Arrow Recap Season 4

Arrow Recap: Boomtown

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver/Diggle and the Family Smoak fought a battle on two fronts, to put a final stop to Damien Darhk’s Genesis plan. Did they succeed?

Having plucked Rubicon from Darhk’s grasp once, albeit losing Havenrock in the process, Felicity against enlisted her father to lock Darhk out for good — which was no easy feat, given that Felicity’s incarcerated ex, Cooper Seldon, was hacking for the bad guys. While begrudgingly laying witness to the father/daughter bonding, Donna prompted her ex-husband to let slip that he “didn’t have much of a choice” in abandoning his family. Later, after being crestfallen to hear Felicity call Noah “Dad,” Donna ‘fesses up that it was they who left him all those years ago. But not to worry, the fib won’t cost Donna her daughter now, Felicity reassures.

Out on the actual battle lines, after getting an eyeful of Darhk’s new powers — arrows and bullets turn to dust before even hitting his flesh — Oliver and Diggle storm Tevat Noah to find Thea, only to 1) discover that Malcolm forced her to pop some of those yellow pills and 2) learn the sad lesson that some of the haven’s residents are there of their own free will, having been filled with more hope by Darhk than by anyone else, masked vigilantes included.

For a short spell there in Tevat Noah, it was Oliver trading punches and kicks with his sis, while Diggle tried to fend off Malcolm. Ultimately, Oliver was able to talk Thea out of her fugue state, and just in time for her to stop Malcolm from dispatching with Diggle.

The foursome then join forces to tackle the persistent Lonnie Machin problem, seeing as Darhk’s castoff is determined to at least kill Ruve and or her daughter, or worse, blow up the whole of Tevat Noah. When Oliver tries to stop Machine from killing Ruve, the deflected arrow hits a canister of somethingoranother and sets off a massive, improbable chain reaction of explosions, which begin crumbling the chamber around them. Already stabbed by Machin, Ruve gets pinned under some concrete, but when Oliver thinks to rescue her, she begs him to save her daughter instead, which he does. Once topside, Oliver, Diggle and Thea see an ash-filled crater where the Glades above Tevat Noah used to be.

Darhk, however, will not wave the white flag. Having learned of Ruve’s death, he arrives at the loft to force Felicity to hack back into Rubicon, so that he has control over all the world’s missiles again. But what does he plan to do, seeing as there is no underground city to safely retreat to? As he told Malcolm, “Let it all burn….”

Meanwhile in flashbacks: Oliver contended with a bullet-proof, power-hungry Taiana (who aims to use the idol to save her Russian home from an ominous man named Kovar).

What did you think of the episode “Lost in the Flood”?

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  1. Smoak says:

    Great episode of Arrow. It was full of action as well as much needed emotional moments that ground the show. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle working together is everything.

    • wooster182 says:

      Agreed. The last two episodes of Arrow have been the strongest of the season simply because it focused on Team OG. The show really doesn’t need to flesh out additional characters. Just let O, F, D do their thing.

      • Its the reason why this show sucks so much ,well part of it maybe if EBR could do drama but she clearly struggles

      • Lea says:

        Yeah, why develop any other characters when we can stick to just three and give them all the focus and attention forever just because they’ve been here longer? Change is bad, new things are bad. We don’t need that. Just keep doing the very same thing with the very same characters and their very same interactions forever. That makes for a rich experience. I swear, American audiences and their silly obsession with “original cast”…

        • Sab says:

          Are you kidding me we’re just getting OTA back after almost 2 years writers throwing masks at us . we didn’t even get one/one scene between Felicity& diggle until episode 19

        • Wooster182 says:

          I don’t have a problem with fleshing out characters and shows if it works. It doesn’t on Arrow. The strongest episodes are always the ones that focus on OG.

      • Dj says:

        The last two episode really hit home how much better the show is when the writers dont focus on Olicity. This episode and the last one placed zero focus on their relationship and the show was much better the scenes with Felicity and her dad was so much fun. I do hope he pops back up next season for an episode or six. Anarky is a great villain for Thea and him calling her mom just makes him look even more insane. Overall good job by the all.

  2. Liz says:

    Good episode! My only fault lies in the boring flashbacks (I don’t care at all and Oliver doesn’t act like how I imagine he would after 4 years of hell…he feels too much like present day Oliver) and Thea needing saving again. Can we stop that please? We’ve done the drugged/brainwashed/Oliver trying to save Thea storyline last season.
    The stunts are back on form and so much better now that 4 heroes aren’t going out into the field all at once like they’re Vogue-ing. I really loved seeing Diggle in the action.
    Felicity’s scenes were great but I thought she forgave Donna pretty easily, especially in contrast to not forgiving Oliver. But I do think that will come into play and Felicity will realise she was probably a bit too hard on him. I like that a lot. Oliver needs to promise never to lie again but Felicity also needs to be more forgiving.
    Loved Anarky! So great.

  3. Trish says:

    I’m so proud of Arrow and the improvements they’ve made in the stunt department. They’ve clearly gotten back to the superior fight sequences that made the show great. Not only that, but it seems balance had returned to Arrow’s storytelling. The Smoaks featuring Curtis played well against the action of Damien’s underground mayhem. I enjoyed the site immensely tonight. I’m still missing the Oliver and Felicity scenes that need to happen to move things along and place them on a part back to one another, but every great romance has obstacles to overcome. This gives me hope for the show going forward.

    • Liz says:

      I thought the same. There was good balance of things tonight. Humour with the Smoaks contrast against the action with Oliver/Diggle/Thea underground.

  4. Lexie says:

    Good episode! The only thing weird was the family who chose to be in the underground bunker. Like, I know Star City is rough but instead of dooming civilization maybe just, you know, move? Ivy Town seemed nice.

    Anyone else thinking Oliver is going to reveal his secret identity next week? If he was able to briefly defeat Darkh a few episodes back by hearing his team’s encouragement in his head, maybe he’ll need to hear the whole city’s to win the final battle? And unmasking would fit with the whole ‘fighting in the light’ speech he gave.

  5. 88Aladdin says:

    I really enjoyed that ep…in fact, I really liked the last 2 before it as well. Glad to see that things all around seem to be clicking again after lagging through the mid-season. The fights are working much better with the focus on fewer people. Damien Darhk is finally seeming like a real threat. The character interactions are working really well without contrived/manufactured angst. The show works much better sprinkling in some humor and levity among the darkness. The only real complaint I have is that the show needs to stop using Thea as a pawn in Malcolm’s game. Give the poor girl an original storyline. Can’t wait for next week’s finale.

  6. ktc1986 says:

    Could have done without the boring Smoak family drama. Makes me laugh that Felicity forgave her mother for taking her away from her father as a child but walked out on Oliver for not telling her about his son. I’m not even mad at the characters, the writing for this show is horrific. The action was fantastic though, that entire sequence where G.A and Dig ran through the suburb was extremely good.

    • Liz says:

      I said in my comment above I think the comparison between Felicity forgiving her mother but not forgiving Oliver is intentional. I think it will give her a new perspective about their relationship.

      • edyn says:

        Everyone gives her something to think about in her relationship with Oliver, but she never takes it. Oliver did not want his son being used against him. It is precisely what Oliver did not want to happen with his son and they found out anyway. I cannot blame anyone for wanting to keep that secret. Much like Det. Lance and Laurel/Sara. The only way to protect is by not telling sometimes. I am hoping she will come to terms with it with little pushes from friends.

    • Sab says:

      I think that was made this way to show us the change in Felicity’s character & how she starting to see the two sides of the story …I could do with less Donaa though I’m liking her less &less every episode but I loved loved every single Felicity .Noah&cuirts scene ..they’re great IMO

  7. wooster182 says:

    I’m sorry that an actress had to lose her job, but the show has picked up speed ever since. It was the breath of fresh air that the show needed.

  8. Julian says:

    As much as I hate to say it, they need to get rid off of Malcolm, he’s been using the same excuse since he found out that Thea is his daughter and she always end up in danger because of him. So repetitive.

    • Speedy says:

      Agreed. Plus he keeps brainwashing her. Get rid of Malcolm and bring in some fresh characters and storylines.

      • edyn says:

        I can see the story with the League, but now it is disbanded, why is he around? He only helps himself and uses people for his own gain. He taught thea how to fight. So? Oliver could have taught her. I hope there is a bigger picture of why he is there, instead of being a leech and piggy backing off of someone else. Maybe the main story is Thea or his unfinished business with wiping Star City clean. Malcolm and oliver want to kill the other,but because of Thea, they don’t. Thea is getting really angry that he keeps abducting her. Barrowman is a great actor and makes a good villain, but enough already. Put him back with the Doctor/Torchwood.

    • Sab says:

      they honstly ran out excuses to keep Malcom around ,it’s getting pethetic now .i love JB but malcom needs to go

  9. Sam Butler says:

    Jw…after watching another part of the city once again being Oliver even a good superhero???Can he not stop the bad guy before he destroys half the city? My advice would be to move out of Star City

    • Sam Butler says:

      Or not cause the destruction himself????

    • Rachel says:

      No he’s not b/c I think he needs to make some hard choices, like ridding the world of some of these awful people. I was ecstatic when Lonnie stabbed Ruve. Thank God someone FINALLY did something!!

    • Lizzie says:

      The whole point is that this is Oliver’s origin story. So he’s not gonna be perfect and save the day every single time. He’s gonna make mistakes. If he saved the day all the time it would be boring. The city destruction thing is unfortunate the the writers really do need to think of something new next year but I don’t think it makes Oliver a bad hero.

    • Sab says:

      at least he wasn’t selfish enough to risk changing histoyr & risk every one getting killed travelling back in time to save his mother .Oliver’sn’t perfect sure but he’s grown so mush over the years & this is his origin story there will be ups &downs

  10. How did this show get so awful so quick?

  11. M says:

    I didn’t realize until I saw it in writing in this article that the place was called “Tevat Noah”. They literally named it Noah’s Ark. Solid choice

  12. datdudemurphy says:

    John Barrowman is fantastic…..but I’m kinda hoping he moves on to something else next season. The Malcolm character needs a break.
    Someone needs to get Diggle a better mask/helmet too, the current get up is awful.

    The action is the best it’s been in a long while….

    At this point, I think I’m just looking forward to the season being over.

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….I love John Barrowman, but Malcolm needs to die. I have been pretty tired of his character, his “love” for Thea, and his need to save himself above all others.

      • kaliber says:

        I don’t think they need to kill Malcolm off, but I do think that he needs an Arrow time-out. Maybe he can be utilized in Legends of Tomorrow? That has amazing potential, in my opinion. Just maybe let Sara off before bringing him on board. She’d probably shred him to pieces.

        • Dj says:

          You cant have a character like Malcolm as a series regular season after season he works better the lesser you see him and he has pretty much been the main bad guy they have faced every season, but season 2.

  13. FR says:

    The pill thing eerily reminded me of the 100 (all of which I binge watched this week). Except, in it, a simple motivating talk like Oliver’s couldn’t undo the effects of the pill, and this affected character had to be restrained and then electrocuted to overload the pill. I wish this show would take its threats a bit more seriously.

  14. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. It’s good to have Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity working as original team again. Glad Noah help them Rubicon and Felicity’s ex boyfriend. Good Thea is back home. Can’t wait to see what happens in season finale next week!

  15. Jimmy says:

    Two suggestions for next season: 1.) dump the flashbacks; they always distract from the main story and they offer nothing so important that they can’t be skipped; 2.) as great as John Barrowman is, the Malcolm Merlin character hasn’t been interesting since season 1, send him on his merry way.

    • kaliber says:

      Be patient, you’ve only got one more season of flashbacks to gut through! I think they’ll still do a flashback here and there beyond S5, but with all of the time accounted for between the Queen’s Gambit going down and Oliver’s return at the beginning of S1, there won’t nearly be the volume. (I hope)

  16. Mia says:

    I can’t wait for Curtis and Cisco to meet in future crossover eps.

    Also, am I the only one slightly amused at this recap being named boomtown? Anyone remember the one-and-done season show starring Neal McDonough of the same name?? No? Just me?

    • KatsMom says:

      I remember Boomtown. I loved that show. But, it actually had 2 seasons, although the seasons were each on the short side of about 13 episodes each or something.

  17. Sab says:

    another geat episode it really seems like Arrrow that i konw & love is back :)
    firt of all the stunts were actually good it seems like guys in the stunt department listened to what we were saying for almost 2 years now …i hope they keep up the good work these last two episode had some geat sequences .

    for the love of God just kill malcom alrady his prescence does nothing but drag Thea’s story & make Oliver look like a idiot .

    Felicity ,Noah &cuirts were one of the highlights of this episode ,i’m enjoying felicity & cuirts friendship so much same goes for Noah & Felicity dynamic thouh I hated how Donna gave her self the right to kick him off Felicity’s life for the seconed time .

    Ruvee is dead well she can go to hell now & wait for her husband there ,I guess we have to thank Anarcky for that .
    speaking of Ruvee i wonder what’s th deel with her daughter ? is oliver saving her will lead to somthing or it just to show how he is differevt person thav DD

    so the end scene DD will try to force Felicity to restart Rubicon ?
    next episode looks great

  18. alvin says:

    anyone getting bored with arrow?????????? or is it just me??????????

  19. Brian says:

    Anyone notice that Oliver called Diggle Spartain? Not sure if he’s been called that before.

  20. Liz985 says:

    Thought this episode hit the wrong tone completely. I mean, a nuclear explosion has just wiped out a neighboring city, killing thousands of people, and we get Smoak banter? No, no, no. You don’t use an atomic bomb as an excuse to put Donna, Curtis, and Felicity in the same room to be comic relief.

  21. Rick Katze says:

    Hopefully the conclusion will be as strong as last night’s episode.

    While reading he comments, it is interesting to hear the nay sayers who think the show sucks all spending time watching it. IMHO I think what they are really saying is that it is not being told the way that they want and they throw a temper tantrum. I really think they should get a life and move out of their parents’ basement.

  22. Way too much Smoak opera for me. This bordered on the ridiculous character reactions of a telenova, and not even in a good way. Obviously, Malcolm will now turn on Darhk and join forces with Team Arrow to save the world. And another season ends with Arrow admitting that the world has gone to shxt, Felicity’s character becoming very unlikable, and Curtis’ emergence as the only redeeming outcome of the season. God, how I used to love this show, way back when.

  23. kordus says:

    Actually, I’m saddly disappointed at the CW, Frankly TV in general. Why do all the show need to kill character to get a rise out of the audience. I quit watching Arrow after the murder (by the writers) of BC/LL. Don’t get me wrong I AM a Katie Fan and I was rooting for a LL/OQ hook up, but i got nothing against Olicity. My views however are that you shouldn’t murder superheros, BC is part of the Arrow mythos, sure in lots of iterations she isn’t attached to Oliver. Heck, all you 20 somethings, find BIRDS of PREY# 1, BC says in a panel that Oliver Queen is a jerk. I the point is, reading all the producer and writer comments over the LL death and that this is going to further the plot is rubbish in my opinion. IT LESSENS theier plot options. Of course, the Flash writer are going the same thing, killing Killer Frost and Reverb and ever metahuman pretty much. Where are the writers going to go when they run out of villains? no where…..

    • kordus says:

      I also think that dispite what the Arrow writers say, they are listening to the shippers,Olicity crowd. what show wouldn’t cater to the fans. Its primary operating procedure for the CW. Supernautral is the prime model, every possible plot has been done. They have jumped the shark, married it, breed it, sold its offspring, then pimped the remained out, but the show goes on. I like Supernatural, but let us be realistic.. its the fans that keep it going. Ridiculous as it has gotten. Last I saw the a Supernatural con for Pittsburgh in July. The Fans keep it going, why not… Jared and Jensen aren’t going to stop it. Its their Cash Cow..

  24. brenna says:

    Another great episode. Action was great again and I love Curtis. The scenes with felicity Curtis and the dad were fun. Really looking forward to next week but a little worried as to how they will leave us.

  25. The Carpooler says:

    Solid episode. Looking forward to next week’s finale. The city vs. Damien, should be awesome!

  26. Gregory HOFFMAN says:

    sorry my comments about the Flash were confused with The Arrow, know why…because both the super heros squall and feel sorry for themselves allllll the time, waaah.

  27. BenM says:

    I wonder if this show will ever have a villain that doesn’t want to destroy an area to rebuild it better. They’ve made the area bigger, but it’s the same plot.
    Malcolm wanted to destroy the glades. Ras wanted to destroy the city. Damien wants to destroy the world.

    Also, didn’t Oliver already get put in a position of making a promise to a dying person under a falling building?

    Malcom once used a crazy concoction to make Thea pliable. Here he used a pill to make Thea pliable.

    Also, Felicity gave her mom a pass about lying to her almost her life, bc mom wanted to ‘protect’ her. Oliver doesn’t share news about his son, that the mother told him not to, to protect him, and he’s unforgivable. Huh?