DWTS Season 22 Finale

Dancing With the Stars Finals: Which Couple Should Win Season 22?

It’s time to give Dancing With the Stars credit where it’s due.

A few months back, as I compiled my gallery of Season 22 odds, I found it difficult to suppress my scoffs as I scrolled through a seemingly dismal lineup of celebrities. From Geraldo Rivera to Doug Flutie, it seemed as though the Season 22 roster was the ABC series’ least impressive yet, resulting in a general feeling of “meh” as the premiere approached.

Now, to be fair, Geraldo had no business stepping even his pinky toe on the ballroom floor, and Doug — though he exhibited great sportsmanship — was never going to be the season’s strongest performer. But in the weeks since Season 22 debuted, more than a few remarkable dancers have emerged from the woodwork, which has made the Monday-night recapping process thoroughly enjoyable.

Of course, it’s also made the viewing experience excruciating, as the trio of remaining dancers — Ginger Zee, Nyle DiMarco and Paige VanZant — has proven itself more than worthy of holding up that Mirrorball trophy on Tuesday night. Monday’s performance show allowed the finalists to showcase their versatility, take their biggest physical and emotional risks of the season and leave all of us at home wondering, “Who is going to win this thing?”

With that said, let’s revisit Monday’s routines, ranked from worst to best — keeping in mind, of course, that every one of ’em was sensational, and I just can’t choose, you guys!

6. Nyle DiMarco and pro Peta Murgatroyd (Quickstep) — Consider this my open letter to all reality-show judges (specifically Bruno Tonioli): When a contestant’s performance is significantly hindered by his or her lack of proper technique, you’re allowed to call it out, without immediately rescinding the criticism when the audience boos you. Case in point: Though Nyle is a consistently good performer, his quickstep on Monday was sloppy, uncertain and easily the weakest performance of the evening. Instead of making a flippant remark about how Nyle could have used “a little bit of precision in the footwork” — which, duh — Bruno should have driven the point home, ensuring that (A) the ANTM winner wouldn’t make similar mistakes in his second routine of the evening, and (B) the booing crowd didn’t get its way. (The view from my soapbox is lovely, might I add!) Judges’ Score: 27/30

5. Ginger Zee and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Freestyle) — Ginger and Val may have scored higher with their freestyle than they did with their contemporary, but I felt their Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire-inspired routine lacked the necessary confidence to earn that perfect score. Ginger’s enthusiasm is always infectious, and Val’s versatility never fails to impress — but in a routine this detail-oriented, I expected a bit more precision and confidence, especially during challenging sequences like their synchronized descent from the stairs. Judges’ Score: 30/30

4. Ginger Zee and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Contemporary) — Injury, schminjury. Despite suffering from back spasms in rehearsal, the GMA weatherwoman was as elegant and effortless as ever during her contemporary routine, without ever letting on that she may have been in pain. Judges’ Score: 28/30

3. Paige VanZant and pro Mark Ballas (Freestyle) — Paige and Mark’s all-gray wardrobe + the well-placed fog effects + a sublime performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from Mark’s fiancée, BC Jean = a phenomenally graceful freestyle that looked and felt like a dream sequence. I am a little bummed that Mark and Paige didn’t attempt a Dirty Dancing lift at the peak of the number — the way she was running toward him gave me such false hope — but the pair dazzled nonetheless. Judges’ Score: 30/30

2. Paige VanZant and pro Mark Ballas (Salsa) — That perfectly timed wardrobe change! Those lifts! That speed! Paige has fought many a battle in the UFC ring, but this salsa — easily the season’s most fast-paced and acrobatic number — was an even more formidable foe. Not only did she keep up with Mark and the troupe of professional dancers, but Paige looked like she was having a blast the entire time — and I had a blast watching her slay some of Mark’s trickiest choreography yet. Judges’ Score: 29/30

1. Nyle DiMarco and pro Peta Murgatroyd (Freestyle) — Even if you were to remove the emotional significance from Nyle and Peta’s freestyle routine, it would still rank as the evening’s best performance, based only on its challenging choreography and near-flawless technique. (Those lines, Nyle!) But when you add in the poignant message behind the number, in which Nyle confronted the obstacles that his deafness presents, the routine leaves an even more profound impression. The way that Peta snaked her body around Nyle’s as a symbol of his adversity, the strength that Nyle showed as he stretched his limbs to their limit — every element of the emotionally stirring dance made for a breathtaking two minutes on the dance floor. Judges’ Score: 30/30

Your turn! Who do you think should win Dancing‘s 22nd season — and who will win? Cast your votes in our polls below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the final performance show.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angela says:

    I can agree with your rankings. But yeah, honestly, I’ll be happy with whomever wins tomorrow night, ’cause they’ve all been consistently fantastic this season. I could see Nyle winning, ’cause I think he’s gained quite a fanbase, but there’s good reason to believe the women have as equal a chance, too.
    Agh. I dunno. Tomorrow night will be fun no matter what. I also agree on this season being surprisingly enjoyable, too-I’ve learned to be surprised with this show over the years :D.

  2. Logan says:

    I was not shocked at all by Nyle’s freestyle. I was on the bandwagon week 1, but jumped off immediately when I saw it was a sympathy fest. Paige is where it is at. She is absolutely amazing. The difference in freestyles was that Nyle’s was completely expected. Paige’s not so much. Paige ftw. And yes, I will be upset if she loses. Nyle does not deserve it.

    • Drew says:

      What are you talking about, sympathy fest? Not once has Nile ever used his deafness as an excuse or asked for sympathy. He’s deaf, he’s embraced the challenge, and has wildly succeeded. Is he supposed to hide that he’s deaf? No. He’s empowered. And he’ll empower others. That’s not a sympathy fest. That’s heroism.

      • Logan says:

        Yes, Sympathy vote. When it became clear that Paige was the better dancer (around week 2 with her Jive and AT as huge pieces of evidence in her favor as well), everyone still knew Nyle was going to win because he is deaf and can dance. But is he the best? No. Should he win? No. It is sympathy votes because he is deaf.

        • MyFavoriteSong says:

          You must be kidding. He’s an incredible dancer with no training – I dare anyone to do what he is doing…and there is NO sympathy vote going on. Talk about ‘whoa is me,’ it’s Paige. She took dance lessons from her dance teacher mother for years. Of course she can dance! Enough with the bullying excuses.

        • Antwon303 says:

          And yeah, people are just so stupid to fall for a sob story. So glad we have you here to pull the curtain back otherwise we might never have seen the light. I find it sad that you have to insult him by saying he got this far based on sympathy. Peta has won before you know? And she is an amazing choreographer. You’re throwing more shade than an oak tree and it’s sad.

          • Marylu says:

            If Peta is such an amazing choreographer, why didn’t she choreograph their freestyle?

        • Meh says:

          Last time I checked DWTS is not about who the “best” dancer is otherwise why in the world would they cast Geraldo Rivera with these final 3? It’s about each contestant’s individual journey tackling each dance, their improvement and their connection with the viewers. Calling Nyle out for sympathy votes is sad and disrespectful to both him and the people voting for him. Guess what? There are people who think he deserves to win based on his journey and his dancing. Guess what else? Yes, he’s deaf. He has also lived this way his whole life and never once has he indicated people should be voting for him because of it. He has been confident, dedicated and is just as deserving as the other 2. One could argue Paige was garnering sympathy votes with her bullying history or had an advantge based on her previous dance experience, but I don’t think that’s right either. Each person’s story is their own and none of it guarantees a win. This is what I love about DWTS. Sometimes the most obviously talented person wins, sometimes not. It’s ultimately subjective.

        • Dakota says:

          Paige and Ginger also both have loads of dance experience while Nyle does not. If anything, they had the unfair advantage. Especially Ginger who gets an entire network and GMA promoting her. What about her “sympathy” as the new mom. Or Paige as the bullied child with low self esteem?

    • Al says:

      Bring out the bucket to catch those upset tears because Nyle is going to win. You might as well accept it now as opposed to later. G’luck.

    • The Kaibosh says:

      The problem with Paige is that every time she throws her legs into the air she looks like she’s mounting a horse.

  3. Alex says:

    I think you should watch the videos of these dances again. There simply is no case to be made that Nyle’s freestyle was nearly as difficult or as cleanly performed as Paige’s.

  4. Anita says:

    All I know is Paige better win even though we all know Nyle is gonna win but even though his freestyle was a masterpiece it just didn’t touch me in anyway I felt nothing at the end of it but paige made my heart beat fast like I felt like crying seeing her performance and her salsa was just incredible. Its all on the last dance if Paige gets a good enough gap away from Nyle in points she could win the entire thing. Ginger better get third def shouldn’t beat nyle and paige !!

    • jj says:

      I’m completely the opposite. I have not been moved by any of Paige’s dances (tonight or any other night). She’s a great technician, but she doesn’t convey emotion in my opinion.

      • Meh says:

        I completely agree. This is why I love this show though. Everybody connects differently.

        • Meghan says:

          I honestly disagree in my opinion. I also looked at his dance and was like wow that was good but i only shed tears during paige dance. Its all based on this final dance because PAIGE or GINGER WILL WIN, im sorry we all know Nyle is going to be off timing and mess up on this fusion dance and thats gonna be too many points away from Paige and Ginger. Hes not gonna win sorry…

    • janestorr says:

      If we leave out all the baggage, the handicap, the previous dance experience, and all those other side stories, then Paige is the clear winner because she did the best dancer!! A few of them were fantastic!! I lookrd forward to watching every dance, and Mark and his choreography, also!!

  5. sm says:

    Anyone else bothered by the fact that Peta did not choreograph Nyle’s freestyle?

    • JohnB says:

      Kind of because I feel that’s cheating in a way but this is the freestyle so if finding a better Choreographer for their dance will help them win that’s a good strategy

    • Drew says:

      Nope. It’s about how the celebrities dance, not who choreographs the dance. I was more bothered that Mark made the redemption dance all about him rather than Paige.

    • Antwon303 says:

      Not in the slightest because it has happened before! The year that Derek and Amber won…her freestyle featured stepping and Derek didn’t know how to do it so Amber invited someone she knew to show Derek and even Amber choreographed parts of their routine and repeat champion Derek Hough took a backseat and was the student and not the teacher.

      What Peta did was not cheating our unheard of.

    • Penny says:

      Yep! While it’s not against the rules, I still feel like it was the pro’s job to choreograph the routine. I find Peta’s choreography to be lacking already so at least she was honest when she said she had no idea what she was doing for a contemporary.

    • Meh says:

      I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions of the show. Many of the pros receive help from other pros or outsiders. It’s just not talked about or specifically addressed the way it was last night. My guess is this choreographer wanted the publicity which totally makes sense. It’s perfectly fair because it is ultimately about how the celebrity performs.

      • Dave Beaver says:

        Yeah but she got a professional contemperary dancer to choreograph the routine! None of the dancers are trained in that style yet they still do it themselves, especially using someone for the freestle was a massive cop out!

        • Emma says:

          Yes but they all have the same options, so I don’t view it as unfair or a cop out, I view it as being smart and humble enough to admit it’s not your area of expertise. She cared and wanted to do what’s best for her contestant, so good on her!

          • Dave Beaver says:

            I believe she has choreographed contemporaries before, and didn’t need help? I think mark did a better job anyway, but if you’re the professional you should choreograph the dance that’s what makes the show unique and the pros so good, asking for help is totally acceptable but to not choreograph anything in the dance was a cop out.

    • Marylu says:

      Yes. I don’t think she should have been allowed to do that….seems unfair.

    • Maxx Dog says:

      Yes but this often happens. They just don’t disclose it on camera

      • Dave Beaver says:

        I think sometimes they get help if it’s a dance they aren’t familiar with like contemporary or maybe jazz or something, but I highly doubt they have someone who is highly regarded in the contemporary world to choreograph the whole routine… Seem really unfair and like they want Nyle to win.

    • janestorr says:

      yup!!!! not fair!!!

    • janestorr says:

      yup not fair.. The choreographer was also assisting with the training..

      • Dave Beaver says:

        Exactly, it was almost like SYTYCD but Nyle was a pro dancer, I’m pretty sure that has never happened before on the show, behind closed doors or on camera!

  6. Antwon303 says:

    I must say that I really like everyone in the final three. They have all had a very nice journey and I think this is the right final three. I would be happy regardless of who wins but my money is on Nyle. Those who say he has gotten the sympathy vote are taking away from what he and Peta have done this season. Dude is deaf. He cannot hear a thing and is far and away better than majority of the stars who have all of their senses. I’m sorry, but what he and Peta have done is extraordinary. Marlee competed and used a hearing aid to assist her somewhat. Nyle is showcasing musicality and mirroring Peta in total silence. He deserves to win it all.

    • Logan says:

      There is nothing to take away if he hasn’t done much. All he adds is that he can do what most mediocre stars can, only while deaf, thus making most people believe he is extraordinary. Sure, a deaf guy dancing is pretty amazing, but this is a dancing competition, and he is not the best dancer. Hasn’t been really since he faltered with his original Quickstep.

      • Antwon303 says:

        That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I’ve watched every season of DWTS and I can tell you that the best dancer doesn’t always win and you wanna know why? It’s about the journey taking to get there. It’s about progress they have made from week one to week ten. So you saying he hasn’t done much and I say he has done plenty. He deserves to be in the finals and he deserves to win. Have a great evening.

  7. Nick C. says:

    Aslong as Paige or Nyle wins I’ll be happy but if Ginger WINS I will be pissed off…it will be like Melissa beating Shawn all over again because of ABC producers…..

  8. Tavan says:

    Tavan25 5/23/16
    Nyle and Peta will win the competition! They have impressed me this season! Nyle puts a lot of effort into his performances! He challenges himself each week and it always pays off! He makes me proud! I’m team Nyle and Peta! Good luck! If they don’t win the show, I will be mad as hell! Nyle worked hard this season and he deserves that trophy!

  9. Betty Emmons says:

    I think ginger is abcs darling, so no, no winning! But Nyle works so hard, and he deserves to win!

  10. Meme Tee says:

    All 3 couples are unbelievable. They are all winners. But I do feel that Paige & Mark were the strongest performers and should win. I

    • MM says:

      Paige is the best dancer, and it is a dance competition after all!

      • Toni says:

        I would hope she would be the best dancer, considering she has 13 years of dance training with competitive. Makes a difference in a dance competition.

        • Lindsey says:

          Well lets not forget about Ginger and all her dance experience too! You can’t just call someone out for their dance experience and not the other. She was on a college dance team and has been dancing longer than Paige lol. All 3 are extraordinary performers and I wish them all the best of luck.

          • Toni says:

            I am just bringing it up because in the original Tvline.com piece it is brought up that her years of dance experience would make it easier for her to win. It does make a difference but in my opinion, she has shown that she didn’t belong in an amateur competition. (I have always been against “stars” who clearly have been dancing for years against those who haven’t)

      • jj says:

        Paige is arguably the best technical dancer, but dance encompasses more than just dance technique. it includes conveying emotion, telling a story, etc. And of the three finalists, Paige is the weakest at that.

        • Bj says:

          I disagree, the weakest won by far in showing emotions is Ginger. She just smiles throughout all her dances. Just look at her Jannet Jackson dance or Argentine tango. Even Bindi, who was arguable the happiest person ever on the show, didn’t smile throughout all her dances. I think Nyle is better than Paige at showing emotions, but at least she’s improved in that area

  11. MM says:

    Every season they put in one disabled person, the woman with no legs, the guy covered with burns, the vet with no arm… this year a deaf person. I think it is great they are inclusive, but I don’t believe that person should get votes because of their disability. First and for most it is a dance competition, the best dancer should win!

    • Otter says:

      The show is a popularity contest. Its not about the best dancer

    • Emma says:

      Correction… first and foremost it is a TV show, the most entertaining dancer should win! And obviously that means different things to different people. Personally I’m happy with any one of these top three winning.

    • Anna says:

      Okay, but when the other two dancers in the final three have tons of dance experience, it makes the “competition” pretty unfair.

  12. Let’s remember that Paige also has previous dance and cheer leading experience compared to the other two. I.m not trying to take anything away from Paige she really good.I.m just saying she has had an advantage in this competition.

    • Lindsey says:

      Lets not forget that Ginger is actually more experienced as she was on her college DANCE team–not cheerleading. So if you’re going to call Paige out its only fair that Ginger’s dance experience be noted too. All 3 are amazing and their journey’s have been a joy to watch.

  13. Elaine says:

    I think Nyle has come the furthest of the three since he has no dance experience. Also he has done the most inspiring performances.

  14. jan lindblad says:


  15. Monica says:

    I feel that Nile and Peta should win because, dancing with the stars it Peta about achieving and reaching to do your best and how one can grow . Well, how much more can one show the determination, the drive, the struggles in not being able to hear music that you must dance to and be perfect?…… Peta ana Nile should win!!

  16. I noticed that Peta didn’t do her own choreography – but if judges didn’t mind, guess I don’t. I mind more how Nyle has so much to say about the dances (more than any other dancer this season or Peta’s other partners). Also agree with others who feel he is being judged less harshly because of “handicap”. He says he is the same as everyone else – but then “being deaf” comes up before EVERY PERFORMANCE . . .
    Yes, Paige has experience, but they let her in the show – let it go! She is the best dancer. If Nyle wins, this is my last year watching “Dancing with the Politically Correct/Best Story”.

  17. Shaun says:

    Nyles freestyle lacked any content,in fact Paiges freestyle shortly after made me more furious about his dance.Ginger for the win!

  18. The three couples were very good, but over all I think Mark and Paige have consistently done great through out the competition, improving every week.

  19. Gwen says:

    a person has truly injured their back or pelvis the agonizing pain they would be in means they could NOT dance. It’s not a matter of mind over matter. Thousands of people are on disability and can’t work or do daily life things after they threw their backs out, so no way the “injury” Ginger had was as bad as they made it seem. Either that or somebody has shot her back up with plenty of long lasting Novacaine!

  20. Rhonda Powell Taylor says:

    Bc jean, what an incredible performance. Mark is a great performer and teacher. My vote goes to Team Ballis

  21. dianna says:

    Nyle is unbelievable. Dancing is hard for all of the contestants but dancing without sound is unbeliveable. Go Nyles!!!

  22. Vikarrious says:

    Nyle and PETA deserve to win. Yes, it’s a dance competition and yes, Nyle is not the best dancer, but his incredible talent despite adversity is amazing. Contests can be about how far someone has come and THE IMPACT they have made, and DWTS would not include viewer votes if that were not so. I think Nyle has made the biggest impact. Not because he has a disability (and not because of political correctness as some people have stated in their comments) but because of the points he’s achieved on HIS scale. Based on the skills of Ginger and Paige, they have not overcome an arc as big as Nyle has had to achieve, and that’s why he should win.

    • Shaun says:

      it’s about how well they dance,voters may vote on other criteria,but they should vote on who they think did best overall.

      • Emma says:

        Nah, they should vote on who entertained them the most, who moved them the most, who stirred their feelings the most. It’s not just about being technically perfect, and tbh none of them were technically perfect. They all had some little hiccups regardless of the judges perfect scores.

  23. Deborah Marlatt says:

    Tonight’s dance of Nyle & Peta’s was the best dance I’ve ever seen on DWTS!

  24. Doug Kennedy says:

    As the only dancer without a dance background, Nyle DAZZLED the WORLD with his ASTONISHING DANCE FEATS!!!

  25. Pam says:

    Nyle has given this season three mind blowing performance’s, stopping the music to demonstrate what it was like to be deaf and dance, blindfolded for sensorary deprivation, and then the powerful dance to The Sounds of Silence were three stunning performances by a man who is a star in his own right. I can only say thank you to Peta for bringing these dances to the viewing public.

  26. Stacy says:

    I’m conflicted about the results of this season, but probably for very different reasons than most people.

    I think it’s inarguable by now that Paige is the best dancer of the three. But I have a hard time rooting for her, for a variety of reasons: I don’t like her day job, I don’t like her attitude, and I don’t like “ringers” on the show competing against people who have never danced before. So I can’t get excited about a Paige win. Then there’s there’s Nyle — inspirational, beautiful, lovable Nyle — who IS technically the weakest dancer of the three, unfortunately. I’ve become a big fan of his through the course of the show, but I’m sorry, I can’t make myself root for a Nyle win either. So that leaves Ginger. She’s very good. Not the best, but very, very good. So it’s been both hilarious and baffling to see all the hysterical postings on social media about how she “Can’t Dance!” and is “Only in the finals because ABC! blah blah blah”. It’s like a pack of hysterical preteen girls shrieking over a frenemy making the cheer-leading squad! LOL. So… ONLY because the mass hissy-fit from the legion of haters would be wildly entertaining, I have to admit that’s the win I’d most enjoy. I always did like seeing packs of mean girls get thwarted at the end.

  27. liame says:

    This show needs a new title.

  28. I just read that Paige had years of dance experience. I think she is great, but I never would have voted for her had I known that info.

  29. ChrissieK says:

    Why do I keep reading that it was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? It was the song “Somewhere” from West Side Story…please get it right! Paige SHOULD win but it will more than likely be Nyle. Great Season, Totally Enjoyed!

    • Shann says:

      Because it was Somewhere Over the Rainbow not Somewhere that was sung last night…basically BC Jean sang Katharine McPhee’s version of the song from American Idol in season 5.

    • Emma says:

      I think you’re getting your reality shows mixed up. Curly Sue sang “Somewhere” from West Side Story on The Voice last night, it wasn’t sung on DWTS. Maybe you were channel surfing and got confused. Haha.

  30. This season was so good, there were plenty of strong dancers and really in the semi finals, any of those 5 could have been strong this week. I have enjoyed this season more than any in recent memory.

    So, who is going to win? It’s a toss up really. Who would have thought a weatherwoman would get this far? But she is a classy, classic dancer and her enjoyment shines through. You can see that she has grown in confidence as the season has progressed. The UFC fighter that shocked me (until I learned she was a trained dancer) – I am not one to scoff one away for having dance experience, as most in Hollywood do… but the fluidity of her movements go beyond general classes. She is a gorgeous dancer (that needs to stay away from the Latin grooves; she can’t shimmy her shoulders or shake her butt). The deaf man whom never once used it as a crutch or an excuse. He challenged himself all season and when he stumbled, he made it harder. I am nothing but blown away by Nyle. I constantly remind myself that he can’t hear the music. And his extension is amazing. The lines and shapes he creates are beautiful.

    My prediction: 3 – Ginger; 2 – Paige; 1 – Nyle But again – I will be happy for any of them. Maybe someone can drop the glitterball and they can all share!

  31. Kim R says:

    Great night of dancing. I will say that I feel they over scored Nyle in his redemption dance, especially when Len gave Paige the same mark for her salsa. If Paige’s salsa was worth a 9 to Len, Nyle should have scored at least an 8 for his quick step. I would like to see Paige win because she is really the best dancer. I am a Ginger fan (watch GMA every morning) but Paige is just better.

  32. Denise says:

    I don’t know who’s going to win… all 3 are deserving

  33. Max says:

    Let’s not forget as usual DWTS had ringers as both Paige & Ginger have previous dance experience as youngsters. Not as blatant as an ice dancer or pop star. Ginger even won a local DWTS in Chicago

    • Emma says:

      I have no problem with them casting ‘ringers’ as you call them. Having some previous dance experience doesn’t make you a professional. The show wouldn’t be very entertaining if it was filled with only Geraldo, Flutie and Mischa type dancers, don’t you think?

      • Anna says:

        Yeah, but if the winner is completely based on who the best dancer is (which a lot of commenters are saying it should be), then casting ringers is completely unfair to the competition. Of course the people with way more experience are going to be better than those with zero. So it begs the question, why should someone win the show? Because they are the best? Or because they are the most improved? Or because they are the most popular?

        • Emma says:

          Because they are the most entertaining. And that may include a little bit of all those things. I don’t think it’s unfair at all because the audience will, and should imo, vote for whoever moved them the most, with their dancing, their emoting, their story arc, etc. Everything factors in, not just technical prowess, and I’m fine with that.

        • Shaun says:

          It has to be a good mix of character and dance skill.Someone who just dances great can’t capture any hearts and the vice is true also.

      • Bj says:

        I wish the producers would stop casting celebrities over 60, since only two over 50 have ever won, Jennifer grey and Donny Ossmond. Clearly the producers believe that a large segment of veiewers enjoys watching them, but it leads to people complaining every year about ringers and how unfair it is that certain pros never get the “bad” dancers (I.e. Derek, Mark, and Val)

    • Bj says:

      I think people overuse the term ringer where it’s now synonymous with having any previous dance experience. To me a ringer is someone who is relattively young and in shape, who comes in with significant dance experience, a large fan base, and the name recognition and ability to appeal to the average, mainstream, middle of America viewer. Just having dance experience is not enough since every season around a third of the celebrities come in with some form of experience. It’s a stretch to call Paige a ringer since I doubt her ufc fan base is that large and the average viewer had heard of her prior to dwts

  34. This season was so good, there were plenty of strong dancers and really in the semi finals, any of those 5 could have been strong this week. I have enjoyed this season more than any in recent memory.

    So, who is going to win? It’s a toss up really. Who would have thought a weatherwoman would get this far? But she is a classy, classic dancer and her enjoyment shines through. You can see that she has grown in confidence as the season has progressed. The UFC fighter that shocked me (until I learned she was a trained dancer) – I am not one to scoff one away for having dance experience, as most in Hollywood do… but the fluidity of her movements go beyond general classes. She is a gorgeous dancer (that needs to stay away from the Latin grooves; she can’t shimmy her shoulders or shake her butt). The deaf man whom never once used it as a crutch or an excuse. He challenged himself all season and when he stumbled, he made it harder. I am nothing but blown away by Nyle. I constantly remind myself that he can’t hear the music. And his extension is amazing. The lines and shapes he creates are beautiful.

    My prediction: 3 – Ginger; 2 – Paige; 1 – Nyle But again – I will be happy for any of them. Maybe someone can drop the glitterball and they can all share!

  35. Roberta says:

    Nyle is a gorgeous , talented young man and I won’t complain if he win but I won’t totally dismiss the sympathy votes . Whenever there’s a ‘special’ contestant on the show you already know he-she will get the velvet-glove treatment from the judges and the sympathy votes from the audience. This season was no exception.

  36. Zilla says:

    So sick of the obviously biased judging for ginger zee. She is always scored way too high. Her dancing is adequate at best. No way does she deserve to be in the finals. I have watched dwts since it’s beginning and this is the most blatant favoritism I have ever seen. It’s enough to make me consider never watching again.

  37. Jessie says:

    Paige and Mark!!! I am so sick and tired of people complaining about her dance experience…. Remember rumer, nicole, amber, corbin, riker and many more? and lets not forget about all the gymnasts that have come on the show with all their technical abilities.. I mostly look forward to those dancers, because the pro’s will challenge them way more since they HAVE the experience/talent to give us a stunningly executed dance. I loved Paige’s journey on the show and in my eyes she already is the winner.

  38. Lori says:

    I think Paige deserves to win. She has been the most consistent week after week and spot on! Nyle would be my second choice. He is totally incredible! I’m still upset that Wanya went home last week. After 2 perfect scores, he was still chosen to leave. Ginger is good but her scores last week showed that she should have left and Wanya should have stayed!

    • Shaun says:

      there was some type of connection problem in the first dance where they missed a grab and things were awkward for a sec.

  39. SandyAzelkas says:

    I was in awe of that free style. No one could do better. Congrats to both.

  40. Elvira says:

    Wow!!! Paige and Mark had the greatest dances of the night. They picked 2 great songs to dance to. Mark and Paige are mesmerizing! Marks fiancé sang beautifully! Nyle and Peta had the second best dances! I cried when Peta and Nyle danced. Nyle is fabulous. My spouse never watches dwts but he was impressed with Nyle and would love to see him win . I liked Ginger and Val they were good, but I was a little bored. I could understand that Ginger was in some pain. I felt sorry for her. Anyway, Obviously we all have our favorite couple who we’d love to see win. That being said I will be happy for the winning couple.

  41. Vee Sande says:

    Ginger Gee and partner take the cake.

  42. Emma finlay says:

    I want Nyle to win because he is very good

  43. Bj says:

    I think this is going to come down either Paige or nyle and would be pleased with either one winning. I think Paige easily won the redemption round and Nyle had a slightly better freestyle. Over all, with the exception of Mark, Peeta, and Lindsey, I have been really underwhelmed with the choreography of the pros this season. I normally enjoy Val’s choreography but this season it’s been pretty mediocre. Last night, he got to choreograph pretty much two freestyles, while Mark and Peeta had to choreograph a ballroom or Latin redemption dance and that was the best he could come up with?

  44. Theresa says:

    Nyle is an amazing young man who has risen above his inability to hear to perform as well or better then the other competitors.

  45. Didi Bolter says:

    Paige and Mark deserves to win the mirror ball trophy, they are the most improved and does the best of all the other couples, hands down!

  46. Lily says:

    All three finalists are deserving and it’s all good, no matter who wins. I miss Derek Hough, though . . . just saying.

  47. Yoko says:

    All 3 deserve to be in the finals. I voted so will just sit back and see who wins tonight. I will be happy with the voting because I like all of these dancers. Not going to get emotional either way. I will say Nyle’s dance last night was exceptional.

  48. All three finalists were fantastic last night. However, I am totally amazed with Nyle. To do what he has done being deaf is absolutely super. His attitude and desire to prove to others what he and other deaf people are capable of is something to be watched and admired. Whoever wins will be deserving!

  49. Teresa says:

    I didn’t start watching the show until late in the season and the only reason I stayed watching was to see Nyle dance

  50. Love Nyle a truly amazing inspiration to all dancing professionals 😍😍😍