Gotham Season 2 Finale Bruce Twin Evil

Gotham Finale Recap: Did You Do a Double Take at That Final Scene?

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains monstrous spoilers from the Gotham Season 2 finale.

Strange days came to an end — though with stranger days perhaps to come — as Fox’s Gotham wrapped Season 2 on Monday night.

With Bruce and Lucius (held captive by Nygma) and Jim Gordon all unaccounted for after infiltrating Arkham with the intent of finding Strange’s secret lab, acting captain Harvey Bullock sent in an extraction team — until “Gordon” (actually a hinky Clayface) met them at the gate to ward them off.

Back at the cop shop, Gordon’s atypical behavior did not go unnoticed by either Bullock or Alfred (who was taken aback by the detective’s indifference to Bruce’s predicament), yet both bought into the “touch of the flu” excuse. Eventually, Barbara showed up at the GCPD, on Penguin’s behalf, gotham-clayface-gordonand she was the one to out the phony Gordon — by distorting Clayface’s malleable mug with a slug.

Back at Indian Hill, Bruce, Lucius and Gordon were separately grilled by Nygma and Strange about 1) “Who runs Indian Hill?” and 2) “Who runs Wayne Enterprises?” When none of the captives knew the answer to the second question, Strange told his owl-masked superior that they had nothing to worry about — but she was not appeased. Rather, she told Strange to enact the protocol by which the lab and its monsters will be blown to bits by a big, round bomb in the belly of the facility.

As soon as Strange set the bomb in motion, he happened upon a clash between Freeze and Firefly — only to wind up caught in their icy-hot crossfire. After thawing out, he was shaken but OK, and worried about the monsters that had been loaded into a bus and were now under mind-controlling Fish Mooney’s watch. Though having a collective zero ability to do so, Gordon and Lucius raced to successfully defuse the bomb (thanks to misinterpreting Ms. Peabody’s request for water), but the GCPD had less luck in intercepting Fish. Instead, the bus Gotham Season 2 Finale Bruce Twin Eviland the cop car in pursuit were derailed by Penguin, Butch and their Gatling gun-toting, Strange-chasing gang — after which, Penguin fainted upon laying eyes on Fish, his resurrected boss-turned-nemesis.

As for Gordon, he left Bullock in charge of rounding up the monsters, as he sped away to find Lee and hopefully salvage that part of his life (armed with encouragement and helpful tips from Alfred and Selina). Bruce meanwhile elicited a couple of “Aw, bloody hells” from Alfred by revealing his determination to track down the “secret council” that runs Wayne Enterprises …and perhaps much more).

After Fish skulked away from the crash scene, a homeless woman unwittingly unleashed the bus full of assorted monsters… including a long-haired doppelgänger for Bruce Wayne (whom I thus exclusively dub Kylo Wayne).

What did you think of the Gotham finale, “Transference”?

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  1. I said that by the end of the season that they would run out of so many characters that they would have to bring in Damien Wayne and then BOOM! There is Damien!

  2. steven says:

    Who was the guy that this episode was dedicated to?

  3. thatguyswise says:

    what happened to this one great show? a ticking time bomb diffused by water at 00:01:0999 mark? YAWN. and Bruce wayne with a wig is one of the monsters?

  4. Jeff hunter says:

    Matt I have some Comic book history for you:There’s a possibility it’s Bruce Twin Brother going by the name Lincoln March,according to the newest\now oldest (thanks to DCs Rebirth starting Wednesday) continuity,March was put in charge of the Court of Owls a secret society that runs Gotham behind the scenes hence the(spoiler) masked lady(who I think is General Hospitals Helena Cassidine,anyway,Ill let you do your own research!jeff

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thanks, but I did my share of Googling this morning when I watched finale, came up empty. I’ll take your word for it! And yes, I too suspect it’s Helena under the mask.

      • ktc1986 says:

        He’s also known as Thomas Wayne Jr and it’s always been left ambiguous as to his true parents, but the majority of people believe he’s really just an orphan that the Court of Owls manipulated into believing he was really a Wayne. It’s also implied that the Court of Owls used cosmetic surgery to change his appearance to make him look more like Bruce, which is exactly what we could be seeing in Gotham.

    • ktc1986 says:

      It’s always been unconfirmed if Lincoln March was indeed Bruce’s brother, they purposely left it ambiguous. And he wasn’t put in charge, he took charge by murdering the members of Gotham’s Court because he didn’t want to be a Talon any longer. Saying that though, i think you’re right about the identity of the person in question.

    • Meg says:

      Constance Towers makes a fantastic villain.

    • bj says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Helena Cassadine. lol I don’t see Constance Towers in the cast list though.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Thank you for the information. Not all of us are so well informed! Looking forward to Season 3. Love this show.

  5. P. Devil says:

    Why is this dumb show still on the air at all?

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Because everyone loves some aspect, myself it’s Bruce and Alfred. They threw everything into the pot, including the kitchen sink, and it worked as a hook! We’re all on board for something, just not all the same thing. It’s interesting how they’re doing it.

    • ericcartman23 says:

      Because it’s one of the only enjoyable series on TV even though it has some very dumb viewers like you.

    • Nate says:

      Why are you still watching it and following up on it? That’s the real question.

  6. I could have sworn the kid everyone says was a Bruce Wane double was Jonathan Crane, a.k.a Scarecrow….. Maybe I’m wrong.

  7. Jon says:

    Could that be the joker, aka Bruce twin

  8. kate says:

    Great season overall but meh finale

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Pretty good finale. Glad Barbara is ok now. Good she figure out fake Jim after Harvey and Alfred were kind of close to figure out it wasn’t him. I guess Freeze and Firefly escape. Glad Jim stop the bomb with Fox’s help. Surprised Hugo survived two blasts. Not good Fish and others from Indian Hill are out on the loose in the city. Great season 2. Can’t wait for season 3 this fall.

  10. I suggest we change the series’ name, in season 3, to “Catwoman Is Smarter Than You.” :)

  11. ChubbyWubby says:

    Enjoyed the season & finale. But where the f did Frieze & Firefly go? Its little things like that that bug me.

  12. Jay Overton says:

    Did anyone hear Jerome’s laugh?

    • George Haselden says:

      I heard it. I was hoping to ‘see’ him resurrected as well but I guess that they didn’t want to overwhelm the viewers with too many easter eggs all at once.

  13. Lynne says:

    I really hope that Jerome was on the bus and got out and we see him again next season. If only for a few episodes, Cameron Monaghan was way too good to lose so soon. I mean heck, if Strange could bring back Fish after she was thrown off a cliff and Galavan after he had an umbrella shoved down his throat, a knife to the throat would be easy.

  14. mike says:

    Hippie Bruce will obviously be groomed to become Talon since the Court of Owls is next seasons obvious arc.

    Then they’ll kidnap real Bruce and then hippie bruce will take his place because the writers are clearly running out of fresh ideas. Hijinks ensue until hes found out in like two eps

  15. Steev says:

    The Bruce Wayne double is Hush or Thomas Wayne Jr.

  16. Toby O'Brien says:

    I swear I heard the Jokers laugh! Season 2 was superb! Looking forward to No.3

  17. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the Bruce doppelganger is Man-Bat.

  18. Amanda says:

    I did see the posts about Lincoln but it could also be Bruce’s friend Tommy Elliot from season one as in the comics he becomes the villain Hugh, even getting plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne so he can kill him and take over Bruce’s life. I can see Hugo Strange forcing Tommy to become so jealous of Bruce and his good relationship with his father since Tommy was abused by his dad. He feels Bruce got everything he was supposed to. But Lincoln makes sense too with the Court of Owls, so maybe it’s a combo of both. Also, I caught Jerome’s laugh and if you watch the scene again there is someone walking by with reddish hair and looks like Cameron from behind. I’m excited to see who they cast for The Mad Hatter and the other villains. Feels more like the 60s Batman show or the 90s cartoon with all the villains on the loose.

  19. tvjunkie says:

    I can’t give an A to any episode that includes the dreadful Fish Mooney

  20. s says:

    Did not appreciate the sexist comment of Gordon telling Harvey Bulloch to get a hair cut.

    Did not appreciate bringing back the divisive race agitator Smith (Fish).

    I guess given the redneck mentality of show, having a long haired Bruce Wayne look alike is a “Monster” in their eyes.

    Would have been great if the kid Joker was seen as one of the monsters

  21. LeVar Graves says:

    When does it come back on can wait?

  22. Darren Wilson says:

    The one who got off the bus is the REAL Bruce Wayne. The court of owls didnt want him getting out into Gotham at any cost. We have been duped into thinking the wimpy kid under Alfred’s care was Bruce Wayne..

  23. colig says:

    that horrible horrible fish mooney ruined the whole show for me. why is everyone so intimidated by a 80 lb black bitch. because she talks bad. she should be killed so many times but everyone is so scared of her. i’m more scared by her terrible acting.i sincerely hope she is not back next season because i don’t think i can stomach another second of her.

  24. Jimmy says:

    Gotham’s second season was much better than its first. But just like its first season, the show can’t manage to create a season finale that isn’t sloppy all around.
    First of all, Clayface’s impersonation of Jim was HORRIBLE. This could have made for a really interesting plot point had the impersonation actually been believable. Because right from the get-go, Clayface was over-exaggerating everything about Jim’s personality. It amazes me that it took Barbara to realize he wasn’t Jim after only a minute long conversation, whereas Harvey was with him for hours and didn’t clue in.
    I don’t understand the reason that Penguin and Butch were included in the episode, aside from them coming face-to-face with Fish at the end. Who, by the way, I think will likely be Gotham’s version of the Mad Hatter, with her new mind-control abilities.
    Strange running in between Freeze and Firefly was downright stupid, as was the fact that being frozen and burned at the same time seemed to have NO EFFECT AT ALL on him, and he was awake, walking and talking in the next scene.
    Another part that angered me was Strange and Nygma taking FOREVER to question Jim, Bruce and Lucius. For such an urgent situation on Strange’s hands, he was handling it really passively. And why didn’t he run at the end, when everyone else left him in the mess hall? He just sat there and wept, waiting to either die or be captured.
    It was also very cliche to have Jim and Lucius stop the bomb from exploding by total fluke, and with 1 second left on it. Speaking of which, how did they have time to lock Nygma back up? It would have been more interesting to see him on the loose again, with all the monsters in tow.
    Also, I was peeved we didn’t get an update on Tabitha or Barnes. I still don’t understand why either lived, because they don’t seem to be important to the cast, and it made Azrael look extremely inept.
    That final scene with all the monsters escaping was the only part of the episode I actually enjoyed, because it sets up a very chaotic and hopefully exciting season 3. And with a Bruce doppelganger on the loose now, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m also intrigued by the Court of Owls, and I was very pleased to hear Jerome’s laugh at the end when the monsters were escaping.

  25. scott says:


  26. Sammy Loveridge says:

    Love the seasons of gotham, I watch them every Monday if not at 10 it’s 11o’clock, roll on the new season 3 when it comes on.