Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Jo Izzie Poll

Grey's Anatomy Poll: Is Jo Alex's 'One True Love,' or Was It Izzie?

When it comes to soul mates, “maybe you only get one,” a forlorn Alex suggested to Meredith in Thursday’s Season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy. So who was his, then?

Considering that his girlfriend, Jo, had just turned down his proposal of marriage — and had refused to offer up any explanation for why — Karev thought that perhaps he had been wrong about her after all. Perhaps instead, his ex-wife had been The One. “Izzie?” replied his Person, incredulous. “Alex, Izzie wasn’t your one true love.”

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Izzie Alex PollOf that, Mer seemed to be absolutely sure. But us? Eh, not so much. So we’ve decided to put the question to the experts — you Grey’s fans. Do you think that Alex’s one true love is Jo, the young resident who is risking losing him rather than reveal that, the whole time they’ve been together, she’s been secretly married to an abusive husband? Or do you think that his one great love was Izzie, the fellow doc whose Dear John letter sent him to the cardiac unit with a broken heart?

Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments with a compelling case for why you voted the way you did.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wahiba says:

    It’s Meredith 😉

    • Rach says:

      Meredith is like his sister, it’s been made clear they don’t see each other as anything more than friends. I don’t even get why you would think that.

    • Pedro says:

      I agree.

      • Pedro says:

        I agree it’s Meredith.

        • x says:

          Then you clearly know nothing because Rach is right, it’s been made obvious that Alex and Meredith are like brother and sister, a romantic relationship between them was called incestuous by Shonda, Ellen and Camilla, and it’s been even said out loud on the show in s11 that Alex is the closest thing Meredith has to a brother. It was done back then when he became her surrogate person and she crawled in bed with him or disturbed him while showering and saw his junk. I assume to make sure people wouldn’t misinterpret the situation and see it for what it is, Shonda replacing Cristina with Alex, not trying to pair Meredith and Alex up. And then just because Derek died people started saying that there is something romantic between Alex and Meredith when that’s never been the case.

          Thank God that possibility has been shut down many times by actors and writers and I hope that we can count on it because the last thing I want to see is an incestuous Meredith/Alex pairing.

          • Jana says:

            Why would anyone want Meredith and Alex together? Just because they’re the last two people from the original cast? Gross. I couldn’t think of two more random people to throw together.

          • Martina says:

            Thank you! Totally agree! I also don’t get why people would want them together. Die ne, that really seems like what Jana suggestet. Because they are the last two original interns, they have to be a couple? Come on…

          • Pedro says:

            Several possibilities that had been “shot down” ended up happening anyway, like Derek dying. People evolve and change.

            Meredith and Alex have a lot in common and have both come to a place where they are similar people who want the same things.

            Some of the best loves come from friendship.

    • sillylilnut says:

      I agree! They have great chemistry (unlike Jo and him) and they get each other, always have.

      • Lisa says:

        Rolling my eyes. Jo and Alex have great chemistry and he and Meredith have always had a sibling relationship. Jo gets Alex too. What are you agreeing with? That Meredith is his one true love? LMAO if you really think so you really paid no attention to this show.

      • D says:

        LOL I’m sorry but even voicing that thought feels completely ridiculous. Meredith had two true loves on the show, one Derek and one Cristina. Now Alex is just stepping up to be there for her because Cristina isn’t anymore. Meredith still calls Cristina her person and best friend, not Alex. She’s more supportive and protectove of Owen than of Alex because she promised Cristina. Meredith might be Alex’s best friend now, but they have a sibling-like bond that never changed over the years. Just thinking about someone saying that Meredith could be his one true love, it feels cringeworthy. I’m grateful the writers have no plans whatsoever to make Meredith/Alex happen. It’s one of those rare TV male female friendships and it shouldn’t be romanticized now just because Meredith lost Derek. Those people who do truly lack an understanding for both Meredith and Alex.

        Also just because Jo doesn’t have cancer doesn’t mean Alex loves her any less Izzie. It just happens that he’s not scared every minute she could die so the writers can’t give them the powerful scenes they gave him and Izzie. And whether or not two people have more chemistry than others is completely irrelevant when it comes to the question of one true love. IMO Jo has to make Alex feel more loved and truly loved than anyone else ever has because she understands him better than anyone else has before. Now I don’t know if that means he loves her more than he’s loved anyone else, but if anyone deserves the title of being the love of Alex’s life it’s Jo. She fought for him more than anybody else ever has and you can tell that he means the world to her. I honestly think after years of bad luck with love Alex finally hit the jackpot in the girlfriend department. I don’t see any other females treating their significant others the way Jo treats Alex. And now that they broke up he will have the chance to prove to the audience just how much he loves Jo. Him beating up an innocent Deluca that badly shows that he’s not as grown up as he wants to be and that there is so much love for Jo that it can turn in the ugliest form of jealousy I’ve seen on this show. I can’t recall anyone else ever being so mad about seeing their ex girlfriend they have no claim over anymore in a compromising position with another man

  2. Ryan says:

    Team Ava/Rebecca?

  3. Ace says:

    “Maybe you only get one” is kind of an awful thing to say to a young widow.

    • Layla says:

      I know, so glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that…

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, but that comment was very up Meredith’s alley. And you know if she had said it in seriousness, Alex would have shut it down super quick. He already has when she was talking about moving on with Thorpe. I don’t think she took him seriously.

  4. Nicole says:


  5. N says:

    It was Izzie

  6. Cathy says:

    I don’t think it was Izzie; he put his heart on the line for her, but in the end, she still left. It seems like he has since realized that it wasn’t. If Jo isn’t honest with him, knowing what he’s been through before, then she isn’t the person for him, either.

    • Jess says:

      You didn’t seem to understand the reason she wasn’t honest with him. She’s scared for her life that her husband could find her since apparently he is dangerous. Do you remember how he reacted when he saw Jo bruised up in s9? He told her he would’ve killed Jason if he had found him. Now imagine if Jo had told him about her dangerous husband, Alex would seek out the guy and who knows what would happen. Jo seemed to want to protect him from that knowing very well how Alex reacts in these situations. She’s been honest with him about so many other things I’m sure she never told anyone else. She trusts him more than anyone else but this is a complicated situation and I saw how desperate she was.

      • Patrick says:

        Yeah. Medical boards don’t let you do that. They check your real, original name, vs your Soc Sec Number. Finding a doctor would be relatively easy for an abusive Ex. This was poorly thought out as a plot point.

        • wooster182 says:

          She could have had her name legally changed. I would imagine the Medical Board would have been okay with that.

          • Patrick says:

            Sure. But Boards (if it is at all similar to the state and national bar for lawyers) are very wary of people changing names, as that can be a way to distance oneself from prior wrong doings, legal obligations, or even criminal charges. It would be relatively easy to find out what a person had changed their name too. Medical Boards would be only too happy to look up someone if a person brought a complaint against a physician under their former name. Again, poorly thought out plot point.

  7. J says:

    I mean, if he’s still thinking that way years after she left, than I’d say it’s definitely Izzie.

    • Azara says:

      He’s not thinking it though. He thought his true love was Jo but in his mind Jo doesn’t want to marry him. He doesn’t know that it’s not because she can’t. So he wondered that maybe what they have isn’t what he thought theya have and wondered if maybe you only get one true love and his was Izzie. I think it’s clear it’s Jo.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      He’s not thinking , he’s just wondering if she was his only chance yo be happy , since Jo isn’t working out.

  8. Sandra says:

    I really like Jo. But it´s definitely Izzie.

    • Taylor says:

      i agree.. Jo is nice and i am good with Jolex pairing – that said, Izzex was the OTP i actually was more interested in other than MerDer (until Slexie came in, of course). Any longtime Grey fan would agree that Izzie and Alex just got eachother effortlessly!

      • yarens says:

        No. I’m a longterm fan of the show and of Alex and I don’t agree at all that he and Izzie got each other effortlessly. If you can say that about a person it’s Jo. She really gets him, all of him, despite only knowing him half as long as his oldest friend Meredith. Obviously one can ship one couple more than another but Alex tells Jo things abojt himself he never tells anyone else, because he knows she won’t judge him like pretty much everyone else has. She saw the good in him even when he had the reputation of being the biggest manwhore in the hospital because she knew how much crap he went through in life. Her sharing a similiar past to him really does give them a deep relationship. I liked Alex and Izzie too, a lot actually, but that pairing had a lot of flaws. Izzie never seemed to love Alex as much as he loved her, either because she could never let go of Denny or because Alex had hurt her a lot in the past by cheating and that trust could never be reinstalled fully. As a patient Alex fan who’s waited 8 years for him to find the right one it’s clear to me that it’s Jo.

        • morgane says:

          I totally agree with you! To me, Alex loved Izzie way more than Izzie loved him. To me, Izzie’s one true love was Denny, and I don’t really know if she was Alex’s.

      • Cas says:

        Agreed! Izzie changed Alex for the better.

        • A says:

          And then when she left he regressed horribly so I wouldn’t say that she changed him for the better. I actually think he tried too hard to be good enough for her and in the end it didn’t even pay off because she still left and he felt worse than ever before.

        • Bazinga says:

          Yes but can it be true love if one party doesn’t love you for you and is always trying to change him?

      • Ari says:

        Nope. Sorry but if Alex’s true love was a woman who ditched him after he stood by her through her cancer treatment (and ditched him with the medical bills BTW) then he got a pretty bad deal. Whatever they may have once had gets immediately negated by the crappy way she treated him when she left. Alex deserved better than Izzy. I don’t think Jo is his one person either.

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        They didn’t “get each other “, they were ships that kept passing each other most of the time….

  9. Rob says:

    If and when Justin Chambers decides to leave (or the show comes to an end), they need to pull an NCIS and kill Izzie offscreen and give Alex his child with Izzie. That child can be his one true love. I like Jo but I don’t like what they’re doing to her character.

    • Mary says:

      this was my thought. Does no one remember the embryos?

      • Leia says:

        So I assume you’re not watching anymore? They were brought up this season and Alex told Jo that she can toss the documents for them because that is ancient history and he doesn’t need them anymore. And Izzie would have to ask him if she ever used them so unless Grey’s becomes super unrealistic again thankfully that won’t happen. Alex deserves to be there when his child is born, not hear about it years later.

    • dee says:

      lol “pull an NCIS” am still pissed about that show

  10. Jackie says:

    No doubt you can love many; but soul mates are once in a lifetime. Maybe Alex hasn’t found his yet, but Mer-Der should be it. Izzie’s might have been Denny, actually.

  11. eduardo says:

    Jo, is so boring as a character, I don´t hate the actress, she is beautiful but Jo never had a interesting story, even If they kill her I don´t think someone really care.

    • Guest says:

      Yeah you’re right she never had an interesting story. But she has tons of potential. She has such an interesting past that it makes you constantly wonder what exactly all she had to go through in life. I think Jo is anything but boring, she’s just incredibly underused. They barely gave her anything to do in the past two seasons. It would be also nice if they gave her an attending friend but now that Callie is gone I don’t know who it could be.

    • sillylilnut says:

      Yes! I prefer Stephanie or anyone else on the screen.

  12. Guest says:

    Smh. Jo has even been introfuced to the show as Alex’s person. She became friends with him, told him things about her past she never told anyone else, and he did the same with her. He opened up to her in a way he never opened up to Izzie or Meredith or Cristina. Jo made him realize that he doesn’t have to try so hard to become a better person but that he’s fine the way he is. For the first time ever he could act like himself in a relationship. He could even talk about the things he hid from everyone. Then he and Jo became a couple and his dad showed up, and while all his friends were too busy with their own lives (yes even Meredith) to notice that something was going on with him, Jo supported hik through the toughest thing he had to face in a long time. She didn’t leave him when he pushed her away, held his hand when he watched his father die, didn’t even think to leave him when the board probade their relationship, supported him when he wanted to join the private practice and was the only one who had his back when his friends all voted for Bailey to get Cristina’s board seat.

    And you’re right, Jo rather let him leave and hate her than to tell him that she has a dangerous husband who she knows he will seek out and bring himself in danger. She’s too scared to file for divorce because she fears for her life, and she rather let the love of her life go than to drag him into that mess. Compare that to Izzie who couldn’t let go of Denny, put George above Alex, told him several times that he’s not good enough for her and then left him when she got fired, accusing him of being responsible for the loss of her job when Alex would never do that. So yeah, good question. Is Izzie the love of his life or Jo? To me the answer is pretty simple and Meredith is right, because she had the whole soulmate thing with Derek and she compared the way Jo loves Alex to that in episode 9 by calling it “love it on the wall” love.

    • Bea says:

      The only person here who seems to have paid attention and understands Alex. THANK YOU.

    • evababy says:

      “she rather let the love of her life go than to drag him into that mess.”

      But offering to have a baby isn’t “dragging him into that mess?” Having a baby is so much more binding, would also put the baby in danger if abusing husband tracked her down, and have much larger implications than simply, I dunno, confiding to Alex about her past. So she would much rather bring a baby into a very dangerous situation, with Alex completely and totally blind to the fact that his kid may be in danger as well? Also what name would she put on the birth certificate?

      She’s an idiot.

      • Guest says:

        Are you seriously gonna call an abusive victim an idiot?? Cause you would have handled everythibg so graciously if you had been put into that situation? Also right at this moment Jo isn’t in danger because she changed her name and the guy can’t find her. She’d be in danger if she filed for divorce because then the guy would be able to locate her. The baby wouldn’t be in danger either because how would the husband find out about the baby if she names the baby XY Karev? And Alex wouldn’t be in danger because he wouldn’t know about the husband and wouldn’t go after him. She suggested a baby because she knows he wants a family and she wants that with him too, but can’t give him the marriage part. It was desperate of her but she didn’t want to lose him. She loves him with all her heart and tried to protect both of them from her abusive husband. I think she’s strong for being able to overcome all that crap life has handed her, and this is a situation women find themselves in daily. Jo is not an idiot for starting over and wanting to protect the man she loves from the repercussions of a mistake she made when she was young. It’s not her fault the guy she married turned out to be an abusive asshole. Get over yourself, this issue is delicate and has nothing to do with how you view a fictional character.

        • evababy says:

          Slow your roll, Hoss. I am making no statements about real life physical abuse. I am talking about a character on a tv show. period.

          Are you new to Grey’s Anatomy? Or tv? Or Soap Operas? Cuz they would not have introduced this humdinger of a back story unless they were planning to bring in the husband.

          This is a complete retcon. Just earlier this season Jo was complaining that Alex wouldn’t make a real commitment to her. So the only explanation is that the show did a swerve and is planning to make this a real something possibly next season,.

          So, in summation, I get to call a fictional character an idiot as much as I want to because she is FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I can feel about a fictional character whose background is fictional and can change on a writers’ whim (just like this one did) however I want because… it is fiction.

          • Guest says:

            Lol I am well aware that this is retcon and i never defended that. However your comment about her being an idiot was unjustified and what you wrote now has nothing to do with what I wrote to you in response. And well, we’re all talking about these fictional characters as if they were real, right? So a real person who would be in Jo’s situation would be an idiot according to you for desperately trying to overcome her past and trying her best not to endanger the man she loves? Jo in episode 3 was talking about babies which now she suggested to him herself. She never said “Alex why won’t you marry me?” and she never left a doubt about being committed to him. The only issue these two had since s10 was marriage and I remember how back then Jo told Alex that signing marriage papers destroys the romance. So yeah, this is retcon but it still makes halfway sense with what happened before.

          • sillylilnut says:

            You are so right! What a poor storyline it is. I hope Jo leaves the show soon. Yawn.

    • Meg says:

      Thank you for this.

    • sillylilnut says:

      I truly feel the pairing of Alex and Jo has always been forced. I never got the same feeling or chemistry between the two as I did w Izzie or even Mer now. Jo’s character in paper fits Alex, but in reality (tv) it feels forced and untrue.

      Jo would be amazing if she was allowed to be solo for a bit, develop her story more and then pair with someone more appropriate.

  13. Nikki says:

    Izzie was his first love, where he learned that he deserved to be loved. Doesn’t make her his one love. The whole “one love” concept is kinda dumb. People can love multiple people in their lifetimes.

  14. thisismenow says:

    Izzie and he is settling for Jo. Also all the people saying Meredith. They are like brother and sister. No. Just no.

    • d says:

      He’s not settling for Jo. He fell in love with Jo years after Izzie was gone and he thought he would never find love again. He even pushed her away first when he thought she was interested in him because he didn’t want to try a relationship and fail again. The fact that he quickly realized that he loved her and that she gave him the courage to love again shows that he never settled for Jo. And I firmly believe that she’s his true love.

  15. Li says:

    Meredith imo. It wouldn’t surprise me if they hook up next season. Hopefully they will!

    • A says:

      LMAO didn’t you read the countless interviews where it’s bene made clear that they are like brother and sister? Even Shonda said so. The actors said so. Even Stephanie on the show said to Bailey in s11 that Alex Karev is the closest thing Meredith Grey has to a brother”. Jo is supposed to be his true love, Meredith is just his best friend and thank God they will not hook up anytime soon and hopefully never.

      • wooster182 says:

        But at the end of that interview, the woman that plays Meredith said that it’s Shonda’s show and if Shonda went down that road, she’d be okay with it.

        In all reality, Mer and Alex is the only couple that would really make sense on this show. Platonic or not, it’s the healthiest relationship. And of course, Grey’s doesn’t like to celebrate healthy relationships, so they’ll probably never get together. LOL.

        • Leia says:

          LOL are you seriously thinking Alex and Meredith have a healthy relationship now?? When Meredith has been treating Alex like a doormat for two seasons? When he feels so responsible for her he always drops everything and she doesn’t even appreciate it? Meredith fans may like their friendship these days because Alex’s only purpose on the show is to play Meredith’s shrink while she tries to figure out her life, but Alex fans aren’t happy with them at all. Not even as friends, let alone as more than that. Nathan/Meredith make more sense because he doesn’t coddle Meredith like Alex and everyone else does, doesn’t constantly treat her like a sad widow because he lost his wife too and can understand her pain better. Alex is just the closest friend Meredith has and aside from the fact that Jo couldn’t tell him about her marriage their relationship is very healthy. And yes, Ellen woild have to be ok with it if Shonda decided to pair Alex and Meredith up, but thankfully Shonda herself called them brother and sister and I think she should stay loyal to her opinion.

    • sillylilnut says:

      I hope for this too as they have amazing chemistry together. The writers seem to be making it clear that they are more family with Alex telling Mer she would be his best man… But I find it beautiful if two people who care so much for each other and have been so hurt in the past found love together. Unfortunately I feel the writing of this show is slipping and they will continue to pair him w Jo.

  16. Jackie says:

    Keeping it real, it’s whoever Shonda deems it will be. lol

  17. Jess says:

    I think when you threaten to kill the guy who bruised up the girl you have feelings for and now get so angry you beat the hell out of a guy you find on top of your ex girlfriend that you definitely love her more than anything. I also completely agree with Guest, Jo has proved to me a long time ago that she’s the one for Alex. And I believe that would’ve been made more evident to the viewers by now if Cristina hadn’t left. With becoming Meredith’s replacement person Alex changed a lot all of a sudden and neglected Jo which i found very out of character for him. Also the focus was suddenly on his friendships and not his relationship which is why we saw so little of these two as a couple. Doesn’t change the fact that they are meant to be IMO.

  18. Brent says:

    I’m not sure on Izzie or Jo. I hate them both and think neither is good enough for the character Alex Karev has become.

    Meredith isn’t “the one” but she is certainly one of his soulmates in a platonic sense. Those exist too.

    • Em says:

      Duh, Jo IS good enough for him. I’ve never seen anyone love and cherish Alex as much as she does. And Meredith’s platonic soulmate is Cristina, the show is just pushing her friendship with Alex now so much because he’s the last one left out of her intern group. They always got each other pretty well but the person who understands Alex with all his being, which includes his past and his darkest sides, is Jo.

  19. spindae2 says:

    Honestly neither, but he and Izzie were so marvelous together. Their season 5 arc was so emotional, loved it.

  20. Claire says:

    True love doesn’t have to be romantic love. For everything they’ve faced, I’d say it’s Meredith in a best friends/survivors way.

    • Jackie says:

      Meredith’s is Cristina and she had Derek as the love of her life. Alex is only so close with her now because Cristina left and she had nobody else to turn to. Shonda Rhimes once stated that Alex still hadn’t found his person before s9 and that she thinks that Jo is exactly that for him. And that would be still made clear if Cristina hadn’t left. Then everyone would be able to see that Meredith and Cristina are each other’s person and that Alex and Jo are each other’s person. Meredith is his oldest friend but I don’t think she understands him as well as Jo does now and Meredith certainly doesn’t put him first like Jo does.

  21. It’s Izzie. And errbody knows Michael Ausiello would love nothing more than to remind Shonda that the Izzie/Alex storyline isn’t done! So take the poll. Vote Izzie. And encourage M.A. to keep working on Ms. Shondaland to bring Katherine Heigl back for a short run to close out that relationship and really set Alex free. Can you image that twist if she kept it top secret?

    • Kate says:

      We don’t need Izzie back and even if she came back Alex wouldn’t get back together with her. It would be the same like with Burke and Cristina. Too much has happened since she left and Alex really really does love Jo more than anything. People who don’t see it don’t understand him.

    • Anna says:

      Big NOPE. Izzie wrecked Alex. They were beautiful together in season 5, and then she freaking abandoned him. And that story wrapped up just fine when she came back, and Alex rejected her, telling her that he deserves better and doesn’t want her back. Then she left. See – wrapped.
      And Shonda is never gonna bring Heigl back. People need to let that one go. She clearly doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do, no matter what people pressure her to do, and she’s made it pretty clear that her working relationship with Heigl is ruined.

  22. PB says:

    It will be Meredith…at some point. Alex and Meredith have more chemistry as friends than she has with Riggs.

    • Sara says:

      So? Chemistry is subjective and it doesn’t matter how much chemistry Alex and Meredith havex the idea of them as a romantic couple has been shut down by the producers and actors. Nobody who has influence in the storytelling wants it to happen, the least out of everyone Ellen and Shonda. How come you sound so sure they will date one day? The minute Alex dated Lexie the writers sealed the deal that he became like a brother to Meredith and just because she lost her husband now doesn’t mean she will fall for Alex all of a sudden. He has his own love story. And there’s a reason they brought in Riggs in the first place. If he were to be a temporary love interest for Meredith Shonda wouldn’t have immediately added him to the crowded cast as a series regular. She would’ve made him date someone else before he became involved with Meredith. She wouldn’t have made him lose a spouse too so he and Meredith can relate to each other.

  23. SJ says:

    TVLine, stop trying to make Izzie happen. How many seasons in a row have you been posting similar articles like this one with Izzie in the title to get clicks? No one cares about Izzie, no fan wants Izzie back, nobody likes the actress. Shonda and the fans have moved on, why can’t you?!

    • Shay says:

      Talk about you. Even 6 seasons later à lot of fans love her, love Katie and love Izzex. Let people ship whatever they want. Damn. For me they had a better chemistry/storylines… Check instagram, twitter or Katie facebook so don’t talk for everyone

      • A says:

        For me Jo and Alex have the better relationship. It’s deeper and more meaningful than what he had with Izzie. And these kind of articles are so unnecessary. Why aren’t we talking about Owen/Cristina vs. Owen/Amelia here when it was Owen who got married? Izzie has been gone for 8 years on the show now and Alex is in love with Jo while Izzie has probably remarried again and adopted a bunch of kids. Writing these kinds of articles fuels nothing but hostility among fans about a pairing that has been over for 6 seasons and a pairing that is happening now. Everyone can ship whatever they want but this Jo/Alex/Izzie talk is pointless AF.

  24. Tom says:

    I really liked that this theme was at the center of this season’s finale because it touches on all of the shows couples both past and present. To me, though, the episode ultimately rejected the idea of a singular true love at all, which primes the show to continue exploring the characters’ relationships without forsaking or diminishing the value each one in the past has had. For example, though people acted as though Cristina and Owen were each other’s definitive true love, it was preceded by Cristina and Burke, who evidently each went on to have additional true loves. Same with Derek and Meredith, as Derek had Addison before her. Same with Callie and Arizona, as Callie had George before her. Same with Bailey and Warren, as Bailey had her husband before him. Same with Richard and Catherine, as he had Ellis and Adele before her. It even adds weight to the shows pairings like Izzie and George, who had decided they might be each other’s true love in the future, and Mark and Lexie, who died each other’s true love. For couples like Jackson and April and Callie and Arizona, it also frees them to believe that they’re lucky enough their last great love and next great love migjt actually be with the same person. While not every viewer will value each of these differently, to me the episodes approach to handling it justifies the characters ongoing pursuit of these relationships without needing to deem any one pairing to be each characters “endgame.”

  25. Dude says:

    Love him with Jo but If he only gets one, it was definitely Izzie. Greys likes to dismiss Izzie and erase her because Shonda is still bitter.

    • Shay says:

      Amen to your comment. It’s exactly that. I hate how she can separate personal problems with the character she created

      • Anna says:

        It’s not a personal problem though. It was a professional one. And since Rhimes would be hiring Heigl to do a job, it would be for the professional realm. It wouldn’t make any sense for a boss to hire someone with whom they have a professional problem. I don’t understand why people don’t get that…

  26. Cheyanne Lemmer says:

    I really think that I don’t have to explain because the Jolex fandom already did, more than once… It’s Jo, she is his One True Love ❤!. I never liked Izzie, to be honest! I’d say if she had a One True Love, it will be Denny! I think Alex was just another option for her, so she took it! Jo is an amazing character, I love her… After all that she’s been through with Alex, she didn’t blame him for the relationship prohibition because she really loves him! She even said I can’t even look the love of my life in they eye and his gone… Or something like that in the bar scene in 12×24! Stood by him with the face of the hospital, his dad, the board seat and even when Meredith needed Alex, she didn’t complain for I don’t know how long… Even Meredith said that Izzie wasn’t his One True Love!.. This votes is shit! I don’t care what the votes say, Jo is HIS ONE TRUE LOVE! THANKS JOLEX FANDOM… ❤

  27. anon says:

    I feel like people who seem to really get Alex and his relationship with Jo understand that she’s his one true love and not Izzie. He did love Izzie more than anything else, but his relationship with Jo has been as closest as one can come to real love on the show. Even Meredith compared it to her post-it love with Derek. Jo stayed with him when everybody else left and she always put him first. She made him happy and he could mature in this relationship because for the first he has a significant other who loves him for who he is, with all his flaws. She lied to him about being married but only so she could protect him knowing that Alex will go after her obviously dangerous husband. And those who say Meredith just make me smh, his one true love is not gonna be the woman he sees like a sister.

    • Bazinga says:

      Yes yes yes. I feel like the people that say Izzie are just Izzie fans because as Alex said to her in the end – she wasn’t good enough for him.

  28. Dude says:

    who give a rats ass about that lame show anymore

    • Taylor says:

      Millions who are still watching this show for around last 12 years and later… and apparently you commenting on a post about ‘that lame show’

  29. Tamara says:

    I don’t think there’s one great love but if I need to chose it’s Izzie for Alex.
    I never see Alex looking at another girl even Jo the way he looked at Izzie.
    She was her first love and great love for me. He was the sweetest with her. She made him better (his words) because of her he am de Friends (the others magic didn’t like him at first) She was her friends first too. She believe in him (Izzie: Look at you, with your stethoscope around your neck. Charting. I can totally see you in 10 years. A little salt and pepper in your hair, a big shot attending. You’re gonna be a rock star Alex.
    Alex: What is this?
    Izzie: What? I can’t fantasize about my boyfriend and his bright, bright future?) For exemple or was there for him (when he failed his exams, Ava drama) like he was there for her (Denny, cancer).
    She loved him (When I think about my future. Who I am now, who I want to be, how I want to spend the rest of my life. When you get that flutter in your chest. Alex. Alex is the man I love.
    Bailey: Karev.
    Izzie: I love Alex Karev.) She left, she made a mistake(cancer, lost her BFF and job) but she came back. What she did was not nice but others characters did a lot of worst things and are not receiving hate like Iz. We know because of BDS drama, Shonda wrote Izzie very badly. I wish she dies instead of having her leaving like that. And like someone said since Shonda tried to erase/diminish her character and the lovestory with Alex.
    Katie and Justin have an amazing chemistry. Their storylines was interesting. We see the most beautiful si de of Alex season 5 (I can’t lose you I won’t survive. This scene >3 all the awards to Justin). Before the drama Shonda said “Things May happen but Alex & Izzy are meant for one another. Remember that”. So now with her hâte toward Katie of course she made Jo the one for him, be there for him blablabla but honestly I don’t see chemistry between them. They are boring. No SL. Alex was more into Mer then her… and even if Jo thinks she kept her secret to protect Alex. She should tell him. She lied to him for 4 years. Then she was mad when she found he wanted kids with Izzie and didn’t tell her. WTF?
    We all know Katie will not coming back because Shonda is still bitter (even she make Isaiah the homophobic back) but it changes nothing I really can’t ship jolex. So I hope he’ll find someone else.

    • A says:

      Ignoring your points about Alex/Izzie because you wrote the truth there but what you wrote about Jo/Alex isn’t true at all. I wish you had interpreted the situation correctly so I would be able to say an Alex/Izzie shipper wazched the Jolex scenes, pays attention and finds something real to dislike about them.

      Jo did not get mad at him for not telling him about the embryos. She even said “I know it’s none of my business”. In fact she didn’t get mad about anything but Alex’s attitude towards her in that scene. She did get upset because Alex had recently told her that maybe someday they can have a dog. She accepted that at first but after learning about the embryos she wondered why she’s only the “lets get a dog girl” when he had wanted kids with someone else in the past. The issue wasn’t about him not telling her about the embryos, it was because she feared he didn’t love her enough to want to start a family with her when she loves him more than anything. That’s why Alex told her in the end that she gets squirrely when someone says they’re gonna be there and then she thinks they won’t. He interpreted correctly that Jo’s issue wasn’t about Izzie but that she feared that maybe she was too over in her head with her love for him and that he didn’t feel the same way. And someone else explained above why Jo felt like she had to lie to Alex about her marriage, to protect him, so there you have your answer. I wish people like you wouldn’t always jump to assume the worst about Jo. You can think that they have no chemistry, I think they have plenty. And Alex only started paying Meredith so much attention because Cristina left and he felt like he was now responsible for her. The writers did a 180 with his character in s11 and IMO he started acting ooc, especially around Meredith, but the Alex in s9/10 would’ve killed a guy for Jo, didn’t mind the board firing him if he could only kiss Jo in public and he still got so jealous he beat the crap out of Deluca when thinking he was about to sleep with the woman he loves. So while you’re correct about how much he loved Izzie and all, you don’t seem to understand the current situation with Alex all too much. And unlike you, I’m not gonna be like that and I will say that Jo is the one who fits best for him but if they weren’t to work out I’d like for him to somehow end up with Izzie. Because I’m a big Alex fan and I understand how much he loved Izzie but I also see that Jo is the one for him.

  30. Lauren says:

    Hopefully Alex will one day have “true love” who is on the same page as him, honest about who they are and values him. Neither of these options have had that.

    • A says:

      Jo has them all. She wasn’t honest because she felt like she had no other choice. If she had told him he would’ve gone after her husband because that’s classic Alex and she must’ve thought the guy would hurt him or do worse. Thats why the writers probably did the situation with Deluca because now after seeing what Alex did to Deluca Jo won’t tell him for another time. If you think Jo’s not honest with him then you clearly didn’t pay attention to all those times she onls opened up to him and nobody else. You think she would rather lose him, the guy she calls the love of her life, rather than come clean if she felt like that was option? She’s clearly cornered and desperate here, otherwise she would’ve told him that she’s married. I honestly don’t understand why that’s so hard to grasp.

      • Lauren says:

        He doesn’t know her real name. They’ve been together for years. She won’t marry him and had months to give him a straight answer. He was ready to commit a long time ago (April’s wedding) and she didn’t want to. I guess, to me, a great couple means they both want the same thing at the same time. Why is that so hard to grasp?

  31. Salma says:

    Izzie. You like her or not. Their lovestory was more intense, interesting and emotional. I agree with Tamara btw. Shonda made Jo the perfect one for Alex because she don’t want Izzie to come back and she always try to dismiss the character but also their couple. How you can see that.
    Sorry but it’s not for nothing than after 6 seasons, a part of the fans want Izzie to come back (even if it’ll not happen) and Izzex to reunite. This couple was one of the fan favorite at the beginning. Justin said something like it’s one of the couple people will remember. This couple had an impact whether you like it or not.

    • Pamela says:

      “Their lovestory was more intense, interesting and emotional”. That’s one way to put it, Izzie was an emotional, dramatic, pain in the butt, many of the traits I didn’t like about her are the same traits of Amelia, another character I’m not a fan of and her and Owen broke up the same amount of times as Izzie and Alex did in six seasons in only one. Jo and Alex aren’t perfect either although I blame the writers and the show having too large of a cast to have proper storylines for the characters.

      • Salma says:

        I think Jo is more pain in the buts than Izzie. She’s boring, whiny, dramatic
        Amelia was way better on PP. But she doesn’t deserve Mer hate
        So you blame the writers for Jolex writing but no for Izzie or Amelia. Yeah

        • Raina says:

          Jo isn’t dramatic? What? LOL. izzie was a real drama queen. Jo is maybe insecure, but I also don’t accept whiny because there are so many other characters who whine more and don’t get called whiny. And yeah, actually I think one can blame the writers more for Jo’s writing because they neglect Jo and don’t give her any focus while Izzie had plenty of focus and to me most of the time came across as very self centered and petty.

          • Pamela says:

            Exactly what I was trying to say. Izzie had much more screen time then Jo. She is whiny sometimes yes, I guess what I meant to convey is that Izzie was the worst of the two and Jo is more stable overall.

  32. Alex says:

    I remember how writers of “Melrose place” love the topic of the abusive husband. Unfortunately, once it’s introduced you know: The show is on decline.

  33. Hurley says:


  34. Gaby says:

    Neither. I liked Izzie but Shonda destroyer her character. And never liked Jo. Too whiny, boring and immature. Alex deserves better than the two of her. And I’m sick to see Alex being just in her girlfriend or Meredith storylines except his father SL. Make him single, hardworker and leave the show like Cristina. Oh no way for Meredith and Alex. Ewww. Why a guy and a girl can be just friends and not shipped in a romantic way

    • anon says:

      First of all, Jo is not immature. She dtood by Alex when nobody else has and has made the wiser decisions in their relationship more than Alex. She had to grow up when she was only a child, she went through so much, she’s anything but immature. And whiny, I don’t get why people insist on that one because Meredith is whinier, Maggie is whinier, April is whinier. Jo is incredibly strong and if she had reasons to complain in the past few seasons they were legitimate reasons because she was put in difficult situations nonstop. And now given what else we found out about her past it’s not surprising to me if she felt hesitant to stand up to Meredith for treating her poorly or confronting Alex about the Meredith issue when Alex turns a blind eye on that one. Alex does not deserve better than the woman who’s spent so much time on this show loving and supporting him more than anyone else has ever done.

      • Gaby says:

        Can we have our opinion without shippers telling you “you are wrong. She is like this like that. It’s my pov.
        I don’t like the character it’s my right.

      • Anna says:

        I like Jo, but she is pretty immature. I mean, the girl tattled incorrect information on her best friend to their boss (Amelia) because she was jealous of how Steph was getting stuff done. If that isn’t immature, idk what is…

        And she’s also not that strong…she spent almost two seasons complaining about Meredith wasn’t nice to her. She finally stood up for herself, but she kept looking to Alex to solve that problem for her for a long time, which is ridiculous. She’s a grown woman – your boyfriend shouldn’t be fighting your battles for you. Especially not with one of your bosses.

  35. Jane says:

    You’re kind of jerks for putting a huge Alex/Izzie photo on top of the article and then putting one of Jo alone at the bottom instead of putting one with her and Alex. That won’t change the fact that Jo is the love of his life though, even Justin Chambers himself said so in an interview after s10) and people who call themselves Alex fans are generally speaking convinced that it’s Jo too.

    • Damien says:

      C all the police. Damn people it’s just a tv show. Plus they put à picture of their breakup. Get a life really there’s more important

  36. Maria says:

    Okay, this is a little off the beaten path, but hear me out. I like Jo, and I liked Izzie, and Alex has always been my favorite. If he ends up with Jo I’m totally fine with it. But… has anyone ever considered Alex and Maggie? I know its maybe a little unexpected, but the two had this moment a season or two ago that I thought might be foreshadowing things to come. Right after things had ended between her and the first guy she dated at the hospital (not Andrew the intern- some ultrasound or lab tech or something), she was talking about it with Alex and asked something along the lines of “What’s wrong with me?” and he looked at her and seemed to be sizing her up and said “Nothing” in a way that seemed to mean a lot more (or something like that, I’m forgetting the details).

    Think about it- Maggie needs someone, and it can’t be Riggs. And then he’d be Meredith’s real brother. Now, granted, they are certainly opposites, but that sometimes works.

    • Mel says:

      Oh hell to the NO! Stop bringing in more females to the equation! Alex won’t go through every female in the cast and he won’t date every half sister Meredith has. You know why that moment happened? That moment that as a huge Alex fan made me cringe to no end because he was acting so ooc? Because Alex was Meredith’s person back then and Maggie is Meredith’s half sister and the writers knew they were gonna kill Derek off, so they had to make them friends somehow wo they can support Meredith together. It’s literally the only reason they’re friends because no matter how much he has grown up, Alex doesn’t do well with people like Maggie who rant and rant and talk his ears off. And IMO they would make a terrible couple since they have absolutely no common ground except both being close to Meredith. He is too broken and messed up and she is so naive that she doesn’t understand him at all. She made so many comments about the thinfs about him that annoyed her and she would try her hardest to change him when that’s not necessary. I also don’t see any chemistry there and I don’t know why you even suggested that now. Are you such a big Maggie fan that you want her to find someone? If wo, I really think Deluca is more suited for her since he is younger which fits her childlike personality and he’s not broken like Alex. That’s why Jo’s so good for Alex because she actually gets the hardships he had to face in life. I don’t like Maggie much and I’m not fond of her rather contrived friendship with Alex but I’ve loved the guy for so many years and Maggie Pierce is the last person I would want him to date, even if he and Jo don’t work out in the end. Opposites attract, but that worked with him and Izzie. Maggie is more like April and we saw how things went between Alex and April in s7.

  37. Annamae says:

    I don’t think Izzie. I think Izzie’s soulmate was actually Denny. I’m not so sure it’s even Jo bc their relationship seems a bit juvenile in ALOT of ways. Like Jo should have told Alex the truth and Alex should not be beating up DeLuca like some teenage punk….. They just don’t act very “adult” sometimes.
    I’m thinking neither of these two are Alex’s soul mate?

    • Maria says:

      I don’t think it was Denny. Denny was the first guy to treat like her right and to like her for who she was just not her pretty face and body. Alex cheated on her. But at the end she chose heaven (alex) over Denny (hell) She said it to Bailey when she B said of course you love Denny and she said she will always love him in a way but when she thinks about her future and what she wants… Alex he’s the man she loves
      Alex disappointed me with Deluca

  38. J says:

    You can make all the polls you want, it looks like most of the fans don’t really understand Alex much anyway and go based on which couple they like better. So it’s not important what they think, it’s important what Alex thinks and I’m sure most longterm or hardcore Alex fans would tell you that the love of his life is the person who who has loved him the most which was not Izzie. Izzie was the one he sent away because he realized he deserved better after having stood by her side through everything. It’s been made ckear by not Shonda who hates Katie Heigl now but by Justin Chambers who loves Katie Heigl himself that while he loved Alex and Izzie that Jo is the one for Alex. And I as a longterm Alex fan could not agree more.

    • Salma says:

      Why not saying you are a jolex shipper. Not just an Alex fan?
      Yes Justin is friends with Katie but of course now he said and will say Jo is the love of his life because as an actor he need to support the storyline of the show and the couple is in and Shonda will fire him for sure. When Katie was still there he said Alex and Izzie is the real deal and she’s the love of his life so…

      • J says:

        I am a Jolex shipper but I said that I’m looking at the situation as an Alex fan because I can differentiate between what I ship and what’s best for the character or what the character thinks. And I’ve also been following Justin’s interviews for years so I know what he said about Alex and Izzie. If you paid attention to him in interviews you know that the guy is very honest and says it like it is. He has also stated clearly whenever he didn’t like a storyline he had to play. He believed that Alex and Izzie were the real deal but then Jo came along and she convinced him that she’s the one for Alex. He doesn’t have to support anything. I firmly believe that he’s not happy with the storylines the writers have given Alex in the past two seasons because they were horrible and only reduced him to being Meredith’s friend. The things he wated to see which was success for Alex at the private practice, for Jolex to get more focus as a couple and for them to settle down and start a family have all not happened because all Alex did was support Meredith. And instead of giving interviews where he is saying that he loves the material he got since s11 which would in my opinion be a lie, Justin doesn’t give any interviews anymore. With him you can be sure that the guy doesn’t lie or tell us what Shonda told him to say. I believe him 100% that he thinks like that about Alex and Jo.

        • Salma says:

          Hum no I really love Justin even before Greys but if you date said something bad or opposite to Shonda thoughts you are fired. Not just Katie but some others actors and not just on Greys. Before the drama Shonda always said Izzex was meant to be. It’s not the case anymore and Alex need to be happy but even if jolex is endgame we can’t deny Izzie was his first love and big one

  39. Johanna says:

    Even tho I prefered Izzy and Alex, Izzie’s soulmate was Denny. Jolex is the perfect couple, they’re ment for eachother.

    • Shay says:

      Hahaha so you prefer Izzex but jolex are meant to be and Izzie soulmate is Denny
      Ahhh the jolex shipper.
      None of them. In real life we can more than one great love. So in the show Derek was Meredith one and now she should be alone forever?

      • Johanna says:

        No. Alex was in love with Izzy, and i shipped them hard but He loved her waaay more than she loved him. That’s not the way it works. Meredith can never be with someone she met before McDreamy, because it wouldn’t be true love. And I’m not a Jolex fan but give the girl a chance, she hasn’t done anything wrong but trying to hard. I will never understand the Jo-April hate.

  40. Paula says:

    Izzie’s true love was Danny!!

    • Gabrielle says:

      It’s not about who is Izzie soulmate but who’s Alex’s great love. For me Denny was an intense love and short to bring drama but for 6 seasons it all come back to Izzie and Alex. At the end she was the man of her life but Katie left so

  41. Annie says:

    For some strange reason I feel it’s going to be Meredith.

  42. EMMA says:

    Izzie or Jo or both. It’s not enough in Greys. Fan need to understand happy ending don’t exist on GA.
    Izzex out, Calzona out, Slexie out, Merder out, Crowen out, Cristina/Burka out, Teddy/Henry out. I’m sure Japril will not end together. Maybe at the end even if I don’t like this idea it will be Alex & Meredith. Even if I see the end of Greys about Meredith having Alzheimer

  43. Ray says:

    I was almost ready to leave this show until Alex and Jo happened. I’m a huge of hers especially Californication and the Tomb Raider game reboot. I also realized I’m a fan of Alex because of this. His pairing with Jo, Izzie, and Lexie were my 3 of my top 5 couples in show history. Along with Sloane/Lexie and crazy enough Burke/Christina.

  44. Alrisha says:

    Izzie was awful to Alex. People seen to forget she left and Alex inhered all the medical bill she didn’t care to help pay. All after he was with her through the cancer.
    Jo is bad written but I think she is good for Alex. I can understand she keeping a secret and only letting go while drunk AFTER Alex talk to her and said all what he said.
    I remember she attacked a man in one season after he attacked someone. She said something about her past, I think.

    • Patricia says:

      So Izzie was bad write too at the end. What Callie and Arizona did to each other or Derek to Meredith or Cristina and Owen are worst but jolex shipper are so blind by their hate.
      I shipped Izzex they were good. I don’t ship jolex but I respect the ship.
      Let people ship who they want

  45. EM says:

    Izzie was his first love but not necessarily his soul mate or his person. She made him a better person and he wanted to believe but she was selfish. I never understood those that said they needed closure. I got it when he told her that he deserved better in the locker room. She was the first that he let his guard down but she also left him and didn’t give the benefit of the doubt. Jo was close but not anymore. He’d be better off with Maggie, who he actually talked to a lot in season 11 when Mer was MIA, or Mer. I’d be okay if they brought in someone totally new for him.

    • Hey says:

      Izzie was known to be too generous and you say she was selfish lol. Without Izzie Alex would always be this cruel and perverse guy, people talk about his friendship with Meredith but you forget that in the basic it is Izzie who was the friend of Meredith and that when everybody told him not to stay With him she kept defending him so if for you this is it was somebody’s selfish, Alex cheated her treated her like a shit while he was with Ava and yet she was always there for him, You just criticize her because she left once when she was suffering from cancer, she had just lost her best friend and she was fired a little because of Alex but she came back after that for her relation with Alex ,people often talk about the fact that Meredith suffered a lot but I find that Izzie was not spared either

  46. Mandy says:

    Jo called him the love of her life in the last episode and the only reason he even questioned if she isn’t his was because he couldn’t make sense of why she won’t marry him. Meredith is right about Izzie not being his true love. He did love her like crazy but I personally never understood why he cared about her so much when she never showed him much how she loved him in return. It was like he put her on a pedestal and worshipped her and she didn’t appreciate it. They had a really gripping storyline with the cancer but there’s really so much the writers could do with Alex and Jo now, they only opt to use Alex as everyone’s friend and advisor these days. It drives me nuts how underused both he and Jo are, and you guys have asked this question after two years of Jo and Alex being ignored by the writers because of BTS drama and other stuff, so of course people will right now not feel like Jo is his one true love because they saw so little of them. In my opinion that’s also the reason Owen and Amelia got married this season and not them. The writers realized they had to backburner Jolex again and that people need to see a real storyline with them again so they can root for them before they get married. If they had gotten married now after two years of being sidelined, most people wouldn’t have liked it at all. I think this storyline with the husband will be really great and will reinforce just how much Alex loves Jo. In my opinion he loves her deeply because he probably never felt more loved and understood by anyone, but he’s been doing a bad job showing that lately. I think this personhood with Meredith is also not helping because now the writers act like they have to show us that Alex/Meredith are the most important friendship on the show so it can replace Meredith/Cristina, and that makes Alex/Jo come short. I hope the writers will do something about that, also because it makes some people think that Alex and Meredith are suddenly meant for each other which has never been true.

  47. Dennis says:

    Izzie!!!! Foreverrrrr

  48. Tamara says:

    “There’s only one woman for Alex, and her name’s Izzie. They were the real deal, or as much as a real deal can be on Grey’s Anatomy. That was the love of his life” – Justin Chambers

    Exactly my thoughts. It was after Katie left and before jolex happened so yeah now Katie is sure to never come back because Shonda said it of course Justin support the new girl in Alex’s life and say the same (what’s the exact quote?) and if another girl come after Jo he’ll support it too.

  49. Sarah says:

    Congrats TVLine for again bringing up a lost cause. I lost all hope in you when Ausiello said he would like to see Meredith and Alex as a couple when they’re the most platonic male/female relationship I’ve seen on TV. It’s obvious to me that you fail to understand Alex and go by what you would like to see. That seems to be the biggest problem of the Grey’s fandom as well. Since Alex is such a complex character they think that he feels the way they want him to feel because it’s hard for them to truly understand him. Now all you did with your poll and your biased article (really, why couldn’t you put a photo of Alex, Jo and Izzie at the top of your article? Or one of Izzex and Jolex?) is fuel ship wars again where half of the people insult Jo and the other half insults Izzie. When it all doesn’t matter and won’t do anyone any good because Katherine Heihl isn’t coming back, and even if she were to it would be only for an episode or so and it would end the same way it did for Burke and Cristina. Alex has moved on, Izzie has most likely moved on, and who’s to say he would take her back even if she wanted him? He was the one to send her away and tell her to never come back after she returned to him in s6. He was the one to realize he deserved better than how she treated him back when he was still madly in love with her. Why would he take her back now that he’s in love with Jo? Your article is so pointless and it doesn’t matter what fans think. So many people think Alex and Meredith will date (something you fueled btw so thanks for nothing) when every longterm fan of the show knows that it won’t happen because they are like brother and sister to each other. So clearly most of the people who write here don’t have a better understanding of the characters than you do.

    That being said, you can’t compare love and you can certainly have more than one. All I know is that Alex loved both Izzie and Jo like crazy but that Jo has done more for him than Izzie did and that she fought for her love and showed Alex the appreciation and love he longed for years.

    • Anna says:

      Boooohooooo craint because there are a picture of Izzex BREAKUP and not Jolex. It’s the end of the world. Some shippers are cray cray

      • Leia says:

        I think she has valid points, the article itself is being written to influence you to vote for Izzie here. They could’ve tried to be more neutral and this person said it shouldn’t have been a Jolex photo on top instead but one of all three characters or both couples. Or just Alex alone. I don’t like what TVLine is always doing either.

  50. Lisa Echerd says:

    When Jo turned down his proposal in the next to the last episode, I went “yes!” I was happy because I really hoped that was the end for the 2 of them. I just don’t like her character. Alex is my favorite and he deserves better. I don’t think it is Meredith. They should continue to be friends. They need a strong new female character for Alex to fall for.

    • mo says:

      Oh my dear, haven’t you been watching Grey’s Anatomy for long enough? Couples who have been together multiple years are usually destined to stay together. Remember how many times Cristina and Owen broke up only to get back together again? And were only over when the actress left the show? It’s the same for Alex and Jo. They have been ignroed a lot but in the eyes of the writers they belong together and they will always find their way back to each other. I also strongly disagree with Alex deserving better. The majority of the time that Jo has been on the show she’s loved and supported him almost unconditionally. He was the one who started neglecting her when he was made Meredith’s new person. And considering how much Jo had to go through in life amd how her life story is even sadder than Alex’s I’d say she’s one of the strongest females on the show for overcoming such heavy trauma. And that’s exactly the reason why Alex loves her so much. Jo is strong and I have the feeling that the writers will finally show the audience next season just how strong she is. And I have no doubt that she loves Alex more than anyone else ever has.

    • Gospino says:

      Yeah, Jo is a weak, sappy character. I feel bad for the actress. She tries but is saddled with a terrible part to play.