Grey's Anatomy Season 12 finale

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale Recap: 'From This Ring, I Thee Fled'

Correct me if I’m wrong, Grey’s Anatomy enthusiasts, but the Season 12 finale had it all — everything from a runaway bride and a budding love (lust?) triangle to the revelation of a devastating secret and a guest appearance by the stork. Heck, it even had some of that “lighter tone” that Shonda Rhimes promised us so long ago. Before you hit the comments with your review, let’s rewind and go over the highlights.

HERE COMES THE RAIN, AMEN | As “Family Affair” began, Meredith was predicting rain (which arrived moments later), reassuring Alex that he hadn’t found and lost his one great love (and it wasn’t Izzie, in any case!) and marveling that Owen was marrying Amelia. “You can’t expect her to be Cristina,” Karev said. Couldn’t she? Meanwhile, the bride was having her heart torn out by her family. “Mommy, please,” she tearfully begged, “I’m getting married!” But alas, not one of the Shepherds would be in attendance. Devastated, Amelia locked herself in the bathroom until Owen arrived and coaxed her back out by promising, hey, “I’ll be there.” Stopping in at Grey Sloan pre-ceremony, Mer bumped into Nathan, who suggested a quickie. “Don’t get any ideas,” she said, a twinkle in her eye. “There are no ideas here.” In response, he playfully reminded her, “You jumped me!” (Where has this charming Nathan been all season?) Eventually, they agreed that they were just friends. Well, “friends who had sex four times in one night,” he noted.

UNHAPPY HOUR(S) | When Alex popped by his and Jo’s place to pick up formalwear, his non-fiancée shocked him by blurting out, “Let’s make a baby!” This would prove to him that she was all in, she thought — wrongly. What he wanted was to know why she wouldn’t marry him. “I’m not some idiot kid anymore,” he railed. “I’m a man, and I’m done with games.” And, therefore, it seemed, done with her, too. Later, at the bar, Stephanie pawned off a drunken Jo on Andrew, who learned from the blotto resident that she couldn’t marry Alex because she was already married! When he got her home to tuck her in, she added that her husband was abusive, and if she dared try to divorce him, he would find her. Turned out, Jo wasn’t even her real name! Just as Andrew accidentally wound up in what looked like a compromising position with a mostly-undressed Jo, who should walk in but Alex. Jumping — understandably — to the wrong conclusion, Karev proceeded to punch (and punch and punch) DeLuca.

IT’S A GIRL! | At the church, April — Owen’s best man — realized that she didn’t have the wedding bands. Since Ben was just arriving, she asked him to give her a lift back to Mer’s to retrieve them. Unfortunately, no sooner had she found the rings than she began to have contractions. Rather than take a chance on giving birth in Ben’s car, she asked him to deliver the baby at the house. At first, April’s biggest concern was that Warren would see her vagina during her pelvic exam. But when he felt a foot down there, the tone changed immediately and dramatically: The baby was breech, so Kepner needed an emergency C-section just like Ben’s ill-fated patient in “There’s a Fine, Fine Line.” Left with no alternative, Ben called Grey Sloan, where Jackson, Arizona and Bailey were gathered around a phone. He was gonna have to do it, he told his wife. “I trust you,” she replied, bringing to an end her doubts about his surgical trustworthiness (and maybe his suspension, too?). Miraculously, both mother and child came through just fine, and at the end of the hour, Jackson introduced April to their daughter.

‘THIS IS YOUR LOVE DAY!’ | Upon arriving at the church, Meredith discussed Cristina with Owen — in particular the fact that he hadn’t so much as told his ex he was remarrying. After Amelia overheard, her mood went spiraling downward. What could Meredith do to help? Grey asked, seeing the state her sister-in-law was in. Amelia couldn’t turn to Maggie, Shepherd said, because anytime she did, Pierce came back “full of sunshine and candy and hope.” So that left Mer, and dammit, she wasn’t on the bride’s side. Grey got it, though. “You’re me before Derek,” she noted. So she could handle this crisis. “Today I am your person,” Mer added. When she told Amelia that they could run away if that was what she wanted to do, off the duo went with Maggie in tow — in the rain, no less. Over a Slurpee, the would-be Mrs. Hunt suggested to her “sisters” that maybe Owen was just her “new drug,” or maybe they were just “filler” to each other having lost their one great loves.

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale‘LET’S ALL BE HAPPY’ | While Owen refused to worry about whether his bride would show up — “She’s earned the benefit of the doubt” — Mer suggested to Amelia that lotsa people get two great loves. Like… like… um… Richard, Maggie interjected. And, in short order, the wedding was back on (if it had ever truly been off in the first place). Since April was obviously not going to make it to the nuptials, Nathan delivered the rings to Owen, who invited his former BFF to stick around. Left alone again, Riggs and Mer opened up some more about Megan and Derek and the kinds of weddings they had wanted. (Grey even mentioned her and her late husband’s Post-It vows.) Meanwhile, having noticed that the sad Charlie Brown music played every time Callie passed by, Arizona took pity on her ex, delivering Sofia to her doorstep along with two plane tickets to New York. Robbins wanted her daughter back the next weekend, but in the meantime, she wanted Torres to take her and be with Penny. Arizona seemed to have a whole new custody arrangement in mind, one that would give her “all summer and every other school year,” and give Callie the rest of the time. (Which is indeed a “beautiful payoff,” as Kevin McKidd told us we’d get. But does this mean Sara Ramirez is really leaving? What just happened here?) Finally, as the wedding got underway, Nathan flashed a winning smile that Maggie mistakenly believed was for her, not Mer. “I really like him,” Pierce whispered to her half sis, and “I think he likes me.” Uh-oh.

Are you relieved Japril’s daughter is here? Worried that Callie is gone? Hoping Jo will come clean with Alex? Grade the finale below, then hit the comments!

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  1. AJ says:

    Grey’s always good with finales. Thought April was going to die for a second and even though don’t care for her character glad she didn’t, Grey’s has done death to death. Liked that they played the final moment for laughs – great eye acting by Ellen. Can’t believe how much still look forward to Grey’s every week 12 seasons in.

  2. Wooster182 says:

    I really liked the finale but was disappointed that they left the Alex storyline there. He kept talking about how adult he is now but none of his actions were grown up at all.

    • NM says:

      This isn’t the first time Alex has come to Jo’s defence. He also attempted to beat up Jo’s ex in the season nine finale but found out Jo had already beat him to it.
      Alex has matured emotionally and intellectually, the only problem with it is that he’s always had a short temper.

      • Wooster182 says:

        I did not see that as him protecting Jo. He saw a man sleeping with his girlfriend and he attacked him in jealousy. He had left her. She could technically sleep with who ever she wanted.

        • NM says:

          Which is why I said he also has a short temper.
          He was probably more hurt by the fact they had barely been broken up a day and DeLuca has (or so Alex believes) banged his GF of four years. I’d be pissed too.

        • Stacy says:

          My view on the scene was that he saw red and thought Jo had been cheating on him, or thought Deluca was waiting around to pounce. The most unbelievable part for me was that Deluca wouldn’t immediately blurt out, “She’s drunk. I swear I’m just putting her to bed!”
          Also, it’s not like Jo broke up with him and then he punched the guy. Jo continued to tell Alex she loved him, wanted to have his baby, and didn’t want him to leave. Alex wasn’t crazy to come back.

    • Anna says:

      He has grown up immensely, but sometimes it’s really freaking hard to control what we do in the heat of the moment – when sh*t hits the fan out of nowhere. It was really sad to see him do this, but remember, he grew up around a lot of violence, was abused as a child, and has always a short temper. His actions weren’t that surprising even if I was screaming at my screen for him to stop.

    • Erin B says:

      I agree. A man would at least to an explanation first. I hated to see him revert back to his old ways. I don’t know why though (except for drama on the show) she wouldn’t tell Alex about her past. I mean, he knows the other details. Why keep that from him?

      • Sophie says:

        Maybe because she knows quite well what he’s capable of and how protective he is. I mean he punched DeLuca for “banging” his long-term gf after breaking up with her. How would he react if he heard Jo was abused and threatend by a guy for such a long time? He’d probably wanna kill him.

  3. Unaware says:

    I thought Meredith’s house was supposed to be close to the hospital? Even if she didn’t want to get in the car, couldn’t someone from the hospital have driven over with proper supplies?!?!

  4. NM says:

    Given Jo’s statement in the season 9 finale of “promising no one would ever do that again” referring to the doctor that her and she beat up, I assumed this was the case of why she wouldn’t marry Alex. However, four years together and not mentioning this at all? Especially given the storyline about the gun in their house? Domestic violence or not, Jo doesn’t have my pity or forgiveness. Unfortunately, Alex will.

    • Pamela says:

      I agree it’s not realistic at all that she hasn’t told him after all this time.

      • NM says:

        Especially given how much she has told him about living out of a car and being an orphan and a thousand over “I’m so damaged” stories, I expected so much more from this relationship. I guess it’ll make for a good storyline for Alex. Finally.

        • Stacy says:

          I agree it’s far from a plausible storyline – even for Grey’s. But like you, at least Jo & Alex might actually get a storyline. That would be refreshing.
          This season they also had Edwards reveal her secret childhood illness, and now Jo’s secret past life, name and hubby? Eh.

    • Lauren says:

      And somehow she became a Doctor while using a false name? Doubt it.

  5. Mary Kate says:

    So good! Was scared for April but hallelujah for Ben. Everything with Jo was so predictable, she should’ve told Alex. But most importantly – the chemistry between Meredith and Riggs! Gave me feelings of early, happier Meredith.

  6. Alyse says:

    How about Maggie just gets back with Deluca, because I like Mer and Riggs and don’t need a triangle with Maggie. I expected that storyline for Jo and am glad April and Jackson’s baby is okay.

    • Stacy says:

      Maggie is a smart, grown woman. She needs a relationship with a grown man instead of Deluca. I like Deluca fine, but he doesn’t seem like a strong match for Maggie, IMO. I’m not saying that man should be Riggs, but just a grown up somebody.

      • Alichat says:

        I thought Deluca was a good match for Maggie. Then they tanked his character by turning Cross into a douche, having him insult Deluca, and then having Deluca suddenly become insecure. I’d rather they have left his character be, and let them date. There doesn’t have to be a big storyline. The breakup seemed to happen just to give Maggie something else to kvetch about.

  7. Luli says:

    Sarah Drew was incredible in this episode!! She just gets better and better. Those scenes were so emotional! Giver her an award! I can see hope for Japril. The sisters are always hilarious, glad Meredith wasn’t that bitchy to Amelia. I’m starting to dig Riggs and Meredith.

    So sad that Sara is leaving! But I feel like they left the door open for her to come back, at least her statement doesn’t say bye forever… she just wants some time off? I’m going to miss Callie Torres.

  8. Dee says:

    There was too much going on for just a 1 hour finale. Everything seemed rushed except for the neverending Amelia whining. Honestly could care less about Amelia and Owen, but assumed they would be the focus, which sadly they were. Not nearly enough time spent on Alex/Jo and April/Jackson. Even the birth was more about redeeming Ben then being able to celebrate the baby. After everything they’ve been through, we couldn’t even get one real scene with April, Jackson and their baby girl, which was extremely disappointing.

    • abz says:

      I think Amelia had every reason to “whine” (which I don’t necessarily think she was) during this episode. I really think the Amelia complaints are just odd. I get it that some don’t like her and she’s definitely not a perfect character. That’s fine. She’s very flawed, but the things she was “whining” about were completely valid and realistic. It was a very emotional day for her. Her mother and sisters refused to come to the wedding. Derek is dead. He walked all of his sisters down the aisle and she’s the only one who will never get to have that special moment with him. She overhears Meredith encouraging Owen to call Cristina and proclaiming her as his one true love. She’s feeling the pressure to live up to this supposed epic love story Owen had with Cristina. She’s a recovering alcoholic/addict and is second-guessing her decision to marry. And on top of all that, the closest person to family she has at the moment, Meredith, is also the person who has at times hated her and/or has been complete nasty to her (see previous episode). Amelia can feel the tension between her and Meredith. That’s why it finally reached its climax tonight with Meredith and Amelia when Amelia once again mentioned to Meredith that she knows she doesn’t like her. I think Amelia wants to be close to Meredith. Yeah, she can be needy and that is one of her flaws, but she also just wanted support and someone to be on her side. And Meredith in this episode showed signs of thawing and hopefully steps towards actually accepting Amelia especially when she told her that Amelia was basically her pre-Derek. Amelia isn’t perfect. She’s done and said some hurtful things and acted certain ways, but so has Meredith. Maybe going forward, they can grow their relationship further.

      • Kristen says:

        Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Alichat says:

        Hmmm…I see your points. I think my biggest issue with Amelia is her drama is neverending. The whining is neverending. The overreacting is neverending. It’s exhausting. Also, I think she and Owen have zero chemistry…..but that’s really beside the point…..really my biggest issue is with her making everything a major dramatic incident.

        • Diana says:

          I agree. She is full of drama and is always whining.

        • I agree & will go further to say that if Amelia left the show, it would be no big loss.

        • missarahmt says:

          I think Amelia and Owen don’t go together purely because of Cristina. We love her, we miss her. She is very strong and never whined. I feel I’m always going to compare whomever Owen is with with Cristina.

          I liked Amelia and Owen when Amelia was a strong woman. That is who Owen needs.

          I just really miss Cristina.

      • Falcon says:

        I agree with you ABZ (and Kristen)- I like Amelia’s character because she is so flawed. And she’s self-aware about her mess. She’s had a rough go of it, reallllly rough if you ever watched Private Practice. So I never take it as her “whining”. Is it whining if your grievances are legit? I’m not of the camp of bottling up your feelings, I think that is unhealthy. But I guess people just see this issue differently.

    • cuius says:

      Agreed – the only things missing were the perennial plane crash, the fire, and the arrival of ISIS – soap opera at its finest

  9. Lauren says:

    I hope there isn’t too much drama between Maggie and Meredith about Riggs. Come on, this is not Jr. high! They were never together so Maggie doesn’t get any kind of dibs.
    Overall though, I really enjoyed the finale. Just enough drama and sweetness. But two relatively low key finales in a row has me already anxious about next year. Prepare yourselves for some carnage.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m still assuming Riggs’ wife is about to turn up alive. If not throughout next season, then after Mer/Riggs get together she’ll appear in next year’s finale.

      • Jenks says:

        The never got married, did they? Riggs said Owen “was supposed to be” his best man. I thought the sister was killed before they married. She still might turn up, though, as you say, after Mer/Riggs get together. Sort of like Addison showed up when Derek and Meredith got together…hope this doesn’t happen to Meredeith again!

    • Mila says:

      I doubt the problem will be Maggie being pissed at Meredith. Life would be simple if Meredith just tells the truth right away to Maggie about what has been going on with him, sure Maggie would probably a bit sad and hurt, but nothing more. What is likely to happen though is Meredith not saying anything not to hurt her sister. She might even push Riggs to get with Maggie, which won’t work. Then Maggie will learn the truth somehow and then she will be hurt about the guy, but mostly by Meredith’s lies about it.

  10. nadialus says:

    I understand that with Sara leaving they wanted to write off Callie in a happier tone but my god that was the only thing that bothered me about the finale. She mopes for a couple episodes and then she gets her way? I’ve had a really hard time liking Callie recently and i’m really glad she’ll be gone.
    Maggie is an adult with a crush, Mer should just tell her and get it over with. Not looking forward to that storyline.
    I wasn’t a huge fan of Owen and Amelia together but I’ve been a huge Amelia fan since private practice and I am surprisingly happy that she went through with the wedding. Her family really sucks. Also why were none of her friends from PP at the wedding?
    Alex deserves the truth and it frustrates me they don’t appreciate his character more and also resort him to the role of mer’s person. Ever since Cristina left he’s barely gotten much of his own storyline and has little screen time.
    Lastly, while i haven’t always loved her, April was awesome tonight. I was really rooting for her and am glad that they didn’t kill her off.

    • Alichat says:

      I agree with you about Callie. I mean…..Arizona’s a better person than I am. There’s no way I’d have pulled that 180. Callie mopes around for awhile and suddenly Arizona’s all “Sophia needs two happy moms, so let me just give you what you want.” I would have preferred a “snap out of it” coming-to-Jesus conversation. “Here are two tickets. You can have Sophia for the weekend. Have her back by Monday. We’ll work out the visitation schedule later.”

      • Anna says:

        The writers had Arizona do that so she could come out on top. Both Callie and Arizona were acting like children throughout this whole ordeal, but now Arizona gets to be the saint since she’s the one staying onscreen, even if that scene was ridiculously unrealistic. Like she really went from refusing to talk about the situation without lawyers before the trial to just handing Sofia over after she won? Yeah, right.

        • Alichat says:

          True, and they needed an exit for Sara Ramirez. But I think what bothers me, besides as you said the arrangement and that scene being unrealistic, is that Callie should be sad. Essentially, we’re having her mope for 10 minutes in an episode and suddenly she gets what she wanted all along. Where are the consequences for the stupid decision she made that kicked off all of this mess? If we were going to have Arizona make this sweeping decision, I’d have preferred it be her showing up with the tickets, she tells Callie to have her back on Monday, and then stating that they can talk visitation when she returns….and suggest something like “maybe you can have summers and every other Christmas”. Something like that would make more sense. Last night she just showed up, said “nevermind!” and handed the kid over.

          • Ashley says:

            I found the arrangement itself odd. “Every other school year”? So they’re just going to change her schools every year if Callie decides to stay in NYC?

    • Charlotte says:

      Oh my god so happy someone else understands! I feel like people will never fully get Amelia without watching PP, especially about Ryan, the baby, and James! Disappointed that at least Addison wasn’t there like come on. I am also still not sure about her and Owen together though, I guess we’ll see next season.

  11. Well, at least nobody really important died (sorry Kyle, you don’t count)

  12. Kayla says:

    The writers must be Walking Dead fans. I was expecting walkers to show up when Warren was slicing April. So ambulances can’t make it through the rain in Seattle? Really?

    • Anna says:

      Lmao I was thinking the whole time “doesn’t it rain all the freaking time in Seattle?” Also, Maggie, Mer, and Amelia were driving all over town without issue, but an ambulance getting to an emergency takes all afternoon?

  13. Jody says:

    Didn’t feel like a finale. And why only one hour?

    Re: Callie and Arizona – no way you’d make your child switch schools every other year. Unrealistic.

    Re: Meredith and Riggs and Maggie – can’t Meredith have a simple fun relationship for once?

    Re: Alex and Jo – too much wrong here. But I don’t buy that this Alex would start beating on someone without asking questions first.

    Re: April and Jackson and Bailey and Ben – too much nope all over this storyline. Too neat and tidy and rushed.

    • Kayla says:

      Agree with you 1000% re Arizona & Callie. Making the poor kid switch schools every year is completely ridiculous.

    • Stacy says:

      I can completely buy Alex decking Deluca ONCE. But beating the crap out of him? Nah.

    • Anna says:

      That line about switching schools also didn’t make much sense – isn’t Penny’s fellowship only one year? Wouldn’t Callie just move back to Seattle after that year?

    • Babs says:

      After the one year fellowship Callie and Penny could move back to Seattle and Sophie could go to the same school.

    • Tony says:

      I would hardly call April and Jackson too neat and tidy. They had been getting along for a number of episodes up until the finale. They had a baby together. But are still divorced. Nothing indicates that they will just magically get back together (though I know the snails had been dropped)

      Same with Ben and Bailey. There were no indication that their marriage was ever in any real danger. It was more ridiculous pride if anything that was their problem.

      And as much as Alex has grown, he has a history of reacting before asking questions. He was ready to go take care of Chest Peckwell when after his incident with Jo without asking many questions.

      • Diana says:

        I thought it was a decent finale. But I’m a sucker for the real sad dramatic finales. I felt so bad for Alex he is one of my favorite characters. The whole wedding “event” was too much. I do hope Mer and Riggs get a little more action next season.

  14. Johanna says:

    So that’s why Jo beat up that guy back in season 9. I’m sad about Callie but she’s been annoying for a while, hope she comes back as the old Callie we all love. I’m liking Riggs and Meredith but please don’t turn it into a love triangle.

  15. kathy says:

    amazing season finale. can’t wait for the new season

  16. Gregory HOFFMAN says:

    A doctor show located in a hospital where all the main characters are doctors including the pregnant doctor….and she dosen’t know her baby is breach?????? Are you kidding me?

    • em chicago says:

      Babies can flip until the day they are born, though it is rarer the closer they get to term, one of the many reasons for the US they give you as soon as you come in to deliver.

  17. It didnt come close to Tony’s Goodbye on NCIS, but at least Shonda kept the annual end of season bloodletting to a minimum. I hope Sara Ramirez goes back to Broadway or makes a ton of music. And Mer has much more chem with Nathan than she did with that one-night wonder earlier in the season.

    But the BIG QUESTION that was not answered…. is Owen’s sister still alive? Wasn’t that teased all season, and not so much as a hint tonight.

    • Stacy says:

      Tony’s goodbye was designed as a final bow. With Weatherly headlining his own show next season it’s unlikely he’ll ever return. (Besides maybe a minor series ending appearance.)
      Sara Ramirez announcement tweet stated she was “taking a break” and still in contact with Shonda Rhimes. The story was designed *not* to wrap everything up for her in case she’s ready to return in a season or two.
      Martin is a better actor than Cheyenne, IMO. IN Cheyenne’s first Grey’s scene I felt like I was watching a soap opera. It got better, but still not A+.

  18. Renee says:

    This finale did seem rushed. They should have made it 2 hours. I guess I’m in the minority here.. I liked Mer with Thorpe ( He is HOT! ). I don’t think she has chemistry with Riggs. Is Thorpe out of the picture?? Also, I’m glad AZ and Caliie worked things out and that Shonda left it open for Sara Ramirez to come back..

  19. Gabrielle says:

    Worst greys finale.
    Callie was annoying lately but we lost à long time character. Already almost all MAGIC plus Derek now her :/
    Sorry but Jo’s storyline was predictable. Ses said she can’t no she won’t so I was sûre she was already married but of course to an abusive man blablabla. And really Alex punch Deluca like a crazy man?! He loves for sure Jo but you like it or not his greatest love is Izzie and he kinda lost her. Even if Shonda via Mer ect try to erase this. Meredith is still annoying and I don’t see the chemistry with Riggs. And Seriously a love triangle? But since Riggs is into Mer just her how it can be a triangle? I Feel sorry for Amelia.

  20. N says:

    I loved April & Ben in this one. Did Amelia really get married?

  21. Anna says:

    AH Alex why do you hurt me like this?? Also Jo freaking sucks for lying to him for the past 4 years. Did she really think this would never come out? Especially since he first brought up marriage when they had only been together for less than a year? Come on, lady. Common sense.
    Also, a healthy Japril baby is everything, but we couldn’t even get one scene with them together afterwards? Given the fact that the last time we saw them holding their baby, he promptly died, we should’ve gotten a full happy scene here.

    • Natasha says:

      Personally, I have been done with Alex and Jo for a while. I agree she could have told him at some point in the four years, but didn’t and then told DeLuca in one evening. I sort of ship them now. He was really sweet with her. I don’t like how they made Alex go crazy on him like that.

      I am torn on the whole Riggs and Mer thing. I wasn’t really shipping them. I am more into the Alex and Mer idea. But, now I think they might have something going for them. Though, I totally saw the Maggie thing coming because Riggs and her seemed to have something going before he slept with Mer.

  22. Amy says:

    Riggs and Mer play really well off each other, I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about Riggs until this episode they have good chemistry (IMO) and I like the banter..I enjoyed their scenes this episode a lot…and I enjoyed the finale too although I wasn’t surprised Jo was married already that seemed to be where the story was going. Honestly sometimes I can’t believe I’m still watching this show after 12 seasons but here I am…still here and invested.

  23. EM says:

    Mer needs to tell Maggie asap about Riggs. But she won’t. She’ll try to blow off Riggs for Maggie’s sake but Mer and Riggs will be drawn to each other and Maggie will find out. I guess Alex will end up in Amelia’s old room.

  24. DD says:

    Question of the week: How come so many doctors did not go to the wedding? Especially Stephanie?!?

    • Anna Z. says:

      I thought it was quite realistic that they couldn’t all attend the wedding, because somebody had to work, and I doubt that Stephanie was in happy wedding mode after losing Kyle.

  25. Erin B says:

    So did Mer & Riggs do it four times in her car? Or did they at least go somewhere for the other three times? That’s my big question ;)

  26. I shocked my husband with the words, ” hey, good show!” I have been fast forwarding the Thursday night Grey’s since the Derek traffic death. (I didn’t know why some were commenting here about Kyle’s death!) So I was happy there was an episode I will keep and re watch. Just commenting because I thought it never the essence of Grey’s was in this finale. Unfortunately, I have been hooked on Lifetime Channels 3 daily episodes, so the Thursday night viewing is filled with critical comparisons. I am the #1 Grey’s Anatomy fan since I do watch these reruns daily! But it’s a good thing, I invite all to seek it out. And soon you will see the gorgeous Sara R appearing on the reruns, so it won’t feel as devastating. Now, if we can again see PP reruns…

  27. raul colon says:

    I liked how they bounce back when a character leaves and makes the best of it,but I believe the essence of the show is lost and it will hurt if they stretch it out 4 more seasons. One more season will wrap everything up and will go out in style, that is just my humble opinion of a longtime fan.

  28. jkflickinger says:

    I watched the whole thing but until the articles about Callie going to live in NYC, I missed it entirely!!!

    • Lisa Echerd says:

      I didn’t get that Arizona gave her plane tickets until I read that Sara was not returning. I just thought they were working out a custody arrangement more favorable to Callie. I get that this is an easy way to write her out but I still think its a huge mistake to uproot your life to chase and a resident across the country for the residents 1 year fellowship.

  29. iwysashes says:

    The whole summer and every other school year? That’s insane. The child won’t have a chance to properly set up a life, with friends and a steady security system because the moment she’d be again comfortable, making friends, she’d be off for what… Fourteen months? Thankfully in Europe such arrangements aren’t allowed. If you live in the same city or close yeah but not that far away. The moment the child has to switch school, constantly, it’s not working. And I don’t really understand it either… I want her back next weekend… But then Callie can have her for a school year too? Maybe we misunderstood. Maybe she’ll have the girl, full time, but Callie can have her fly in every other weekend. Except for summer and they switch Christmas. That’s how I understood it. Sofia lives with Arizona, but goes to Callie every few weeks, except for summer and every other Christmas.

    • Pedro says:

      If she stays between two schools, she’ll have two sets of steady friends. My sister has to move between countries every couple of years and her three kids are fine.

  30. Cheryl says:

    This show just keeps getting better and better. I was reluctant to watch this season minus McDreamy, but it was really good. I love all of the story lines.

  31. iwysashes says:

    What’s up with Arizona? I understood that callie can have the child every other weekend, except for summer and Christmas. But that she’s full time with Arizona. When did they say anything about every other school year? That’s awful. Thankfully in Germany that would be not allowed. The moment the child gets comfortable in the new school, finds friends, it has to leave and go back to another school, different state for a year. This switching would be torture. Nice that they want to work together, but they can’t be selfish and leave Sofia’s feelings out of consideration.

  32. Oops – Poor Maggie. Poor Mer. Poor Nathan.

  33. Jeri says:

    I don’t like how they cram so much stuff into finales. It takes away from the regular episodes, just wait and watch the finale. I thought the wedding run-a-way was silly. Adults know what they’re doing, why behave like that and put all their friends through it. Too much finale stuff for me recently I guess. Finale-ed out.

    • Lexie says:

      Yep, nothing happens all season and then they pack it into the final episode. Just spread out the story resolutions over the season instead of so many episodes being filler.

  34. Sara says:

    I am sooo IN for the Meredith and Nathan pairing. They have mad chemistry. The flirting, the heartfelt scene and the looks at the end!! Swoon.
    Damn Maggie go back with the intern. She’s like in jr high lol with the crush and I think he likes me. Why? Cause he shared some bacon and was nice to her?

  35. Lexie says:

    Did Alex think the intern guy was forcing himself on Jo? Or they were just drunkenly hooking up?

  36. Sarah says:

    I has SO enjoyed this season. I fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy because I loved Meredith and the gang. It has been amazing seeing her grow this season (and her relationships with Alex, Amelia and Maggie).

    HUGE kudos for taking your time in setting up Mer and Riggs. They are AMAZING together. Wow, I see crazy chemistry and the storyline that has allowed Meredith to hope for happiness again is really so well crafted. Her and Riggs feel deeper and more grounded than her and Derek ever were because they have both been through so much more and matured. Their potential romance could and should be epic to experience. I hope Shonda goes there with them because the characters and actors have crazy spark and chemistry. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!!!

  37. Gary Timmerhans says:

    How did this show ever get renewed after season 1 ????

  38. Tony says:

    Sarah Drew had one of the most blood curdling screams I’ve ever heard. That scene as a whole was spine tingling.

    Good finale. Kudos to everyone. I really feel bad for Alex. The guy just can’t catch a break, lol. But Justin Chambers showed why he should be the male lead on the show.

    And I like Amelia and Meredith better when they get along.

  39. Maria says:

    This is the best episode of Grey’s Anatomy!!!


  40. MEM says:

    Where were Meredith’s kids? Wouldn’t the oldest (Zoë?) make a good flower girl? They would be the Shepherds coming to the wedding. Plus, Meredith was without kids all day–from the park with Alex to the hospital stop to the wedding. Where are the kids?

  41. Marcus says:

    I love how Greys Anatomy always comes in full circle. Remember Bailey also did an emergency c-section on Meredith and Derek’s baby in a storm, just like Ben she kept making mistakes and was suspended, but redeemed herself by delivering their baby. Such superb storytelling.

    • EM says:

      Bailey Never did a emergency c-section on Meredith. The OB did the c-section in the dark during a storm. During recovery she had a bleed that Ross attempted to fix but Heather got Bailey who double gloved to repair her spleen.

  42. Marcus says:

    I love how Greys Anatomy always comes in full circle. Remember Bailey also did an emergency c-section on Meredith and Derek’s baby in a storm, just like Ben she kept making mistakes and was suspended, but redeemed herself by delivering their baby. Such superb storytelling. And the way Bailey and Jackson ran down the hall just like Christina and Derek to see April.

  43. Marcus says:

    I love how Greys Anatomy always comes in full circle. Remember Bailey also did an emergency c-section on Meredith and Derek’s baby in a storm, just like Ben she kept making mistakes and was suspended, but redeemed herself by delivering their baby. Such superb storytelling. And the way Bailey and Jackson ran down the hall just like Christina and Derek to see April.
    Not only that but the storyline with Meredith and Riggs, just when she found I guy she likes someone comes and ruins it like Addison. Shonda and co. Are really good at telling stories.

  44. TVFAN says:

    Now what will be interesting to explain how in this day and time Jo could go into a medical profession under another identity. Well I take that back, this crap with stolen identities happen all the time. So will we have an episode of Sleeping With the Enemy/Enough with Jo. I love Mer’s monologue at the end. Poor Maggie, guess her one love isn’t coming as soon as she thinks.

  45. avmphb says:

    remember when Ben made the cut on April’s C-section, and she even started to shake because of the pain? I was literally yelling and becoming myself a circus contorsionist for that scene. It was mind-blowing.

  46. Aja says:

    Greys Anatomy is the only things I watch. I’m devastated about Jo and Alex, but so happy for Nathan and Meridith. I was extremely upset to find out it was the season finale. When will it return?

  47. 2cents says:

    Its been a good season really enjoyed it. Great finale. I wish they hadn’t killed off Kyle and Maggie’s romance.

  48. Evelyn larsen says:


  49. Bianca White says:

    I loved it! When is it back!??

  50. Genanid Toro says:

    What happened?!?!?!
    Karev and Jo didn’t solve anything
    Maggie said he liked her
    Does meredith end up with someone?!?!
    Is this a joke!!!