Fall TV Preview
Frequency The CW

Fall TV: Watch Trailers for The CW's Frequency and No Tomorrow

After unveiling its fall 2016 schedule, The CW on Thursday released sneak peeks of its new series, including a small-screen version of the 2000 film Frequency and Joshua Sasse’s Galavant follow-up No Tomorrow.

Watch the trailers in their entirety below, preceded by the logline for each series:

Frequency (Wednesdays, 9/8c)
In this reimagining of the New Line Cinema film, a female police detective discovers she is able to speak via ham radio with her estranged father, also a detective, who died in 1996. They forge a new relationship while working together on an unresolved murder, but unintended consequences of the “butterfly effect” wreak havoc in the present day.

No Tomorrow (Tuesdays, 9/8c)
When a risk-averse female procurement manager at an Amazon-like distribution center falls in love with a man who lives life to the fullest because he believes the apocalypse is imminent, it leads to comedic and poignant results as they embark on a quest to fulfill their individual bucket lists.

Your thoughts on The CW’s new offerings? Hit the comments section below with your reviews of the trailers.

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  1. Sara says:

    Honestly I don’t care about these two. Where’s Riverdale???

  2. N says:

    Ooo frequency looks good. Never saw the movie. The other show looks meh

    • Cobra says:

      “Frequency” looks good because it is a line-for-line remake of the original movie. Literally. I could predict every line that was coming because they literally took the script for the movie and just remade it.

  3. Scott21 says:

    No Tomorrow looks fun and cute :)

  4. chadcronin says:

    Those 2 trailers look promising and interesting. I’m actually gonna try a new show on The CW in the first time in a while.

  5. SayNay says:

    Frequency looks alright, but out of place for CW. It seems like they’d have to reset the outcome every season in order to keep the story “fresh” which would get old after a while.

    No Tomorrow looks like a bucket list/Lurlene Mcdaniel novel mash-up. I’m sure at some point the guy will have terminal cancer and his rich family has been on the hunt to find him because who else can live in a house by themselves in LA with no job.

  6. zackkattackk843 says:

    Frequency looks incredible!

  7. Hellastyle says:

    Never heard about Frequency movie, so didn’t really get how it works. Why is everything changed? Is it because she talked to her father and changed the course of history?

    No tomorrow looks fun and light, I just hope the episodes plot will be less embarrassing than Crazy ex-girlfriend which makes me anxious, even though I love it)))

    • sg says:

      The movie is really good. It stars Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest as the son and Dennis Quaid as the dad. In the movie the dad is a fire fighter and by telling the dad how he dies it changes everything. It looks like the same thing happens with the TV show

  8. Victoria says:

    For those that haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend Frewuency. It has Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel in it. Based on the trailer, the pilot follows the movie pretty closely so I’m intrigued.

    No Tomorrow might be a little to quirky for my liking.

    • chattykat11 says:

      Love the movie. Very sad, but very good. I’m curious about the new tv show. The whole time I was watching the clip, I had the song from the movie going through my head (Garth Brooks “When you come back to me again”).

  9. Steven says:

    Frequency looks surprisingly good, but not a fit for The CW. No Tomorrow looks awful.

  10. matty says:

    Wow, for once it looks like the CW might have a show I’d watch in “No Tomorrow” and possibly “Frequency”. The last time I watched a CW show was “Charmed”.

  11. The Kaibosh says:

    **groan** ….. these look bad. No Tomorrow in particular looks really, really bad. Hipster toque, tight beard Aussie accent bad. Just wretched. The stink is attracting cats from around the neighborhood. Somebody open the window.

  12. Alrisha says:

    They put iZombie at midseason for these shows, really? Frequency looks good, but how they are going to keep people interested in it? That looks like something that get old and repetitive very fast.

  13. Deb says:

    Both shows seem terrible. I could consider watching Frequency, but No Tomorrow? Yeah, that one has no tomorrow.

  14. mike says:

    These both sound absolutely terrible. at least we have Supergirl coming. Hopefully the crossovers make sense story wise instead of just doing them just because they can. Unless there’s a Crisis thing happening the Flash finale

  15. bluji says:

    Oh man, both of these series seem quite intriguing. I’ve liked seeing Peyton List in The Tomorrow People and The Flash, so finally seeing her in a very clear leading role is going to be interesting.

  16. Jared says:

    Frequency looks really good. The CW always has the best shows in my opinion. I heard the Riverdale trailer didn’t play too well at the upfronts which is why is wasn’t included. Any truth to that?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      None whatsoever; it was awesome. The CW only released fall show trailers. –Mgmt.

      • florianques says:

        Daaaamn, now I really want to see the Riverdale trailer. It was the one I was expecting the most out of all the new shows announced at the Upfronts.

      • John036 says:

        Do you have any idea why the put Riverdale at midseason? I was bummed when I found out. Riverdale is my most anticipated new show.

  17. Joey Padron says:

    Frequency looks really good. Good to have Peyton List back on The CW again. Looking forward to check out the show!

  18. John036 says:

    Wow does No Tomorrow look terrible. Can’t believe they pushed iZombie/Riverdale/The 100 to mid-season for this. Frequency looks decent. I’ll give it a try because I love Peyton List.

  19. Gerald says:

    Frequency looks amazing, but I would say looks more like a limited series event.

  20. arianeb says:

    2014: The Tomorrow People
    2015: Legends of Tomorrow
    2016: No Tomorrow
    Third year in a row, a new show with the word Tomorrow in the title.
    Despite having the fewest hours, I actually watch CW more than any other broadcast network, in fact more than all the others combined.

  21. opus says:

    Frequency looks like it has some potential, but please, please give me back my IZOMBIE in the fall. No Tomorrow gets no viewing from me.

  22. Lala says:

    Have they learnt nothing from JTV & CEG…No tomorrow will at the most get an 0.5, if at all. These type of comedic shows do not appeal to the greater CW audience.

    • johnhelvete says:

      The CW would be very happy if No Tomorrow got a 0.5. iZombie averaged a 0.53 this season, The 100 a 0.48, TVD a 0.46, The Originals a 0.38, JTV a 0.37 and CEG a 0.30. By greater CW audience you really mean The Flash/Arrow/Supernatural and maybe LOT.

      • Lala says:

        Mind you, I said if at all…that 0.5 is actually very generous, maybe just the premiere and downhill from there. And yes by greater CW, I mean the audience that tunes into the superhero shows but have no interest in watching CEG/JTV.

        • johnhelvete says:

          My point was if you look at the ratings for the entire CW, there is not a huge ratings drop between iZombie and CEG. So you could make the argument the audience for the superhero shows are not all that interested in most of those shows either.

          • Lala says:

            Yeah i get what you mean but my point is why keep adding new shows that belong to the lowest rated genre on the network. These ‘dramedies’ are the least watched shows on CW for the past 2 years so it makes no sense that they keep picking them up. By CW standards, shows like Containment/Izombie are ‘mid-range’ at an average at 0.5; it would have been beneficial for CW to add new shows that have a chance at mid-range ratings. Take Frequency, it’s never going to be groundbreaking but I can see it perform steadily mid-range around 0.5-0.6.

  23. MLPR says:

    I’m kind of bummed that they changed the main character’s gender in Frequency from that of the movie. I really loved the father-son dynamic. I hope the writers can change my mind.

    • ? says:

      But then it would just be the movie again. I agree father-son dynamic works on a special level with this premise, but father-daughter done right can work too. The trailer looked good to me.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I think the gender swap was clever. Gives the show a female lead with the second lead male instead of both leads being male, and 8 year old girls (which is the age when the father dies according to the promo) usually worship their fathers.

  24. Mike says:

    There’s an awesome Australian saying that comes to mind whilst watching these trailers..

    “Yeah nah. …”

  25. Jason Paul says:

    Joshua Sasse stripping to skivvies. Thank you trailer.

  26. big cheddar says:

    I love Joshua Sasse, so I’m glad he’ll be on my tv again in the fall.

  27. Michael says:

    will be skipping both of these, good things there returning shows are strong

  28. Yaines says:

    I like the look of No Tomorrow… or maybe I just like the look of Joshua Sasse’s torso… *fans self* *swoon* :D Frequency looks a bit mental. I think I’ll wait and see the reviews first.

  29. BAREIKA says:

    I am so excited for Frequency to be on the Air. I seen the movie so many times it is by far my favorite movie of all times!

  30. Goldenvibefan says:

    I’ll watch Frequency for sure for more Peyton! Sucks she wont be on flash much anymore :(

  31. Parker says:

    I have zero interest in either of these show. I an furious that that on of you best “The Originals “is stuck in mid season how disappointing CW has become for me!

  32. Parker says:

    I have zero interest in either of these show. I am furious that on of you best “The Originals “is stuck in mid season how disappointing CW has become for me!

  33. S Windham says:

    They both look to be okay? Neither compare to The Orignals, The 100, or even Reign! What’s up with CW putting them off to mid-season? I’m very disappointed. These are good shows with good ratings. Why not make the new okay shows (that doesn’t even fit CW criteria) mid-season shows?