Britney Spears BBMAs

Britney Spears Performs Greatest Hits Medley at 2016 Billboard Music Awards

No stranger to making memorable moments on live TV, Britney Spears took the Billboard Music Awards stage on Sunday for an unforgettable performance of her greatest hits.

Dressed in an uncharacteristically modest red trench coat, Spears kicked off her medley with “Work Bitch,” before shedding her modesty for a steamy — and surprisingly bend-y — performance of “Womanizer.” Then it was back to her Crossroads days for that iconic cover of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” followed by a lesser-known gem, “Breathe on Me.”

All it took was the opening beat of “Slave 4 U” to send the audience into a frenzy, second only to the response it gave her during those familiar “Toxic” strings. Of course, Sunday’s performance was merely a taste of what Spears has been regularly serving at her Las Vegas show, Britney: Piece of Me, for the past four years. (And don’t think for a second that this medley didn’t just sell a whole lot more tickets.)

Watch select portions of the medley below:

In addition to performing, Spears also received the Billboard Millennium Award during Sunday’s ceremony, acknowledging her unparalleled success in the music industry.

Your thoughts on Spears’ medley? Grade her performance below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Brunilda Reyes says:

    JLO kick ass last year. She’s too stiff, even autotuned!

  2. Ron says:

    I love me some Britney Spears, and I always jam out when her songs play! But I just wish there was even the tiniest semblance of live singing, if even on one song. I mean, it’s not like I expected it, but still… I still heart you, Britney.

    • Max says:

      She can’t sing. Plain & simple. Never has

      • Sestra says:

        When she was little she could belt. I’ve never understood why she is not an awesome singer. But like we all say…who cares, it’s Britney bitch. She is the only one inyind who gets a pass. Clean and simple. And I have no idea why. Except I like most of her song choices. Catchy. Shallow bit comforting and familiar

        • JM12 says:

          Yes, she could belt. As in sing loudly. But she never, ever at any point could sing WELL. And it blows my mind that people today are like, “Of course she lip-synched. It’s not like we expect her to sing live.” Girlfriend has how many millions? And there are how many truly good singers out there we’ve never heard of?

  3. Tyanna Cooper says:

    A solid B. The music alone was fun, hit after hit was fun to listen to and dance to; its not hard to imagine why she is one of the greatest pop stars of this millennium. As for Britney, this was pretty decent. she was a little stiff, but once she got in the groove, she settled in nicely. A huge step up from her 2007 performance. I only wished she would’ve sung live, it would have made the moment more special

    Best performance- slave 4 U- a really good breakdown, full of energy and life.
    Worst- Toxic-way too stiff

  4. Liz says:

    Amazing. Shes an icon. I havent seen her looking so good in years. Who cares if she lips, we all knew that. She is a great humble woman and gave a great performance.

    • James says:

      So you don’t care that a supposed singer can’t sing? You have low standards

      • dlraetz says:

        She’s never been able to sing and handle the amount of dancing in her performance. She’s been lip synching for 20 years. Everyone knows and almost no one cares

        • ChrissieK says:

          I tell ya, I care and she doesn’t belong on a stage where everyone else is performing live. She was stiff in her dancing and I can’t believe she is still on the stage here in Las Vegas…I wonder if she’s ever had whiplash from twirling and throwing her head around with all those hair extensions?

          • LS says:

            If you care, then don’t watch. Don’t listen to her music, don’t pay for her concerts. Point of fact: there was a time when she COULD sing well, and even when she sang live on stage. It was much earlier in her career. Now, given the rollercoaster she’s been on, in terms of things she’s been through, I personally think she deserves a pass. She was probably a bit nervous (re: being stiff in her dancing). It happens, even to the best live singers/dancers/etc.

            Also, I wonder if you could do even a fraction of what she does, with or without hair extensions. No? Then don’t be judgey.

  5. Wanda lee says:

    I thought she looked very nervous, stiff and it looked like a very poor job of lip-syncing.

  6. D says:

    Awful. She looked like a robot. Why even bother moving your lips?

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Britney killed it! She’s so gorgeous!!! I love you Britney!

  8. Hipper says:

    I ain’t no greatest hits without ‘Baby One More Time’ & ‘Oops, I did it again’.

    • sarah t says:

      I agree, the whole performance I was waiting for her to do “Baby One More Time” and then at the end I thought, “surely that can’t be it?”. I was a little bummed she didn’t do that one. Overall, I give this a solid B because she looked amazing. She did seem a little like she was thinking too much about the dance steps at the beginning but then she got in a groove and that helped quite a bit. Wished she would have done some live singing. I know, I know, she really doesn’t do that anymore and she’s not fantastic when she tries to sing live AND dance but I was thinking she might have done some live singing on the slower songs because she wouldn’t have had to dance. Oh well, still loved it. And again, she looked amazing.

  9. MattySi says:

    Being the Britney Spears fan that I am I had to sit and watch her Billboard Music Awards performance with no interruptions. I have to say that while her look was on point the performance not so much. With her also being a dancer I expected much better choreography rather than the hairography we got.
    Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting her to sing, it’s a well known fact that she lip syncs and I don’t even care about that. I mean, Beyonce doesn’t sing when she performs, she lip syncs, everybody knows and nobody cares because her performance always slays. I personally think Beyonce is overrated and would much rather see Kelly Rowland perform, but digress.
    Long story short, Britney hasn’t looked or been better since the meltdown that was 2007 and she is still my Queen, always will be. Like they always say, “If Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through anything.”

  10. Michelle says:

    Her voice seemed pre recorded. She was forever dealing with her hair. Moves look like she missed rehearsal

  11. She’s way amazing!

  12. Afiq says:

    I am so amazingly disappointed. Like Breath on Me, Work Bitch, I love Rock and Roll. None of this song make a huge impact on her career. Half of the world havent even heard of this song. What happened to Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It again. A lot of her fans are waiting for that, but all they got is some non popular song from Miss Britney Spears. Such a let down.

    • Jason says:

      Speak correct English

      • Afiq says:

        English is not my mother tongue. As far as Im concerned, for a person who live in a non english speaking country, my english is superb enough. Dont try to run away from the topic. Im such a huge Britney Spears fan, but i am so disturb by the fact that she didnt sing even one song from her first 2 albums, which is also her most successful album. A lot of the singles from this albums also was among her greatest single, chart wise. So its really disappointing, she didnt even sing one song from these albums.

        • Chris says:

          If you’re a fan, you know she can’t sing live. She never does
          She’s an auto tune studio creation. She doesn’t dance much either anymore. She walks across the stage, flips her hair & does a few lame moves in scantily clad outfits trying to be sexy & distract from her lack. Of singing ability

          • Afiq says:

            I dont have problems about her lip synching. I have a problem with her choice of song, which to me doesnt reflect her true achievement of her career. She is receiving the Millenium Award. An award reflecting her true great career achievement. Why choose song that nobody ever heard such as Breathe On Me. Im disappointed with this performance. Honestly speaking. Nothing about her not singing live or her movement is robotic or whatever. Just the choice of song.

  13. Jen Hauff says:

    How do you give her an A when she clearly lip synced the entire thing? And not even well!? Her dancing was great, but it seemed like she got hair extensions and used poles and props to try to cover up the fact she could barely keep up with the lip syncing.

  14. kim boyd says:

    Wrong title heading – should be Brittany lip synchs (not performs) greatest hits.

  15. Stacey says:

    Did no one else notice the terrible lip syncing? I’m hearing nothing but rave reviews and I was only reminded of her last terrible “comeback” performance.

  16. Wade says:

    Why does Britney Spears lip sync so much… Everybody else sings live except her…. Even milli vanilli is better than she is… If it wasn’t for auto tune and other sound enhancing equipment, she would sound like a blood hound in heat.. I would love to hear her sing a capella so I can laugh at her.. She sucks..

    • Max says:

      Because SHE CANT SING. SHE NEVER SINGS LIVE. SHE DOESNT HAVE A GOOD VOICE. Its electronically altered. She wouldn’t even make it on a reality singing show. She’s no Adele or Celine or Cristina

    • sarah t says:

      There’s not many that sing live, especially if they’re doing a lot of choreography. And IF they do, they typically sing over themselves so there’s still backing vocals to fill in the gaps.

  17. Lou says:


  18. Maria says:

    I don’t get it? We are watching her dance and mime to her songs. okay…

  19. HeyThere says:

    So happy to see Britney cause I love her. But her songs choice were questionable. Why did she choose to perform Breathe On Me and Touch Of My Hand when she can performed her other hits like Baby One More Time or Oops!

    Also can we talk about Fifth Harmony?? That was crazzzzyyy good and unexpected with all those choreos and stuff!!

  20. big cheddar says:

    Her dancing hasn’t been the same since her last knee injury. I don’t know if she can’t dance like she used to, or if she’s afraid to (because she’s worried about re-injuring her knee).

  21. Jonathan says:

    Best Female performer of all time! <3 Haters dont even matter <3

  22. Para says:

    I like Britney Spears, I just like her.

  23. Lisa says:

    She looked trashy. That modest trench you mentioned showed nothing but her glittered slit gross not wanting to see all that… But then there was absolutely NO dancing AT ALL!! Turning, bending, leaning, posing and oh yes skip/ marching. There were some bad stripper moves on the glitter guitar but at a STRIPPER POLE STILL NO DANCING. And was I the only one who saw her stumble between each one step move towards the end of her over synthesized and under choreographed performance.

  24. cjeffery7 says:

    she’s a terrible lip syncer but i don’t even care. she looks SOOO much better than that bomb at the MTV Music Awards all those years ago, the performance that was supposed to be her comeback but instead made us all kind of concerned. seems like she’s getting her groove back working vegas! atta girl!

  25. Abrahan says:

    That looseness with you are never satisfied with anything, baby one more time was his first song and is totally different from what q is britney today, q if synchronize lips that’s not new to me I dance very nervous at first but see when I dance slave 4 u did better q in perfect au rn las vegas show and toxic like my looks great charm me better when I get q femme fatale and much better q when it was presented in the billboard 2014

  26. Insider says:

    Better lip syncing on RuPaul’s Drag Race. You shouldn’t be allowed on these shows if you can’t sing. Britney has been the biggest fraud in the music business because she can’t & doesnt song live. Many performers tonight did lame jobs/they don’t even fake sing well. At least Celine always sings live

  27. Michelle Collins said it best on Twitter that it was “very Hall of Presidents.” Haha

  28. Sandra says:

    Britney had her dancing going for her…sadly, she did not actually dance during her Music Awards performance. I was hoping to see her dance….and was disappointed. Strutting around, being lifted by the male dancers and striking poses is not dancing. Britney either you need a new choreographer or you have stopped practicing and can no longer deliver. Either way you let your fans down. As a entertainer I would think that you would want applause and cheers for giving a great performance….not overcoming your own personal adversity.

  29. Kamb5801 says:

    Poor thing, she’s no vocalist nor dancer. Why try to dance if you are not an actual dancer. A talented vocalist can give a knock performance just singing (i.e., Rihanna who was AWSOME!) She’s an actual vocalist and dancer with some rhythm. A natural, she doesn’t need to dance to try deflect her enability to sing live. I also think the swinging of the hair and trying to dance a move her lips was to much for her. The thrashing her hair all over the place may have made her a little dizzy, you think? Contributing to her awardness. Think the lip sinking, the hair and the “Dancing” may have been to much for. Maybe next time the trained dancers will feel have a little more time to and can help her so she can do more than the robot. And put on some clothes.

  30. readenreply says:

    She lip syncs, seems bored and robotic…. and why do all the women on this show dress and dance like strippers? I don’t see the dudes in tight shorts, shirtless and grinding all over.

  31. Denny says:

    Boring…very robotic!!!!
    Disconnected, she could do better than that!!!!!

  32. Javi says:

    It has bee the best performance and the best show I’ve even seen in my life. It’s absoluteley awesome. Britney Spears was incredibly amazing. What such a good show. I love her.

  33. NJMark says:

    OK, so she can almost wear clothes (or whatever that was), and she can gyrate. Put her in front of a microphone, like Adele, and let’s she what she can do.

  34. QueenB says:

    All stars lip especially when they also have to dance. It isn’t something new it’s been going on since The Beatles and Elvis. I thought she did a great job. She reminded people why she is who she is and I’m rooting/hoping she can make another epic comeback. Britney Jean was a disappointment and Work Bitch is her worst lead single to date. She needs to go back to working with Max Martin.

  35. Rebs says:

    I will 100% always love Britney, but I don’t understand how she can play a “greatest hits” show and not include Hit Me Baby One More Time

  36. M K Shelnutt says:

    Brit is A true professional STAR. ALWAYS gives An awesome performance!!!

  37. Jim says:

    Lip Synch as usual lol its pathetic !!