Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale

Fear the Walking Dead Midseason Finale Recap: Ready... Flame... Fire!

Those of you who have been voicing your displeasure with Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section might have been especially pleased by this week’s midseason finale: What transpired basically turned the whole show upside-down, cutting old ties and simultaneously knotting new ones. Plus, one character went full-on Rick Grimes on an adversary. Who? Read on and find out!

‘THIS IS THE END OF DEATH ITSELF’ | Early on in “Shiva,” Celia was lighting into Strand for shooting Thomas in the head rather than joining him in death, as planned. “You love no one,” she spat, adding a slap for good measure. Though Madison tried to intervene, Celia wasn’t having any. “The sun comes down, I want you gone,” she said. “All of you.” Hoping to pacify Celia, Nick bloodied himself up, went out and retrieved a zombified Luis. “What you see is my son,” she insisted. “Changed, yes, but no less my son.” And somehow, that was, in fact, what Nick saw. So Celia decided that he and he alone belonged there. What about his family? he asked. OK, they can stay, too, Celia said. But not Victor.

Naturally, Madison was ticked about Nick’s latest death-defying stunt. But he couldn’t understand why she couldn’t understand a mother wanting her son back. (Perhaps he didn’t get a good whiff of Zombie Luis?) At an impasse, he volunteered to go out again and come back with Travis. Off that argument, Maddie appealed to Strand to save Nick from Celia’s dangerous influence. Victor turned down her request — and pointed out that they weren’t friends, just two people who’d had a “useful arrangement.” Yet it was still clear that they had bonded. When she asked where he’d go when he was kicked out, he told her he’d head for the boat. “If there [still] is a boat,” he added. “You interested?” Alas, she couldn’t leave without Travis.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale‘LOOK AT ME! I’M NO GOOD!’ | Speaking of whom… Out looking for Chris, Travis — his feet bloody since he’d left the hacienda in such a hurry, he hadn’t even grabbed shoes — came upon a house whose occupant offered him water and a pair of sneakers. But when the man lied about having seen Chris and tried to hustle Travis out, he deduced that there was someone hiding in the other room. Whad’ya know? It was Chris, holding the poor man’s little boy hostage! After Travis disarmed his son and saved the youngster, he tried to impress upon Chris that he wasn’t a monster. “You sure about that?” the teen replied. And, considering that he’d just held a gun on and tried to stab his dad, it seemed a valid question. Later, Nick tracked down Travis, who told him that Chris couldn’t come back, not in his current state. So Travis wanted Nick to go back and tell Maddie that he’d never found them.

‘THEY HATE YOU FOR YOUR SILENCE’ | Meanwhile, nightmare-plagued Daniel was quickly coming unglued. At one point, his delirium became so obvious — he tried to drag Ofelia off to see her late mother — that some of Celia’s men intervened, and he attacked them with a razor. Once in custody, Celia challenged the barber to confess his sins. “I have nothing to tell you,” he insisted. However, he had plenty to discuss with Griselda. When his ill-fated wife materialized before his eyes, she reminded him that there was one sin he’d never confessed even to her — his first, when he was just a boy being recruited by the junta. After being forced to remember, Daniel — egged on by his missus’ apparition — escaped from the chair to which he was tied, filled the room with gasoline and dropped a match. (Adios, Daniel.)

‘WHAT WOULDN’T YOU DO FOR YOUR CHILDREN?’ | When Celia ordered Strand out after Thomas’ funeral, Madison pleaded her non-friend’s case when maybe she should’ve been pleading her own. Celia noted that Madison was only being allowed to stay because of Nick, and if she didn’t get with the program, Nick might change his mind about that. In response, Madison said that she did want to understand Celia’s perspective, so the older woman took her to the cellar and asked a series of questions along the lines of, “If your child was hungry, would you not feed him?” Unfortunately for the madwoman, there was nothing Madison wouldn’t do for her kids — including locking Celia in with the zombies. (Adios, Celia.)

‘WE DESTROY EVERYTHING’ | As night fell, Strand made his exit, cracking, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll hail a cab.” (Curiously, somewhere along the line, Alicia forgot that she and Victor had an antagonistic relationship.) When Daniel and the whole compound went up in flames a la Hershel’s barn, Victor turned around in his truck and picked up Madison, Alicia and Ofelia. Just then, Nick returned from his “unsuccessful” mission and wanted to know where Celia was. When his mom replied only that they had to get back to the boat, the junkie reeled. Celia “was right about us,” he said. “She knew what we are” — the real monsters. As such, he turned away from his mom and sister and ran the other way.

What did you think of the midseason finale? Grade it below, then hit the comments. Did Madison score any points with you by feeding Celia to her “children”?

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  1. AJ says:

    I’ve really liked this second season so far, greatly improved over first. Becoming more invested in the characters and their relationships to each other (especially Strand and Madison’s don’t call it a friendship). Looking forward to it’s return in August to see where they go from here.

  2. Guest says:

    That sucks. Daniel and Nick were the best characters for me.

  3. dani says:

    This season is definitely better than the first but still got a long ways to go. Naturally two of favorite characters, Liza and Daniel, have been killed but thats to be expected in the Walking Dead world. For the second half of the season I want to see the characters Alicia and Ofelia get more screen time, I think they both could be very entertaining and likable characters – seeing how they go from the weaker ones of the group to some of the only truly sane ones left. I think where all the storylines left off could be interesting and is a good base for the second half of the season to start from. I’m excited to see where everything goes.

  4. Big Mike says:

    I feel like everyone on this show is taking crazy pills. Nobody makes a consistent, rational decision. EVER. Nobody does a damn thing that makes a lick of sense. Chris went from troubled after his moms death, to homicidal psycho in a blink of an eye. Daniel went from the cold voice of reason, to inconsequentially burning himself to death.

    What. The. Hell.

    • Curtis Daniels says:


    • Andrew says:

      @ Big Mike – I totally agree with everything you said.

      We had been shown that Daniel was possibly hearing voices, but the way he started hallucinating came out of nowhere.

      Same thing with Chris. We knew he was feeling troubled about his mom’s death (and killing people that had turned or were going to turn, but then he runs away and threatens a kid (and his father) at knife point. It seemed so random.

      How stupid was Travis, too? He rushes off to find Chris and doesn’t think he should wear a pair of shoes? Ok.

      Then, it seems like the group agrees to split up, but then they regroup at the end minus 3 people.

      All in all, it just didn’t make for an interesting episode, at least for me. I’m really questioning whether I want to finish the rest of the season or not.

      • Maven says:

        The only thing I have is maybe it was something in the Posole, it kept coming up. Also, the imagery brought on by the owl from the prior episodes, it was like a subliminal trigger. Get someone in a suggestive state then finding their vulnerabilities and using that to your advantage is a very powerful tactic of mind control. That is all I got for the sudden personality changes, but who knows.

    • three.oclock says:

      Just finished watching the mid-season final. Chris and Daniel, what the hell was that?! Sloppy, ridiculous writing.

    • Ryan says:

      The show has a lot of faults but this isn’t the walking dead where the characters have adjusted and this has become the new way of life. This is all new to everyone and when thrust into a stressful situation with no time to adjust human beings make irrational decisions. I don’t think it’s beyond belief.

      • Lexi says:

        Thank you!! They are experiencing for the first time.. give them a break

      • Tip says:

        Very true. People can snap even quicker than they did. I seen it.

      • DCL33 says:

        I’ve never watched Walking dead so I see this show with completely different eyes and mindset as opposed to my gf who seen all the episode. She keeps on saying that she cant put her finger on why she cant get into FtWD, she likes it but things bug her, especially walkers. I tell her often that they are just more juicier than in WD, also, here they are just few weeks into apocalypse while WD is few years in…

    • ? says:

      Chris hasn’t actually gone through with anything yet, and since he’s a teenager, I can see him experimenting with the idea of what it would mean to take these kinds of actions. It’s one thing to stand over someone you know with a knife and think about what it would be like to use it on them, it’s another thing to actually do it. Daniel’s actions in this episode didn’t make any kind of sense to me.

    • VonHellblazer says:

      Just like with The Walking Dead, this show had a problem of dragging out the plot when it would be moving along, and rushes things when it should be taking the time to develop characters. I went away asking myself, “WTF did I just watch?”

      Chris, Nick, Daniel, they all went full on Jekyll and Hyde. None of their transformations made any sense.

    • Actually, I think that Daniel’s decision was exactly what he would’ve done. This is the guy that let out a whole stadium of walkers and unleashed them on a hospital to rescue ONE person, while sentencing hundreds to death. Just because he does so calmly, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t go from 0 to 100 in no time flat. Daniel’s actions in the mid-season finale were pretty consistent with his character even if they were influenced by hallucinations of his dead wife.

  5. James D says:

    on the one hand they had the guts to cut some dead weight and on the other they kill off the best character, Daniel :( I’ve generally liked this season it is certainly improved over last, hopefully them hitting a semi reset will mean good things to come.

  6. Curtis Danielsproducers and writers want to make a so they can can says:

    The reason why the first season was better than this season is because the writers gave us something we didn’t get from the original show. A more in-depth look of what took place during the birth of the infection and the chaos. You see the writers we’re trying to do something different and this season by putting everybody on a boat, but really we’re just getting a lot more of the same of the original series. This midseason finale he was definitely more of the same. We’ve already seen the group take refuge with a psychopath. We’ve already seen a psychopath who thinks walkers are human beings. We’ve already seen this idea of a place of refuge go up in flames. if the producers and writers want to make a show that can contend with the original series they have to make some characters that are highly interesting, they have and interesting and original plot that is that redundant. These psychological and mental issues that are just bringing up, seem bizarre and Uninteresting. I fear for the future of fear the walking dead.

    • Lilly says:

      Totally agree. It’s like they’re spending ALL their time in (wth are they thinking) “character development” when we should be seeing interesting storytelling out of the gate here. Who gives a rip – in month one of the apocalypse – if Daniel was a killer in his younger life? The Mexican dealing with death is interesting, especially as it might apply to the zombie apocalypse, but why now? And I get that “normal” family structure nowadays is different than Leave it to Beaver, but seriously … Is the ONE average person in this bunch? You have a melded family (the “normal” wife was killed off), a drug addict, a shyster, a killer, and moody teens. Ugh! And why did you have to throw out showing us the early days of the apocalypse for time on a yacht with complete strangers? I actually like Strand’s character, but having him in the show this early twisted this whole group into Abnormal-ville. In reality, a group like this WOULD have accepted someone like Alex because she was obviously decent and an asset. Any when you leave the compound at the end of last season, why would you not try to take more people and more supplies?
      The fact of the matter is, in “reality,” with normal, average folks like us fans, the group would expand and reduce rather rapidly at first (remember the zombie attack in the mountains outside Atlanta?), as the strong learn and start to survive. But I guess that’s difficult to handle with a cast of actors….
      After last night, I was saying, “Heck, let this bunch die in Mexico.. Let’s go to Georgia (or New York or anywhere!) and see if there is a more interesting group we can follow!”

      • AnnieM says:

        When the show first started, i actually thought it would have been a lot more interesting if it had been set in NYC rather than LA. I still do. *shrug*

      • Curtis Daniels says:

        You might be right. The show probably needs to focus mostly on better storytelling leaving us with expositions of their past a little later. They want to show a broken family breaking apart even more. And they also don’t want Travis as another “Leader Rick.” It’s making Travis look like an overly trusting, overly emotional Boy Scout. Madison is a pretty bland character that has boring dialog and keeps the same facial expression. Chris has been unpopular from the start, and him becoming a villain now doesn’t make the story more compelling sadly. Strand is definitely a unique character though. They should have done something extraordinary different from the original show like make episodes of the characters lives go back in time the way that lost did episode by episode. Or give a Christopher Nolan style exposition episode by episode. Maybe even make this show tie in with the original as a possible conclusion show..They had an almost 6 million person viewership, now at 3 million. They should’ve strategies to come with a strong show right out of the gate

        • Lilly says:

          Yep. I think the writers/producers gameplan out of the gate for FTWD was to make it as different from TWD as possible. I get that, on paper. But instead, they wrote out all the best parts of what makes TWD work: Believable characters, whom we immediately relate to and bond with in one way or another. And they neglected to really give us what could have been the best part of a show that started the apocalypse: the downfall of civilization has been too sudden, too distant, too unbelievable. Instead they tossed in a magic bag of every possible twist they could make for a first season, each of which is interesting on its own, but thrown together (and NOT developed in many cases) has made for a very disjointed FTWD.

  7. Joyce Maloy says:

    Why did that take out Daniel and Nick?? Daniel was one of my favorite characters and Nick was beginning to feel like he fit in and had a purpose ( a bit skewed) but it was a start for him. I think Daniel’s cynicism and caution helped keep the group alive! I will really miss him!

    • three.oclock says:

      I’m pretty sure we’ll see Nick again but it made little sense how upset he was. Daniel getting PTSD (all of a sudden) made even less sense. Agree, he was one of the better characters.

      • AnnieM says:

        When Celia said to Daniel, “You’re dying,” I began to wonder if maybe he had a brain tumor or something. It would certainly explain the hallucinations.

    • Lilly says:

      Btw, on Talking Dead, Gale Hurd said the writers consider Daniel “still around.” He was not mourned in the “those we lost tonight” clip.

  8. Lisa says:

    The writing is terrible- the characters are all over the place. Every one goes mad and runs in different directions. I don’t get how you could take such an interest ion convention as a Zombie Apocalypse and make it boring and laughable. Love the original show and have seen all the episodes many times. Just 1000 times better. Scrap this and start over.

  9. Lynnneez says:

    What the heck just happened?! I kept thinking every other scene must be a dream sequence because it made no sense and had zero connection to the last episode. Chris had some mommy issues, but how did he turn psycho overnight? And Daniel, toughest of them all now suddenly also loses it? It makes no sense. I get it, it’s like the apocalypse, but you need to be able to understand the characters. There is so little character development when everything they do makes no sense. Meanwhile, Alicia and Madison have no feelings. I understand that some of us will just shut things off in situations this tough, but the two of them are like robots. Also, Nick who was supposedly most equipped to handle support much uncertainty yet now he cracks and thinks zombies are just people?? Nothing made sense.

    • Max says:

      All good points but I’m drunk now because I was playing the dinking game “SENSE”. Every me you wrote the word sense I had to take a shot. I’m wasted Lynneez.

  10. Cassie says:

    I thought maybe Nick was getting his high/fix from putting on the walker blood and blending in as one of them. .. The whole adrenaline thing from cheating death. But now I have no idea what’s going on.

    We want to like this show, AMC. Give us reason to.

  11. Aaron Savage says:

    I have no idea how some of you watch both shows given that we didn’t see Daniel actually die, Nick actually die, or even Celia for that matter. Look, if there is one thing we have learned from The Walking Dead show, it is that if you don’t have 100% guaranteed proof that the character died, which we don’t for Nick, Celia or Daniel, don’t count them as dead because they probably aren’t. I personally do not like how the brought on the things with Daniel and turned Chris into a crazy boy but the fact is they are still alive as of right now and haven’t done anything to kill the characters character completely yet. In saying all that, I think a lot will be explained in the first episode in August about who died that night and who didn’t and I guarantee one thing, Celia and Daniel are not dead yet.

    • AnnieM says:

      Pretty sure Celia is dead. She was in the ‘Those We Lost Tonight’ montage. But still, who knows? Maybe Nick will encounter her as a zombie, and he’ll take her along as a traveling companion. Lol.

    • mark says:

      Nick dies? I thought he was by the truck refusing to go with his mother and Strand. At the very end doesn’t Nick walk with the “infected”?

  12. Alicia Gray says:

    While I do appreciate this season much more than the first, I do believe the show is taking too many plots from TWD (if not loosely). Walkers in the cellar from a believer “they are just sick” (Walkers in the barn/Hershel). Fire started at a compound and walkers escape dispersing members of the show? Season 2 finale of TWD. While I like that we don’t know the fates of some of the FTWD members yet … I wish the show would branch out away from TWD. maybe it’s just me.

  13. The Carpooler says:

    I’m glad they wrapped up the storyline at Celia’s quickly. Second half promises new challenges. In this capacity, it seems FTWD did learn from TWD to not drag a storyline (the farm, the prison) too long.

  14. Joey Padron says:

    Episode was good. The dream of Daniel seeing his daughter peeling her face off was scary. Glad Travis stay with Chris to look after him. Hope Daniel made it out of the fire. Not good the group is spilt apart. Can’t wait to see what happens in new episodes in August!

  15. chromulon says:

    As a massive TWD and FTWD fan I have to say I am really disappointed with the development of the show so far, and particularly in the last 2 episodes. I’ll list off a few general things, and then get to this episode.

    General bugbears:
    – Ep.6 – On the boat, Chris and Travis are having a chat at the table outside on Abigail, and are told by Madison that they need to go inside when another boat approaches. The casual response is ‘can’t it wait?’ Madison replies ‘no it can’t’. After all of the highly dangerous situations they’ve been in, you’d think they would be in a heightened state of alertness at most times, and wouldn’t still be acting blasé about being told to hide.
    – Chris seems to be the character that the writers created specifically to irritate die-hard zombie fans… he has been the most willfully stupid character throughout the show so far. Then, inexplicably, in episode 6, when a large mass of zombies approach the group, he has the wherewithal to pass weapons around to everyone before killing a whole bunch of zombies himself, then when one falls on his mother he just freezes to watch. They can explain it away as some sort of morbid fascination, but in the sequence of events it just doesn’t pan out for me. The writers would be doing the audience a big favour to get rid of this train-wreck of a character ASAP (please).
    – I have liked the actor who plays Travis for years, I saw him in Push, and other Australian TV shows when I was younger, and I’m really sad to see the lack of development of his character. What is happening with this guy? He can rewire a boat, but he seems pretty stupid and indecisive on lots of other things, acting like he still hasn’t worked out that the world is now in chaos.
    – Ruben Blades is a talented actor, and a draw card for the show. Hands up who remembers him from Predator 2? :D I know his character Daniel had a troubled past, but his descent into madness seems to have come on really quick.
    – After their escape from the city, Nick seemed to be a character with his head screwed on right. His history as a junkie allows him to function well in a weird new world of subterfuge, theft, adaptation etc, and he seems smart and fearless enough to roam about by himself safely. Why does he suddenly take to this new logic of Celia’s, and want all the killing to stop? He himself has been killing zombies and covering himself in their blood and guts, and he’s queazy about it? It doesn’t make sense.

    As for this episode, Shiva, it generally felt like a train-wreck from start to finish for me.The plot and the writing seems to meander about aimlessly, filling 45 confusing minutes before the mid-season break.
    – Travis takes off after Chris. Chris has turned into a desperate lunatic in an incredibly short period of time. Travis blames himself for his kid turning into a homicidal maniac. (WTF??? Poor writing) This sets up their separation from the main group for whatever the time-frame is for the mid-season break. Hopefully there will be a brief segway in Ep. 8 where there’s a montage of Chris dying and Travis coming back to the group, and everybody, audience included, moving on like nothing happened, and Chris never existed.
    – Daniel is a great character, and it’s a shame that he seems to die this episode, over something pretty stupid. A lot of people liked his character, they could lose some viewers for that.
    – Until Victor recovers from his melancholy at the end of the episode, Madison seems to be the only one left with her shit together, and pulls a good move locking Celia in with the zombies. I’m not sure if I could see her in the group at the end when Daniel torches the place. Can anyone help me out on that?

    I feel like the writers should just hit the reset button on the first half of this season, and start over again. They’re in a well-constructed universe, it’s a proven premise, locations and some ideas have been excellent, but the writing and execution has been really second rate for me. As I said I’m a huge fan of TWD and all things zombie, and I really want it to succeed, so I’ll hold out hope for an improvement after the mid-season break.

    • Lilly says:

      I can’t believe I’m saying this: For a brief moment, when Maddie locked Celia in with the zombies, I thought, “Now things are gonna get good! Finally somebody does something sensible.” Once the euphoria of Celia getting killed off soon (and not hanging around for weeks like the Governor) wore off, I had to face the fact that everything else had got to crap. And Maddie just LETS her son walk away? Would a mother not clobber him over the head and drag him to the truck? Does Victor no longer see the need for Nick as an asset? BTW, on Talking Dead, they as much as said Daniel is not dead. I don’t what these writers are smoking, but they need a new source of something else!

      • AnnieM says:

        LOL – I sure would drag my son to the truck. Leaving him sure seemed out of character for the Madison we’ve seen so far, so obviously he had to be left behind for whatever the writers have planned for him in the back half of the season. I hope it will be worth watching.

    • AnnieM says:

      -Your post made heaps of sense. Chris confuses me the most – he was being hugged and comforted by Madison in one episode, and then allowing her to be almost bit in the next, along with the rest of the psycho-ness he exhibited in that episode. Then, everything he did last night…I think the only truly *bad* things he did were in the last two episodes (against Madison, Alicia, and the little boy) weren’t they? Yeah, he killed Jessie McCartney, but i thought he was dying anyway, AND he was a rotten SOB to boot who had attacked his family – he had it coming to him, one way or another. So, Chris’s only other ‘kills’ were walkers; while I realize this is still all relatively new to them, they all know by now what a danger the infected are. This sociopathy of his makes no sense.
      -re Daniel; ‘Talking dead’ seemed to indicate he’s still around. I mentioned in another post here that Celia saying to him ‘You’re dying’ made me wonder if he has a brain tumor, which could account for his hallucinations.
      -re Nick; another person here wondered if the ‘rush’ of cheating death by hanging out with zombies is replacing a drug high for him; for me, that’s the only thing that makes sense about his abrupt change of attitude this episode.
      -Whatever happens in the back half of the season, i hope it makes more sense than much of the first half.

    • Babygate says:

      Kudos! If only only the writers would be presented with such well crafted and throughly developed critique. Agree on all counts.

  16. Jo says:

    Is Nick ever going to exhibit withdrawal symptoms?

  17. Lo says:

    This show is like a poor attempt at keeping up with the craziness of the walking dead. Its all over the places with the only likeable characters either going crazy or spending the finale covered in blood. I like Nick but its exhausting watching Madison trying to get him to stay in one place. I feel like the writers are implying Daniel couldn’t be redeemed due to his past. He was doomed for senility either way, which sucks because he was the one most prepared for this world and one of the better actors on the show. I’m happy Chris and Travis are parting ways from the group because Chris is the worst character to ever exist, i laughed out loud when he shouted “look at me I’m no good!” and Madison is so ridiculous at her attempts at saving Nick and her dumb face just always looks the same no matter what is going on. I just can’t see what everyone is talking about with the show, its just a sad space filler for the walking dead.

  18. Babygate says:

    What a mess! They need to revamp this show pronto. Fear has failed to deliver what TWD gave us from the get-go: a hero. With the exception of Alicia who at least managed to get away from the bad guys and Ofelia who is basically an ornament, these people are crazy. Strand is beyond unlikeable. He’s a coward. And he has zero chemistry with anyone. I dont buy the friendship angle with Madison for a second. There’s no rooting for this guy. And his over acting is beyond annoying. Madison is kind of fierce but she’s all over the place. Neglects the daughter while enables the son. Although she has that dark side that needs to be explored. Travis is weak. Even Dale had more sense and gumption than him. I started to like Nick and now he’s worse than ever. The most interesting character this episode was Celia. As a villain, she was outstanding. Crazy as a loon but courageous until the end. I’d watch a show about her. She’s infinitely more interesting than these characters. The only good parts of the episode were the interactions between Daniel and Celia and the dead wife. There was something very tragic and poetic about the way his wife’s voice interjected with Celia’s. That was amazing. Other than that, please let Chris be gone. He can never, ever be trusted again. Let Strand get bitten and someone slap some sense into Nick. For a show to stand a chance, either the writing or the characters needs to be great. Fear fails on both counts. Sadly. RIP Daniel, I will miss having Ruben Blades on my screen.

    • Lilly says:

      Good news: Anne Hurd all but said Daniel would be back on Talking Dead. And he wasn’t listed in the memorial tribute to those who died in the episode. (I half expected Celia to have had a back way out of that cell, but she was listed in the memorial as dead.)

  19. Walking dead. Girl says:

    Why Ruben blades had to die. Hope he didn’t. And reappears. Amazing actor. This episode was one of the best.

  20. Kevin says:

    I feel like this show’s character’s personalities are forced. Chris, yeah, he is a troubled teen with his mom recently passing away, but stuff he do just simply do not make sense. Mom dies (a merciful one compared to the other people gets eaten alive) + gets lied to = psycho killer who wields a knife to his father and holds little kids hostage?
    Daniel, on the other hand, seemed like the rational one, making some cold but rational choices in season one making the audiences say “Yeah, that’s what people should do in a zombie apocalypse,” and now all of a sudden he is a crazy guy who sees his dead wife and burns himself on fire?
    Nick, he argues with Celia? about her keeping her hospitality towards his family, and all of a sudden just because a place which he BARELY knew burns down he chooses to abandon his family?
    Yeah, people’s personalities aren’t set in stone and they can go nuts any second of the day and who am I to decide who’s personality is which when I just saw them for a few hours on a TV, but still I feel like the writers are abusing this property about humans. I hope the rest of the season make character’s choices quite convincing because to me this just seems like the writers picked a story line and simply wanted to force the pieces together.

  21. Erica says:

    Fear the dead is an awsome show…I really thought Celia was a great Vilas shouldn’t have got rid of her so quick. Daniel shouldn’t have died no way all in yahoos that he burnt the zombies an place down but he should have escaped and lived for poor Orillia what’s she gonna do now..my heart bleeds for her And for Madison to loosing Nick and Travis all at once it’s so sad. I will be in knots until the next show!
    I’ve thouroly enjoyed the show and can’t wait for more!!!!!

  22. Unlike The Walking Dead the show is very awkward and makes me squirm I don’t much like the unknown fate of Daniel I don’t like the fact that they have a drug addict like Nick who refuses to live with his family and sides with obviously a mad woman and I don’t like how Chris is going crazy to me it’s logical to stick together in an apocalypse. So I find all of this crazy stuff that’s going on it logical Nick and Chris are children that should obey their parents especially during an apocalypse and just because Nick was a drug addict doesn’t mean he has to go crazy along with Daniel and Chris I mean really all three of them go nuts at once on the same episode? I would much prefer the plot to be a bit more clear-cut you no more Band of Brothers stick together fight for Survival let’s kill or be killed and let’s not get crazy but let’s all man up show up here stick together protect each other but instead it’s like some sociopathic schizophrenic is writing the episodes no offense to the Riders and making this all squirm off our seats in a WTF moment because we’re not sure what the hell’s going on and it just leaves too many holes in the plot. I realize in The Walking Dead that they do get separated and somehow they find each other because they’re on land but this is Mexico okay and then there’s the boat now how in Heaven’s name are Travis and Chris then there and maybe Daniel supposed to hook up with strand Maddie and the guy and the girls on the boat? I know it’s science fiction and everything is possible but it doesn’t have to be so weird. I do agree with the killing of Celia and the burning of the compound that’s okay but seeing Nick and also seeing Chris Travis and Daniel all lose their minds and suddenly not want to be part of the group anymore it’s just off the wall too much hence the reason why so many people who voted above or unhappy are considered it a fail I hope the writers get this series back on track and stop being so stupid with the plot and make it more of a band of brothers fighting to survive which is what I think it should be without all this psychological emotional and mental breakdown I mean give me a break if you really went crazy during an apocalypse you wouldn’t last five minutes much last through the series. Just my take

  23. tmartel96 says:

    This show makes absolutely no sense. The writers don’t give these characters the edge or toughness they would need to survive. The Walking Dead is so raw and real. Fear The Walking Dead feels like a fucking soap opera. It sucks and every plot line leaves me wondering why I still bother watching it. These characters put me to sleep. If you’ve watched The 100 you’ll be able to see how intense of an actress Alicia is but they don’t even give her that. I’m just lost with every aspect of this show. I expected a lot better. This is embarrassingly bad.

  24. tmartel96 says:

    his show makes absolutely no sense. The writers don’t give these characters the edge or toughness they would need to survive. The Walking Dead is so raw and real. Fear The Walking Dead feels like a f’in soap opera. It sucks and every plot line leaves me wondering why I still bother watching it. These characters put me to sleep. If you’ve watched The 100 you’ll.be able to see how intense of an actress Aycia is but they won’t even do that for her. This show is embarrassingly bad. I’m just lost with what they are doing.

  25. John Plebeta says:

    This was supposed to be a more in depth look in to the way a group of regular real people deal with the Zombie apocalypse unfolding.

    I can think of no one I know that would bicker this much over pointless things, nor multiple people that would plan their psychotic breakdowns at the same time. And then have the luck (and obvious Zombie fighting skills naturally) to survive.

    All I feel like this show needs is Daniel’s twin to show up and for Strand to fall in to a coma while someone has an affair and… you get the point. This is soap opera skill writing (and acting).

    Why would you not take a second to put on shoes!? The guy is from SoCal, he has to know what the desert is like. And why doesn’t he speak ANY Spanish? Why are we going BACK to the boat? Is the show planning on serving us a weekly dose of “Look, another plane crash/teenage pirate brigade”?

    If these people can survive, mental breakdowns of this caliber and all, the Zombie thing should have been a non-issue for just about everyone in the first place.

    And a positive side, can we get Strand on TWD before this pile of garbage gets cancelled and we lose the one good character to come from it?

  26. D miller says:

    i don’t think that I will watch another season of it because it was dry and Unentertaining

  27. Hayden says:

    Is Daniel Salazar dead? and what happened on fear the walking dead’s talking dead because the actor of Daniel Salazar is saying he’s not dead

    • Lilly says:

      He was not mourned on the “memorial” segment, and when Chris asked Anne Hurd, she said we haven’t seen the last of Daniel – though we won’t see him in the second half of S2.

  28. Jeff says:

    The writer’s of this show went in the wrong direction. This is turning into The Walking Dead south of the border. I was hoping it would be about the spread of the walkers and what the gov. tried to do to control it nationwide not just one city and the gov’s continuation of government plan kicking in showing the high ranking officials going into bunkers to give the ground troops orders. For us to discover that there are thousands of uninfected prepared to live out their lives and their children’s lives out underground. While they continue to work on a vaccine. Then in the future after a vaccine has been developed the 2 worlds would meet as government troops come back to the surface establishing Forts with vaccine stations as they slowly try to piece the United States back together again. B