The Flash Video: Grant Gustin Previews Barry's 'Dark Place,' Finale Twist That Affects 'Every Relationship'

In the wake of his father’s death at the literal hand of Zoom, The Flash‘s Barry Allen is in “the darkest place we’ve ever seen him,” Grant Gustin affirms in this video Q&A.

Speaking with TVLine at The CW’s Upfronts event red carpet, Gustin also notes that despite this tragic blow, Barry is a man of optimism, and that’s a quality he likely won’t lose — though putting the best spin on things may be markedly harder coming out of the Season 2 finale (airing Tuesday at 8/7c).

The Flash frontman also weighs in on whether Barry might push would-be girlfriend Iris away after losing a loved one to a supervillain, ponders the prospect of another team-up with Supergirl (who this fall will also call The CW home) and reflects on the trickiness and hiccups of complex inter-show crossovers.

Per the official logline for the season finale, titled “The Race of His Life,” Barry vows to do whatever it takes to stop Zoom after the sinister speedster reveals his true plan.

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  1. Penny says:

    Thanks for the interview! I’m excited to see how the season ends for Barry and Iris.

    • Ingrid says:

      Yes, those were great questions and thank you for specifically mentioning Iris !

    • Mo says:

      I’m confident that Barry and Iris’ relationship will change for the better regardless of time travel shenanigans. And thank you for asking about Westallen, yes! We really appreciate it, Matt!

      • Ingrid says:

        I hope you are right ! Their relationship evolved so beautifully and naturally in the last couple of episodes, I hope it won’t be all for nothing

  2. Alexis says:

    I hope they don’t go the route where hero pushes his loved ones away. It’s tired, cliche and makes no sense

  3. Ingrid says:

    Love Barry & Iris, their scenes in the past 3 episodes were absolutely amazing !
    Henry’s death certainly puts a damper on things but I really hope we don’t have to wait too long for them to finally start dating, it’s been 2 seasons already. Just let them get and be together !

  4. Trish says:

    Seriously after all this we’re going back to square one with Barry and Iris like how many times do they have to do and undo things. Please show don’t turn into that show. 😩. Thanks for asking such great questions which grant seemed to try to expertly dodge. Looking forward to better news about season 3 at sdcc

  5. Yolanda says:

    I hope they don’t do a back flip and do the “Barry goes back in tI’m and changes everything that happened” ..taking away season 2 entirely and beginning again with Iris still pining over Eddie. That would be a cop out for what has been a great season.
    I hope I’m wrong lol but my gut tells me it’s the route the writers will take

  6. Diana says:

    Good questions. I really don’t want them to do the “pushing loved ones away” thing. It doesn’t fit with the development of the Barry and Iris relationship or Barry’s experience in the speed force. He learned something there about handling tragedy and that should be used, otherwise what was it for? And now that I think of it, the show already had Barry push people away in the first episode of the second season.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview with Grant. Hope Barry won’t be in a dark place in season 3 and be with his friends again. Can’t wait to see what happens in season finale next week!

  8. Clv says:

    Great interview. I hope we have a great season finale. Cant wait to know what Zoom’s actual plan is, who the man in the iron mask is, where Westallen is going given Barry’s grief over his dad.

  9. Melinda says:

    I’m honestly not sure how to take Grant’s comments right now. I really don’t want Westallen to start from square one. Barry and Iris have made tremendous progress and I like the direction Westallen is going at this moment. I would expect Barry to be in a dark place because he just witnessed his second parent being murdered. I do think that we are going to get some time travel and that things are going to be different. Sigh. Trying to be hopeful right now, I can’t help but wonder if a screwed up timeline would get us Don, Dawn or Bart Allen to make an appearance. It would be so cool to have Barry and Iris’s children or grandchild show up to get things back on track.

  10. Gail says:

    Will they come up with a reason why Barry can’t go back in time to prevent his father’s death? He stopped everyone on Arrow getting killed earlier this season.

    Still think the man in the Iron Mask is Henry Allen from Earth 2 perhaps known as Jay Garrick.

  11. Asia says:

    Yeah I really hope they don’t follow the old tired cliche of the hero pushing the woman he loves away. No unnecessary angst, no nonsensical rambling of “We can’t be together because because… [insert contrived bogus reason]

  12. Kerry says:

    Very excited for the “pushing loved ones” away thing as long as it only affects this Barry-Iris nonsense. The less I see of it, the better.

    • Isabella says:

      Me too! She is the most useless character on the show, next to Wally. Even her so called journalist skills fall flat. What news article starts with: People say..?!. And what journalist stays safely indoors while there’s a war in the streets? She’s not reporting news facts or stories in an unbiased way. She’s a blogger that seems more interested in hanging around STAR labs asking dumb questions and only writing fluff about the Flash. There is no depth in her story.
      And no matter what people say, I still see her as his sister.. Family is not just blood (thank you, Klaus) Just like adopted siblings shouldn’t kiss either. It’s icky and the writers must have known that or they wouldn’t have made her family to begin with. It doesn’t matter if they’re iconic in the comics. Let them be iconic there and let him move in a different direction on TV.

      • I definitely agre that Iris is under utilized. I’m sure the writers will continue to allow her to grow into that iconic ace reporter.

        Family is defined as a group of people affilated by consangunity (blood related) according to Webster. Of course it has evolved due to blended and modern families to include people you build a life with such as: spouses, step-parents and siblings, parental figures, best-friends and so on. Barry, Iris and Joe have a family closeness having lived together. But Barry was raised by his biological parents for the majority of his childhood, moving in with Joe at 11. He was best friends with Iris beforehand. Joe probably sees Barry as his future son-in-law because he seems totally fine with Iris marrying Barry. A similar dynamic can be seen in the movie Clueless and it was a non-issue because the characters weren’t related so by law it’s not incest. The show isn’t doing anything wrong and have been handling the characters and story of the Flash really well. It’s a fantastic show with phenomenal actors! However I do understand and respect your opinions as well.

  13. Liz985 says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the sound? Can hear the crowd at the beginning, but once the interview starts sound is gone. Same on YouTube.

  14. Azerty says:

    I hope they will never go to the route of killing Barry and putting Wally in the Flash costume like I have read a few times. Grant Gustin as Barry and as Flash is realy the best thing of the show.

  15. Hoping that Barry doesn’t push Iris he is going to need her now more then ever. I hope they are able to build a relationship and be happy and prove that a superhero can have a love story.

  16. anakinjmt says:

    Seriously? You post a big spoiler in the first sentence of this? I’ve worked 12 hours shifts the last two days and i haven’t had a chance to watch this week’s episode yet. At least wait a week before openly talking spoilers especially huge ones like that

  17. datdudemurphy says:

    Good. Push Iris far, far, far away…..they have a creepy brother/sister incesty thing going on.

    • Haha, interesting perspective. Technically Joe giving Barry a safe place to live for 6 years before heading to college doesn’t make Iris his sister. Even Joe doesn’t see them that way. Barry had a crush on Iris before moving in so he never developed a sibling like relationship with her. Barry and Iris share no DNA and are not related in any way. Like Cisco stated, Iris is Barry’s something…But definitely not his sister. :)

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Didn’t say she was his sister, but they have a definite brother sister chemistry

        • Ravi says:

          Living in the same house doesn’t make them bro-sis. That’s a cliche people like you need to get out of. Also the deep affection and care they had for each other also doesn’t make the chemistry “bro-sis”. I understand where this thought process is coming from (of seeing Barry and Iris in that fashion) but its refreshing to see a romance brew between them.

          • Isabella says:

            I disagree. The people you grow up with are your family, whether you share a blood connection or not. Joe sees Barry as a son and even though Iris never referred to Barry as her brother she acted as if he was until he told her about his feelings. Any romantic development between them feels forced and wrong and the sooner it ends, the better.

  18. J says:

    How cute is Grant?..Love this interviews TVLine!

  19. jeremiah says:

    I am like the rest. I want more of Barry and Iris. I do not mind if the take then a step back or different. Flash will change the timeline. I want to see how other earth’s of Barry and Iris interact. Maybe even an earth 5 Iris in I sexy leather flash suit. Now that would be super hot

  20. Red tornado says:

    They should of killed iris in episode 22 instead of henry allen; just when he comesback they kill him.

    • flashfan says:

      Nope. She is important to the story of the Flash. Please try and let go of the hate. That said, I didn’t want Henry to die either :(

  21. John says:

    Is it just me or is it obvious given the fact that Leonard Snart will be a series regular for the shows next year and his recent death in Lot, that he is the man in the Iron Mask. This would not contradict any story line and would be the perfect setup for his characters return seeing as how he originated on The Flash.

  22. Gregory HOFFMAN says:

    I have never seen so many whiners (sp?) in a supposed Super Hero.. can you allow him to get through an episode without bawling??? Please. and his gorgeous girl friend is upset that she wasn’t told of a kid, so shes out? No wonder he didn’t tell her. I understand the show needs conflict, but really, me thinks these male tough guys are just a little too emotional not keep an eye on the ball of saving the world. One more thing, Thisco with super powers, really??

  23. Bzazueta says:

    The man in the mask is wally and Jesse’s kid from the future or Barry and iris’s son

  24. Muriel says:

    I’m surprised there are so many Barry x Iris fans in the comments because I don’t feel any romantic chemistry between them, just a deep brother and sister bond.

    • I think it was well established in season 1 that Barry always had romantic feelings for Iris. He has never considered her to be his sister and neither has Joe. Maybe the writers should have used wording like Joe being Barry’s ‘legal guardian’ instead to lessen the confusion. Joe giving Barry a safe place to live for 6 years before heading to college doesn’t make Iris his sister. As a parent, I don’t see them having a sibling like relationship at all. Great interview and comments!

    • Mo says:

      A deep brother and sister bond where the brother wants to make out with the sister and she finally admits she wants to do the same? …What. Perhaps you are thinking of Berlanti’s other show, Brothers and Sisters. :)

  25. Abigail O Ryks says:

    Ugh, they’d better not have Barry travel back in time and erase all the progress we’ve seen with West Allen…It would be season 1 episode 15/16 all over again…but maybe worse? Anyhow, not looking forward to the finale ending. I was already pissed with the obvious kill they made with Henry. It was so heavily hinted that someone close to him would die with the whole “I’m not going anywhere” speech Henry made and the “not even the Flash can outrun the tragedies the universe will send his way” speech the speed force made. I really wondered if it was gonna be Joe (would have caused more of a shock factor), but nope it was Henry…not that I want Joe to die! Anyhow, I wonder if Joe will die in the finale which will made Barry decide to travel back in time? Guess we’ll see.

  26. Michael says:

    Hmmm looking forward

  27. Proud Negger always writinf on varitey and tv line says:

    All these love and iris come from the same person that knows nothing about comics lol so chesy comment my gf even so, so pathetic , readind ll these poor comments about iris lol lol lol

  28. Ravi says:

    I can’t wait for the finale. And I just hope they do not break the beautiful romance brewing between Barry and Iris! Iris has to become Iris West-Allen and I hope the writers don’t divert away from that.

  29. aura says:

    Sweet baby Jesus keep the timeline in check. I really don’t want a repeat of out of time for Barry and Iris they have come too far to go back now. I can’t wait to see zoom finally get the ass kicking he so thoroughly deserves (finish him street fighter style). I am also praying to the TV god;s that whoever this betrayal is coming from it wont be Wells another repeat I want no part of. Excited and filled with a bit of trepidation for this finale I hope it lives up to all the hype, cause I’m seriously hyped.

  30. Mo says:

    Interesting interview. From Iris’ hesitation at the end of last ep, a break might be in order anyway.

  31. Barry peut maintenant arrêter de courir et Iris lui laisse envisager un avenir à ses côtés, mais il est encore trop marqué par toutes les pertes de ses proches et court jusqu’au moment où Eobard Thawne a tué sa mère pour l’en empêcher et changer totalement la continuité.
    I expected season 3 of The Flash 2014

  32. Interesting interview. From Iris’ hesitation at the end of last ep, a break might be in order anyway.