Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Episode 5

Game of Thrones Recap: In Which We Finally Learn How Hodor Got His Name

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Game of Thrones recap here.

All there is to say is: HODOR!



Read on as we recap the highlights of “The Door.”

HOUSE STARK: QUANTUM LEAP EDITION | In a flashback, Bran sees the first white walker made by one of the “children” who hang out with the Three-Eyed Raven. Later, while the Raven is sleeping, Bran goes on an unaccompanied mind trip, winding up standing before a massive army of white walkers. He snakes through the undead crowd unbothered, but when he stands before the Night’s King — you remember him from the Battle of Hardhome — the head baddie both sees and touches him.

When Bran comes to, screaming, the Raven says that he’s in danger: Because the Night’s King’s mark is on the boy, he’ll come for him. “The time has come… for you to become me,” the old man says. And as he predicted, it’s only a matter of time before the entire convocation of the damned sets up shop right outside the cave. “Get Bran and run!” one of the “children” says to Meera. But Bran and the Raven are both in the past, back in the Winterfell scene we saw a few episodes back.

The children hurl fireballs at the Night’s King’s army, to little effect. Eventually, the white walkers breach the cave, leaving Meera and the children to fight them off as she tries to wake young Stark. Eventually, her cries reach him in the past: “Warg into Hodor now!” And with the Raven’s encouragement, the boy does so… but not in time to save poor Summer. (SNIFF.)

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 RecapAs the Night’s King kills the Raven in the present, Bran watches his mentor disappear in the past. Meanwhile, a warged Hodor carries off Bran and Meera follows. But just as they get outside, a horde of white walkers keeps hitting the door Hodor’s holding — the only thing stopping them from getting to Bran — and as Hodor of the Past screams, “Hold the door! Hold the door! Ho…dor!” (a-ha!) while Bran watches… Hodor of the present becomes White Walker dinner. Yeah, I can’t exactly wrap my mind around it, either.

HOUSE STARK | Sansa receives a raven summoning her to a meeting with Littlefinger, but because she’s no longer anyone’s fool, she brings Brienne with her. Baelish is all, “I’m here with the knights of the Vale to help!” She is having none of it. “Did you know about Ramsay? If you didn’t know, you’re an idiot. If you did know, you’re my enemy,” she says, forcing him to guess at what terrible things Ramsay might’ve done to her. “I can still feel what he did in my body, standing here right now,” she says. I absolutely adore this new, hardass Sansa, by the way. She threatens to turn Brienne loose on him, but Littlefinger is ever the sweet-talker. He tells her that her uncle Brendan, the Blackfish, has gathered forces and retaken Catelyn’s family home Riverrun and suggests that she go to her mother’s people rather than stay with her “half brother.” She lets him leave without killing him. Can’t say I would’ve done the same.

Later, Jon, Sansa, Brienne, Edd, Tormund, Melisandre and Davos have a strategy session. Sansa’s big point: The North is loyal, and they’ll rally behind a combined Jon-Sansa team. But when she drops the intel about the Tullys and Riverrun, she lies about how she found out. (Also, Brienne’s observations about Jon and Tormund? Spot-on.)

HOUSE A GIRL HAS NO NAME | Arya and The Waif spar, which turns to fisticuffs, which ends with Arya bleeding on the ground. “You’ll never be one of us, Lady Stark,” the girl says to Arya. “She has a point,” J’qen says. A stroll through the Hall of Faces reveals that the visages on the walls are of the first Faceless Men, then Hagar gives his charge a vial of poison and tasks her with killing an actress. That actress happens to be playing Cersei in a farce about the Baratheon family. Arya laughs hard at the Baratheon folly, yet is less pleased to see her own father — and his beheading — mocked in the same play.

Backstage after the performance, after we’re treated to an up-close shot of the Joffrey actor’s warty junk, Arya figures out that she’ll slip the poison into the actress’ rum. (Her name, by the way, is Lady Crane.) But when Arya is curious about who’s hired the hit, J’qen informs her: “A servant does not ask questions.”

HOUSE GREYJOY | At the kingsmoot, Yara makes her play for leading the Iron Islands, but she’s shouted down by those who say that Theon — aka Balon’s male heir — should take the position of power. “She is your rightful ruler,” he says, rallying the group behind his sister. “We will find no better leader. This is our queen!” and for a minute, everyone’s on board. But then their uncle Euron Greyjoy steps forward and claims the role… and Yara totally knows he’s the reason their dad is dead. (To his credit, Euron admits to the murder, albeit with all the passion of someone ordering a turkey sandwich at the corner deli.) Once the men start chanting “Euron! Euron!” it’s basically over. So while Uncle Greyjoy is getting baptized/nearly drowned as the new ruler… Yara, Theon and those loyal to them run to the ships and take off! When Euron is done spitting up saltwater, he moves to murder his niece and nephew… and upon realizing they’ve gone, he commissions “a thousand ships.”

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 RecapHOUSE TARGARYEN | Ser Jorah reveals his infected arm to Daenerys, who starts crying and apologizing. “All I’ve ever wanted is to serve you,” he says. “Tyrion Lannister was right. I’ll love you. I’ll always love you. Goodbye, khaleesi.” But she gets all regal on his dragonscale behind and commands him to find the cure for his affliction. “I command you to heal yourself and then return to me,” she says. “When I take the seven kingdoms, I need you by my side.”

Back in Meereen, things are far more peaceful since Tyrion struck the deal with the masters. But they need some help in the public relations department, so Tyrion and Varys meet with Kinvara, a red priestess. But unlike Melisandre, Kinvara thinks Daenerys is the one who was promised. “You want your queen to be worshipped and obeyed. And while she’s gone, you want her advisers to be worshipped and obeyed,” the holy lady surmises. But Varys is very wary. “Why should I trust you any more than the priestess who counsels Stannis?” he questions her. So she schools him by bringing up intimate details from the night he was castrated, and he is FREAKED. “We serve the same queen. If you are her true friend, you have nothing to fear from me,” she assures him. Red Priestess mic drop!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bryan says:

    I am gutted. That double combo of Summer dying and then that Hold the Door moment.

    Sansa has become such a badass. I just hope that Littlefinger isnt lying to her.

    • ABG says:

      Love the Sansa stuff, especially after last year’s stupid rape plot. Queen in the north for the win.

    • Ryan says:

      Yup. I’ve truthfully never been this devastated by the show. I think it’s because as a book reader I knew what was coming before and the one two punch of the dog and then poor Hodor….oh man….all the tears.

      • Paul says:

        Barely any of this complete crap will happen in the book series… What have you been reading? GRRM does not write like this… The show has become a joke.

        • I don’t understand .. Ryan says its like in the book … You say the book is completely different … so which one is true ? Also … Does Hodor die ? I don’t understand how he can die in the present and live in the past.

          • KCC says:

            He’s dead now. In the past he was alive. Anyone that dies in the present was alive in the past.

          • Bruce Wayne says:

            Thats classic time travel logic hes alive in the past because dying hasn’t happened to him yet. in fact the only reason he even “reacted” at all was because Bran warged into him. For instance if a rock hits you when you ten it doesn’t hurt your 4 year old self. Also STOP KILLING ALL THE DIREWOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Guest says:

            Don’t listen to those weirdos. It might or might not happen in the books but we won’t know until GRRM actually releases the 6th book which all of this storyline is coming from (except kingsmoot that was in an earlier book) so both of those commenters are just blowing smoke out of their arse.

        • Coby says:

          No one listen to Paul. I’ve read the books too and the show and the books are both great. He’s just another sad, sad person that has to be negative all the time. All because the show doesn’t imagine something the same way he did in the book. I feel sorry for people like him who always think the books are as good as the “bible” and can’t really enjoy the show. Just sad :(

        • Zach says:

          I understood Ryan’s comment to mean, he’s devastated now because the story has digressed from the books. He knew a lot of the other story lines were going to happen, but last night was new and therefore very devastating.

        • Oscar says:

          I think what Ryan is saying is that, in the past seasons, he knew what was coming (Red Wedding, for example) because he read the books. This season, the TV show has gone past the books, so he doesn’t know what is coming.

      • Mburke says:

        Huh? This book hasn’t been completed yet, no one knew this was coming. Your comment makes no sense.

    • The black polarbear says:

      This is Littlefinger we are talking about, of course he’s going to betray her in some form or another.

  2. Derek says:


  3. JA903 says:

    Wowsers…so is Bran dead???

  4. Joey says:

    So unfortunate that Game of Thrones has decided to take the route of becoming a horrible fanfiction. The showrunners really can’t do anything properly without GRRM, can they?

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      I wonder how much of this is now based on his notes for the series, or if this is completely divergent from GRRM’s version? I guess we won’t find out until the next book, if we’re all still alive when it’s released next millennium.

      • Joey says:

        So you know, a lot of complaints about the show going downhill aren’t necessariy about the moments in the show. It’s about what happened in the show leading up to those moments. They have changed so much from the source material that when something happened in the books in the past, it leads to a moment in the present. But in the show, that past moment didn’t happen, but the showrunners still like that present moment, so they include it, but there was nothing that happened in the past that would make this present moment make sense. I rambled a bit, but that’s the gist of a lot of the complaints…

    • ABG says:

      It’s only fan fiction because GRRM hasn’t published. I’m pretty sure most of the big plot points will remain.

      Also, I’m pretty sure he ain’t gonna finish the books, so…

    • Devin says:

      In the recap, they said GRRM personally told them about where the name Hodor came from, so if that’s the “fanfiction” you’re complaining about, you have to blame the author of it all himself.:

      • Joey says:

        If you watch the recaps, you’ll also know that whenever a moment in the show happens when the showrunners might get criticized, they hide behind the writing. They blamed GRRM last year saying they needed to have Stannis burn Shireen. But what’s the context? They don’t care about context. So it looks like sloppily-written fanfiction no matter if they have the same events as the books, because the context is different.

    • Picture perfect says:

      GRRM is consulting, so no.

    • Lala says:

      Well if GRRM wasn’t a ‘book-a-decade’ author then the showrunners would have some source material to go by. The show cant be blamed for the route it’s taking when there’s nothing to refer to. Obviously GRRM would ave run through his vision for what happens in later texts with the showrunners.

      • Vanessa Miramontes says:

        Easy now, Lala. GRRM had published five books in this series (and more if you count the upcoming release, Dunk and Egg, etc.) since 1993. IOW, he’s published a book once every 4.2 years (our every 3 years if you count the others).

        • Lala says:

          Point is, the book series is not finished yet so I’m not sure why people would be complaining about the pace and the route this season is taking when obviously D&D are flying half blind because there’s no source material

    • CFRoon says:

      If you watch the extras on hbo go, they explain that the Hodor story came straight from GRRM. It was his plan for Hodor all along.

  5. Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

    Another great episode, I love how quick the pace is this season. Every time I think they’ll burn off a few episodes over a certain story it’s done by the end of a single episode. The Walking Dead and it’s sister show could learn a lot from this ;)

    • ABG says:

      It’s only working because of the buildup from the first five seasons, but I’m loving the faster pace as well. There have been no filler episodes so far.

  6. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    NOOOOO…..not Hodor and Summer!!!!! Sh*t why keep killing the Stark Wolves! They better not kill Ghost off I will be SUPER PISSED. Anyways another great episode….but Damn I’m shocked.

    • Allee says:

      Hoping maybe Arya’s wolf will return.

      • Ryan says:

        My dog is named Nymeria. I’m really gonna need Nymeria to make it….though she’s a much bigger player in the books than the show. If she never shows up on TV I can just assume she lives right?

        • Cornelius says:

          But isn’t Arya still blind in the books while having the dreams about Nymeria? If so it seems the show just cut that story out.

          • Martina says:

            No she isn’t. She got her sight back in the books as well. She found out who beat her by warging into a cat and this got her sight to be restored by a potion.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I hope so too. She’s been gone for a good while. …..where are u Nymeria!!!!

  7. im in complete shock this show is amazing hodor “hold the door” wow wow wow. I will cry later but wow amazing GOT you got me going crazy wow

  8. The Kaibosh says:

    That one hurt.

  9. Claire says:

    Hodor’s death was sad, but animal deaths get me every time.

    • bev4hope says:

      Oh, every time … and now two dire wolves in a row? I’m devastated :( About Hodor, too, but two ..? TWO? Unless the rumor I’m hearing is true, that it wasn’t Shaggy that Ramsay’s men killed. Damn.

  10. kate says:

    bran better start doing something redeeming. he killed his two most endearing sidekicks in a span of one episode and shows no signs of doing meera any favors either.

    I loved Sansa & Brienne this episode, but I’m afraid Sansa trusting Littlefinger’s version of what was happening at River Run is going to be a mistake.

    • EV says:

      Have you forgotten about Jojen Reed? It’s three (four including Raven)..
      Is Jojen deemed insignificant because it happened 2 seasons ago?

    • KCC says:

      Did I miss something? I haven’t seen Bran kill anyone. Hodor fulfilled his destiny. He held the door to allow Bran to escape. I’m certain Bran will play a big role going forward and Hodor and Summer will not have died in vain.

  11. JP says:

    Mind is blown!!! Stop killing the direwolves…. If Ghost dies we need to riot

  12. Ian says:

    Not crazy about The Children having created the White Walkers, yet they can’t fight them. Makes no sense.
    And a lot of these deaths tonight felt arbitrary. Summer and Leaf committed suicide unnecessarily.
    They did manage to make me love Hodor and break my heart with his death though, that redeems the episode. And also that there’s hope for Jorah.

    • ABG says:

      Makes sense to me. You create some weird army that ends up being more powerful than you expected… It’s happened in a lot of films and tv shows (i.e Terminator)

      • Ian says:

        But we’re talking about magic, How did The Children knowingly create the White Walkers, but now don’t know what their undoing is? All they can do is throw little bombs? That’s all crap.

        • Luis Puerta says:

          Im right there with you..

        • Karen MT says:

          Magic doesn’t make one all-powerful. You can still do dumb things without knowing all the consequences with magic.

        • T.M. says:

          I think once upon a time there might have been a LOT MORE children of the forest where they could balance out the White Walkers… but then more and more of them died making the WW the dominate ones. I bet some of them might have poured their power in the wall.

          • I’ve seen so many movies where the creatures overcome the creators… it doesn’t matter wheter its from magic/science… It’s normal and it makes sense to me.

        • KCC says:

          Their undoing is dragon stone. We saw Meera destroy one of the King’s Lieutenants with the spear she picked up. I’m assuming it’s tip was made of dragon stone. Did you see the shear number of white walkers? Against a dozen Children, a wolf, a woman and a panicked Hodor. If the Children could just say “abracadabra” and they all disappear that would be anticlimactic and a simple way for humans to defeat the white walkers as well. What’s the point of building an army that can be defeated with a single incantation? It would be like building a Death Star that can be destroyed by flying a single Fighter into it. Now that’s crap. Also, magic is an art not a science. Artistic endeavors do not always turn out as planned. Sometimes things go sideways.

  13. T.M. says:

    That episode hurt my heart. Damn they really turned this show around since last season.

  14. Aisha says:

    Lmao, seconds before Summer died I was just thinking about how there’s only two wolves left.

    I spent the last ten minutes of this episode with my mouth wide open in shock, I think an unknown season is exactly what was needed, I’m excited and I’m excited to see how much it sticks to the book should it ever come out.

  15. Wezza says:

    STOP KILLING THE WOLVES OFF PLEASE!!! only 2 left i can still hear the yelping noise :-(

  16. we got the good last week dany the bad this week hodor :( then probably the ugly next week ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF THE SERIES BUT DAMN THAT WAS BRUTAL IN STILL IN SHOCK AND HAVENT CRIED YET LOL

  17. DT says:

    HOLY BUTTERFLY EFFECT, BATMAN! Still trying to wrap my mind around that last scene…wow

  18. Lassy says:

    I’m not happy about hodor. Because of his future he became this in the past. Sort of like a destiny. Broke my heart. 😥 I hope there may be a way to bring him back or something.

    • Chris Coburn says:

      There is. But not in a way you’d actually LIKE. The only possible way to revive Hodor now is if he becomes a White Walker since there’s no minion of the Lord of Light around. And if that happened, he’d have to be killed AGAIN.

      But the past vision tonight means that it’s likely Bran CAN affect the past, as in when Ned turned around at the Tower of Joy in response to Bran calling out to him.

      • Vanessa Miramontes says:

        What if Hodor can be revived…but doesn’t become a wight ( living dead loyal to the White Walkers)? After all, his mind is different. Remember Coldhands (in the books)? He didn’t turn.

    • Camelslayer says:

      Umm, he’s standing in front of a door with an army of the undead on the other side. He moves, they swarm him. He stands there, they stab him through the door. There’s literally no way of Hodor getting out of it without some dreadful fanfic garbage.

  19. Julie says:

    I’m absolutely gutted after this episode. The show runners have killed yet another dire wolf. All there is left is Ayra’s who’s is on the run and Ghost. Technically the only dire wolf still with a Stark is Ghost. However we didn’t even see Ghost leave with Jon.

    As for Hodor. That was beyond heartbreaking. I’m starting to feel like we the viewer aren’t allowed a “win”. Yes we all got Jon Snow back but in the process Shaggydog is dead and Rikkon is captured.

    Tonight was all a little to much

    • You’re absolutely right, it’s as if the writers are set on making the viewers feel hopeless, we can’t win for ish, there’s no sense of vindication by the time Stanis is killed or when Jon returns because the lesser evil stays losing and the despicable ALWAYS have a winning hang or gets miraculous advantages. Was it really necessary for the Umber to sell out Bran? It’s like the writers said “wait no but if he loses Sansa then he can’t be purely evil anymore and the good guys are going to win, nope, let’s give him something more evil to do, where is that Rickon again? YES that’s it, and kill the Direwolf too, the audience seems to be too fond of them, they must suffer!HAHAHA shock value is the best!” It’s lazy and senseless, I know now that when the show ends it’ll just be a sigh of relief that it’s all over there won’t be any satisfaction. A pity really…

  20. Mollymoo says:

    Hodor. I honestly think that’s about all I can muster now. Hodor. *sniff*

  21. JP says:

    And Sophie Turner continues to blaze this season. stand by my comment last week.. She needs strong consideration for an Emmy next year. That scene alone with little finger… You could as a viewer feel the uncomfort of the questioning (though he deserved to hear it)… She should be a strong contender for TVLines performer of the week

  22. Lala says:

    SUMMER :-(
    FFS two direwolves in one season…this is depressing

  23. Luis Puerta says:

    Can anyone explain how Bran was worged into hodor and yet also in the past at the same time? Isn’t that a paradox? I understand Bran needed to be in the past in order to cause what happened to hodor, while also saving his future self, but how was he in two places?

    Also, what did the three eyed raven mean by “its time to become me”. I didnt see any transfer of powers or anything to indicate bran becoming the three eyed raven.

    I loved the episode but im scratching my head in confusion

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Same. I came here hoping someone would have explained it or at least theorized an explanation. I’m actually okay with not knowing a legit reason & just chalking it up to “magic” but it’s not like GOT has the gaping plot holes of OUAT & I’m hoping there’s an actual explanation. I think we’re all too upset about Hodor and Summer to care about figuring it out.

    • Lorena Rodriguez says:

      I guess the best explanation for how Bran warged into Hodor in the past and in the future, is because he was present in both timelines at the same time. Mentally in the past and physically in the future. Yet he could hear Meera so i guess more like he was in between time. Thus when he warged into Hodor not only did he warg into him in the future but in the past as well. Which make sense if you think about “souls” or one’s “mind” as there is only one “us”. Since Bran was in between time and connected to both Hodor’s one could say it is because time is like a circle and a soul like a string. Thus Bran connected to both Hodors, laying a string across a circle and connecting Hodor’s past self with his future self.

    • Lauren says:

      The way it looked to me was that Hosir’s consciousness from the future went in the past. When his eyes open in the future they were the same blue they were in the past not Bran’s brown or white like they are when Brandon wargs into him. I understood it to be a merging of Hodors consciousness from the past and his consciousness from the present which is why He felt his death in the past because his consciousness was merged across the two.

    • JOHN says:

      The best way I can explain it you is, think about life as a circle and not linear. Every action you make in the past causes a reaction in the future, kinda like a some of parts working together for the whole. The 3 eyed raven two episodes ago told Bran not to stay in the warged state for so long so as not to draw attention to himself. In this episode Bran makes a mistake, he is not as skilled as other green seers. He is still learning how to do this. He went by himself this time unprepared and strayed into a vision of the Night king. Bran in the past at winter fell was trying to get info on what happened to Ned’s dad which is one of the catalyst to Robert’s rebellion. Warging into a person is messy, it is more dangerous and very complex, even more so being able to affect past, present and future events is something very few greenseers are able to do. Bran warging into young Hodor in the past creates some sort of endless loop in which present Hodor is trapped in a warg state. Hodor grows up with one sole purpose in mind which is to protect Bran and Meera in this specific event in time which is to, ”Hold the Door”. Bran’s sole purpose of going back in the past is to find out what started Robert’s rebellion and how his aunt Llyara died. He believes if he knows what really happened for the war of the kings to breakout, he can help unite the kingdoms against the walkers. The last time the white Walkers got this strong it took the Children of the Forrest and all the Andals to take them down. Right now in Kings Landing it is chaos, so many different factions (Daenarys, Lannisters, Starks, Boltons and so forth) vying for the throne. Bran knows if the White Walkers were to march south of the border it will be a nightmare with no-one ready to stop them as they are busy fighting for the throne.

  24. Lala says:


  25. Vanessa Miramontes says:

    Other than the obscenely close-up images of a man’s penis (*really…why did they even include this image?), the episode was great.

    RIP Hodor and Summer

  26. Mollymoo says:

    So, let’s talk about Summer. The wolves were as much about the Starks connection to…well the Starks as anything else. Lady dies when Sansa goes all goo-goo eyes over Joff and sort of separates herself (in a way) from the family. Nymeria is not dead but she is lost…like Arya is alive and “no one” yet still clings to her Starkness. Grey Wind dies with Robb. Shaggydog….well let’s face it, doesn’t look so good for Rickon. And then Summer….the three eyed Raven says it. It’s time for Bran to become him. It’s time for Bran to set aside the crippled Stark persona and become the great green seer. It’s time for him to become what he is destined to be. The dire wolf is his connection to Bran, the Stark boy. The wolf’s death is symbolic of Bran shedding that old self and becoming what he’s to become. The name is also symbolic… Summer? Dude, the Night King has marked Bran he’s showing up places he shouldn’t be. It’s about to get real. Summer is over. Winter is here.

  27. Bpadge01 says:

    Can we talk about Meera killing one of the Wight Walker Knights??????
    Could the theory that R+L=J+M be right???

    • Vanessa Miramontes says:

      It could have been Valaryien steel or dragonglass on the end of the spear. Remember when Sam killed a white walker a few seasons back?

      I guess that you could argue R+L=J+M+S


    • Luis Puerta says:

      It was definitely dragonglass. it was pitch black and given to them awhile ago.

  28. on inside the episode D&D said that it was GRRM that revealed to them thats how HODOR became HODOR so that will be in the books!!! AND BY THE WAY I STARTED CRYING LOL

  29. Will says:

    If it weren’t for Silicon Valley right after, I’d be a blubbering mess staring at a white wall.

  30. immeam says:

    I dont know what to say…it was a good one minus the Hodor stuff..:(
    Theon looks like human finally..i dont think even he is able to find a cure he will always be in the friend zone..this season has been awesome..looking forward to next episode!

    • Chris Coburn says:

      Theon cure? Mrr? There’s no cure for what’s wrong with Theon. Now, JORAH might have an option for a cure. But yeah, even if he finds one, he’ll stay in the friendzone. Ooo. Idea time. Jon currently has the Mormont house sword Longclaw in his possession. Jorah returns with the cure to find Jon at Dany’s side and recognizes the sword. Don’t know what happens AFTER that, though

  31. KC says:

    First Ned. Then the Red wedding. Now Summer AND Hodor all in the same episode?!

    So not ready for this tear jerker tonight :(

  32. webly3 says:

    Easily the worst episode of the entire show. Bran’s storyline took a collosal misstep during the episode. I’m not sure if many things will be able to recover from this misstep. I am emotionally exhausted due to Hodor’s death and the fact that the show’s quality might as well just be gone. (and like last episode though was literally one of the best of the series. Talk about messy.)

    • KCC says:

      How do you know Bran’s story line took a misstep? Please share. My understanding is we’re beyond the books. I think this is where his story line gets interesting and I will not make a decision about it being a “misstep” until AFTER I see where this step leads. As for Hodor’s death, it was, sadly, his destiny to die protecting Bran. A much more noble end then many get on GoT.

  33. A. D. says:

    Heartbroken! Hold the Door will never mean the same thing again!

  34. fabiotatsuo says:

    Hodor and Summer killed was terrible… I hope the others wolves stay alive

  35. Melissa says:

    Stop killing the Dire wolves dammit! The white walkers parts of the show are just awful (I hate hate hate zombie stuff)! And dammit, why Hodor??!!?!??! Probably the most innocent character EVER in this series, and they don’t just kill him, he gets torn apart! I really hope that he doesn’t rise form the dead, I think that would be absolutely awful!

  36. Michael Littlefield says:

    Does Euron really think he’s going to find Daenerys,and they’re going to over the world? Wow, I can’t wait until she puts him in his place. :)

  37. Lovin'_Season_6_Can't_Wait_For_the_Next_Episode. says:

    Heartbreaking. Poor Hodor. Such a small number of times we saw him smile. Kudos to the actor playing him. He said so much with one word. Hell of a job of presenting so many emotions.I’ll miss him. Now I’m wondering, though, are we going to see him again as a whiteling. Please D&D, do NOT do that to us. That would be horrific. I know you guys seem to enjoy horrific, but enough with Hodor already. Let him rest in peace (or miraculously show up alive at a later date). Yeah I know. Wishful thinking. It was a hell of way to end Hodor’s life (apparently) by also showing us his “creation” so to speak.

    Summer :-( Always so horrible to hear an animal’s cry out as it dies. Enough with killing the direwolves. Can we have two of them alive at the end for Pete’s sake. Leave fricking Ghost alone and bring Nymera back at some time when she’s desperately needed to save the day.
    It would be awesome to see Arya warging into her again (though I don’t want to see Arya end up having to spend the end of her live permanently as a direwolf, though it’s better than nothing I guess.

    Sansa. Sansa. She has learned a lot about the Game from her time at King’s Landing, the Vale of Arryn and the Bolton’s Winterfell. Sophie Turner is doing an excellent job of portraying the victim who now seeks revenge. Smart. Shrewd. Determined. That’s our Sophie.

    As for the remaining Starks, I hope Arya gets the heck outta the House of the Dead and starts mixing with more main characters. I’m looking forward to her story out in the world. And Rickon, well, I pray he’s not one of the six being burned on the X’s (wouldn’t mind if one was Ramsay, though).

    Still have my fingers crossed for Brienne & Tormund becoming a couple. He is so enamored of her, it’s awesome. They’re the only people I can think of who have the potential to keep us laughing for some time. We need a little bit of fun every now and then, don’t we?

    Oh and won’t it be hilarious when Denaerys swats Euron like a fly after she’s done with him and his men? Or before. The thought that he thinks he can be the King in Khaleesi’s castle…. ridiculous.

    And regarding Cersei, Maggy the Witch did tell her that she would outlive her three children. In the book (but not the show) Maggy tells Cersei “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” (the valonqar meaning “little brother” … which could be either Tyrion or Jaime since Jaime is referred to as being the second born of the twins. I can’t imagine that happening until near the end, if at all.

    Finally I thoroughly enjoy the unique experience of seeing a set of characters in two different mediums with stories taking different twists and turns throughout. I will always prefer the truths of GRRM’s books, and I will always enjoy the very different adventures of the television series. It’s a fantastic experience.

    • Lovin'_Season_6_Can't_Wait_For_the_Next_Episode. says:

      Oops………Hodor…. as Wight (not whiteling)……..duh…………………ha!

    • Mollymoo says:

      We have little idea where Sansa goes in the books since she’s still playing around in the Vale on the pages. On the show it almost feels like she’s taken on a bit of Lady Stoneheart.

      • Matt says:

        Sansa didn’t learn as much from Littlefinger as she should have. The Starks are still suffering from their lack of practicality. If Sansa was smart, she would have played nice with Littlefinger and used the Vale to defeat the Boltens, keeping Jon’s more reliable force undiminished. Instead, she will use up her own resources to accomplish the same goal, thereby weakening her position with another armed enemy in the field. It’s not like LF could justify staying in the North after defeating the Boltens, since taking back the North FOR SANSA is his justification for armed mobilization. His hold over the Vale is precarious at best and is dependent upon Sansa’s lie and the whims of a spoiled rotten child lord. She could have held the threat of the truth over his head as the stick with her silence being the carrot. She just inadvertently threw the friendship of the Vale back in their faces, which LF can use to consolidate his power.

        Sansa just let Littlefinger know her feelings and her plan. Littlefinger knows Sansa is a threat, but he still needed her as the rationale for war. Now, he is able to devise a strategy to destroy her, without threatening his hold over the Vale. He has ten times her troop numbers, more resources, and better intell about Westeros, as well as some potential evil allies near the area (the Boltens and Freys). Sansa could have maneuvered herself into a position of power over LF and had him killed when he was no longer of any use to her. Instead, she just tipped her hand and gave LF every reason to oppose her when she was already in a weak military position. What good can Riverrun do for her, surrounded by enemies and unable to move North due to the Freys at the crossing and the Vale Knights at Moat Cailan? That was a huge strategic mistake by Sansa, similar to the mistakes of her father and mother. Hopefully, it will end better for Sansa than it did for her parents.

  38. Liz says:

    Hodor, nooooo… Summer… (I swear, if they kill another direwolf!)… Such a sad episode!!
    And Jorah FINALLY saying the words to Daenerys, she finally forgiving him & giving him hope… I want those two together so much!
    And Sansa? She wouldn’t try to manipulate Jon, right? With her “here’s father’s coat” on one hand, and lying to him on the other!
    Anyway, can’t wait for more!

  39. Martina says:

    By the way, it’s Brynden Tully, not Brendan…

  40. Canon says:

    I just can’t quite see how Willis became Hodor before Bran went back to the past. Shouldn’t Willis have been Willis (speaking) until Bran went back and changed the past by giving Willis a seizure leaving him only saying Hodor thereby becoming Hodor. Shouldn’t it have been that he was Willis up until Bran went back in time then he’d be Hodor after that because now Bran changed the past. That’s what I don’t get. For example. Say I can see and I know Bran then Bran goes back changes something that made me blind 10 years ago so now in present day I have been blind 10 years, so yesterday I could see, today after Bran travels, now I can’t but also have the memory of living 10 years blind. Isn’t that how it should work? If so…how was Hodor not Willis yesterday and is only Hodor after today’s travel? smh

    • KCC says:

      If you look at Bran as time travelling you’re correct. But if you look at everything being pre-written, like a book, then it makes sense to me. A book exists and does not change. The entire story exists simultaneously. When you read the part about Willis becoming Hodor, it happens at a single point in time, in other words, on a single page of the book. Bran did not go back in time so much as he went to a previous page of a book that was already written. At the time it happened, when Willis became Hodor, it would appear to be an unexplained seizure. Now we know the cause of the seizure having read the current page, but the seizure was always part of the story. Anything Bran appears to change during his “flashbacks” are not actual changes but an explanation of why something happened. Or I could be all wrong. It is a fantasy story after all.

  41. Mollymoo says:

    I am most impressed with Sansas ability to embroider in such detail and so quickly….especially while at the Wall because I’m not sure where they got that fabric up there, and her artistic talent to replicate the family mark on leather, Girl has some talent. :)

  42. kirads09 says:

    THAT scene with Jorah and Dany. May have broken me. I am not ashamed to say I was crying along with Dany. So well played. And I LOVED Sansa putting Little Finger in his place. But Summer and Hodor. :-(

    • Matt says:

      Actually, Sansa screwed up and let her feelings blind her to a better strategic option. She could have used the Vale to take out the Boltens while building up her position with the other Northern lords and then told the Lords of the Vale the truth about Littlefinger to ensure he is taken out of the game. She could have made Littleginger her bitch. His rule over the Vale is contingent on her silence about Liza Arryn’s death. Instead, she let him know her true feelings and her future plans. She could have flashed a smile and pretended that it was all okay, until she was in a position of greater strength. You do not let an opportunist like Littlefinger know your intentions in advance unless you are stupid, suicidal, or just too honorable for your own good. Just look at Ned Stark.

      • kirads09 says:

        Extremely good points. I was not thinking strategy just was glad that she seems to be “growing a pair” and let him have it. I would not be a a good strategist.

        • Matt says:

          I’m hoping for the best, but it weakened her position if the TV writers keep to how Martin did things. I love a good “piss off a-hole” moment as much as anyone, but it never seems to work out like that on GOT. I hope it will still work out okay for Sansa, since she’s been through waaaay too much as it stands. However, she’s taking the long, hard road, instead of the short, easy road with that decision. Plus, it leaves Littlefinger in control of one of the largest armies in Westeros with Sansa as an enemy. She had an opportunity to make LF her bitch. Instead, she let him remain strong. It would be true justice if LF had to be a pawn for the girl he once used as a pawn after he conspired to murder her father.

  43. Ella says:

    Ugh, I actually wept at the end of this episode. This sucked so hard. Beautiful, wonderful, loyal Hodor. And Summer :'( I don’t know which death hurt me more. I’m so sick of the good guys dying. I’m so sick of dire wolves dying.

  44. Jeanna says:

    Fantastic episode. Love kickass Sansa. Love the new Theon. Love Tormond and Brienne scenes! Hate the war on direwolves! I mean come on! Do we need to start a Save the Direwolves campaign? Varys! Arya may not be cut out to be no one but hang in there a little longer to improve those fighting skills. Your gonna need ’em. Glad Dany forgave Jorah. Hodor. Dear sweet Hodor. Ugh! Devastated. So must be Bran. Best episode of the season.

  45. Barbara says:

    Too much and not enough??
    Meaning “Too much to fully process on almost all fronts and not enough (as usual) since you always feel the need more !
    Heartbreaking Hodor and now the why
    “Hold the Door” and Sumner yet another Dire Wolf dies.
    Yeah I was crying AGAIN at the end as I am screaming at the screen.

  46. andi says:

    As much as I love finding out about the Children and WW’s…I really can’t wrap my mind about what the show just did. Why didn’t anyone in Winterfell (Old Nan, Ned, Benjen, their father, all the on lookers) know the story of how Hodor started saying Hodor? Clearly he was yelling “hold the door” until it just became “Hodor”…so that’s the story that should have been told in Winterfell over the years, and everyone would know it. Regardless of how vague it is, that’s what happened.

    Also, it was clear Bran could impact the past, especially when we established it in the Tower of Joy flashback….so what was Bloodraven doing? If he know Ned heard Bran, they could have tried to contact the Children during the vision when they created the White Walkers…but no, Instead he chose to lie to Bran about how powerful he is, doesn’t show him whats in the tower, and then doesn’t pull him out of his vision when The Nights King showed up. How did he even know the Nights King touched Bran? Did he see it, and if so, how?

    Sorry, but WTF?!?!

  47. Kevin K says:

    The episode was really scary involving that Hold the Door moment.