Post Mortems
Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale post mortem

Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Talks Madison's Rick Grimes Moment, Daniel's Fiery 'Grave' and More

Fear the Walking Dead’s midseason finale split up not only Travis and Madison but Nick and everybody with a pulse, killed off Celia and Daniel (or so it seemed), burned down Thomas’ hacienda and left us with about a million questions. Luckily, showrunner Dave Erickson was kind enough to ring TVLine with, if not a million answers, at least so many that this is only Part 1 of our Q&A. (Check back tomorrow for Part 2.)

TVLINE | Let’s start with Nick. Aside from his being a junkie and all, he generally seems pretty sharp. So why was he so quick to fall for Celia’s insanity?
I think you’ve got a guy who’s got a very strong addictive personality, and everyone that I know who is in recovery tends to find some other outlet for that addictive nature. What Nick does is he finds it in the dead. It started in the [Season 2] premiere. There was one moment when he was under the capsized boat watching that one floating infected, and he saw something different. He saw more humanity there. [Of course] that could be an excuse, because I think deep down, he’s looking for someone who is going to enable this new addiction.

TVLINE | He certainly found her.
Yeah, when he lands with Celia in Episode 6 and into 7, he essentially finds someone who says, “Yes, your lack of fear toward the dead is right.” She embraces that, and he embraces her philosophy as well. He’s been primed to find that person, which is really I think what Strand speaks to in that scene when he says to Madison basically, “You’ve got a kid who is very street-savvy, but he’s also looking for his next fix.” That’s what scares the hell out of Madison, and it’s why she goes to the lengths that she goes to.

TVLINE | I was stunned that Madison went all Rick Grimes on us — she basically murdered Celia in cold blood. 
Madison has alluded to it before, but she’s had an interesting relationship with violence. She does have a morality, and she does have good qualities, obviously. But what we’ll find out [in the second half of the season] is that there’s a darker side to Madison Clark. The more we get to know her, the more we’ll understand why she’s willing to go to the places she does. You also have to bear in mind [in this case] that you have a woman in Celia who seems harmless in that moment but also poisoned an entire congregation to protect the infected in her wine cellar! She’s not someone to be trifled with! So the question for us was, what would Madison do if, for example, she’d gone to the shooting gallery and found her son having shot up, and been confronted with his drug dealer? Would she have called the cops? Would she have dealt with it in the moment?

TVLINE | Clearly, she would have dealt with it.
She has the ability to go to a violent place when the need arises.

TVLINE | Does Nick have a plan for what he’s going to do when he runs away from her, or is he just ticked off?
To a certain degree. [Laughs] We connect something in the premiere of the back half. We find out he had something in his hand that we didn’t know about that makes him a little bit less insane than to just walk off. He also reconnects with someone when we come back in Episode 8.

TVLINE | Why did Daniel have to die — or should I say “die”?
Here’s the thing: What’s important for the story, specifically for Ofelia, is that all the characters believe that Daniel burned with the compound. We’re not going to see Rubén [Blades] in the back half [of Season 2], but my hope is that we will see him resurrected in Season 3 in an organic way. I think there’s more story to tell with that character and also more story to tell in that father/daughter relationship.

What do you think? Are you relieved that Daniel isn’t really dead? Eager to see where Nick heads next? Hit the comments.

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  1. Luke says:

    This show has lost its mind!!!!

  2. Rick Katze says:

    Since it’s only the first half of the season, I will hold judgment to see how it either ties together or if it doesn’t.

  3. KLS says:

    This show is confusing. The story telling seems to be very disjointed and leaves out critical pieces so that the audience can follow along. It’s probably just me. By Sunday night, I can’t really follow stuff anyway. :)

    • Sandy says:

      No… it’s not just you! I’ve been complaining about the disjointed storytelling from the beginning! So much happens off camera (I assume because of the budget)… and they try and play catch up through the dialogue. If you don’t pay very close attention, you’re left scratching your head. Terrible writing.

      • Aaron C says:

        Not saying you’re wrong, but… examples? I’m just curious.

        • Lilly says:

          I’ll give you one very easy, recent example. What the heck did they do with Luis after he was injured? Obviously they didn’t kill him (we knew that a week ago because they reassured Celia that her son was not killed through the head). So, what – they tied him up and left him in their floating HOME?? Until Nick brought him back for Celia, I’d asked myself several times “what happened to Luis?” Apparently they DID leave him tied up on the boat. Craziness.

          • Aaron C says:

            Ha! OK, yeah, that’s a good one. :)

          • Aaron C says:

            I wonder if it will play a part in the second half? The problem with splitting a season like this is you don’t get that logarithmic ramp up like you do when a storyteller can put all the episodes together. I used to love Boardwalk Empire, but the first half of the season, I was always like “where the hell is this going?” And then in the last four or five episodes, they’d start giving you all the payoffs from the setups.

            Guess we’ll find out this fall.

        • KLS says:

          I had a problem with the church scene. After the mass, the parishioners were gearing up, against whom? Who poisoned them (we don’t know it was Celia until later, but why?). How did Thomas get back to his house after getting bit? His truck was still at the church. How come it took him such a short time to die after getting bit? I am nitpicking, I know.

        • Sandy says:

          Chris: So, one minute, Chris is guarding the injured pirate brother on the boat… and the next minute… Chris has shot him. What happened in that room? By not showing us… Chris’ transition to the dark side was too abrupt and simply not believable.

          In Epi 6, we see Thomas with the priest and the parishioners as they are dying from poison… the next time we see him he’s in his bed dying from a single bite. Huh? Did he sit around the churchyard until they turned and let one of them bite him? He had a truck a few feet away to escape. Why did he leave his truck at the church?

          Luis: was he dead when the group left the boat? If so… why would they leave him to turn? (Of course… we now know that it was so Nick could make a dramatic entrance with zombie Luis!). Lame.

          Did Travis go off to look for Chris in his stocking feet? Why?! Of all the empty houses Chris could hide in… why pick the one with a father and child inside? Come to think of it… why couldn’t a young, fit teenager outrun his 40 something father with bleeding, bruised feet?! None of it made any sense.

          When Daniel first confronts Celia and confirms that she poisoned the parishioners… what did he do with that information? Did he call a group meeting and tell everyone their hostess (the person cooking their food!!) was a mass murderer and they should probably all leave? We’ll never know because the next time we see him he’s talking to his dead wife and beginning to go crazy. What happened?!

          Yes… disjointed storytelling.

  4. Darren Dean says:

    I’m actually not convinced Celia is dead either. There was not a call-back to the earlier scene – no body, no trace of her. I suspect her shrewdness prepared her for someone trying to trap her in there and she was able to find a way to survive. And I suspect that when we see Daniel again next season, it will be with her – and that she’ll be the reason he survived. She did say he was safe with her, after all. That said, I think this builds to a much bigger showdown with Celia and Madison. Celia is this show’s early iteration of their Governor, essentially. She can’t be gone that easily!

    • Melody says:

      Oh man I hope it isnt what I am thinking!!!

    • Sad panda says:

      When Daniel brings in the gasoline to the dead prison … There’s a leg or something on the ground. I thought it was Cecelia’s.

    • Aaron C says:

      Pretty sure she got away, since we didn’t see her, and I would have expected to have done so if she had been there. As for Daniel, the showrunner said he’s not in the second half of the season, so I’m not sure where that leaves us.

    • Lisa G says:

      I agree that Celia isn’t dead. We didn’t see her as a walker. But I think that she is the one that Nick will be with since he stayed. He is enamored with her.

    • UGH says:

      That’s what is stoopid about this show. Of course Celia got out. She has the KEY! All MadDUHson did was close the gate on her. She didn’t stick a piece of metal in the key hole to jam the lock.

      • Lilly says:

        Go back and watch it. Madison locked the door.

      • kileytk says:

        she did lock the door with the keys and take them but knowing this show Celia will have gotten out and survived anyhow and they probably wont explain how she did it anyways.

    • kileytk says:

      i too believe Celia is still alive. The EP said in this interview that Nick is going to link up with someone again where he is separated from the group back at the burning compound. I think in epi 8 the person that Nick connects with will be Celia and they will seek revenge for what madison tried to do to her and for the burning of her dead zombie loved ones. bum bum bum

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview with Dave. Bummer Daniel won’t be in 2nd half of season 2. Poor Ofelia will have to deal with loss of her dad in next episodes. Good to know Madison’s past will be shown in 2nd half of this season. I saw preview for next episode airing in August. Hope Nick will be ok on his own in Mexico.

  6. King says:

    Disappointing episode. They should just get rid of all the characters except for Nick.

  7. Melody says:

    When Stephen King basically disses the show in one tweet…you know something is wrong with the show.
    This show barely trends of Twitter on Sundays. TWD ALWAYS trends.

    This show already got renewed for Season 3 but they need to make some serious changes.

  8. Ernie says:

    Let’s see. Chris is Shane, Alicia is Lori, Madison is a combo of Rick and Carol. They meet bad guys. they kill bad guys and then they move on. where have I seen this before? Also, Travis is already a zombie, somebody should put him out of his misery and the show would immediately get less boring.

  9. Cody says:

    I’m really sick and tired of people knocking down this show..If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and then b**ch and complain about how the show sucks..some people like the show, because they like have to give everything a chance but stop knocking it down. who cares if it doesn’t trend on Twitter ?!?! it will never be The Walking Dead, that’s why it’s called a “spinoff”…the fact of the matter is that in this storyline it is WAYYY before Rick wakes up from the coma so get off everyone’s back.. leave the show alone. if you don’t like it don’t watch it and stay off threads and sites posting hate towards it..go #Hastag that one

    • Lilly says:

      I’m with you in that I’m a hang-on-til-the-end, hopeful fan who is just giving FTWD every possible chance to improve. But that’s exactly what I’m doing: Waiting for it to improve. I’m not here to bash the show – I want it to last as long as possible to distract me from the months of withdrawal from TWD! I come here to vent and to hash out exactly what’s bothering me and figure out why. Then I’m stunned to find complete strangers who are reacting to what we’re watching almost identically to me. Sunday, I kept scratching my head saying, WTH is going on? The show DOES need to give us a hero (or two). We need characters we can LIKE. STOP giving us murky background “character development” and give us characters who are developing – through their actions – during the episodes! That’s why I liked Nick and Strand and Daniel. They take action. Everyone else is trying to sort out their “feelings” about every stinking thing. Now they give us Nick and Daniel who have gone “bye-bye” in every possible implication of that term! Madison shows some bravado for one minute in trapping Celia – stating that she’s doing it for the love of her children – then she lets her son walk away in the zombie apocalypse!
      Frankly, I think the writers thought this whole melded family and strangers with mysterious Strand on a yacht storyline would be fascinatingly unique. Instead it’s led us down a weird road where we can’t possibly relate to any of these characters!!
      Argh! As I type I’m just venting my frustration at wanting so desperately to like this show but they’re giving me little to like right now! (Still gonna keep watching though….)

      • KLS says:

        Thanks for the vent! I too am hanging on until TWD comes back and really want to like this show. The character development is really slow on this one and I for one, don’t want them going back to the boring boat. The last episode had a lot of WTF moments. Plot holes are everywhere. Characters are freaking out, but then are strong, then crazy with no warning. I’ve hated Travis since day one but I agree he should stay with his psycho son. Daniel, the strong, experienced one, flipped out way too quickly. I hated how Madison treated Nick, so I am ok with their split. I don’t understand some things, but that’s ok for now.

    • Aaron C says:

      Agreed, Cody. Personally, while I don’t think this show is as good as the first couple seasons of TWD, it is infinitely better than the Gimple seasons. Infinitely. I hope the showrunner and writers resist any urge to introduce stupid plot gimmicks like Glenn dying or stupid cliffhangers like we’ve seen with TWD. No one needs to see those. All it does it frustrate the viewer. I like when a show ties up a lot of loose ends at the end of a season, while letting some new ones unravel to keep us interested in the next season. There’s just no reason to do otherwise unless you want to generate internet chatter from ticked off fans.

      I actually thought the only negatives were perhaps Chris and his dad, but that changed in the mid-season finale. His dad is the moral center of the show so he’s not going anywhere, of course, but I think the writers made a good decision to pull these two aside and let their story develop. It will be interesting to see whether or not their bond can “save” Chris at this point.

      FTWD is fantastic and deserves to stretch its legs and see where it will end up. I wouldn’t change a thing.

      • Lilly says:

        I respect your opinion and wish I could be in the same non-frustrated place. But I have a question for you: Who are you rooting for? Who will you really be upset if he/she dies? (BTW, if the Memorial on Talking Dead can be believed, Celia is dead but Daniel isn’t yet.) Speaking as a person who pulls out the Gilmore Girls every now and then just to “spend time” with those beloved characters, and will watch Speed and other not-so-than-perfect movies over and over again just because I’m cheering for the characters – that’s the most important flaw in FTWD right now. Daniel and Nick were my favs … and you saw what happened to them! I have hope that will change. But meanwhile, I live in Frustrated-ville!

        • KLS says:

          After 1.5 seasons, the only ones that I have or will miss are Chris’s Mom at the end of S1 (I liked the character and the actress) and maybe Nick. I did like Daniel. Thought he was interesting, but they changed him too quickly. Celia wa a nut case, but a good character.
          This show is different then TWD that it is supposed to have more character development and more insight into how people and society changes during extreme times, BUT I don’t feel for the characters at all. Still.

        • Aaron C says:

          It’s a valid question – who am I rooting for? Who would I be upset about if they died? I think I ask that question every week. Perhaps just Daniel and Ophelia, and maybe Alicia at this point.

          But here’s the thing —

          I think, oddly enough, it’s the characters that come into the picture every week, as odd as that sounds, that I’m REALLY rooting for — us. The ones who are left. I almost feel like what Nick said at the end of the finale — that this crew is a walking disaster for everyone they encounter. Much more so than the cast on TWD. Everything and everyone these people touch turns to s%#t. I’m fascinated by that.

          The family on the island. I felt for them. The couple on the lifeboat. Even Cecilia and her family. She believed with all her heart that what she was doing was protecting her loved ones, and even when she was giving what I think was a “test” to Madison (I believe Cecilia’s alive), she appeared heartbroken when she realized that there was no saving Madison and her family. Or maybe she just felt like “this is it, I’m going to die.” I’m not sure.

          So who am I rooting for? I think right now, everyone else. And that’s not like any other show I’ve ever watched.

          • Lilly says:

            That’s actually a fascinating point of view, actually, though I’m not sure that’s enough to keep an audience watching – even if everyone could be persuaded to think that way. For this 50-year-old, old-fashioned white female – ironically – my favorite characters are the drug addict, the teen-aged girl, the shyster, and the torturer! I, too, mourn Chris’s mom, Liza.
            I hate that they took us down this road. They had the chance to really show us how the world fell apart. Instead, we’re in Mexico on a private vineyard dealing with crazy teenagers! At first the Strand angle was interestingly unique, and being on the water (though they KEEP taking us on land because there’s not as many interesting story lines on the yacht unless they keep fending off pirates). Instead, as I’ve opined elsewhere, they’ve given us completely unrealistic characters with whom we (or I) can’t relate at all!

          • Aaron C says:

            We’re probably not far off (in age either – I’m 47). I forgot about Liza, but yeah, I was sad to see her go. And I forgot to mention Nick, who I also like a lot. But like you say, I don’t know if I’d really be devastated to see any of them go. Perhaps that’s the price of having an ensemble cast and only being a few hours into their development. I’m curious enough to give it 20 more hours or more and see where we’re at then. And unlike with the writers of TWD, I do trust these writers enough to keep watching.

          • Lilly says:

            Now there, I agree with you completely. I’ll give it the rest of this season and at least one more. Surely it can only get better, eh?

    • Matt Zmudka says:

      I feel like this episode might have turned it all around for me actually. I think I’m kind of grateful I hung in until there. Up until now I felt like there might have been a point and I couldn’t see it clearly for each character…I felt like each character had too much going on and it was so far beyond comprehension…For anyone!

      Strand needed to become slightly more likeable or die for sure. Chris needed to go away or the point of his arc definitely needed to be made clear or my patience was going to go. Madison, Nick, and Daniel might be the ones I root for though.

  10. Mark says:

    Pretty sad that the show runner has to explain events on the show because the writing is so poor on the show.

    • Aaron C says:

      I guess you haven’t seen the huge PR campaign by Scott M. Gimple and Robert Kirkman excusing their decisions in the last season of TWD? Hell, Kirkman even used space in his COMIC to address it.

    • KLS says:

      I felt the same way. I read these interviews and it seems like I am watching a different show.

  11. Man same old same old! FAKE ASS people just watching so they can feel important TROLL and BITCH about something! I’m LOVING this show,its getting better with each episode,Alicia is irritating but she a teenager,they suppose to be irritating! Try and Have a open mind and give FTWD A CHANCE!

  12. Aaron C says:

    I love the differentiation between this and TWD. I have had an on-again/off-again relationship with that show, because it keeps pulling stupid tricks that just insult its audience. FTWD is so much smarter, and in a lot of ways more subtle. I do think they missed an opportunity right at the start to show a slow decay of society (I guess they thought it would happen quickly), for the most part the show has been entertaining, contemplative, and much deeper than TWD. The writing is SO much better. I’m really looking forward to the back half of this season!

    • KLS says:

      So, you thought season 1 should have been slower? Would anyone be awake for season 2?

      • Aaron C says:

        Slow decay of society doesn’t mean uninteresting or boring. Have you ever watched a movie that just kept increasing the dread factor until you couldn’t stand it anymore? It’s all on the writers. Maybe you don’t have enough faith in the FTWD writers, and that’s a valid point. It takes real skill to pull it off. I just would have liked to have seen more about how society slowly spins out of control until there’s rioting in the streets and THEN things get so bad that the military comes in. The way FTWD presented it, it’s like things changed almost overnight, and then the military came in and everything else was destroyed except for a few pockets they managed to control here and there.

        • Lilly says:

          I agree. But I think they tossed that slower progression out the window when they put us in L.A. You can’t tell me it was that fast in smaller cities – heck, the military couldn’t have been spread that thin, so smaller, more rural areas would have been completely different! Did the ENTIRE world crash in a few weeks? No communication anywhere, AT ALL? Was the government not even on the radio with (fake) reassurances? Coulda, shoulda, woulda. But I wouldn’t be questioning the choices they made like this if I were cheering for characters I cared about – no matter what was happening.

          • Aaron C says:

            Well, there you go. Fodder for another show. We’ve done LA, we’ve done the outskirts of Atlanta, and then traveled outward to the farmland. How about starting somewhere really rural? An argument could be made I guess that we saw that with Hershel’s Farm, but I wouldn’t mind watching that kind of story from the beginning – what rural life was like preparing for this stuff you heard about that was hitting the city, and you knew it was going to hit you eventually. Seeing the first walker come into your field and what that must feel like…

          • Mark says:

            I agree. The government was non existence through out the first season. Not on the radio or TV did you see the president or any authority figure giving explanations on the police violence. Or like you said giving out false reassurance to ease the citizens. Nothing and this is the information age. Who was giving out the orders to eliminate the citizens in the safe zones? Was the government sending out the orders? Did the government crumble at this point and the military was going rogue? Then you see airplanes napalming the city. No one tuning to the radio or TV during this time?

          • Aaron C says:

            About the government – yeah, I don’t remember any zombie show or movie doing this, but I could be blocking something obvious. Perhaps the original Night of the Living Dead did this a bit, where people just holed up until the National Guard could come in.

        • KLS says:

          There was some of that (rioting then the military) in season 1, but they didn’t seem connected somehow to the disease. I guess they meant it to be that way, keeping the characters and audience in the dark as much as possible. Things didn’t really seem to get out of control until we saw the hospital get overrun and the holding pens (which they never really explained). It was kind of a slow boil then things exploded too quickly.
          “The Last Ship” took a different approach which I find interesting as well. No zombies, but a lot of military and government reactions to a sudden plague. Also, there are a lot more organized militias in that one.
          Oh well, it’s fun to debate. That’s what these boards are for….

        • kileytk says:

          there is a show called the strain that takes place throughout the boroughs in nyc and it does an amazing job of showing a slow progression of the decay of society via a world wide deadly epidemic, and its not boring in the least so it can be done, even in a big city. i wish they would have focused more on that as well. been bummed right and left with ftwd but gonna stick with it, feel that it has nowhere to go but up from here….

  13. Kim Arr says:

    The problem with this show is that it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, and the characters are just not that compelling with the exception of Ruben Blades’ character. Basically, we’ve been given a soap opera with unlikable people and a zombie apocalypse backdrop. I am hate-watching at the moment. I don’t know if I will continue to do so. It gets harder every week.

    Why not a new direction, writers? How come nobody on earth is immune to the virus? Suppose someone was in the initial months? Or what if the virus acted differently at first and then mutated so that the infected become the ones we see in The Walking Dead? What if the first wave of infected could initially speak, think and even avoid eating human flesh until the symptoms of the disease became more severe? What if some people had become human-zombie hybrids who could basically remain human if they ate human flesh? There are lots of what ifs, and if I can think them, certainly you can.

  14. Sam says:

    Ruben Blades can’t die so soon we want more Ruben in the next episodes

  15. Joni Reeves says:

    Seems to me Fear The Walking Dead started with a lower budget than The Walking Dead, but I think it’s getting better!
    The carractor development is coming along. The “loose ends” will tie together in time. If you really think of the story line, you have to realize these people are dealing with dramatic life changes, death, fear… Of course their actions aren’t going to make sense at times!
    I am disappointed that Nick didn’t leave with his mother :(
    I’m also sad that I have to wait until August… Otherwise I love the series.
    Nick is definitely my favorite♡
    I think Daniel is an intriguing carractor; I hope they’re wrong about him not being in the show anymore.
    I also can’t wait to see how Madison and Chris’ carractor develops!

  16. Imotep says:

    The show is not the problem fans are just butt-hurt that they cant predict this show because theres no comic book this story os based off of. My issue to some of these ‘problems’ fans here have is simple: you are watching a fictional tv show: things dont have to be analytical and logical especially in a setting that no one has experienced since its not real! I also feel like fans cant rewind their minds back to the time this all started. Also compared to WD that a lot of the characters we love so much now were equally as annoying when they first started off.

    This is still better storytelling than most of the crap that is out there. I dont think most people are getting that this show seems to be creating true anti-heroes. We expect the people in this group to do the right thing or to become the badasses we like from WD, but so far our group has done way more wrong than right but under the circumstances their crash-course in survival of this world has been intense.

    Its still early. I remember the first and second season of WD being sort of frustrating but storytelling gets better and character arcs are still developing.

  17. Sonja Ostrosky says:

    I think the biggest problem is there is hardly any walking dead to fear. One time, on the island at the plane crash site, they had to fight for their lives. But other than that, they are on a yacht and don’t have to fear much of anything or anyone until they go ashore & fear the living people. The dead in the villa were caged. Eg: I have always liked Michonne’s style with the katana & the walking dead. I hope she didn’t get Lucilled!

  18. J. says:

    My husband and I DVR this show every week, but it’s gotten to the point where we dread watching it because it is so frustrating! We will seriously watch every other show we have recorded on the DVR and even watch reruns instead! We already know that watching this show makes us incredibly frustrated and annoyed. We finally broke down and watched it tonight and of course it didn’t disappoint, annoying as ever!! I seriously hate Madison and want to punch her in the mouth, it’s almost as if she is in love with her own son…. She’s too obsessive and controlling.

  19. Jacki says:

    Since is did not see Celia as one is the dead. I believe she is still alive. She knows a side tunnel or secret hiding place.

  20. Carolyn Trice says:

    I was really disappointed that Fear didn’t delve into how the apocalypse began. Maybe it’s not too late!

  21. I would love to see more of daniel in the upcoming season’s he has a strong character role that i think not only my self but other viewer’s liked as well and the father and daughter running for safety and survival is a more intense emotional drama .

  22. Mark says:

    The interesting thing I spotted in the flashbacks with Nick was when he was heating the drug for Gloria with the spoon. The drug was brown and wonder if it was possible that the drug was the start of the walking dead craze with Gloria as “ground zero patient.” We didn’t see Nick using the spoon so that was why he didn’t turn into a walking dead. If Nick ever confide with the doctor at the compound he is at, maybe the doctor will figure out how this all started. But to do that, they will have to go back to the church in LA to test that drug.

  23. ladieleo21 says:

    What happened to Julia?? Did I Miss IT

  24. Ren says:

    I think Daniel is a great asset to the show . I really like his character and truly hope he comes back