he’s no star. THAT’S the point.

        • VegasGal72 says:

          Then don’t watch! It is really simple.

          • I get it says:

            Hey VegasGal – I totally get the comments about the lack of star power, and a reliance on sympathy to get viewers to watch. I agree with the comments 100%. The show is supposed to be about STARS. They’ve taken it in an odd direction. If they keep doing this, it’ll be cancelled. They’ve lost they’re best dancers to other projects, next the viewers will be gone also.

          • If I am a male model and I hold a cute puppy and take my shirt off, can I be on DWTS? says:

            I have to agree with the other comments… sorry about that. But you are correct VegasGal – no one is forcing anyone to watch. And many don’t, and many more won’t. But, that doesn’t mean you and others cannot enjoy the show. Please do so.

            Paul Lee (former ABC head of Primetime Entertainment) was ringleader and cheerleader for this show and the way it has devolved into a ‘does she like him?’, ‘wow, look at him sweat’ banter that has become DWTS (aka: Sweating with the Male Models).

            But now Paul Lee is gone…

  10. Raj says:

    Neil should win. He is the BEST in every way in the competition.

  11. N says:

    Yay Nyle!

  12. Sue Smith says:

    Paige really should have won

  13. se goldstein says:

    In all of the recent seasons finales more attention and accolades were given to third place winner than to the second place couple. Felt for the second place couples having to just stand there amidst the adulation to the winner.

    • my view says:

      A valid and neglected point, very awkward for Paige and Mark after dancing so brilliantly for so long in this ‘competition’. They won the sliver, so let’s just ignore them completely, tacky, shabby handling of this winning couple.

  14. Katie says:

    I was a fan of Kyle from the first time he and Peta danced. Last night’s The Sound Of Silence dance routine left me in tears and awe! I thought that Mark and Paige would get the trophy but I jump for joy, and clapped when they announced Peta & Kyle the winners. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  15. Diane says:

    Nyle and peta was the cutest and humble couple they deserve the first place am very happy for nyle he work hard and peta incredible good teacher patient.

  16. X.R. says:

    Since when has this show been about dancing? If you let America vote you’re going to have to deal with the sympathy vote. This isn’t the first time and in Myles defense… he was a solid runner up.

  17. bob topp says:

    nyle won because he was deaf. yes, he could dance but paige or even ginger was a much better dancer.

    • Yolanda says:

      Don’t forget he was also incredibly hot. If you have disabilty and the most important thing you’re a hot MALE who can dance at least adequately you have 99% chance that you’re gonna win DwtS.

      • Just 'stars' please.... says:

        That’s right! It’s always a disabled guy that the judges love. Paul McCartney’s ex wife’s leg could have fallen off during a dance and hit the judges and she still would have garnered no votes, not even a sympathetic “10” from Len. People don’t seem to want to see disabled women. And what about Marley Maitln? She’s deaf, and they her like yesterday’s garbage. The women on the show must be gorgeous and perfect, the guys can have one arm, one leg, be burned, deaf, a lousy used up football player, and be transgendered — Carrie Ann will still cry and Bruno will still drool. The shows gender bias is very obvious.

        • Television Scout says:

          … you are correct, but why is this? Why is the show gender bias? Because the show knows its audience… females 25-54 demo – the demo ABC is built to entertain. Females want to see those shirtless male models ‘dance’. They want to see the big strong football players pick up their dance partners like they pick up a suitcase. Power, sweat, youth, male ‘energy’, heat, passion – that’s what DWTS is selling, and that’s what their (female) audience is buying.

          (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  18. Pelle says:

    This show is rigged, once they have a certain person in mind to win they will. It was all about feeling sorry for Nyle. Not saying he wasn’t good, his story made America feel bad for him, so clearly he won. For me Paige was the better dancer, and should have won. This show should be called ‘Dancing with the stars who we feel sorry for’.

  19. Bill Mayer says:

    Bad TV rigged Ginger and Val should have won give it to the handicapped all the time

    • Elvira says:

      Nyle is not handicapped at all!!! He is unable to hear! The other contestants could hear the music that was their advantage. He won cause he’s a great dancer!!!! Paige was fun and fabulous. Ginger was good but kind of boring. It is what it is!!! I would have been happy for the winner regardless of who it was. They all tried and they all deserve credit.

  20. Anita says:

    Dancing with the Stars is all about who has the saddest story will win the competition….the only time it didn’t work is when Meryl won because her dancing was brilliance but besides that we all know the story that makes America feel bad for someone usually always wins…no point in arguing we have almost every season of this show as proof

  21. Shawn says:

    I miss when this show youse to be based on who is the best dancer because now it’s all about the sob story…..and they wonder why their ratings are falling….

  22. JohnBilly says:

    Don’t you find it funny that Mark lost to Peta TWICE, TWO MIRRORBALLS.
    And both times he had the technically best dancer. Mark really could have won 4 times…darn you Peta !!!
    1. Donald and Peta (89/90)
    2. Katherine and Mark (90/90)

    1. Nyle and Peta (87/90)
    2. Paige and Mark (89/90)

  23. Yvonne says:

    I wish it really would go back to people who really or famous and really don’t know much about dancing. That way it’s fair all the new dancer pretty much start off equal. I love to watch them grow into a dancer. When you have some or better than others theirs no excitement. No competition and I’m sure the others dancer already feeling some what discourage.

  24. Mary says:

    Lot of sore losers on this site but doesn’t surprise me when their snowflake doesn’t win. I only watched the last dance show and I would say that the right person did win. Their freestyle was fantastic.

    • @Mary —— As you just stated, you haven’t watched the show. So, your opinion means nothing. You’re like the person who votes when they have no knowledge of the issues. Now go back to sleep.

      • Mary says:

        You are such a rude person, but I’m sure I am not the first to state that fact. Did I watch the whole season, no I have a life, but watching the final dances does give one the insight to who is good, in fact probably less bias than most of you. Now move on to your miserable life.

  25. Debbie says:

    I do not agree with who won. This show seems to note vote for the better dancer but like the
    others say, who has the better story. Max and Ginger were wonderful. She danced
    even with a hurt back. Max is so great and they should have won or even Paige and Mark.
    I do feel sorry for Nyle, but he made a lot of mistakes that were overlooked, even by the judges.
    We need to get back as everyone has said to real Stars. What is happening here.

    • Elise Starr says:

      It was Val & Ginger, not Maks. You may want to actually remember who you’re talking about. And Nyle started out with no dance experience, compared to Ginger & Paige. His journey was the hardest, and most challenging and he rocked it.

  26. iakovos says:

    It’s not about who wins. it is the stories, the improvements, the challenges, the entertainment. We can debate the credibility of STARS in the title of this program and the skill level of contestants but hey… it is a fun show to watch. And it is not easy. As for this cycle, the field — save for Geraldo, Mischa and sad to say, Doug — was strong. At home we were not sure who would win. But we agreed it did not matter. See you in September, DWTS!

  27. Eva J Hubbard says:

    First time since the show started that I set the DVD to tape each show, watched the highline and erased. Miss Derrick.so much. Boring celebrities.

  28. awnb95 says:

    Yay for Nyle! Had him pegged from his 1st dance. Found it interesting when I recienly watch a rerun of the a ABC show Last Man Standing from 2011 one of the daughters wanted to get on a modeling competition show then do Dancing. Look 5 years later someone did that exact thing.

  29. Mike C. says:

    For me the funniest part of the entire show was the fact that I think Mischa Barton left halfway through. I’m not even kidding.

  30. M. Torres says:

    Great performances from all of the couples,great job!!!

  31. the cookie queen says:

    I just got done watching GMA’S celebration of the 3 finalist, from Dancing w/ the Stars, and they should be spanked for giving Ginger Z, acknowledgement like she won the Mirrored Ball trophy. I was so glad Niles won,and what an insult to give Ginger Z, and her partner the trophy at the very end of the show, for some stupid game they played. I can’t stand that fake Robin Roberts,how dare they try to the focus off of Niles and Petra win,by profiling Ginger. Yes we as fans did notice how they were determined to honor Ginger. The interview w/ her mother should have been Niles mother,not ginger’s mother,what a slam. I’ve always liked GMA,but this low ball attempt to show there disappointment that their girl didn’t win was very sad. I hope they read this,I will be posting this on their website! Also. Congratulations Niles and Petra!!!!!

    • Elvira says:

      The fact is Ginger came in 3rd. So people who thought she’d win just cause of GMA can rejoice because Paige was ahead of her and Nyle came out the winner!!! That being said , this has been the best season so far!!!

  32. Joyve says:

    Wanya from Boyz to Men as far as talent should have won. I didn’t have to see the show after the second week to know how it was going to end and I was correct.

  33. VegasGal72 says:

    Two hours was one hour to long. A lot of filler crap that didn’t need to be there. I am so happy that Nyle was the winner, he was fabulous since the start.

    • Elvira says:

      I agree that 2 hours for the finale is too long. I enjoyed Pitbull & I enjoyed seeing the contestants come back to perform. Where was that oddball , Mischa.

  34. Raul J says:

    The Dutch girls lost to the deaf Italian.

  35. Roberta says:

    The most predictable winner on a pretty lackluster season. With so much talent , and no-Hough around, I was expecting fireworks from the other pros. With just few exceptions the choreos have been simplicistic and unimaginative . Maybe it’s time to promote some troupe guys or bring in new pros . And maybe new judges. Same old , same old.

  36. Elvira says:

    I was hoping for awesome Mark and Paige to win. Paige showed women they could be tough and beautiful …I felt that if Mark and Paige lost that it should have been Nyle who won!!! Peta is a great teacher and Nyle was a great student. Besides Nyle being handsome , he has inner beauty. He’s the complete package. I loved seeing his mother in the audience. I can relate to a mothers joy!!!! Nyle being on the show has brought attention to the deaf community. Nyle won cause he’s a talented dancer, not because people felt sorry cause he is deaf or because of his great looks…!!!! I think all 3 people were fabulous. They are all winners…

    • DWTS casting director: I need a male model, holding a puppy, maybe has a secret past, vulnerable, but with a heart of gold... you know, that sort of thing. says:

      You hit the nail on the head – I’m not sure you realize this…

      “showed women they could be tough and beautiful.”

      “besides Nyle being handsome, he has inner beauty.”

      “I can relate to a mother’s joy.”

      “… has brought attention to the deaf community.”

      “not because people felt sorry cause he is deaf or because of his great looks.”

      I’m sure ABC and DWTS did audience polls regarding who the audience might respond well towards in the way of a contestant. And I’m certain many of those people polled said much the same things you noted. The fact that you noted these characteristics and attributes of Nyle tells me the DWTS producers succeeded. They found a contestant that the viewers would like and want to watch win the mirror ball. They coached him, and he produced the desired character. He’s an actor, he’s doing his job, and he’s dong it well. His agent must be so proud. Nyle had already done his ‘job’ on a segment of America’s Next Top Model – he won there too – same approach – beautiful stud, troubled, looking to be loved. Works every time!

      You can bet DWTS will try again this same approach next season – either the fall or spring cycles. Another unknown model/actor looking for attention and notoriety who has some sort of ‘ailment or disease’ … maybe an actress with high blood pressure, or an actor with his eyes crossed, something, anything that can make the female audience member at home say ‘awwww.’ Maybe the guy is a male model and he has a puppy dog that he plays with (or the producers give him one to make him more ‘awww-able’ to the ladies). Whatever works. DWTS is ‘selling’ the viewer the ‘image’ of what they want to see in a man – handsome, strong, troubled, damaged (through no fault of his own), just needing a good woman to ‘fix’ him. Then they find an actor who can fulfill this role. It works! It worked for Nyles, it can work again! I’m sure he’ll drum up this character another time when the next acting job comes along. It’s business, just business, and it pays the bills.

  37. Ivan smith says:

    Paige was the best dancer by far. There must be some other criteria besides who’ the best dancer

  38. Tarahealy says:

    I wanted Mark ballas and Paige to win season 22 Dwts and. I am sad about the results Not sure if I watch not time I will if Mark and Derek are on But I am. Mad that guy won.

    • Tara says:

      I. Thought. This cast. Was not very good. Hope next time they have. Better people on it. The only one I knew was Mara maples who. Had Tony. Hope they have some higher people in next time Even though I am very happy that Mark and Paige made it the. Number 2. At least if not won. Even though they should have the winners over the. Other two and. I want know why people didn’t vote for Derek hough to win when he Amy Purdy. Where were those people who voted for peta and her partner. And not there for Derek and Amy Purdy. That the same thing. People sure made. A fuss to make sure. PETA and partner win but when Meryl Davis was on. She won next to Amy Purdy. Now how come Mark. And Paige didn’t win. All that talk about how she is a trained dancer than how come merly Davis won and not amy Purdy. This season should have been Mark and Paige.

  39. Tarahealy says:

    I wanted Mark ballas and Paige to win season 22 Dwts and. I am sad about the results Not sure if I watch not time I will if Mark and Derek are on But I am. Mad that guy won

  40. Darla Hall says:

    Where was Mishca Barton at the finale

    • Elvira says:

      I asked the same question: where was Mischa?? Anyhow , I like Artem and I hope he gets a good partner next season.

      • I noticed that Mischa was missing but no mention of why or what happened anywhere on the web. I mean its obvious she didn’t want to be on the show and didn’t really try to do well. Poor Artem – I hope he gets a good partner next season!

  41. teri says:

    The sheer musicality without sound made Nyle the clear winner in my mind!

  42. ed phipps says:

    I think the three finalists. Were the very best. Could not wrong with anyone Fantastic season

  43. Rita Cavitt says:

    Nyle was awesome! PETA did an excellent job with the choreography and working with him to put their routines together. They deserved the mirror ball trophy. The voters and the judges got it right!

  44. John says:

    Paige was robbed due to that “ringer” argument. People seem to forget that Alfonso Ribeiro had background experience in dancing as well, yet he won the MBT back on Season 19 of DWTS. I don’t recall anyone going after Alfonso for that same reason. Therefore, this argument over dancing backgrounds has no merit as to who should win that MBT. If it were an issue, DWTS would’ve disqualified those stars long ago.

  45. Joe says:

    Paige should have won. Nyle was good but had a lot of timing issues throughout the season that judges didn’t call him because he was deaf. Ginger was there because she works for abc.

  46. Nyles had it in the bag!! Nobody else had a chance – He was good and kudos to him for being an exceptional dancer and deaf but let’s face there were a lot of great dancers like Wayna and Jodie to name a few. Nyles was arrogant and rude – for him to make comments that his competition wasn’t the other celebrities but Val is ridiculous and once I heard that I was over him!!

  47. Finished says:

    Again the best dancer lost.
    As Len said, if it was based on the best dancer Paige would win.
    I’m finished with Dancing with the Stars.

    • Pelle says:

      I agree with you Len said if it was about just dancing Paige would win so if it’s not just the dancing then what the heck is it, the saddest story wins?